the choice of beige marble floor tiles, next to a black circle decoration article, “you were a kid playing in the living room of the total.”

  ”I always feel like I remember.”He can not even tell more things, can suddenly feel that these are so familiar.
  ”Yuan Yuan, we go home, OK?Mom wanted to take you home.”Yang Qiuping not restrain himself, that he can think of the scene in the past life, sinking to her heart, and instantly be touched, she could not help hugging live Peiyuan Bo, despite his tears, fell on his body, “mom really miss you, I really want to take you home, my Yuan Yuan.”
  Pei Yuanbo hand, wavering for a while, then gently placed Yang Qiuping body, he also shoulders the chin against each other, but Yang Qiuping thin powerful, even slightly shoulders some people, but not affect h北京夜网is move, a good mother thin, as only a thin layer of ice hand obviously, can be a good warm body, his mind was to warm up, he gently spoke up: “well, mom and Dad with I go home.”
  He should return to his own home, Mom and Dad have been looking for him, looking very hard.
  ”Laopei, do you hear, Yuan Yuan said to go home!”Yang Qiuping moment can not let go, mute the sound of shouted out,” he said, he will want us to go home!”Women are always keen intuition, she realized that the heart of the contradiction Yuan Yuan and anxiety – on the one hand, she is suffering, why he is suffering Yuan Yuan’s biological parents, but he could not immediately straightforward to make a choice.Can on the other hand, she is able to understand him, she Yuan Yuan, has always been a soft, gentle child.
  ”I heard.”Pei Naochun leaned over, hands a long embrace, the mother and son do in his arms,” and we’ll go home with Yuan Yuan.”
  To this moment, this broken family of three, from the body to the heart, and finally reunited together.
  Donghezhen Public Security Bureau, jurisdiction, altogether on a number of small towns and villages throughout the nod due to a small 深圳桑拿网place, the village folks looked not

ke it back, she begged over the heavens deities, as long as the son to come back, she did not want to: “Yuan Yuan, grandmother not intentional, all these years she is very self-blame, do not blame her.”

  ”Will not.”Pei Yuanbo stunned with God, just look at photos and missing person in mind, there are always segments flash, especially to see the instant photo grandmother, he could not resist the desire to look to the father,” Dad, you have bring anything?”
  ”Have.”Pei Naochun w南宁夜网as asked a surprised a moment, inside or out most of the things from the bag, it was a very small cars, friction on the ground several times, will be able to go all the way out of that kind of housing is yellow, some components, but also the year Peiyuan Bo’s favorite toy “this is your child’s favorite toy, I’ll buy you, you probably do not remember, you are not good to eat good food before and they will hang on the play ground.”
  The couple as one, recalled the past, Yuan Yuan three years old, although very good, occasionally when not love to eat, every time he coaxed his grandmother, took the car to the ground rub rub, looking at what car to run so far away, you can immediately Yuan Yuan Yue He clapped his hands together, obediently into the mouth was stuffed with rice.
  ”I.”Pei Yuanbo to the car on the palms, his eyes have苏州夜网Some confused, I do not know is temporary memory disorder, or really some past memories crest up, he seems to think The car – a child, his father and Lu, Lu said her mother spoiled myself to the car, will run that they gave him to buy the most fashionable remote control car, then he can also losing his temper, rolling on the flo苏州桑拿or, he said, this is not.
  ”How Yuan Yuan.”
  ”I remember it.”Peiyuan Bo Leng Leng say that,” the floor at home, is not white, as well as black lines in.”
  ”Do you remember?”Yang Qiuping immediately excited, she immediately took the album, efforts turned, found a photo shoot in the living room, you can see half a slice of the floor, the living room is

two, he is a kindly mother, holding his smiling standing Yang Qiuping bedside: “Grandma?I have a grandmother is not it?”He asked out of words, while the couple silence.

  But rather Yang Qiuping spoke first, she nodded: “Yes, Yuan Yuan you have a grandmother, she always regarded you as a baby, you were a kid, my pa杭州龙凤论坛rents also go to work almost every day, are grandmother accompanied you.”She had not wanted to mention that part of the implicit Yuan Yuan lost in the past, like a child looking back, I do not blame her mom.
  ”Yuan Yuan, the father wanted to tell you something about how you lost.”Pei Naochun then just export, it was Yang Qiuping laid hold of his hand, he gently shook his head to his opponent, even if he and Yang Qiuping to conceal, surrounded by friends and relatives know things, including ourselves Pei grandmother?There is always accidentally let slip the time since the kids came back, say things or to say.
  ”.it is good.”
  Pei Naochun from mountaineering bag, took out a year’s filing receipt – this is the same as when the baby the couple to save something, there are a few missing person advertising the couple’s four distribution, mon北京体验网itoring and screenshots of the year, Peiyuan Bo took these something heavy heart.
  The filing receipt, not too many complicated words, he probably looked at, to understand the meaning, not to mention there next Pei Naochun explanation: “That, you clamor weather hot, you want to eat popsicles, my grandmothe无锡夜网r took for you to buy one, her pay, a man rushed up and hold you ran away, police said they are a veteran, then, how we can not find you.”
  He gently turned over several sheets of paper that, on the missing person, has his photograph, the day he disappeared, clothes, shoes and pictures, as well as the row of characters “must be re-Xie”, to the moment, almost all of doubt, have been answered.
  Yang Qiuping to see his son to see about it, that would take it over several sheets of paper, folded up, the central her husband to ta

s not seen how many photos can also know the photo was taken very general level, mostly horizontal version of the shot, the lower right corner are the words time fluorescent orange, the top few pages are Yang Qiuping photos, he could clearly see, from her belly flat to higher and higher, and even the middle is also inters杭州夜网论坛persed with a few, she was wearing pajamas, swollen feet have outgrown socks, and even shot back, arguing toilet It should be vomiting photos.

  ”These were taken by me, when your mother and I joked after you grow up’ll show you, cherish you when your mother how hard, if you do not listen to it, you have to hit you meal.”Pei Naochun said softly, can be heard Yang Qiuping efforts to suppress his cries while deep breathing.
  ”How can there be this way.”Yang Qiuping adjust the mood, inviting photos next turn,” that is not hard, we later see, Yuan Yuan was born can be cute.”
  Pei Yuanbo heart sour badly, he took the initiative to reach out and hold the Yang Qiuping emaciated hand, then suddenly had a different feel – not the mother is thin like this, because he does?He struggled to control his embarrassed and the other eye in the eye, word by word seriously, said: “Mom, you’ve worked hard.”In his absence, the mother must be very sad right?
  ”No hard, you come back just fine.”Yang Qiuping pulled smile, holding tightly anti sons, fingers clenched, like a start in life Yuan Yuan, this is connected to the mother and son together.
  ”Behind, Yuan Yua杭州龙凤网n you were born.”Pei Naochun the album next turn, and perhaps the weather, his eyes suddenly began to point the fog,” when a newborn, you’re a fat boy, a full eight pounds, in order to give your name, and I your grandmother had a fight of it, you better grab the naming rights you this generation, generation name is on the genealogy dollars, I’ll give you choose a knowledgeable Bo word, I hope you can a well-informed.”
  Pei Yuanbo ears of a move, suddenly captured the keywords, turn the page of this photo, there are

members say good forest!The rescue is not bad his reputation, future people do not marry!”

  ”Go calf, which Lin family blind dog eyes, was saying not with the brain!”Zhao Guoliang spot just shout up, his bad temper, temper when they came up, mix stingy bad, curse wo苏州夜网rds coming out fall.
  Zhao Guoliang then found that everyone’s looking at him, especially in front of the little girl stared at him.
  Zhao Guoliang stare Lin Kuang-hua, blame this stock!He said to the county next to Zhang, “You ideological consciousness following the captain can not high enough!”
  Zhang北京夜生活网 magistrate can not wait to seven Pass to the village captain removed, but this is not the withdrawal of people, he apologized, “I did not give the following people do ideological work, let them drag on the organization, future children will certainly correct!”
  Zhao Guoliang waved, he too lazy to listen to this nonsense, turned to the rain, Nguyen said, “good uncle usual temper, is experiencing the bad guys, only worse temper!”
  ”I know, uncle a look that is a good man!”
  ”You kids visionary!”Zhao Guoliang laughed, he took the man from behind, where a silk banner that read heroic rescue four characters, handed it in front Ruan rain,” the little hero, thank you!”
  Nguyen rain a bit shocked, but the twinkling of an eye kung fu, you know his intentions in front of the uncle, her hands took the banner, proudly, “Comrade Lei Feng spirit of 都市体验网learning, in order to organize shine, is that every comrade should do duty thing!!”
  Look at this child, ideological consciousness is high!
  Zhao Guoliang laughed, “Zhang county ah!The seven Pass village is not everyone is like the captain is so selfish, how high ideological consciousness like a child Yeah, the future will be promising!”
  The thought that he clapped his forehead, “I remember some time ago to the Sui above Linxian peasants and soldiers at the university several indicators of it!To me, give it a little hero, high ideological consciousness of this child, should

ontrol their emotions, suddenly he caught Peiyuan Bo’s hand: “Yuan Yuan, you are the mother of Yuan Yuan.”She wants to hug him, to ask all these years, he was getting it?

  Peiyuan Bo Yang Qiuping was suddenly attacked scared surprised a moment, he subconsciously wanted to dodge, soon I realized that no, she obediently grabbed her hand – her mother’s hand and wanted no meat, clear articulation of, and a little cold.
  ”If you do not mind, we can now start to call you it Yuan Yuan?”
  ”.Do not mind.”Peiyuan Bo shook his head, his heart was somewhat flawless, starting today, he may no longer lindai the village al苏州桑拿ong the East nor West-brother, Jia parents of children.
  Pei Naochun will be back in the morning to take down the body bag, inside something too heavy, not on the ground also issued a small voice: “Yuan Yuan, my father brought from home some things before you, photos you want to see it?”
  Pei Yuanbo eyes firmly fixed on the bag, involuntarily spoke up: “I can see it?”
  ”of course can.”Yang Qiuping wiped the tears she cried clothes have a deep and shallow tears,” You can certainly see.”She was a little off the force, staggered a bit, almost a butt to the ground Zuodao.
  Pei Yuanbo scared immediately stood up and hand you want to catch, no catch, but fortunately Pei Naochun react quickly, in time to hold on to his wife, he hesitated, hand on the air: “.Sitting in a chair on top of it, you look a little uncomfortable.”His instant resp北京夜网onse, omitted the call.
  ”Yuan Yuan, and her mother speak to you in?”Yang Qiuping did not pay attention to these, she was very surprised, asked eagerly,” Yuan Yuan, you and Mom talking yet?”Her son, she was concerned about it!
  Mom looked at the eyes of excitement, joy, guilt Pei Yuanbo a heavy heart and then a he南宁桑拿avy, he should not be like this: “.Mom, you sit up.”Yes, he would have the initiative to cry, they do the more sad?
  ”.You, you call me mom yet?”Yang Qiuping crying eyes are sore astringent, and cough side edge should”.You can

sped together, the door opened, what they care deeply about Pei Yuanbo inside, he is also nervous, sitting there fingers clenched, stare at the side of the gate.

  Yang Qiuping and Pei Naochun rely on each other with each other, went step by step, while squatting in front of his son, has cast a mist in front of a whole slice, trying to hold a smile while tears have been falling, ten million Word in the hearts, and turned it into just that one, long the call: “Yuan Yuan.”
  Our Yuan Yuan, can finally go home.

After the (eight) Chapter 57 abducted?(twelve)
  Quiet office, desk messy arrayed about irrelevant things, the hous深圳桑拿e had three altogether, a sitting, squatting two, expected to meet again a thousand times the scene to simulate numerous minor saying, heart, mood, at this moment can really achieve, completely different.
  Yang Qiuping hands trembling, hesitant to want to touch her baby Yuan Yuan, but is afraid that touched on the broken dream苏州夜网s, beside Pei Naochun relatively calm some, the legacy of the original body strong emotions, to he also followed the harbor at the moment of emotion, unable to calm himself.
  He hung up the smiling face, the eyes are reluctant to even blink for fear of missing children see one: “Yuan Yuan.”He paused, also known as,” You now called East-eh?”
  ”Ok.”Peiyuan Bo nodded his head, hands pinched the flesh, he does not know how to deal with the situation at hand, he could see, aunts and uncles – no, his father and mother very sad, but he how to do it?He suddenly at a loss.
  Heard “East along” the name, Yang Qiuping has begun to shed tears, Pei Naochun reassuringly patting her, for fear of frightening the children, he carefully opening: “East along, I am your.father.”When it comes to the word father, he also tears, and blinked uncontrol无锡夜网lably, do not hold back tears,” I was around your mother, your previous name is Pei Yuanbo.”
  Yang Qiuping, choking back tears, make up, she can understand the intentions of her husband, but a little can not c

rd, do not go out to play every day, your own parents are university professors, very powerful, to the other side, live well.”

  He just looked at parents, so it looked like, you can put them down.
  Lu father touched him, pulled out a few hundred pieces cash, stuffed into Lvdong Shun arms, he spit a dark heart, think of himself and his wife all these years to do, feel ashamed, they bought other people children , failed to properly raise ah?He 杭州龙凤网took his wife to walk out: “Have gone live well, your parents are the only one, we can not be so eccentric eye, see days thinking along the west, I heard that they are acetic city people, good condition, you passed, and not even think about what , that’s what you would have had this day, I know no?”
  He did not hold back, then he added the sentence: “Your parents really.Particularly good, especially good.”He’s hard to describe his own share of shame in front of each other, not from the class, but from the heart of Dongshun – sinking, even if their pain, their own grievances, hopes that he can be a little bit happier heart has gone, he can not do.
  Lu Lu father and mother did not look back, they go straight in the door, is to go, this is a mistake, we have received a legal education, which admitted the mistake.
  Lvdong Shun suddenly stood up, his hand into a fist, shivering in the side: “Dad!mom!”He shouted, ahead of the two men were stopped.”.Goodbye.”
  ”No goodbye, we fared far better yet, you do not need.”Lu hardened his mother sound back to the sentence, inviting her husband walked out, he is a good boy, they killed him!Lu father di杭州桑拿论坛d not say anything, just quietly waved and did not look back.
  Goodbye, perhaps the last time you call it?Mom and Dad, anyway, thank you took care of me.
  Pei Naochun helped Yang Qiuping, went to the door of that office, nearly nostalgia mood, with two deep breaths, especially Yang Qiuping, several times, nearly fainted, even then hesitated, and pushed open the door, the couple hands tightly cla

.”He muttered to the opening, he could not blame – immediate, daily and daily life of his father杭州夜网论坛 and mother ah.

  ”You should know, then, because we have no children, at the hands of others bought you.”Lu father in a grave voice,” then we want is very simple, we want children of their own, if lucky, but also to recruit children, then things, you will know.”
  ”Dad wanted to apologize and the first track you, is this, maybe I did not buy, you do not own father and mother and was lost.”Listen Mama Lu, also squatting down, her eyes looked Lvdong Shun, I do not know why the little cry – she and her husband had to go to the election of a child, a phase they shun the East, he sat there, lovely ah, big eyes, cry no trouble, they think they will take care of this child, but also can not do.
  Lvdong Shun did not say it does not matter, he lowered his head, which can be considered parents for the first time and he apologize.
  ”The second apology is your mother and I, after along with the West, failed to properly treat you.”
  ”I.”Lvdong Shun would like to speak, but closed it again.
  Lu mother suddenly hugged Lvdong Shun, she tears off, how to describe her feelings too?Clearly, she and her husband said, I do not want this child can really南宁夜网 be separated, how will it bear?: “I’m sorry, really sorry.”
  Lvdong Shun’s hand hesitated, placed Lu mother’s back: “.nothing.”
  ”Now, you get back to your mom and dad around the.”Lu efforts to Dad said brightly,” We have your parents around, you steal so many years, they suffered a lot of pain and resentment, is our fault, now you go back to your own home.”
  ”.I, I’m leaving you?”He said blankly, even accepted the fact, when really Watch, still not quite accepted the.
  Lu mother let go, insisted her husband stood up and wiped the tears: “Yes, you have to go back, and I have your dad along the West, getting very, very, you go back, and your biological father mom take over, do not know?”She did not hold back, rub his head that a” study ha

ochun want calm, but my mind was more and more pain,” I want him to take leave, you can say goodbye to you and he?”

  Yang Qiuping also silent, her parents hate Jia “take away” her child, but on the other hand she was suddenly struck by the words of her husband – she really wants her son a feeling of hatred it?No, she does not want, she would rather his son is a fool, thinking that everyone around him loved him.
  She suddenly spoke, the sound exhaustion with begging: “If you can, please tell a good and Yuan Yuan to say goodbye.”
  Father Lu voices are dumb, he spoke up: “No money, we will say goo苏州夜网dbye to him in.”He asked the sound Lvdong Shun position, took his wife to go out, not take two steps, he stopped, spoke up mixed feelings,” Mr. Pei, Mrs. Pei, I admire you.”Empathy, he can not do, and his mother around Lu has long been silent faction, not say a word.
  Lvdong Shun sat in the lounge in a daze, female police officers out to buy lunch for him, and he was humming the theme song of the cartoon, do not know Behold, at such times, as if in a daze, allowing better mood.
  Suddenly the door sounded, he was a side head, from that came in, is Lu Lu mother and father, both in hand, he looked very strange, Lv Dongshun immediately stood up, behind the back of the hand, restraint, very uncomfortable – – how he wants to do, I want to call mom and Dad?
  ”Dongshun.”Lu mother to call out to him, she looked at the child, the mood is particularly complex, the child in their family spent a full seven years, is to keep a pet, you can not have feelings?Let alone a child.
  ”I’m here.”He avoided the term, complex emotional heart.
  Lu father thought, spoke first: “East along, things today, you know it?”
  ”.Ah, I know.”He looked down, I stammered.
  Lu 杭州桑拿father sighed, took to the East along sat down, he patted each other’s shoulders: “East along, you’re a good boy.”He kind of warp feeling, like the blink of an eye, the child will grow up,” Mom and Dad and you have to apologize.”
  ”it’s OK