Purslane purslane can do hypoglycemic nutrition

It can lower blood sugar Purslane is common in our daily lives, I believe many people have eaten, a lot of people say it has hypoglycemic effect, is this really the small series together and purslane can go and see hypoglycemic introduce it!Purslane can do hypoglycemic purslane cold, Pickle, owned by the liver, large intestine。
There is heat and dampness, detoxification swelling, inflammation, thirst, diuretic effect。
Effect Purslane contains a high concentration of norepinephrine and dihydroxy phenethylamine (a precursor to norepinephrine) can be adjusted in vivo glucose metabolism, promoting pancreatic secretion of insulin, the body regulating glucose metabolism, hypoglycemic of。
Second, purslane: purslane contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, carotene, B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin?And other nutrients, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin and other vitamins and calcium, iron and other minerals。 Its ω-3 fatty acid content accounted for first in greens in。
In addition, also contains a large amount of norepinephrine, potassium salts and rich in acids, acid, alkaloids and other ingredients。 Purslane per 100 grams of fresh leaf Amaranthus protein, fat, carbohydrates 3G, crude fiber, 85 mg of calcium, 56 mg phosphorus, iron giant, carotene, vitamins, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin C23mg。 Hypoglycemic benefit can do three purslane, Portulaca oleracea eat: 1, diuresis, swelling, reduced blood pressure purslane contains large amounts of potassium, good water swelling effect; may also act directly on the potassium the vessel wall, the blood vessel wall expansion, to prevent thickening of the arterial wall, and thus serve to reduce blood pressure。
2, to prevent purslane containing potassium, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides and other active substances and rich in fatty acids, can inhibit the generation of serum cholesterol and triglycerides, in the body, to promote vasodilation, prevent platelet aggregation, coronary artery spasm and thrombus formation, and thus play a role in preventing heart disease。

Zhejiang mustard how to do nutrition mustard

Zhejiang mustard how to do believe've been friends all know Zhejiang, Zhejiang mustard is delicious, and elsewhere because it is not the same, then how do together the mustard, Zhejiang and small series to see how the introduction of Zhejiang mustard to do it!Zhejiang mustard how to do Ingredients: mustard right amount of seasoning: the amount of salt, pepper amount, the amount of powder, the right amount.1.Choice of materials should be high-quality fresh mustard tender quality, round, solid, fine roots, without scraping the entire dish-shaped。 Mustard usually begins bolting, but long moss harvested preferably 3 cm or less。
Mustard after harvest must be processed in a timely manner。
2.In the first step dish over pickled vegetables first step, because the fresh vegetables tender crisp, must tread lightly, riding ground, until the dish becomes dark green, salt dissolves so far。 Second and third courses were depression at the circumference, and two pickled。
You should stomping, fierce riding, riding through the dish, otherwise the juice discharge chimney is quite difficult, because moisture will eventually too high。 Affect the quality of mustard, even spoilage。 3.Row halogen Zhejiang Zhejiang mustard mustard how to do that have adopted dehydration salt, brine solution mainly in the store and on pressing one operation。 Store the first channel is preserved at about 48 hours。 High temperatures may be appropriate in advance, but not less than 36 hours, and low temperatures are not more than 72 hours。 When the store after washing dishes in the original block into the store fishing halides, to do washing edge, the edge of the store, while pedaling, the pedaling through pedaling tight layers, and pressurized stone。
After that the weight of mustard store 50 is the original weight?54%, should be low not high。

Hong Kong Chief Executive: Government will do everything possible to alleviate the housing shortage

  China news agency, September 26 (Reporter Li Cheuk Long) Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, 26, said Hong Kong's housing problem not be solved overnight, but the SAR Government will do everything possible to alleviate the current housing shortage。 Hong Kong people want to have a hope, the Government is determined to solve the housing problem。
  In the morning, before attending the Executive Council, Mrs Lam said in meeting with the media, since July 1 this year became chief executive, her ongoing efforts on housing issues, hoping to find a better solution。
Currently, from within any published its first "address" as well as more than two weeks, she still continued efforts in housing policy areas。   Information: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam。   Mrs Lam pointed out that land in order to build houses。 Hope to the Hong Kong community has set up a "Task Force on Land" speak up, willing to show the spirit of consensus-building, so that the government can best solve the problem of land supply in a short time, and deal with the housing problem through housing policy。   Last week, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon fatal bus crash, killing 3 people were killed and 30 people were injured, suspect someone's bus drivers work long hours, lack of rest。
In this regard, Mrs Lam said the Transport and Housing Bureau has contacted the bus company involved have to seriously review the situation, the government will actively follow up event。
  Mrs Lam pointed out that manpower shortage problems have long plagued our community。 Hong Kong into the aging population, labor force decline has become an indisputable fact。
The latest projections show the population of Hong Kong, Hong Kong's overall labor force decreased from the beginning of next year or, in some sectors is already very short of manpower constraints。 Government both from the macro level, labor issues, the industry faced a shortage must maintain safety and quality。
  Mrs Lam said Hong Kong's manpower shortage will directly affect economic growth as well as many social and livelihood issues。 Hong Kong should have a systematic understanding of the situation of shortage of industry, can solve problems through innovation and technology。 If not resolved, the government should study concrete solutions together with trade unions, business。 Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

Peking Opera: play good character is just so good otherwise lively surface

  Many people have a misunderstanding of Qipai that "dumb voice" is Qipai features, only "dumb voice" in order to promote the good image Qipai。
But it is not。
Mr. Zhou Xinfang also attaches great importance to and appreciate good voice, his voice is dumb as a living force: it was out of consideration for the entire troupe livelihoods, changing period also had a good rest, so down the throat。
Later, Mr. Zhou Xinfang continue to hone adjustment, but form their own unique tune。
Today, some students want to learn Qipai deliberately hoarsely singing, and even would have been a good voice also deliberately pressing simmering fresh made hoarse throat, these are wrong。
A genre of its own characteristics or, by means of the traditional performance practices both mean change in innovative, anyone learn Qipai also have their own conditions, mastery, as I used。
  Show relatively large margin, obvious body movements, strong sense of rhythm, these are Qipai characteristics, but also Qipai play "nice" place。 More importantly, all the "nice" is used to reflect the characters' inner。
Whatever the genre, in the final analysis for the characters to service, only grasp the character, the characterization in place, "nice" is really "good", or just a lively surface。
Shanghai Peking Opera Theater new history play "success or failure Xiao He" has been loved by the audience。
Liu also speak, Xiao, Han Xin stories of these three characters, totally different from the old movie "chasing Han Xin Xiao He next month."。
If the "chase Han Xin Xiao next month," Xiao needs to show "Qianjun easy to get, one will be hard to find" eager to love, then the "success or failure Xiao He" in Xiao state of mind is much more complex。
As libretto written: "Ten years ago the lower phase-month chase, the chase was; years later months to recover the lower phase, to Zhuiming。 "Resentment, grievances, but unfortunately, it is with such a complex and torment of mind, Xiao Han catch up after a full white beard and hair, 'I chew the root, could not stop stumbled, rolling in too many cases'。
  Concrete figures to show the delicate V to all burning anxious, I resorted to a series of external action。 On the stage, Xiao has been increasingly step forward, both performance horseshoe sound endless, the characters also externalization hesitant to stop ambivalence Lema。
He saw Shen Jian, and even want to jump off a life, but suddenly, ears saying: "Do you order Han, Han country not yet?"Yes ah, Liu old, Prince is still small, if Han Janus-faced, bitter is the world common。
So he mounted up and turned three, a turn sleeves, sub whip, followed by increasingly small step, a Le, a debut: "Han towards wow, I carry the white banner from the sky for you, forever sorrow!"Although kill Han will leave infamy, but as Han, I am willing to bear。
When the actor's internal psychology there, he will be able to pass its outer of the show, the audience will naturally be able to understand the psychological processes of characters。
  Some actors sing very well, but why not watching the fun of it?Because the performance is not enough。
Expressive enough, the actor's inner experience can not be effectively communicated through external action to the audience。 Like the old saying, "a play that the face, a look of the play lies in the eye," although I am not the eye, but the time demands on themselves to be like a spotlight, carrying Manner。 As an actor, you want to infect the audience, you must first infect yourself。 Peking Opera There are three words: no skill is not surprising, heartless not moving, no drama dissatisfied people。 I am deeply contingent。
"Burial song" Finally there is a "wrestling zombie" action, every time I play here will lead to many applauded。
Opera requires excellent skills, but skills must play services, whether or somersault Guns N 'Roses, to be full of emotion rather than show off, otherwise no different and juggling。
Qipai exquisite passion for performing, but that does not mean blindly grimace, shakes thrown Rankou, this passion must be level, rhythmic show: When convergence, when the humor, when cool, will erupt, need for the performance of rich characters inner feelings service。
  Opera is the art of "corner children" in。
Here the "corner children" refers not only to the individual actors, but also represent the actor to show character。
After all, the core play "People" is the drama of the Performing Arts。
  (Interview by this reporter Renfei Fan) Chen Shaoyun, born in 1948 in Hunan, famous Qipai older students, the national level actors, Drama Plum Blossom Award, Wenhua Performance Award, Shanghai Magnolia Theater Performing Arts Award winner。
Representative works: "Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu", "Xiao success", "burial song", "狸猫换太子" etc.。

ATFX: EU issued a list of the US retaliatory tariffs, open global trade war

  Today's News: American former FBI deputy director McCabe was expelled from the European Union to the United States released a list of retaliatory tariffs on goods the United Kingdom and the European Union reached this week, or "temporary" off the end of the Russian-European agreement excessive presidential election, Putin easily won% support re-elected Australia and ASEAN "special summit" held in Sydney Trump government or prohibited transaction data Venezuelan oil money today: Japan in February is not seasonally adjusted merchandise trade account (billion) zone 1 seasonally adjusted trade balance (million) Italy January trade account (one hundred million euros) announced in March monetary policy committee meeting summary of the comments。
  Hot events in British retreat Europe and Trump elected by the market interpreted as a turning point for global cooperation towards a trade war。
For now, the tariff game intensified, the United States and non-OPEC countries announced the increase, Britain and Russia each expelled diplomats, have confirmed that view。 However, there are evidence to the contrary, countries around the world inflation rate of recovery, falling unemployment, GDP growth stabilized, the data point of view, the global economy is in a good recovery among。 From the author's point of view, because of the anti-American trade war and continue to decline, other countries will continue recovery。
  Today's hot varieties: the weekly chart technical point of view, still continue to fall, but the weekly level rising channel very obvious, and US technology stocks, such as: Apple, Google, Amazon and other signs of declining performance has not yet appeared, it still gives operation of the proposed bargain hunters。   Japan's economic data interpretation scarce resources, the overall trade deficit in the state, needs to import other countries' goods to meet domestic demand。
The announcement of the February trade balance seasonally adjusted data impact is not large, so the general concern to。
  Eurozone trade surplus in 2013 into the overall channel performance by signs of economic recovery after the debt crisis。 The 1 after seasonally adjusted trade balance is expected to still be positive and essentially flat with the previous increase。   Italy is part of the euro zone, its trade performance to do general concern。   The above analysis only represents the analyst's views, foreign exchange risk, investors need to be cautious (provided by the above analysis ATFX Group senior analyst Dean。 ATFX will not directly or indirectly from the use or reliance on this information and may be responsible for profit and loss arising from any) ATFX 2018 Nian 3 Yue 19 Ri。

Overseas Chinese Communist nineteen talk big: inspired yearned for China

November 3, Yu Zhiwei Fist Martial Arts Association International Brazil fourth branch opened in western Brazil Cuiaba。   Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Mingshe and Di Shijiu held a National Congress of the Communist Party of China, is not only a major event in the political life of the Chinese people, but also the overseas Chinese in the eyes of world events overseas, they caused tremendous repercussions。
Overseas Chinese associations and institutions have started hot in some places also held activities to celebrate。
Dr. northern Thailand Hua Wenmin school encouraged Association chairman Dr Chan exhibition nineteen when they talk about the report, said: "Xi Jinping, general secretary of the report is very down to earth, though it is a political report, but the language is plain, easy to understand the whole report。
This session of the Chinese leadership diligent and pragmatic, First Man style is well represented in the report。
Those of us living overseas Chinese feel more intimate hearing the report also encouraged, I believe that under the new leadership of the guidelines, China will be getting better and better!When the "cultural education in the Philippines, Philippine Association president Wang Shu Hou then love the interview, just returned from China。 Talk nineteen large, conceal his excitement: "Communist nineteen large on the 24th successful conclusion to Xi Jinping, general secretary of CPC Central Committee, and the new leadership team reflects the common aspiration of overseas Chinese。 Over the past five years under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China's economic development by leaps and bounds, and the friendly cooperation with other countries has made brilliant achievements, Xi Jinping, general secretary of glamor show in the world, overseas Chinese very excited, confident。 The new leadership team members are talented people in the country。
Overseas Chinese are looking forward to Chinese culture and economic development leap to new highs, we believe that with the implementation of China 'along the way' initiative, seize opportunities, China's economic development to achieve world-class level, more prosperous。 Overseas Chinese World pleased and proud。 Philippines close to a long history of friendly exchanges become more frequent。
We sincerely hope that the progenitor (membership) State early realization of peaceful reunification, long live China!"Han and Tang, president of the Spanish Association for Cultural Exchange Lin Hua said in an interview:" This is a united, victory of the General Assembly!This is a profound understanding of the General Assembly, China's social development process of the transition of the principal contradiction, is also a strong elected leadership of the General Assembly, was a lead the Chinese people to gradually improve the legal system, the rule of law practice of the General Assembly!"Lin, president of Overseas Chinese Education will also talk about his expectations, he hopes China helping overseas Chinese schools can be more targeted, and effectively solve the problem; as workers engaged in Overseas Chinese Education, Chinese culture to do publicity the development and changes in China objectively and fairly presented to the people of the country。
Said vice president of the Chinese Education Association in northern Burma Myanmar Yang talked about new industry in China these years of development: "I hope that China will stick to the development path with Chinese characteristics。 China is willing to more and more powerful, because only the progenitor (membership) country strong, we can be proud of overseas talent。 I often say that we Chinese circle, if not ancestors (membership) a strong country, we overseas Chinese also will be the same way with some of the nation much cold。 "The President of the Philippines Candle Chinese Education Foundation Wuwu Long said:" Nineteen large exciting report。 As a wanderer overseas, I always pay attention to the development of progenitor (membership) countries。 When I and my colleagues initiated the establishment of the foundation, is to improve the treatment of local Chinese language teachers, let them worry about their work, and thus contribute to the dissemination of Chinese culture overseas。
Nineteen major report to show the world the Chinese nation's great self-confidence, spring will come the Chinese Language Education!Chinese civilization will be more open and inclusive attitude of other civilizations in the world with each other!The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will certainly be realized!"Nippon image serving agencies on behalf of the company and Executive Head of the Department, Mr. Huang Jie, is a senior media person, a former Ta Kung Pao release, advertising, public relations, Networks, and chief correspondent in Tokyo Japan。 Speaking feelings of nineteen large, Mr Wong said that because he has been engaged in media-related work, more concerned about current affairs, and the company as a major platform for international cooperation, China and Japan about the political and economic fields are covered, so like nineteen such an important meeting but we will pay special attention to large。
According to the report of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, we see and feel further prosperous and powerful China, people's lives will be happier and more successful。 These specific depict that he was encouraged by great expectations。 In the nineteenth Congress report, the General Secretary Xi Jinping specifically mentioned the importance of culture, it is closely associated with Mr. Huang's business in this area。 In his view, the report said cultural self-confidence should be reflected in foreign exchange and dissemination, only let the peoples of the world to understand, recognize and accept the Chinese culture in order to achieve China's cultural renaissance。 Chinese President yearned for Chinese Teachers Association of Thailand, Thailand and China correspondent for the President of the Association, Trade Promotion Association of Thailand chairman of ASEAN plus six Dr. Luo Zongzheng and colleagues published not only a substantial public service ads in the local newspaper China celebrate, also published by micro-channel public platform the "celebrate nineteen large!Did not forget the early heart, temper forward "as the title of his speech: the long-awaited Chinese National People's Congress of the Communist Party Nineteenth was held in Beijing on October 18, which is a landmark big happy event, it is extreme joy, extreme excited, I was held in warm congratulations to the General Assembly of Thailand victory。 New Zealand China's Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association Huangwei Zhang said: "I am pleased to see that under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, China is advancing rapidly, progress in all aspects of the world to marvel at China's new era advent。
Chinese immigrants in New Zealand as an early stage, China's rising power, so that overseas Chinese in New Zealand are greatly proud。
Although New Zealand located in the southern end of the Pacific, and China are separated by thousands of miles, but we love China heart unchanged, it contributes to the prosperity and development of China's early heart unchanged。
"In the big talk nineteen to watch feelings, Chairman of the New Zealand Association of Overseas Chinese volunteer army Pu Wang also expressed his views。
He said the general secretary Xi Jinping, to build a "harmonious coexistence between man and nature of modernization", it is necessary to create more material wealth and spiritual wealth in order to meet the growing need for a better life, but also provide more quality products to meet eco people growing a beautiful ecological environment needs。
New Zealand is known as the world's southernmost garden, 100% pure country。 There are a lot of good experience in environmental protection can and Chinese counterparts to share。
In the nineteenth big closing night, Argentina and China Association for Peaceful Reunification Organization A trip overseas compatriot community leaders, fellow student representatives, some Chinese representatives to watch the grand closing with large nineteenth。
After the viewing, it was agreed that the nineteenth much China pointed out the direction for future development, to achieve a comprehensive modernization and national rejuvenation is the goal we strive for in the future。 Nineteen large opened the new era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, overseas Chinese to develop new opportunities。
Participants combine their own situation and change around, personally looking at or thinking of the smell and nineteenth National Congress of the significance of a meeting。 Speech, not only summarize the existing remarkable results, but also on the future how to better contribute to the development of China talked about their views。
Argentine president Liu Fangyong Chinese Education Foundation, said: "The meeting will seriously study the spirit, earnestly carry out the good overseas Chinese education, so that young people born overseas Chinese and Chinese culture Argentines love a good learning Chinese, so Chinese culture overseas Chinese community in Argentina get passed and carried forward。 "New Zealand Beijing Association of nineteen large Zhang Peijun mentioned in the report 'cultural self-confidence' has a special deep feelings。
He said that as China becomes stronger, China's art groups, China's film and television works, works of art to New Zealand performances, exhibitions increasing, more and more local mainstream society to accept these full of Chinese cultural elements of literary and artistic works。
At the same time, local communities and the government is trying to promote the annual celebration of Chinese festivals, such as the annual Auckland Lantern Festival, each attracting more than 20 million visitors, becoming the largest celebration of Chinese elements of New Zealand。
Chinese culture into the classroom Sydney, Australia, was a school principal Zhang Jin has participated in the activities of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chinese senior educator for the past five years China's development has a profound understanding, nineteen large held her to see the Chinese education in the spring。
She took advantage of classroom time to introduce students to the exotic Chinese Communist nineteen large, introduced the great Chinese dream, to live closely the report "did not forget the early heart" elucidated。
President of the South African Chinese Education Foundation Han Fang said: "Today the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, patriotism education has become an integral part of the Overseas Chinese Education。 "October 28, the South African subsidiary of the Foundation in Chinese schools, foundations for the Chinese brought their children to a South African" My party, my country and my family "as the theme, spectacular nineteenth-large publicity and Education。
In response to these Chinese children at the local South African-born, or very young when he came to South Africa, monasteries are more local culture and customs and ways of thinking of this feature, Chinese schools specially selected two very shocking Education film "China five years" and "who am I," let the children know: under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of the past five years; as China's ruling Communist Party of China is how people's livelihood, and people living in perfect harmony; Communist Party members and how in the case of countries and people most in need, dedication, assault in the first line。
They also slide by the way, describes the devastation from the People's Republic of China, grow step by step into a brilliant revival of world power today。
The whole event with a dazzling array of achievements and historical facts, let the Chinese children in South Africa really understand the Chinese Communist Party leadership change in China brings, and this change is the Chinese people, including overseas Chinese, including the enormous benefits, and allow students to go after Communist nineteen big country, full of more expectations and aspirations。
Some low-grade children to participate in educational activities is shouted in unison: "China, I love you!"The atmosphere was very warm audience。
Through this activity, children recognize that: If you do not correct leadership of the Communist Party of China and the efficient execution, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is not possible。 Han Fang told reporters that, in the future, the South African Chinese Education Foundation will continue to use a variety of ways, the students Chinese national education through a variety of channels for overseas Chinese and blood progenitor strong relationship between the (membership) countries from generation to generation , timeless and more robust and reliable。
At 5:00 p.m. on October 28 to 6:30, Dr. Yan Xiaopeng Italy in Florence, Italy Chinese School campus principal Panshi Li Wenzhou University rector invited lectures, to a high and High School students interpret nineteen Report。 In the lecture, Dr. Yan Xiaopeng around nineteen spirit, combined with the actual Chinese students to "Chinese Youth and China Dream" as the theme, the Communist Party of China presents to you a grand blueprint for China's future development。
Yan Xiaopeng in the seminar pointed out that the CCP held nineteen large, better for the people to usher in the era of Chinese youth is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to win the initiative in international competition for talent。
Therefore, the Chinese government launched the "more to the force of talent strategy" clearly welcome overseas high-level talents, to facilitate the return of overseas Chinese, relax "green card", overseas Chinese and other formalities easier policy。
At the same time, we will build a number of world-class universities, to provide "more satisfying domestic education" for the global Chinese youth; and the continuous improvement of China's business environment, for those interested in the development of overseas Chinese in China to create "a more optimal business environment."。
Rigorous and pragmatic talks to the presence of teachers and students left a deep impression。
Hu Danian from the sophomore year of deep feeling, he talked about the discussion that followed the lecture himself because of disagreements with their parents choose courses and distress, Dr. Yan Xiaopeng on the interpretation of the spirit of the nineteen suddenly let him know the next step how we make the right choice。 "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (edition on November 6, 2017) Editor: Li Ruichen, Habits in。

Hengda life-saving goal was by the door line unsolved?This ball into the right | Fig.

  Cerezo Osaka 0-0 away draw, this is clearly not the desired result Hengda。 End of game, Hengda also have the opportunity through free kick, but the ball by the opponent goalkeeper in the goal line, although Hengda players have objections to this ball, but the referee still did not the ball into the sentence, the two sides eventually ended 0-0。 [] [] [] Opener at home just a draw against Buriram United, this war Hengda expedition to Japan, naturally want to win a victory。
Unfortunately, the whole game down, although the chance a lot, but eventually missed the break。 Match the first 80 minutes, Hengda get the opportunity to locate the ball, Kim Young-Gwon free kick went straight out of the away goal, but the goalkeeper has the ball at the goal line by。 For the ball, Hengda some players believe that the ball has crossed the goal line, it should be counted, but the referee did not adopt the views Hengda players that the ball did not completely cross the goal line。
  CCTV explanation when it comes to explain the game: "This ball is not completely at least look into, but the goalkeeper has been a part of the door, really hard to judge because there is no bottom line of the referee, did not seem to see with the naked eye into。
"(New style)。

Consumer Finance 315: Credit card insurance problem most new finds trouble | dispute

   ★ Today is World Consumer Rights Day, the financial sector has always been a high incidence areas of dispute, which this year has exposed the problem, what changes?  From a white paper issued by the Pudong New District Court may find clues。 Yesterday, Pudong New Area People's Court published a white paper on the situation in 2017 to accept cases of financial disputes combing display cases financial consumer disputes last year hit a record high, which, credit cards, financial loans such cases account for more than 90%。
  Pudong New Area People's Court wealth of financial experience in the field of cases, the courts under the jurisdiction of courts, including the court。
Lujiazui financial institutions gathering area, Lujiazui court hearing has become a focus of financial institutions in the case。
Pudong New Area People's Court civil trial court's sixth, also known as financial divisions for the handling of banking, insurance, securities, bills, credit cards and other financial and commercial cases and foreign financial and commercial cases。
  1 credit card disputes topped the "White Paper on trial protecting the interests of consumers of financial year 2017," according to the Pudong New Area People's Court: 1 in 2017 cases of financial consumer disputes the court received a total of 32605, 32435 concluded, debt collection cases and number average closed the highest calendar year。   2, 2017 accepted Internet financial cases rose by 32%。   3, see the types of cases, the largest number of credit card disputes, accounting%; followed by the number of disputes finance loans, as%。
  Shown in Figure 4, the court issued the "Ten typical cases in 2017 to protect the financial interests of consumers", there are four cases of insurance disputes; 2 from a debit card, credit card disputes; three other cases involving securities were subscribed financial loan contract, loan fraud crime。   2 Insurance typical case up to the "2017 Top Ten typical cases of financial consumer rights protection", only four of which the insurance case。   Case of insurance disputes, were involved in "that 'network carpool' insurance" and "insured event recognized the authenticity of the Burden of Proof," "obligations to truthfully inform the insured and the insurer's obligation to carefully verify the identification" and "Internet sales of insurance the policyholder identified "problem。
  Has been criticized insurance companies' claims is difficult, "the emergence of new cases。 "Network carpool" become more frequent, but if unfortunately an accident, although the owners to buy auto insurance, the insurance company may be exclusions。 Because the general auto insurance policies purchased by individuals, using nature as set forth in the "non-business personal", where the basic terms of business risk category for "family car motor vehicle insurance auto insurance clause", and "Network carpool" with the nature of the operation, due to changes vehicle use, claims can not be obtained。
  In addition, in the case of the Internet as consumers buy insurance, more and more businesses in order to facilitate the display, the consumers' Duty to Inform "simplistic expression, or the insurance policy does not fold even in conspicuous places, but also for behind the dispute foreshadowed。
  Stories bank card disputes, were involved in "security issuer's obligations identified" and "cardholders pay off credit card debt Bank shall promptly restore their credit record."。   The financial loan disputes, mainly related to consumer credit and vehicle loans。
  Typical cases show that consumers must first improve safety awareness in order to guard against all kinds of "pit", for financial institutions, financial products in the sales process, should strictly follow the proper rules, so that full implementation of the risk warning, explanation, etc. legal obligation, or easily recognized as a financial consumer's right to know against。   3 Bank Securities Insurance Services What changes?  As the financial industry self-regulatory organizations, industry associations, Securities Association of China and the China Insurance Association have borrowed 315 public education。   First, the banking sector increased from counter trading outlets into the community China Banking Association today released the "2017 Annual Report of China Banking Services"。
  "Report" shows that in mid-2017, to enhance the quality of banking services, promote the transformation of China's banking sector to accelerate the intelligent various channels, reducing the threshold of financial services, enhance customer interaction experience, multi-level financial service system are maturing。
2017 banking financial institutions from the cabinet deal reached billion transactions, an increase of%; from the cabinet transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%; the industry average rate of business from the cabinet%。
  "Report" shows that as of the end of 2017, total number of nationwide banking financial institutions outlets reached 10000, in which more than 800 new business outlets, the transformation of years outlets million units communities outlets 7890, small and micro outlets 2550。
Layout of the building self-service banking thousand, an increase over 7300 over the previous year; self-service equipment laying million units, including innovative self-service devices million units; self-service equipment of transactions amounted billion transactions totaling one trillion yuan trade。
  Internet banking, mobile banking rapid growth, function optimization。 "Report" shows that online banking transactions throughout the year amounted billion transactions, an increase of%; transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%。
  Second, the Securities Industry Association, "IMPACT" Li Gui site Securities Association of China yesterday issued an illegal securities companies, securities investment consulting firm list, expand the "fake"。   "Illegal counterfeit securities companies, securities investment consulting companies and other institutions blacklist (2018, No. 1)" shows that in many cases, counterfeit securities companies and securities business department of the company Web site, and, looks similar to other companies, "Li Gui" pulling out exposed the light; the name "Ningbo private daily limit death squads," "daily limit death squads" and other sites for the illegal sites。
  Urged consumers to raise awareness of the risks, the China Insurance Association released "2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management", covering public catastrophe insurance, credit insurance, the insurance policy of rural housing, poverty alleviation insurance, liability insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, ill health and other insurance, individual cases payment amount from one hundred million yuan to several hundred dollars。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative Risk Management Case (property insurance): "" tornado disaster of a large power company claims case; a seismic exploration business overseas project credit insurance cases; Inner Mongolia, a major crop loss claims arid case; a deepwater drilling platform product quality defects accident claims case; Qiyang County, "" floods of rural housing insurance claims case; an Alcoa flood disasters cases; some strong winds capsized cargo ship sank accident claims cases; import relief PX carrier ship collision claims case; a power overseas construction projects UHV cables damaged case ";" Liaocheng serious traffic accident insurance claims case。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management (life insurance): the insurance industry to actively respond to "" Jiuzhaigou earthquake disaster cases; the insurance industry to respond quickly, "" Jing Kun high-speed major traffic accident cases; government-enterprise collaboration on "Poverty Alleviation Paul "One-stop direct billing claims case; livelihood security, Jiading District, Shanghai elderly accidental death claims case; explore 'new model of public safety +', the national sanitation workers care for large-scale public action the insurance case; heart-warming accident ruthless Insurance, life insurance over a hundred million cases of high claims; Fengcheng 181 high-voltage tower construction workers accident claims fall tower case; stone plant employees actively critical illness claims cases; Insurance + technology to complete the re-disease patient speed claims cases; it encountered overseas aid staff accident insurance claims quickly cross-border cases。

Eat more foods rich in vitamin a rough skin these improvements

Foods rich in vitamin A which?In the winter become very rough, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin A that you know what foods you?Following small series to tell you a vitamin-rich foods。 A food rich in vitamin carrot] [carrot carotene can be converted in the body into vitamin A, can be converted as long as the action of oxidase, and we have this in human liver oxidase。 Carrots are rich in vitamins, lubrication, the role of strong skin, which can by a slight but sustained sweating, stimulates the skin's metabolism, promote blood circulation, making the skin smooth and delicate, ruddy complexion, very suitable for dry, rough skin by eating with improve skin texture。 Even more unusual is that the carrot on the skin of the eye also have a good moisture targeted help, therefore, also the carrot patients out great food panda eyes。 Classic How to eat: carrot juice, carrot juice can retain the maximum extent possible the original nutritional content of carrots, but also more easily absorbed by the body, play the best skin care cosmetic effect carrots, especially in the morning fasting drink the best results。 [] Corn is famous foods, rich in carotene, which is relatively high yellow corn content。 Foods rich in vitamin A carotenoids absorbed by the body can be converted into, the study proved that a vitamin has anti-aging effects, can nourish the skin, so the skin regains favor, against skin aging caused by dry skin problems。 Classic How to eat: corn juice Generally speaking, relatively difficult to digest corn, and corn juice can avoid this shortcoming, easy to digest and tastes sweet and refreshing, but also retains the original and authentic corn nutrition, better able to corn play the role of anti-aging, beauty is very popular with women welcome。