Multi-year independent school publishing brochures Qinghua University does not require Orsay rating

Data for: Tsinghua University, the school gate Source: CFP visual Chinese college entrance examination this year has been less than hundred days away。
Recently, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fudan University, Wuhan University and other brochures have been released by the independent, self-enrollment this year, the curtain opened。
Self-enrollment main selection of outstanding students with disciplinary expertise and innovation potential, started since 2003, a total of 90 pilot universities, 77 institutions for the national enrollment, enrollment 13 colleges for this provinces, accounting for enrollment pilot 5% of the total college enrollment。
  Like last year, this year 90 self-enrollment of all colleges and universities for online registration through the "Sunshine entrance" Enrolling a special type of platform。   Tsinghua University enrollment plan professional self-enrollment is not limited to liberal arts candidates this year, same as last year, Tsinghua University, did not disclose the number of self-enrollment plans to recruit。 In the general category of self-enrollment professional settings, the total science class, liberal arts disciplines two types, including architectural, civil engineering, electronic information, liberal arts general education classes, humanities and social class, etc. 20 Professional (direction), application allows only a person to fill professional (direction) may not be self-limiting liberal arts type subject application。
Rural areas specifically for candidates of "self-reliance plan" brochures provides that candidates can apply for three professional categories from economy, finance and management, law class, liberal arts general education classes and other 18 professional classes。   Peking University this year has not announced plans to recruit the number of self-enrollment, the general category of self-display brochures, admission control program in the Ministry of Education approved the school's self-enrollment program。
This year's self-enrollment programs include the main campus of Yuanpei College, City College of Environmental Sciences and the Chinese Language and Literature Department and other 16 departments in 20 professional categories, as well as Department of Medicine 7 Professional。
In addition to the requirements of Medicine applicants, other professionals did not limit the applicant for the arts and sciences outside science students。 In addition, the "Dream Plan" for the recruitment of professional candidates in rural areas, including 24 faculties 28 Professional。   Renmin University of China self-enrollment plans to recruit 142 people, professional and set to test the humanities class, science lab class (Information and mathematics), science experiment classes (physics, chemistry and psychology), science experiment classes (Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Economics and Management) 4 professional categories。
Among them, humanities class test Arts and Jian Zhao, the other three professional categories recruit only science students。   Beijing Normal University independent enrollment this year scheme to recruit 124 people, including the "leading programs" and "Climbing Program"。
The "lead the program" Main Selection love education, have outstanding student keen interest and expertise based on promoting education reform, plans to recruit 30 people; "Climbing Program" merit selection has a strong interest in astronomy or professional fields of philosophy, Japanese, Russian, outstanding student base and innovative potential strengths, Japanese, Russian, philosophy, astronomy 4 professional are plans to recruit 25 people, 15 people, 27 people and 27 people。
It should be noted, was admitted to the "Climbing Plan" Students enrolled shall not apply to turn professional at the same time, "Climbing Program" to make certain requirements on applicants arts and sciences, astronomy only recruit science and engineering candidates, Zhejiang, Shanghai candidates Elective Exams requirements for the physical or chemical; philosophy, Japanese, Russian Arts and Jian Zhao class candidates, but Zhejiang, Shanghai requirements for the candidates selected test subjects history, geography or physical。   In addition, Fudan University, Renmin University of China and the requirements to obtain independent recruitment incentives of Jiangsu college entrance examination candidates selected test subjects to achieve the level of BB。   Admission Offers excellent students can be reduced to a recognized self-enrollment discount Tsinghua admission line down into 10 points to 60 points, some exceptional students obtain down to a line of preferential admission。
For students gain self-identified favorable, physical fitness test scores were outstanding, will give an additional 5 points drop points, but to get a favorable score line identified except students。
"Self-improvement plan" generally favorable score of 30 points to 60 points。
  Peking University independent recruitment identify the general category candidates may drop 20 points to 60 points, in addition to "reduced to a line admission" preferential grade, Medicine drop points discount, compared with 20 points to 40 points。
  15 to 60 points ranging from Beijing University of Aeronautics deals。
Shanghai, Zhejiang candidates to participate in self-admission assessment was especially outstanding, the school enrollment work leading group for approval, at the college admission maximum enjoyment down to this province self-enrollment minimum admission control scores of admission policies。   Renmin University of China, said that the humanities talents qualified students admission down 60 points, science experiment classes (Information and Mathematics) admissions drop 60 points, or reduced to an admission line。    – Focus 1 application threshold required to create superior performance practice or competition subject Olympiad achievement has long been used as a basis of self-enrollment, high school students won the national disciplinary Olympiad invention (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics) nationwide championship the first, second and third prize and the National Youth Science Creation competition, "tomorrow little scientist" award was included in many universities self-enrollment application conditions。   Reporters noted that like last year, Tsinghua University and Peking University did not make demands on the subject Olympiad award level this year, Wuhan University to cancel a new concept essay contest, creative writing contest awards and published papers and patents obtained results, and other aspects of the "preferential treatment"。   Requires the general category admissions Peking University is to create or participate in the national finals invention tech competition, international competition was the highest scores; self-enrollment at the university disciplines relevant expertise and innovation potential within the range of professional and related professional study and practice at home and abroad the excellent results achieved by activities; participate in the national high school subject Olympiad (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics) national finals in high school who obtained excellent results。 It did not make specific requirements for award level。   Tsinghua University requires applicants had an outstanding performance in the three areas studied creative, outstanding talent, discipline Orsay, also does not require specific award levels。
  In previous years, Wuhan University on autonomous Enrolling specified conditions, students in various competitions in high school ranking, published papers and patents obtained results, the new concept essay contest, essay contest awards for innovation, have priority in。
This year a large force delete this aspect, part of a nationwide student contest winners, enjoy only written waiver of "preferential treatment"。 "We will determine the overall quality of students, not just a paper patent and competition results。 "Wuhan University Admissions official said。
  2 Professional requires professional students can recite the "Four Books" talk "Six" for the selection of outstanding personnel with disciplinary expertise and innovation potential, various colleges and universities have made "smart" requirement test applicants。   According to independent brochures, humanities and social class, Tsinghua University (Classics direction) requires applicants to have received more systematic Mongolian education, can recite the "Three Character Classic," "Family Names", "Thousand Character Classic", "Weng Li Yun" "Long Wen whip shadow "and so on; better by learning foundation, can recite the" four books "(" university, "" moderate, "" the Analects of Confucius "," Mencius "), and" book of Changes "," book of Songs "one; there is a preliminary text Fundamentals, learning the "Dictionary", can use dictation 540 Seal radical, can simply explain the "six"。
Humanities and social class (literature unearthed direction) requires candidates to be familiar with Chinese ancient literature and history books, read "Historical Records", "Zuo Zhuan" and other pre-Qin literature; there is a strong interest in the ancient text, read the "Dictionary" for Xiaozhuan and Oracle, Jin, bamboo and silk, etc.。
  Chinese Communist Party of China Renmin University requires applicants to accumulate in the Chinese Communist Party, China's modern history, contemporary history of China and other areas of abundant knowledge, history and philosophy with a more solid foundation, has carried out research professional learning History basic literacy。 Under the same conditions, it was above the provincial level (including provincial) knowledge contest winners priority。   Beijing Forestry University published independent brochures also have a clear medical requirements for the professional, for example, any of a corrective to, lenses greater than 800 degrees, should not apply for landscape architecture and urban planning profession, other professions are also on the physical condition of the candidates do the specific provisions。   Beijing News reporter Wang Jun。