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  Under the explosive growth, the industry is facing production capacity, lack of product categories, strict quality control, installation of a lack of power, lack of after-sales service and other issues。
  "Finance" correspondent Han Shu shower / text mark / edit a wide range of coal to gas in North China make gas fireplace, sales of air-source heat pumps and other heating appliances outbreak, despite the effects of policy stimulus has been expected, but fold increase degree is still the industry by surprise。   In the recently held "coal to clean energy summit," Yang Jie, general manager of the online industry expects sales this year will reach about gas fireplaces million units, while sales of mid-2015 million units in 2016 sales million units this year, an increase of more than one year 2.6 million units。 Air-source heat pump the size of the domestic market also continued sharp growth in three years, up from mid-2015 to mid-2017 one hundred million yuan estimated one hundred million yuan。
  President of the Chinese Academy of North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute, gas and heating Dickson In the forum, the beginning of "mustering the effort" production forecast for this year to 3.2 million units could result in October, November sales soared year is expected to will reach 400 million units。
Dickson reports, China's gas fireplace market starting from the nineties of last century, generally a year of market capacity does not exceed 160 million units, is a very small market, "this coal to gas for the industry are enormous changes."。   Many industry insiders estimate that next year will continue to increase demand for heating appliances。
  According August introduction of the "tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan", Beijing, Tianjin and air pollution related to the transmission channel "26 + 2" cities, substitution of gas for coal required to complete before the end of October, with electricity instead of coal 3 million (Hebei 1,800,000, 1,000,000, Shanxi, Henan 930000, Beijing 300000, 200000, Shandong, Tianjin 190000) more。   The actual execution, the provincial coal to promote clean energy intensity widespread than expected。
According to Yang introduced, according to government statistics, public information file, the actual completion of the provincial total in 2017 from coal to gas for about 5.9 million (2.47 million Hebei, Shanxi 1.1 million, 1.15 million, Henan, Beijing 300000, Shandong 540000 Tianjin 340 000), far more than 3 million policy objectives。   Substitution of gas using coal gas fireplace mainly residents to heating using electricity instead of coal are mainly air source heat pump。
Actual implementation in most areas using the substitution of gas for coal, "financial" reporter has learned that part of the village also completed last year on behalf of coal power, but because of weak distribution network facilities, lack of electricity supply this year and be unified into a gas on behalf of the coal。   Demand surge brought in short supply。 Minister of energy Division Sales Ling Zhanyong told the "Financial" reporter, Macro gas fireplace sales last year of about 10 million units, production lines, due to this year's market forecast the outbreak, this year added four production lines, sales this year expected to be approximately 50 million units。
But even so, still can not meet the needs of a constant stream of orders, in order to ensure product quality, we have rejected some orders。   "Finance" reporter visited many villages in Hebei discovered gas fireplace in short supply, the lack of impact on the progress of construction workers from coal to gas, coal to gas project progress generally less than expected。   Baoding town government who is responsible for coal to gas work told the "Financial" reporter, in order to ensure supply of the fireplace, as early as mid-September this year, go to the Pearl River Delta has been sent fireplace manufacturer stare goods, shipped back to grab a group of a group of。
  This phenomenon is quite common, and involve the entire upstream and downstream industry chain。 Dickson described in his speech the same day, starting from September, the government in many parts of north China, local distributors in the fireplace manufacturers and other goods, while waiting in the fireplace factory parts manufacturers, and even send someone to help production。 This suggests that the industry can not keep up resources, a serious shortage of production capacity, and is also a serious lack of installers。
  Baoding town government on the "Financial" reporter said, learned from the manufacturer, the production of key components needed for the fireplace heat converter in short supply, affecting the production schedule fireplace。
Ling Zhanyong "financial" reporter confirmed this case, since the heat converter production process need to wash copper process, and some manufacturers because of environmental non-compliance, was shut down in the environmental inspectors, which further exacerbated the situation of shortage of spare parts。 Ling Yong also said that war is not only the thermal converter, the entire upstream supply of spare parts are in short supply this year。   The project led to surge in the amount of shortage of construction workers。 Shijiazhuang new Austrian gas company deputy general manager Liu Xiaobin told the "Financial" reporter, construction workers needed mainly plumbers and welders, one coal to gas peak period of construction Water Heating is also because of large projects, and second,。
"Some places just started in September, start late, it easy to find people。
"The sharp acceleration from coal to gas project brought a lot of worries, and has lead to industry concerns。   Heating Director Northern Region Shanghai Co., Ltd. forest Qin Xiaodong on the day of the forum to remind the current round of coal to gas spawned a number of new companies, but in the end they have no orders from coal to gas, and if the company disappears, the user might follow-up services nobody。 Ling Zhanyong also said that behind the explosive growth of the industry, parts industry upstream, downstream ready to plant installation services, system resources, and not enough to support demand。 Some enterprises in order to go too fast, it will use substandard products。
  Ling Zhanyong concluded that, under the explosive growth, the industry is facing production capacity, inadequate preparation products, strict quality control, lack of after-sales service and other issues。