Female common mental habit seen little psychological

Small habits 3: apply mask deposited mask it exists things to do at night, there are many women that will be done in the morning, the "personality" of the move proves the special needs of your heart。
Apply mask, for women, beauty is not just that simple, 25-minute time enough for a woman to think a lot of things, such as scheduling a day's work, summed things just dealt with, do occasionally think about what they eat。
Little habits hint: in nature, he can protest the delay you go to bed at night in order to apply the mask, but do not challenge the deposition mask after you get up in the morning, this is your refreshing clear sign of God, just as he would up in the morning smoking is the same reason。
This means that careful thought you were a woman, you do not put all the idea say it, but in his heart own sense of propriety, you are very detail-oriented, and be good to start from the details of the reasoning。
This is what we often call "strong woman" feature。 He needs: Moderate to give you freedom and space at the same time, do not put yourself completely in the world to show you, a little bit of mystery and surprise is very important to her!Small habits 4: Psychological get up to brush our teeth women and 20% of women do。 Wearing good clothes, a toothbrush in his mouth does not prevent them walk around, because it is their home, not afraid emptied。
This is the first thing you do before going to bed last thing at night, but also to get up early in the morning to do。
Little habits hint: This woman is not only pragmatic, and action full force, work is crisp, what it preaches reliable target。
However, this does not mean that you are "fierce woman" bitch even in terms of your feelings, there are many fine pursuit。 Do you have principles, plans to speak at work, no matter how love him do not want him to break your habits。 You do not like him to intervene your thing, you'll work the same time and to clearly divided his time。