Psychological changes of women married wife and mother teach you to do

Psychological changes in women after marriage, she would not say what she wants, but you always want to guess her thoughts, such as when her crescent Qingzhou, gentle man would ask her directly to you is not uncomfortable。
This woman is always fantasy become a forest sister like Ziyuan Zi sigh, I want men to be able to spend a little more thought into his body。
But if a man appeared tired look, she would use torture in their own way to make you uncomfortable。
Encountered such a woman, men will more than body tired, tired heart will。
3, appropriate to eat you eat vinegar fly vinegar woman cares for a woman is a man in love there, people are selfish, I hope the other side of their specificity unchanged。 But some women liked you eat vinegar fly, men and their female colleagues more than a few words to say no, and ex-girlfriend had contact does not work, or even a few days without pay grain tax, he will be suspicious of other women out there, this woman every day live in suspicion among。 In fact, the trust between husband and wife is indispensable, if two people together, with action required from time to time to indicate their love, there will always be tired one day, and no one wants to have the feeling of being regulated person, excessive tie him down is actually double-edged sword。
4, less self-confident woman。