Deft off but can not afford to destroy micro-channel circle of friends or Me and

"I am seventeen。
"Manipulate small weeks while the machines Tire tires removed from the hub, and while I am talking, in words showing inconsistent seasoned age。 His phone open deft, hey song and anchor long-winded between a live by his work as background music。
This is a Beijing Fangzhuang an underground parking garage shop。 That day, in Beijing after 145 consecutive days without precipitation far more than history, dump heavy snow。 Cold and wet in underground parking, no cell phone signal operators, only steam pump noise reverberating。
Xiao Zhou hometown Zhangjiakou, Hebei。
He entered the automobile industry from mid-2015 to work, but also began to play with deft。 "I like to shoot video of classic cars, there are more than six hundred fans。
"Xiao Zhou little bit proud。
I put him on the deft attention, he quickly bring out the personal deft let me sweep the yard, as we recall micro-channel two-dimensional code skilled。 Xiao Zhou've been living and working in the underground car park, the only contact with the outside world is the mobile phone, and deft for him far more than a simple entertainment applications。 "Today the snow ah big!"He deft brush with the 'city' column, while saying to me,。
Two March 5, National People's Congress Ma in an interview with People's Daily reporter's question, said that the combined number of active accounts in the past months of 2018 Spring Festival, and micro-channel micro-channel over one billion, has since become China's first micro-channel live month users over 10 million products, users all over the world。
In mid-2017 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference last November, announced Tencent micro-letter day of the logged in user reaches 9.0200000000。
Taking into account this point in time data, as well as micro-channel product features, we may think of live micro-letter day and monthly living near the height data。 Also in mid-2017 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference in November, the deft CEO Su Hua said, deft of registered users has exceeded 700 million this data is then also its official micro signal and microblogging mentioned many times。
According to inside information, in January 2018, deft daily active users reached 100.500 million。 Deft user operating in different countries are isolated from each other, and even hair products are independent version (such as deft Korean version of the current version of the mainland, the products are quite different form)。
In mid-2017 a deft internal communication at times, employees asked "why users in different countries published content can not see each other," co-founder Cheng smile replied, "because we do not want publishers and audiences due to language problem can not be interactive"。 Considering the above, as well as the number of users in overseas deft scale has not yet formed 700 million user base is deft number of Chinese users in China region。 700 million Chinese users is a concept?QuestMobile according to statistics, by the end of 2017, the monthly number of active network equipment China 10.8.5 billion。 Considering the special case where one more terminals, mobile Internet users actually less than this。
Most ordinary users to use mobile applications of behavior is more and more centralized, there is reason to believe that removing the micro-channel, already is deft application of the highest popularity on the domestic user's mobile phone, and no one。
Deft slogan (tagline) is "World Record your record."。
The first time, the slogan is "Let the world see your world", even matching videos were produced out。
But I am more Italian places China "record" this position, so there is now this version。 After the project was acquired before the start-Ali, Su Hua is not bad money, but to make a difference in the impact of extraordinary products。 Deft in places of China, an unusual message。 He wanted to do, but also far more than just the short video platform。
Record all the deft, and connect all the micro-channel, on a user network to maximize this point, there was the same "dream"。
And as for products restraint and caution, as well as operators of equal rights and decentralization, places China "salute" the Zhang Xiaolong。
The popularity of three micro letter, telecom operators will become a data pipeline, which greatly reduces the user's communication, social costs, but also gives the user a second-line, particularly human workplace, bring invisible pressure。 As well as working to expand the social circle of life, regardless of micro letter, Loose lips sink ships, whatever the starting point content, for fear that the listener interested。 More and more users turn a circle of friends "half visible" and even "three days visible" to avoid all kinds of unsolicited peep。
Others give up flying self circle of friends, but a number of harmless public occasionally forwarded the article number。
More some people have stopped updating circle of friends, such as mentioned earlier Su Hua and Cheng smile, last updated circle of friends, all things four years ago。
The typical user of a deft, is facing another embarrassing situation。
Or because they are living in the four-tier social acquaintances or in a foreign land hard, a limited number of friends, social circle expansion fatigue, but there is a strong social and entertainment needs。
And, create, share graphic content there is sufficient quality for the consumer to each other, for this group, but also a very difficult thing。 I was on a short deft once commented that there are typos video title, the author replied: "I never graduated from junior high school, a mistake no way。
"Shooting and enjoy a short video, it is a very low threshold of an entertainment and social activities。 You just use the phone, create a short video requires neither literary talent, the composition does not need to shoot it wants。 The impressive video consumption, is also very popular in line with consumer demand content。 Needless to say, in the comments section to see what other people clever run of shaking, or with people cackle a few, even a few noisy mouth, are very easy to do。
These requirements are difficult to meet the micro-channel of the scene。
If the four micro-channel circle of friends as a separate product, its data should evaluate how?My conclusion after following the advice of several people in the industry: this means that, in deft Nikkatsu users reached 1.When 500 million, Nikkatsu micro-channel circle of friends is about 600 million。
Number two data looks pretty big gap, but do not forget, the number of users deft, is fast approaching the number of domestic mobile users, as well as micro-channel users。
Said Racer will challenge WeChat is too exaggerated a bit, but in a particular user group, or deft expected to replace the micro-channel circle of friends。 Intentionally or unintentionally, deft in product design of many details, it is closer to the micro-letter。 Remove sweep the attention and guidance copywriting, deft drop-down refresh icon, the icon style micro-channel circle of friends exactly the same, and before the letter appeared on the micro-off "laboratory" function from the icon to copy, have been previously mentioned deft intact greeted。

How first night first night sex sex tips

Many newly married couples, sex is the first time, then the first night to pay attention to what skills are what help to sex the first night following on with it and learn to understand the next bar。
Newlyweds, first time sex, groom mostly to his wife care a plus, but there are still many groom could not help myself, too violently inserted and pumping。
This is not just the strength of the sexual problem, and is due to start after sexual intercourse, muscle tension and exercise can promote the arrival of orgasm.So the groom always do so involuntarily。
On the contrary, because the bride usually passively endure the lack of strenuous exercise muscles, so she will not be easy to achieve orgasm more。 Female orgasm can greatly reduce pain and bleeding when the hymen rupture, if the bride can not reach orgasm, her intense sexual intercourse for the groom will be particularly objectionable, temporary frigidity may occur even hurt feelings。 How first night first night sex tips sex and groom should know; the female orgasm in all likelihood because of her clitoris (above the vaginal opening, labia minora converge two places) by the appropriate stimulus。
However, when Yindi Ping Yin pedicle foreskin is wrapped, only after the entry of women into sexual arousal state will be exposed。 Therefore bride ranging from excitement to sexual intercourse, it is difficult to make her reach orgasm。
Besides, most people have sex with men in the way of female lower, if not span Legs, very easy to properly stimulate the clitoris bride。
Therefore, the action is intense and groom, the bride reaches orgasm role is not large。 Some thought the groom, deeper, harder inserted, bride to be met more easily。 In fact, generally speaking, it is so only married longer, and not just due to the insertion depth, but because of her husband's Mao Yin is possible to stimulate the clitoris wife。 On the first night, the groom should first gently rubbing the clitoris (emphasis lubrication), so it is fully raised, swollen after the re-start of sexual intercourse。
During intercourse, the groom should pay attention to kneading friction, do not blindly strong impact。 How first night first night sex sex tips Moreover, it is best inserted once in the first night, and then use other sexual lifestyles, in order to crack the bride after the hymen restoration and adaptation of a short time。
Some brides also can stimulate the clitoris or to use their own better sexual positions。
Of course, the first night there orgasm can help yourself bride or something more open。
Sexual content extremely rich, and not just a plug-in sexual intercourse。
Women's breasts and nipples of her body surface of the second bit sensitive areas, properly stimulate here can quickly lead to her reaction。
Many women simply because there has been properly stimulated, we can achieve orgasm。 The female body more sensitive area than men, more widespread, often vary。 In addition to the groom should be more comprehensive stroke, the bride should also overcome shyness, the initiative to guide the groom to enjoy adult sexual relationships。
Recommended reading:。

Tips to give you real hot springs spa

What are tips Hot Springs Spa is a modern very fond of a health way, there are a lot of people will usually leisure time choose to go a spa。
But in fact, many people have for the spa are not very understanding of it。The following night on the net to bring the spa to you tips to give you a real spa!Hot spring spa is a little common sense in this activity now people often do or experience, but if it comes to the meaning or the specific characteristics of the hot springs, then a lot of people do not clear, the following night network will tell you about Hot Springs it!1, SPA, modern spa decompression panacea Why let the general public fell in love with it, and it is very addictive in the advent of the eve of the 21st century, people suffered physical and mental Lingjun unprecedented challenges: the pursuit of a higher level of quality of life, longing for more generous creature comforts, in all aspects of pressure from family, work, physically and mentally fatigued duty-bound to suffer in silence the established facts, the soul may have fallen to the brink of collapse, then the spa will show signs and a ratio "abstain" stick effect also makes an outright change。
Most people are most familiar form of hot springs, it may be attached in a hotel or resort, which aims to assist the hotel to attract business, but because some of the business was too successful, and later overwhelming popularity also comes higher than the hotel itself。In addition, for DaySpa designed for men and women will now have mushroomed rise around the world and be welcomed, this can be completed to enjoy spa in one day, once or twice a week to visit nearby, spend two or three hours to get a full range of pampering and relaxation, arguably called "concrete wall in Paradise"。In addition, as Japan's soup, as well as Israel and California and mud baths, mud baths and the use of other more floating-aided design to complete the course of treatment; in addition more for today's youth taste mouth the launch of NewAgeSpa, the design of these campaign-style course, such as walking, water aerobics, etc., with high-tech equipment, drying out even want a uniform color, as long as you can on a sun machine。And if you choose HealthSpa, it must have when ascetic mental preparation, low-calorie and low-salt diet of three meals a healthy eight-hour course, let you "Xiangshou not" immune。
The final step is LuxurySpa, one kind of a personal need to spend Monday million courses, a professional therapist from start to finish service, valued it enough!Hot Springs tips 2, all kinds of fresh look at the SPA know the types of hot springs after, you might be curious how many hot springs in the end whatever, to make a variety of consumer groups in foreign countries flock group of hot springs, equipment may have to dazzle it is, especially in Southeast Asia, promising Shenxianjuanlv designed double spa room, dressing room, flower Zaochi, double beds, outdoor leisure table, I did not forget to enjoy the privacy lovers。And if you just want a single person to enjoy a world of leisure and relaxation, the highlight of belonging to a man but much!First of all, you definitely want to put on the robe local spa offers, whether large or wax Ranyi Gua Europe in Southeast Asia, are extremely comfortable, and then the body segment, will usually pay no attention to the stiff sebum removed, then plant wrap of purees, after washing, massage pool with hot bubble until the pores open, jumped into the cold pool, hot and cold, the spirit of times people Baozhun。
If you have time, trim fingernails and toenails also a good choice, or else scalp massage, foot massage, body massage and finally, to enjoy such a down, do not drink Red Bull, natural spirit lifted。
3,10 SPA bring you a surprise gift 1.Help you develop a drink at least eight glasses of water a day habit。

In northeastern Nigeria "Brocade Holy Land," the majority of abducted girl released

Xinhua News Agency, Abuja, March 21 – Nigerian official said on the 21st, in the northeastern state of Yobe Nigeria a month ago kidnapped extremist organization "Boko Haram" 110 girls, 101 were released。
Nigeria's Minister Rai Mohammed said in a statement that the Neanderthal-wide institutions have begun to create a file for the release of the girls, it is possible to increase the number of released。 Earlier in the day, the number of Nepalese released the official 76 people。 Rai Muhammad said the government did not pay for the release of kidnapped girls ransom, these girls are released through non-formal channels, achieved with the help of some friendly people of。 According to local media reports, the "Boko Haram" 21 am release of these girls in Yobe state Dapchi region of kidnapping, no transfer to any person。
February 19, Damaturu about 100 km from the Yobe state capital of a women's college was "Boko Haram" militant attacks, 110 female students missing after the attack。
14th of this month, Nigerian President Bukhari said in Yobe state, we will conduct a comprehensive survey and aerial surveillance in the region, to ensure the safe return of missing girl。 "Boko Haram" was established in mid-2004, long entrenched in northeast Nigeria, often to launch terrorist attacks, the abduction of women and children many times。
April 2014, "Boko Haram 'militants abducted 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria Borno Qi Buke town of a high school。 (Reporter Zhang Baoping) Editor: Chen Yanan。

James Owen's absence affect the Cavaliers 30 points to clinch the Eagles 2-0

  Ticker May 23, Cavaliers away to 94-82 win over the Hawks to a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals。
  Carey – Owen injury, LeBron – James almost triple-double, 30 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds, Iman – Iman Shumpert had 16 points, Matthews – 德拉维多瓦 11 points 6 rebounds, Di Mofei – Mozgov 10 points 7 rebounds。 Tristan – Thompson grabbed 16 rebounds。   Hawks in the third quarter collapse。 Jeff – Teague and Al – Horford each scored 12 points, Kyle – Kyle Korver third quarter injury leave, there are 12 points for Houston。 Dennis came off the bench – 13 points maximum Shilao De。
  Eagles regular season ranked first in the eastern part of the record, Knight ranked second, the two sides have not a small gap。 But in the playoffs, regular season means nothing。
  Eagles lost the opener at home, still playing at home today, but James is still a last resort。 After lost the two games at home, the Eagles rest of the game more difficult to play。   Knight is not the best play。
Owen on a fourth quarter injury leave, spectators on the sidelines wearing a suit today。   Hawks also wounded, injured on a seemingly Carol, but the results did not imagine so serious, the starting lineup today。
  Knight already missing Kevin – Lufkin, Owen has now sidelined, James became one of the team, but he was not one of them scored points, but control of the whole team, continue to help his teammates, Knight smooth start。   After the first section there are 9 minutes and 54 seconds, James slowly up ball, saw the defense is not very tight, easy to hit the third after back step, Knight launched a wave of attacks 11-2 to lead 11-5。
After opening the Hawks hit a three-pointers, then throw a ball only in the last 5 minutes。
After more than half of this section, Korver hit a third, one with 5 points, but also to the 7-0 Eagles to exceed 12-11。 In this section there are 2 minutes and 46 seconds, the Hawks still lead 17-15, but this is the last time。
Smith layup after the break lever, then hit the third, the Cavaliers 11-4 end of this section, so as to lead 26-21。
  There Section 7 minutes 26 seconds, Millsap layup, Hawks will lead into 33-35。 Cavaliers within four minutes, not shooting, after this section there are 6 minutes 26 seconds, only to break jumper by James。
After 1 minute, Knight in the backcourt steals succeeded, James immediately under the fast break, Houchangchangzhuan Smith, James easy layup, leading the Cavaliers to 40-33。 Eagles several times to close the gap, but Shumpert twice hit three-pointers in this section last 3 minutes, Jones also succeeded long shot, Knight maintain its advantage to 54-49 halftime。
  Knight force in the third quarter, began to hit third, quickly opened the gap。 This section played less than 4 minutes, 德拉维多瓦 twice-thirds vote, the Cavaliers to 65-54 double-digit advantage。 James continue to create opportunities for his teammates, this section there are 5 minutes 35 seconds, passing behind him, Shumpert hit the third, after which James himself driving layup, the Cavaliers to 75-56 lead with 19 points。 The gap between the two sides once reached 20 points, the Cavaliers to 84-66 through three quarters ended。
  The end of the third quarter, the Hawks general Korver injuries, while the fourth quarter played only 17 seconds, Horford was knocked knees。 Fortunately Horford injury is not heavy, then still back in the game。   Hawks chasing the score 72-86, was to prevent knight's hit rate has dropped。
Knight playing relaxed, this section there are 4 minutes and 53 seconds, Thompson alley-oop layup, the Cavaliers to 93-74 once again widen the gap。   In up to 6 minutes of time, in addition to the Eagles once tipped, but no one will score。
Until game 2 minutes and 12 seconds, Antti made a free Wizards。 Eagle has collapsed, pulled all the main。   James difference a rebound on three pairs, but he also gave up the chance to chase data, the fate of the game 2 minutes 45 seconds。 Knight with a 2-0 record back home, this series is very smooth。

Health beginning of spring to eat what these foods do not miss

What to eat in our traditional twenty-four solar terms which, beginning of spring is the spring's first solar terms, but also the beginning of the year, from this day of all things spring, it began to grow again, so this time do health work is indispensable Less。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about the beginning of spring to eat what health, these foods do not miss!Beginning of spring women eat what health diet to restore the spring to consider the spring yang born, Yi Shi Xingan divergence of the goods, should not eat sour and taste。
"Su asked · Tibet gas law", said: "Liver spring,……Liver bitter urgent, urgent food Gan to slow it,……For casual liver, with the bulk of the emergency food Xin, Xin fill them with acid diarrhea "。
In the five internal organs relations with flavors of sour hepatic, with the convergence of sex, catharsis is not conducive to the yang of the germinal and liver, diet to restore to cast their organs opt for that "violation of its nature it is bitter, then their sexual therefore want。 For who is God's likes this dirty also, that also make up。 Who are suffering the evil god of this dirty also, that also diarrhea。 "Clearly this relationship, we can purposefully choose some Softening Liver, liver force qi of herbs and foods, herbs such as turmeric ,, Yuan Hu and other food choices Xin Wen divergence dates, tempeh, onions, parsley, and other flexible formula selected meals were。
On diet, there are many popular folk spring, Chinese medicine is also a lot of stress, commonly known to eat "Spring"。
Below eat these foods, our body of great benefit to the beginning of spring。 And so raise spleen sweets of ancient China Sun Ssu said: "spring should Province acid by Gan, in order to keep his temper。 "This means that, in the spring should eat less acid, eat more sweet。 Chinese medicine, spring is when the liver strong, eat sour foods cause liver damage and excessive stomach, so should Eat sour foods。
And people in the spring outdoor activities than in winter increased physical exertion, increased caloric needs。 But this time weak stomach, gastrointestinal digestion is poor, not suitable for eating greasy meat, thus, heat can be supplied by a suitable sweet。 It dates so blindly spring raising the spleen to share。 Health beginning of spring to eat what Chinese medicine believes that sweet honey, into the stomach two classics, can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, laxative。 Spring climate variability, also warm cold weather at first glance, people are likely to。
Because honey contains many minerals ,, as well as the function of clearing the lungs detoxification, it can enhance the immune system, it is the best spring tonic。
Thus, in the spring, if you can drink a day 1?2 spoons of honey to a cup of warm boiled water or plus taking on the role of nourishing the body。
Spring Bud。

Argentina 10 years of Chinese citizens to travel visa stay away it entered into force

June 21 electric Argentine ambassador DiegoGuelar19日在北京宣布, according to the agreement reached between the President of Argentina with Macri in a recent visit to China, with immediate effect, to give Chinese citizens 10 years or business visa entry into force。 In Beijing, DiegoGuelar visa policy have high expectations。
He said that the Chinese citizens to travel Afghanistan will make a significant contribution to local economic development, but also will promote commercial exchanges between the two countries again and went to Afghanistan。
"The new visa policy is the result of more than a year of effort, to overcome prejudice against Chinese immigrants during; but in the end, in a recent visit to China, witnessed by the two heads of state before the conclusion of this agreement possible." , DiegoGuelar indicate says。 It is said that, "in between 2016 and 2015, to the Chinese tourists travel around the world more than 100 million people, there is far, the number of people travel to go to Afghanistan, but a very small proportion。 To reverse this situation, the first step is to simplify visa procedures, also a very important step。 (Chinese Argentine Network compile: Dong Huang) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

The arrival of the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival has a new way of eating white-collar workers

Today is the Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival marks the arrival of the Lunar New Year is nearing completion, the work will go on the right track。
So, for living in buildings in white-collar friends, how to eat rice balls have what precautions the following small series for you to eat healthy inventory of white-collar friends in the Lantern Festival。
In addition, Xiao Bian also specially prepared Lantern DLY several personality of young white-collar friends, with a look。 A, DIY Lantern Lantern not only can eat boiled, following some of the practices you can try。 1, the steam Lantern Lantern put into a porcelain or metal disk wipe a layer of oil, the wok steamed, after removing soft white sugar to sprinkle。
Cephalostachyum food is delicious, convenient and easy to practice line。
2, the roasted Lantern Lantern wiping put into the base oil has a metal disc, the disc even in the oven, baked until golden Secheng, cooked, remove the plate, to cotton, sugar Zuo food, taste sweet fragrance。
Note: Use microwave oven baked Lantern not necessary to use a metal plate and wiping base oil, into the microwave special plastic or ceramics may also be。
Lantern Festival Lantern advent of white-collar 3 has a new way of eating, dressing Lantern crisp fried sesame powder, sugar into a thick paste pot boil, then pour the fried Lantern, rolling stick uniform, pan on the plate, laid out one by one, not adhesion, cold, hot food safe, crystal clear, refreshing sweet。 4, the Roberts Lantern Lantern fried spare。 With edible oils slide pot, add sugar and the amount of water with Wenhuoaocheng taffy, when large bubbles take a yellow syrup, add fried Lantern, syrup and stirred rapidly pan, hot food, like Kim wrapping, do not have fun。 The arrival of the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival has a new way of eating white-collar 5, if it is born fried Lantern Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival can glue the egg first, then into the frying pan。
Such a fried egg flavor Lantern。
To constantly flip when fried, deep-fried Debu thoroughly in order to avoid uneven。 When the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival in the pan may suddenly burst splash wounding phenomenon occurs fried。 The needle bar with two small pinholes on the front Lantern Lantern pot to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon。 In addition, warm the oil over low heat to fry, so blow out the lantern sweet and delicious, waxy skin crisp。
6, until the pot liquor Lantern pot boil water, the pot Lantern, Lantern float when added sugar, wine, soup was poured into the pot together is ready shochu, wine pot on the table side, and then pot liquor lit。 Recommended Reading。

Stock index opened down 2.78% GEM mean fell 3.6%

  Securities Times Online () March 23 morning news today, the KLCI opened down% reporting points;% down, industry, across the board floating green theme。   Local 22, United States President Trump signed a presidential memorandum against Chinese intellectual property infringement, including the value of 60 billion (about US million) of imports from China to levy tariffs。
The White House expects the new tariffs could affect about 1300 imports of goods from China。
Trump also asked Wright Abashidze complaint Chinese discriminatory licensing practices of foreign companies to the WTO, and want support from Europe, Japan and other US allies。
  Trade war intensified concerns, the US stocks plunged across the board, creating the biggest decline in six weeks, the Dow was down nearly 3%, the S & P 500 closed down%, was down%。
  March 23, 2018, the Commerce Department released a list of products for suspension of concessions and the United States imported 232 products and measures for public comment, to be on some products imported from the United States imposed tariffs to balance due to the United States on imports of steel and aluminum products loss of tariffs caused to the interests of China。
Ministry of Commerce spokesman issued a statement。   China intends to import seven types of beauty products imposed import tariffs of products of approximately $ 3 billion。 The provisional list contains seven categories, 128 products tax, according to 2017 statistics, involving US exports to China of about $ 3 billion。
The first part of a total of 120 tax, involving the United States and China billion dollars exports, tariffs include fresh fruits, nuts and nut products, wine, denatured ethanol, ginseng, seamless steel pipe and other products, intends to levy 15%。
The second part of a total of eight tax, involving 25% of export tariffs on US-China billion US dollars, including and products, recycled aluminum and other products, to be imposed。   (Securities Times Online News Center)。

The classic yoga to help you train a body good

What action has the classic yoga is that we are very familiar with a sport, and it is not only the body has many benefits, but also to make the body become more sexy, so many female friends are into the sport among the。
So what does yoga have the following night on the network introduced several classical yoga for everyone, help you train a body good!The classic yoga in a tree-style feet together, beginning with the mountain pose, fully open toe stretch, use your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles around the knee。Straighten your spine, shoulders and Student Groups。
Hands together to make a prayer gesture, thumb close to the chest, elbows close to the body flexion。Lift the left foot, attached to the inside of the right leg, and then maintain the balance of his body, adhere to 5 seconds, but if your body is not too soft, or poor flexibility, then left it on the leg and foot joints position yourself like a tree root in the ground。2, crescent-type posture from the beginning of the tree, left foot a big step backward, heel raised, legs straight, your right knee flexion, back and forth in a straight line, arms held up, hands together, pressed down shoulders and back, keeping five breathing time。
The classic yoga if you think that yoga is not a real exercise, then come try this action!Your thighs will tell you it's feeling。
3, crescent-shaped beginning from the warrior style, the flat foot, the toe turn 30 degrees, still straight legs, hips 90 degrees。Right heel to keep a line with his left foot back, knees at 90 degrees, hips, shoulders and body relax, center, Stretch your arms, shoulder high, palm down。Straining stretch your fingertips, as if to touch the wall。Eyes focused on the middle finger of his right hand, keeping 5 times breathing。