Do you really have sub-health sub-health has also been fooled yet

Really do?Now sub-health has become a buzzword, a lot of the human body are in sub-health state, that it is not really the sub-health?The following night on the network to talk about with you is not really what sub-health。You really have sub-health experts say, it is actually more sub-health business for the sale of goods manufactured gimmick, because it was discovered according to the survey, sub-health symptoms described almost everyone has。
So, Amy, editor remind you as long as usual attention to your lifestyle, so-called "sub-healthy" generally will not find a home。
In our country, there is a very fire word called "sub-healthy"。Recently, domestic experts have proposed all along, regardless of traditional Chinese medicine, the medical profession do not have formal statement this sub-health sub-health This concept is also very little in the mainstream academic repercussions。Experts said that in the medical profession, the academic literature on formal and informal advocacy Tia is not healthy, not simply because of sub-health diagnosis, in accordance with sub-health standards, do not light the disease ill health WHO the definition of "health is not only for the weak or the elimination of the Department of full health and physical, mental and social."。
According to this argument point of view, then it is almost every part of the sub-health。But health is like a "limit" on mathematics, the human individual can only go close to this limit, but can not reach the highest peak。
I really have sub-health sub-health is the Chinese people's "invention" in the 1980s, the former Soviet scholar N · Buchman raised exists between the disease and the health of a "third state"。He believes that in life there are many people like that there is a healthy non-health, non-disease-like intermediate state of illness。
By the mid-1990s, Qingdao Chinese medicine science professor Wang Yu Inspired proposed "sub-health" concept, with ten years of propaganda, popular sub-health, including women and children。
Sub-health businesses are deliberately creating publicity out of the experts agreed that the sub-health concept is the sale of health care products more businesses deliberately creating propaganda out of。
Powerful place sub-health is that all of the symptoms it describes almost everyone has, the people who have these symptoms divided out from the normal population, to tell you this is the sub-health, if words could lead to ignore the scary consequences, after this "coercion" to tell you attach too early can be cured, it is the lure。
Anyway, health care products are not drugs, but those symptoms so vague, not even after eating effect, it is difficult to get business customers how。