Six major organs of the body to be cleaned regularly (1)

  If not for a long time to clean up, then, the various organs will accumulate a lot of garbage daily life you may not feel, but over time there will be symptoms, crushed body, so on a regular basis to the various organs to do a spring cleaning, start now!  1, clearing the lungs: eat apples, apple pectin and antioxidants can reduce inflammation in the lungs; lung injury smoke: Smoking is a bad behavior, would endanger yourself and the people around him, long smoking will cause lung very much harm, often for the same passive smoking can cause great damage, so be sure to cut down smoking。  2 bowel: more bananas and other fruits and whole grains; fried intestinal injury: fried chicken, French fries are a favorite of many young people, children are particularly fond of the taste, but this kind of deep-fried foods inevitable is rich in fat and high in fat, both of which are deposited on the inside can cause disease。Grease at high temperatures will produce a substance called "acrylic", this material is difficult to digest。  3, clear: do not stay up late; eat too cold savory and sweet sour hot spicy food; spicy injury: spicy hot pot, Xuewang ingredients are included in a large number of chillies, stimulate our inner wall of the esophagus, after eating will make a kind people hate the heartache and the increased burden。
Even if you want to add some sour cream to make it cool, you can still get the same stimulus。Moreover, instead of adding sour cream or something like that will suffer other side effects 4 Liver: daily exercise ten minutes; afraid liver oil: fatty liver patients to pipe shut, like very greasy foods, such as lard, fat , pork, pig, animal offal, such as high cholesterol should try to eat less beef。
Some female patients, may not eat lard, fat these things, but there are fatty liver, probably because of eating too much egg yolk, too many nuts, such as melon seeds, peanuts, this situation may also lead to fat the occurrence of liver。
  5, clear the gallbladder: Eat celery, sweet potato grain high-fiber foods, eat less animal offal foods containing cholesterol; gallbladder avoid meat and eggs: Modern medicine, eggs, especially egg yolk contains a high amount of cholesterol, and gallstone formation one of the factors including cholesterol, metabolic disorders, and therefore should not eat food with high cholesterol。In addition to eggs, other eggs, including duck, goose, quail eggs, are not much food。  Pork: nature, sweet and salty, can Yin tonic, but cholecystitis, cholelithiasis of people cut out。
Chinese medicine, gallbladder disease and more humid due to liver and gallbladder obstruct Results。
"Materia Medica prepared to" says: "pork, eat it to help heat phlegm, as wet air assist"。Especially pork, is wrapped around sticky greasy, fat rich flavor, gallbladder diseases should not eat。Modern studies suggest that pork is a high-fat food, and crucial cholecystitis, gallstones diet the patient is to control fat foods, or excessive fat foods can cause gallbladder to pain。
  6, clean dirty: drink plenty of water eat less salt。
  Salty afraid: for the crowd dirty disease or renal dysfunction, the long-term intake of high potassium low sodium, will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also cause potassium increased。
It is suggested that kidney patients choose low-sodium diet。