Gas color are "eating out"?Three types of foods make you eat a good color (1)

  When no longer rosy complexion, skin begins to relax when most people think of first is to resort to a variety of skin care products。In fact, color is not good because there may not eat。  Anemia – iron heme iron intake is insufficient to bear the heavy responsibility in the supply of oxygen to the cells。Without enough iron, the quality of blood circulation decreases, the skin will not be rosy and moving。
 Cooking can be selected steamed, boiled, braised, etc., put cooking oil hold less。
  Malnutrition – poor absorption of food residue discharged from the large intestine, liver poisons and treatment of waste excreted from the kidney。
If the two route of excretion function well, there will not be shiny skin。  Poor stool – dietary fiber and antioxidants too little food, too little dietary fiber, intestinal tract is not easy to open, drop excretion; too few antioxidants, liver detoxification function is affected, the ability to decrease blood circulation, subcutaneous fat accumulation oxidation products, will also affect skin health。  Should eat every day to ensure that 1 kg of vegetables, half a catty fruit, the staple food which is at least 1/3 of whole grains, beans or potatoes。
  Poor skin – lack of health multivitamin skin needs a variety of vitamins to maintain。
  Need to be reminded that eating too many sweets, sweet drinks will consume B vitamins, elevated blood sugar make acne worse, increase free radicals promote aging, will also reduce the intake of nutrients。
  Yellowing of the skin – eat more food orange orange, pumpkin, carrots and other orange foods rich in carotenoids, if one eat too much, or too much short-term intake, the liver can not completely break down, accumulate in the subcutaneous fat, can cause skin yellow。
  Three types of food to eat eat black back good color, such as black beans, black sesame, black beans are rich in anthocyanins and vitamin E, black sesame seeds are also rich in natural vitamin E, ranking first in its content of plant foods。  Eat white, such as white fungus, white radish, white fungus white fungus that is rich in natural vegetable gum, can effectively conditioning the body, nourish the skin, making skin reproduce the glory。

Girl playing with the phone for hours by train, get off was diagnosed with cerebral infarction (1)

  Henan a girl take a train to Guangzhou to work, in the car phone to play more than 20 hours, just to get off fainted。
After the hospital diagnosed as。
Doctors found the girl brain condition is very serious, we had three hours of emergency surgery to remove blood clots almost 2 cm, twice the average patient。It is understood that this situation is likely to remain girls head tilted to the right gesture at the phone on the train, there is no activity on vascular oppression。Doctors advise that if this happens to be in the golden hour of emergency to hospital for treatment。    As a sudden brain disease can occur at any age, the degree of necrosis depending on the size of the thrombus and a difference。More common in 45?70-year-old in the elderly。More abrupt onset, and more without prodromal symptoms, focal neurological signs peaked in a few minutes to a few hours, and more performance with complete, clear consciousness or mild disturbance of consciousness, internal carotid or middle cerebral artery embolism resulting in a large area of the brain infarction, severe cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure can occur, hernia and even coma, a rare seizure; vertebral – tips infarction aggravated coma basilar artery thrombosis often occurs, individual cases of focal signs were stable or improved after once appeared recurrent or secondary bleeding。  People used to develop preventive measure blood pressure in middle age should develop at least one or more times to measure blood pressure in the habit every year, if found abnormal blood pressure, should be promptly with a doctor in blood pressure control within the range, if an excessive rise in blood pressure on may cause。
  If you pay attention to diet to control diabetes if diabetes is controllable, can be brought under control through the development of blood glucose for their own nutrition programs, to change some bad habits, use of some drugs。
The elevated blood sugar increases the risk of incidence, it is imperative to control blood sugar。
  Control Serum Lipids phenomenon is common in overweight adults in regularly to the hospital for medical examination, to know if they are high cholesterol, high cholesterol through diet and physical exercise control, when necessary, can be combined with drug therapy。  Note carotid artery stenosis risk factors and high-risk groups: atherosclerosis is a systemic disease, age (> A variety of risk factors for cardiovascular disease 60 years), gender (male), long-term smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, also applies to atherosclerosis due to the screening of carotid artery stenosis。  A balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods, eat eggs, soy high protein food, light diet, regular exercise can be carried out。Avoid alcohol, quit biting, coffee, spicy food can increase the chance of quitting smoking double, if promptly quit smoking, reducing the probability of occurrence of heavy to some extent,。  If you drink alcohol treatment is reasonable, then, we must maintain the right amount, studies have shown that drinking 2 glasses of wine a day can be reduced by 50%, but if more than two cups then the risk of stroke will increase three times, and can lead to liver disease, traffic accidents and some question column, so be sure to drink the right amount。
  Diet Diet here refers to a low-salt low-fat diet, by reducing dietary salt and fat intake, can lower blood pressure, and more importantly, can reduce the risk, every day to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, etc. , there are great benefits to the body。  Life movement must be sure to exercise, five times a week, brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day can improve health in many ways, can be reduced。

Cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!

Location: body of cancer may not want to adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!2018-3-2814: 38: 15 Source: Introduction: Cancer is recognized as one of the three killers, is a chronic disease difficult to cure advanced cancer。The world's 12 million new cancer cases each year, of which up to four percent of the original can be prevented in life。
A published in the United States "NatureCommunications" journal Science report: adjust your diet can reduce the risk of cancer!Most cancers are eating out, of course, go back and eat…… 4, eat chicken, fish, pork, lamb, beef and other "red meat" is indeed delicious, but eat more may increase the risk of cancer。
Studies have shown that people who eat red meat more than the risk of lung cancer increased by 16%; excessive intake of red meat can lead to increased risk of breast cancer by 22%。5, whole grains are best to eat whole grains every day to eat dinner arrangements。
Normal eating frequency to two days is appropriate, "three high" people can twice a day。With the thickness of 1: 1: 2。The study found that eating whole grains with six points, four points flour and rice the most appropriate。
From nutritional perspective, instead of eating alone corn, millet, beans, as they are by 1:01 ratio of 02 seconds of mixing edible。Meat, eggs and whole grains is the best partner, nutrition can play a complementary role。6, a meal chewing 30 survey proved that eating always gulping the people, the chance of suffering from stomach cancer is relatively high。
The multi-chewing food can reduce the burden on the digestive tract, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer risk。In addition, the University of Georgia was found that saliva has a strong "menace" effect, allowing lead to liver cancer culprit aflatoxin toxicity, almost completely disappeared in 30 seconds。Thus, according to a second time to calculate chew, a meal chewing preferably 30 times, it has anti-cancer effect。
7, careful selection of daily necessities brominated flame retardants, plasticizers, bisphenol A three categories of substances that may cause cancer, these substances found in some household products in。When you purchase daily necessities, if large odor smell, should decisively abandoned; life the best use of plastic products, not plastic cup boiling water, not plastic; bags of hot food, avoid toxic substances are released at high temperatures; when you purchase furniture, try to choose linen, wool fabric products; after contact with a small supermarket ticket to wash their hands。Want not cancer, everyday concerns of their diet is necessary。Forward this article to your friends, fundamentally eliminate from the diet against cancer!。

Daquan eat wolfberry, way of eating, an effective and

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences study confirmed that the wolfberry can enhance human immunity, anti-tumor therapy can reduce the toxic side effects of cyclophosphamide, and promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, elevated white blood cell count in the peripheral blood of the body to produce a protective effect。
"In addition, wolfberry can inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells, to prevent fatty liver, promotion of new liver cells, can suppress the activity of monoamine oxidase。
"Western medicine confirms the powerful effect of Lycium, modern civilization found that wolfberry contain at least: five kinds of betaine-based alkaloids, dozens of sterols, 16 kinds of trace elements, vitamins, (carotene almost all the highest content of food), three kinds of fatty acids, 16 amino acids。A large number of water-soluble polysaccharide。
According to British scientists recently studied the natural β-carotene can be anti-aging, skin cancer and prevent sun damage。
Scientists have identified a radical inert body metabolism factor is the aging and cancer agents。The β-carotene can eliminate the pernicious effects of free radical scavenging, and thus is an ideal aging dietary factors delay。
Scientific proof, such as diet contains a lot of carotene, some can greatly reduce the incidence of cancer, especially oral, lung, prostate, skin and liver cancer。While β-carotene can also enhance the body's immune system function。Wolfberry diet formula grass Pearl Honey Wolfberry wolfberry fruit, longan meat 20 grams, 50 grams of raisins, 20 grams of honey, 200 grams of pineapple。
All of the above rinse with water, and the amount of honey into the cup of water into the steamer and steam for 20 minutes。Supplements of longevity, full of righteousness, qi and blood。
Wolfberry loquat paste medlar, loquat fruit, black sesame, walnuts, 50 grams of honey, loquat fruit, chopped walnuts, medlar, black sesame seeds soaked in water wash into the pot, fire boiling, simmer for 20 minutes, dextrose 1, taking a total cook water was added 3 times, decoction combined, concentrated to low heat cream, honey Serve plus 1 times the component, the cooling stand bottling, the benefits of lung and kidney tonic, level cough moistening, for advanced lung and stomach, patients with physical weakness。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Six major organs of the body to be cleaned regularly (1)

  If not for a long time to clean up, then, the various organs will accumulate a lot of garbage daily life you may not feel, but over time there will be symptoms, crushed body, so on a regular basis to the various organs to do a spring cleaning, start now!  1, clearing the lungs: eat apples, apple pectin and antioxidants can reduce inflammation in the lungs; lung injury smoke: Smoking is a bad behavior, would endanger yourself and the people around him, long smoking will cause lung very much harm, often for the same passive smoking can cause great damage, so be sure to cut down smoking。  2 bowel: more bananas and other fruits and whole grains; fried intestinal injury: fried chicken, French fries are a favorite of many young people, children are particularly fond of the taste, but this kind of deep-fried foods inevitable is rich in fat and high in fat, both of which are deposited on the inside can cause disease。Grease at high temperatures will produce a substance called "acrylic", this material is difficult to digest。  3, clear: do not stay up late; eat too cold savory and sweet sour hot spicy food; spicy injury: spicy hot pot, Xuewang ingredients are included in a large number of chillies, stimulate our inner wall of the esophagus, after eating will make a kind people hate the heartache and the increased burden。
Even if you want to add some sour cream to make it cool, you can still get the same stimulus。Moreover, instead of adding sour cream or something like that will suffer other side effects 4 Liver: daily exercise ten minutes; afraid liver oil: fatty liver patients to pipe shut, like very greasy foods, such as lard, fat , pork, pig, animal offal, such as high cholesterol should try to eat less beef。
Some female patients, may not eat lard, fat these things, but there are fatty liver, probably because of eating too much egg yolk, too many nuts, such as melon seeds, peanuts, this situation may also lead to fat the occurrence of liver。
  5, clear the gallbladder: Eat celery, sweet potato grain high-fiber foods, eat less animal offal foods containing cholesterol; gallbladder avoid meat and eggs: Modern medicine, eggs, especially egg yolk contains a high amount of cholesterol, and gallstone formation one of the factors including cholesterol, metabolic disorders, and therefore should not eat food with high cholesterol。In addition to eggs, other eggs, including duck, goose, quail eggs, are not much food。  Pork: nature, sweet and salty, can Yin tonic, but cholecystitis, cholelithiasis of people cut out。
Chinese medicine, gallbladder disease and more humid due to liver and gallbladder obstruct Results。
"Materia Medica prepared to" says: "pork, eat it to help heat phlegm, as wet air assist"。Especially pork, is wrapped around sticky greasy, fat rich flavor, gallbladder diseases should not eat。Modern studies suggest that pork is a high-fat food, and crucial cholecystitis, gallstones diet the patient is to control fat foods, or excessive fat foods can cause gallbladder to pain。
  6, clean dirty: drink plenty of water eat less salt。
  Salty afraid: for the crowd dirty disease or renal dysfunction, the long-term intake of high potassium low sodium, will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also cause potassium increased。
It is suggested that kidney patients choose low-sodium diet。

Do you really have sub-health sub-health has also been fooled yet

Really do?Now sub-health has become a buzzword, a lot of the human body are in sub-health state, that it is not really the sub-health?The following night on the network to talk about with you is not really what sub-health。You really have sub-health experts say, it is actually more sub-health business for the sale of goods manufactured gimmick, because it was discovered according to the survey, sub-health symptoms described almost everyone has。
So, Amy, editor remind you as long as usual attention to your lifestyle, so-called "sub-healthy" generally will not find a home。
In our country, there is a very fire word called "sub-healthy"。Recently, domestic experts have proposed all along, regardless of traditional Chinese medicine, the medical profession do not have formal statement this sub-health sub-health This concept is also very little in the mainstream academic repercussions。Experts said that in the medical profession, the academic literature on formal and informal advocacy Tia is not healthy, not simply because of sub-health diagnosis, in accordance with sub-health standards, do not light the disease ill health WHO the definition of "health is not only for the weak or the elimination of the Department of full health and physical, mental and social."。
According to this argument point of view, then it is almost every part of the sub-health。But health is like a "limit" on mathematics, the human individual can only go close to this limit, but can not reach the highest peak。
I really have sub-health sub-health is the Chinese people's "invention" in the 1980s, the former Soviet scholar N · Buchman raised exists between the disease and the health of a "third state"。He believes that in life there are many people like that there is a healthy non-health, non-disease-like intermediate state of illness。
By the mid-1990s, Qingdao Chinese medicine science professor Wang Yu Inspired proposed "sub-health" concept, with ten years of propaganda, popular sub-health, including women and children。
Sub-health businesses are deliberately creating publicity out of the experts agreed that the sub-health concept is the sale of health care products more businesses deliberately creating propaganda out of。
Powerful place sub-health is that all of the symptoms it describes almost everyone has, the people who have these symptoms divided out from the normal population, to tell you this is the sub-health, if words could lead to ignore the scary consequences, after this "coercion" to tell you attach too early can be cured, it is the lure。
Anyway, health care products are not drugs, but those symptoms so vague, not even after eating effect, it is difficult to get business customers how。

12 points single game revenue!Distal most terrifying man back

Beijing on March 14, at home to the Lakers beat the Nuggets 112-103。
Lakers backup point guard Isiah – Thomas played 31 minutes, 19 cast 7, pointers 9 from 4, 23 points。 The Lakers can win this game, the outbreak is crucial fourth quarter, Thomas and small performance in the fourth quarter were very strong。 The first half of the fourth quarter, the two sides of the score has not been opened。
This section last 3 minutes and more minutes, Thomas's show time arrived, he said in a breakthrough in facing the Nuggets headed center Jokic defensive shot, but the ball went into, but Thomas rebounds, then he dribbled out of the basket, and suddenly kill a Parthian shot, but is facing Jokic plugging jumper。 At this point Lakers lead six minutes。 Fourth left the last 1 minute 37 seconds, Thomas hit Jokic floater offset position, with a cross on the results Thomas Akira Jokic, while Jokic stood directly after Thomas easy layup。 From the slow motion, the Thomas after Jokic had lost, he looked back Jokic, then layup。
It is worth mentioning that Thomas 2 scoring offense, Nuggets coach Malone shouted pause, showing that these two goals Nuggets dealt a serious blow to morale。
The game, Thomas shot 7 of 19, went 4 9 three-pointers, scored 23 points, but his performance in the fourth quarter were reminiscent of the "King of the margins of" the Celtics last season,。
Since being traded to the Lakers, Thomas is like a changed man like。
As he himself said, in this young Lakers, who have more display space。
In addition, Thomas will become a free agent this summer, and he himself eager to get a big contract, in the little time remaining regular-season situation, Thomas must take to show their real strength。

Summer tourists in drinking water sources fork in fishing is now welded shut the gate

  Recently, visitors to the Summer Palace, a fork in fishing video in heat transfer network。 Beiqing Bao reporter saw from the video, a group of tourists take advantage of the gap between the eastern shore of Lake City Gate beneath the fence, will a length of about 1 meter below the water fishing harpoon deep into the gate, next to several tourists "guidance", "leaned", "sending sending"。
Soon, about a couple of pounds of carp is fork up, attracting many visitors crowd。   It is understood that this is a place few tourists fishing Lake City Mission east coast of the gate, here is Beijing source of drinking water flowing through the Jingmiyinshuiqu, located within the Summer Palace, Kunming Lake in communication with the。 23, Beiqing Bao reporter went fishing in the video, a cleaning staff in the Summer Palace Beiqing Bao told reporters, this place is a lot of fish, often to attract a lot of tourists come here to see the fish。
  Fishing at the fence have been welded shut Beiqing Bao reporter at the scene, the incident between the gate under the protective net of the gap has been on the iron bars welded seams also tied a wire。 A constant exercise in Summer Palace Beiqing Bao uncle, told reporters that the original really was fishing here。
"They opened the fence, harpoon fish, there are those who go directly from the cracks in the regiment inside the city lake fishing。 "But after the past few days, the seams are welded on the people he had not seen the fishing。
  Beiqing Bao reporter saw, away from the gate at three meters, stands a "treasure water resources, so that people drink clean water" sign。 In order to prevent visitors to enter drinking water sources, the Mission City around the lake are two meters tall with a sharp fence, and every section of the road has a "source of drinking water, no swimming, fishing" sign。
  Management said it would step up inspections It is understood that the east coast of the gate is the Mission City Lake drinking water source, is Jingmi pipe water management office。 Jingmi a staff member at the water management Beiqing Bao told reporters that unscrupulous persons named in the dike sluice gates fishing, in order to facilitate open and close before, so leave some gap, given an opportunity。   The staff said, this administration has in the patrol officers found illegal fishing, they are in the March 20 daily iron gates welded closed the gap at the dike to prevent similar fishing behavior。
"Usually we would have visited, some uncivilized behavior patrol officers will remind discourage。
"Beiqing Bao staff told reporters that the future management office will also strengthen management, and strict inspection checks。   Text / reporter Zhang month deceive。

Beidou navigation reversal "organic non-core" situation is expected to become a standard mobile phone

Speaking of "Compass" applications, Ran Cheng often talk about national security and key areas, followed by the mass consumption areas。 After all, as a time to master complex systems and spatial precision, "Compass" navigation technology has let the country get rid of the kinds of fundamental significance。
In the national security and key areas, "Compass" has been "standard" of use。 According to Ran bearing its argument, this application has formed a complete industrial chain from chip-to-end, to manufacturing, to services。 In chip, for example, by the process 0.35 micron to 28 nanometer enhance overall performance to achieve even better than similar products。
By the end of mid-2017, made "Compass" chip cumulative sales of 50 million, the receiver antenna accounted for 90% of domestic market share。
In contrast five years ago, no one domestic-made "Compass" chip "organic coreless" also became a problem people criticized。 Do not underestimate this all chip, which is the "Compass" to the premise homes of ordinary people。 Ran Cheng had a reporter asked, "Compass" for the moment there is no hot unmanned help?He said, in fact, there are many domestic enterprises focus on unmanned, the "Compass" chip inside to join the entire system development。 The change seemed to slow, but once here, is unusually violent。
With these words to describe the "Compass" application appropriately。 Ran Cheng are given a set of data: In the past five years, China's 4.8 million vehicles operating on the line "Compass" to build the world's largest Compass platform, the country more than 40,000 fishing boats were installed "Compass"。 A corresponding set of data, compared to 2012, China's public security police time by nearly 20 percent reported sudden major disaster to shorten the time period of one hour, the efficiency of the emergency rescue response to 2x。 Comprehensive Planning Division of the Ministry of Transport, head of Peng Siyi said that these figures are "Compass," the output end of last year, "Compass" has more than 1 million people in total aid fishermen, fishermen and even referred to as "the protector of the sea."。
It is hard to imagine that five years ago, the basic or foreign satellite navigation system used in our industries – although that time has been more than a few "Compass" satellite into space。 Ran bearing its words, "five years 'Compass' by the 'tall on' into 'ground gas'"。
He Beijing, for example, there are 33,500 taxis, 21,000 buses installed "Compass", and "Beidou" positioning full coverage; 1500 Logistics trucks and 19,000 delivery staff, the use of "Compass" access terminal and bracelet logistics cloud platform, real-time scheduling。 Contemporary society where people have such a misconception that as long as less than on the phone, it seems hard to say "come around."。 The argument according to Ran Cheng, currently the world's major mobile phone chip have largely support the "Big Dipper", he also revealed that domestic sales of smartphones "Compass" is becoming standard。
Like water and electricity as the new location of the last ten meters revolution about cars no longer rely on the telephone "call" for a navigation system, people are most concerned about than the positioning accuracy, but little is known about relying solely on the "heaven" of satellite positioning precision often can only control the order of 10 meters, and to enhance the accuracy, it seems only a short time from the point of view "on the ground" efforts。
Right now, there is a base of more than 1,400 Compass and thousands of sets of equipment consisting of "Compass network" spread in China。 It has in the eyes of Ran Cheng very meaning, "which will bring revolutionary changes throughout the traditional position of the navigation service, high-precision Beidou services in China will become a public services like water and electricity as!"He cited an example, in the era of general navigation, car navigation systems use 'it is easy to mistake', especially in some of the main road and side roads intersection。 But if the "Compass", the vehicle arrived at the last 100 meters or even 10 meters, probably you do not have to rely on telephone "call" to confirm the service "car can drive directly to your feet."。 In fact, this "net" is not built out of thin air, in the era of multiple GPS industry, our weather, traffic, land and other resources already built a large number of GPS reference stations。
Ran Cheng said, through technological upgrading, these base stations will be changed to "Compass" station, built in seamless coverage in the national territory "Compass" foundation reinforcement mesh。 He also revealed that in the first half of last year, China has the ability to provide basic services, initial service capabilities can provide the meter, decimeter high-precision service in some local areas have achieved centimeter-level precision service。
After fully completed, it is expected to feel from 10 meters, all of a sudden to decimeter, centimeter-level experience leap。
Last May, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information held a special press conference, released the results of the work of the national system of satellite reference service。
Bureau deputy director Li Weisen mentioned at the meeting, China already has the ability to provide real-time navigation and positioning for the public。
The meeting also passed out an important signal that the general public will enjoy the "sub-meter" precision service, and "centimeters" and "millimeter" precision service is open to professional users。
National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Division of Homeland Baigui Xia said, to provide different services for different groups of people, mainly based on the actual needs, and considering the cost, efficiency, information security and other factors。
To sub-meter, for example, it simply is less than 1 meter accuracy level, such as 0.8 m, 0.9 m, are better than 1 meter accuracy, which use car navigation service for the general public is sufficient。
He also referred to, from the technical costs, the millimeter and centimeter-level service terminal, need special equipment。
However, the current manufacturing process, this kind of equipment is difficult to "load" to the phone。 Of course, analysis of information from the security point of view, centimeter and millimeter precision positioning has been involved in National Geographic Information security, but also need to have appropriate qualifications in order to obtain。 The four major sects "shake hands" over one hundred satellites together, "shine" File Earth two months ago, between China and the United States entitled "Compass and GPS signal compatibility and interoperability of the Joint Declaration", causing no little attention。 Ran Cheng said, the so-called compatibility and interoperability, coexistence is popular in terms of share, and sign the agreement, two navigation systems is "to live together sharing" is an important sign。
Looking at the world, including the US GPS, the European Galileo Galileo, Russian GLONASS GLONASS, and China "Beidou" navigation, including the world's four major "sects", contests。
But for ordinary users, leaving aside other factors aside, within reach of the product often choose to use, and easy to use。
Ran Cheng said that starting from this statement, GPS, and "Compass" two systems within the framework of the Union has been fully achieved compatible。
This case means that the average user is unlikely to increase in costs or substantial increase in cost, you can use the "Compass" and two GPS satellite navigation system at the same time。 Deputy director of the National Time Service Center Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Xiaochun commented when talking about the partnership: "historic。 "She said, according to the principle of satellite navigation systems, the receiver need to 'see' at least four satellite navigation, positioning can be achieved。 If a single navigation system, once the receiver off contact with a satellite, it will affect the sustainability of location-based services。 Today, "Compass" interoperable with GPS later, the user can simultaneously receive two satellite signals using a receiver system。
Lu Xiaochun said that, if an insufficient number of GPS satellites, then there is "Compass" satellite, the user using the "positioning" of stability and accuracy will be higher。
In fact, as early as 2006, the United Nations established the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, to coordinate the compatibility and interoperability of various satellite navigation system。 Ran Cheng said that cooperation mechanisms based on the platform, China "Beidou" In addition to the United States, and also between Russia, Europe, the establishment of a。 He said that in the foreseeable future one day, "Compass" and other systems are compatible with the "Compass" users can use other satellite navigation systems "in the sky over 100 satellites shine, everyone will enjoy satellite navigation services more comfortable "。
"China's 'Compass', the world 'Compass'。
'Compass' has to go abroad, we are accelerating integration into the world。
"Said Ran Cheng。
(China Youth Daily)。

Two girls were lured into the port of membership Xiamen, Shenzhen police fought back 50 hours

January 11 afternoon, the Shenzhen Nanshan police after 50 hours of continuous fighting and find two girls lost to Hong Kong nationals。
At present, the girls have been reunited with their families, returned to Hong Kong。 Lost girl Li Moumou。
Ministry of Public Security issued an emergency missing children information platform chart at 14:30 on January 9, Nanshan police received a victim to report, said her daughter Li Moumou (female, 12 years old, Hong Kong nationals) on the afternoon of January 8 when 14 from the Shenzhen Bay port of entry by the Hong Kong lost to Shenzhen。 After receiving the report, Nanshan police attention, quickly set up a task force to investigate。
Through careful detective work found that Li Moumou on January 9 with their classmates Hong Moumou (female, 14 years old, Hong Kong nationals) and a young man to take high-speed rail to Xiamen, the panel rushed to Xiamen。 January 11 at 16 am, in the strong cooperation of Xiamen police task force found two girls and a young man Qiu Moumou (male, 18 years old, Jiangsu) in Haicang District of Xiamen City, a rental, and the night back to Shenzhen。
Two girls and their families。 After further investigation, the two girls had to get to know through the network and Qiu Moumou, Qiu Moumou to provide work and play together in the name of the two men lured to Xiamen。 Two girls went to the hospital accompanied by parents, the body unharmed, normal emotions, has now returned to Hong Kong with parents。
Police on suspicion of the crime of child abduction take measures to Qiu Moumou criminal detention according to the law, and to carry out further investigations。