That night, I was lazy nest on the sofa magazine absently look, I inadvertently touched a nerve statements as a barbed Rose jumped into my eyes: the Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan?Lightly but it is changing people, but changeable path so people。Lishan language clear night and a half strike, tears Yue Ling Ling does not complain final。Ru heartless silk clothing Lang, the day is willing to fly wing to wing with sticks。Lo, those things that year that person seems immediately came back to me。    I still remember the fall of that year, had a quiet campus, suddenly raged!Our class had come a“Alien”——Guy (Wei Jia Xuan) from the county。What a poetic name!One to know is poetic boys。Maybe he is a red paint toilet——Shiny?In our little country this rare“Foreign objects”The appearance, his appearance will undoubtedly attract the attention of many girls, especially our proximity to these girls is gearing up to try。Surprisingly there are spies tell me the next day squad:“Mouth woman”Even without our consent on a pre-emptive。She quietly early in the morning put a big red heart in sweet potato“Alien”Drawer, like that sweet potato Shamao as steaming, curl aroma permeates the classroom, it is tempting!Well, how can we tolerate such“Rookie start it?So I slyly to next“Spectral Essence strange”Winking, she immediately take the hint。Sweet potato in an instant flew on the teacher's podium, red belly raw and immediate, really terrible!“Ha ha ha……”The classroom was laughter,“Mouth woman”Eyes staring at me angrily,“Alien”Exposing the unspeakable embarrassment expression, I then triumphantly laughing!The original gives the blow was so fun ah!    The next few days, I still wait and see, the girls team seemed calm on the surface, my heart can not help but secretly proud: You“Alien”Joseph can get long, has existed only watch it, there is real skill is the last word, you look a bit hit test, I can not be lenient。    The first exam was coming so fast, I do not have any ready to rush the end of the。Exam results come out naturally took a big step backward, shaking his leading man turned out to be“Alien”。I was so angry teeth!He was not the original red paint on the toilet, I've never seen the literary talent is beautifully, really a first-rate scholar。The first time I sleep, caught in an infinite reflection……    Without warning one day,“Spectral Essence strange”Secretive came to tell me that someone like a curious coincidence“Alien”。“what?Which way the gods?”I shouted angry。“Spectral Essence strange”Pretending to be calm word from the crevices of the teeth out:“You ah!”“I?impossible!”I tried to deny that, as rattle shaking his head, and my heart seems to have strings trembling, his face burning with fever。    Class the next day I could not help but cast a glance at the corner of“Alien”He really looks as handsome as scholar, trim nose embedded in the middle sunken eyes, giving melancholy yet cool feeling。I nervously recover peripheral vision, straight ahead, want to stop and listen to the teacher, but unfortunately it lose control of the melon head like gruel——Confused, one would not listen to。The second exam is in turn unknowingly, the results of which takes me back to the liberation fight, believe they retreated more than a dozen。After school, I was alone secretly hid parasol tree sobbing outside the school playground, I cry out my grievance or remorse?Dappled sunlight pouring through the tree leaves down off the floor spots, broken, shaking, stimulate my eyes, my heart is cold wind。    “Hey, the weather today is really good, ah, autumn!”A familiar and unfamiliar body image ghostly drifting, gentle lips as light as a thin wing, one of a。what?I did not dare look to see“Alien”When comes along?From his serious expression where I can not see the slightest irony ingredients。My tears flowed down the rushing stream……“Put you down a few times exam?You really great, but this exam a few times you do not take full advantage of your true strength, nothing intentionally to。”He sat down next to me carefully, furrow eyes staring at me,“I'm actually a repeater, do not you think so much。”“what?You are repeaters?”I seem to find myself these two exams basket scoop a strong reason there is the slightest surprise, wiped away tears skeptical and said:“No way?You do not comfort me。”“I'll tell you a secret, you do not tell anyone ah!My parents were divorced, they are happy for their own abandoned me, I'm like a broken line kite floating around, or my poor grandmother took me in, you gave me a lot of fun and gave me back courage to live。”His eyes flashing, full of complex expression, there is no choice, there are little expectations,“Although life is like drama, drama is like life, but in any case a heavy blow, we have to confront, to play as much as possible to play more exciting, you say you?”See rarely talk of the day he actually talks about life。I held his shoulder and slowly stood up, looked set given to him, and then immediately separated as electric shock, forced out of the long-lost smile, but my mind was“Thump thump”Pounding……The final reason over everything, we quietly sit down and talk a lot about the topic of an ideal life, and meet three years after each admitted to the ideal university, then……。    The following months, we seem to be back to their own lives, looks far-fetched smile, silently blessing。    It was at the end of the semester, due to job transfers father, our family away from home with his father came to Changsha。In snowy morning, I quietly in“Alien”Language book clip a piece of paper and a pen a thoughtful: love does not have to lead their lives, subtle fragrance floating just, decisive and ruthless not, I want you to remember: When you first view each other's smile。    Does he like me recall the night of that year those things those people?

Between a graceful water, tenderness no words

There is a feeling, not in reality, only in a dream, across the clouds, across the brothels, across the vast land, a lifetime, can not go spend。So quietly standing, Mu wind, rain Mu, Mu frost moonlight, between cloud water across pairs or forget themselves。Whether read the heart, or fall to dust, it is a different kind of beauty。    Between earthly troubles, some fate this is the day set。Red misty road, there will always be a man quietly walked into your life, become a landscape。Perhaps, with each other without any commitment, do not constrained to one another, and take a ride the storm, a glimpse, it is doomed destined。In some cases, this fate without having to tighten his hands, not to go too close, has a moderate distance will be good。Thousands of miles beyond, lightly worried about, quietly yearning, do not panic do not disturb, tepid, not ambiguous, but the heart of Tibetan Qiannian。You just well, I go, do not have the injury, only a mortal world most pure encounter。    Meet always hate late, how early is late。Zhang eye clouds thousands of miles, thousands of miles of mountains, but road is also right close horizon, one, an idea, are so closely aligns。Clear sky sun dance, across the water deep affection。Perhaps Cheng pulls, maybe next life, all the margin is in the eyes gazing deep。    “Body phoenix Flying wing minds think alike,”It was the most perfect encounter the Red want to read it?Savor the original invisible reality is always a wall, let us always sigh sigh twist of fate, unable to break free of the emotional tie him down, the desire to get out of prison。Smoothies, clear joy, stood quietly across, enjoy each other, not approached, no harm, make their own world and have a space to each other, they also share the holy love it as compelling!    Wilderness, long cigarette, leaves。Dimei, nodded, any missing pen flow into poetry。Mind you, even through the cold water, there are shallow warmth。Eileen Chang said:“Lonely people have their own quagmire。”You lonely, lonely for you, for you forgot the way home。Liao Hua shore swaying a touch of sadness, Jian green lotus listening to the rain, mountains reflection river as curved Meidai。    Pavilion, the trail, broken rain, Han Yan, Boats, flee from the time。Clouds cleared, the Red Ann warm, if you well, what luxury?Blossom, rain breeze, preferring to wait for a pure, do not want to profane the kindness of a cavity。Not perfect, they do not expect eternal, there is no commitment, then conscience worthy。Quietly to quietly walk, you do not want to bring the world after the aroma, and then leaving a desolate。Because they know, so compassionate, because the treasure was not hurt。Walking, watching, worried about, even if one day, the horizon two do not, you do not need to be sad, I came to your world, and not much else!    Love is not a commitment, but a heart to heart blend, you have a me, I have you a。Hut bamboo fence, a couch roll ink, a blue lamp, a lotus。Chayan quiet, secluded Fine, mind empty out, Bodhi open down, delightful flower thirty-two, spring and autumn half-window wind, no shadow。Over the past do not ask, do not ask the future, I like you like, between you and me, love the landscape, you spectrum of a Red joys and sorrows。    No commitment of love, but love is always bitter cup。He did not want to taste the glycol, and without trying to be that drunk。If the elegant lotus, faint companions, cultivation of the mind for the city, seeding, you no I'm not sad, I have you do not like。Dramas charming flowers, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, flowers, desolate interpretation alone, where there are from the War?Spend this life, as similar to the afterlife, because the turbulence was so staggered between earthly。    Reeds grass, the dew is not Xi。The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side。In the Book of where to find you, find you in poetry, the far shore overlooking Acacia moon, night after night as see the other side of you。Although all revel, earthly things shall pass empty, but your eyes, your eyebrows, your intoxicating dimples, my life get out of the city, drunk dyed fleeting, stunning of the time。Roll by, I heard Muyu, expel your shadow, you open the branches in the years of the millennium, years, at heart, the lips, secretly secretly enchanting charm。    Breeze rain, dash of tenderness, with several dream, a dream are all dust。Spring distance, close up Xiahe, Qiushuiyiren, go hard snow on the wind took a total of Shou Qing Ning, Jun aware ray Qingchou?Plum proud since there are lofty, lotus Tibetan Zen goods from expensive, not pro, good, rich fleeting, enchanting the arched brows, happy, smiling, sweet drunk at the center also。    Turn Qianshan, involving Wan-shui, countless love。Love one thousand Su, read this predicament, difficult time negative, infatuation several times?Lingering love, love tempting treasure speechless。Lin quiet, thin autumn, eachother, tenderness dash?Sigh only sigh, butterfly Butterfly fly, but the gloomy after all, holding love away with hope, the dream turned clear Red is empty!    Wen: Sex Like chrysanthemum QQ171918223

Massage how colds help you stay away from cold

Massage is a massage for colds how we are all very familiar with the kind of health care methods, and it is not only our body has a certain role in health care, can also treat some diseases, many people may not know much about it。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about how massage treatment of colds, flu help you stay away from these diseases!Massage acupuncture points to cure a cold is cold in our lives more common disease, especially when the season changed, is the high incidence of colds, most colds are cured on their own。 So what better way to do the following to introduce fast cure colds massage for people who want to quickly relieve cold, for your reference。
Ojo between the seventh cervical and first thoracic spinous process spinous process。
Massage this point for colds, malaria, cough, asthma, epilepsy, Gu Zheng night sweats, headache items strong, rubella better。 Specific methods of operation and precautions with the full three years。 If you own against the back hand can touch to this point, it can be self-rubbing point pressure。
Shenque how to treat the middle of a cold massage navel, that is, we often say that the belly button。 Massage this point for colds, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal prolapse, edema, exhaustion and other better。
To do the following, the right hand is placed palm navel, overlaps the left hand back 50 clockwise friction?100; for the next left hand, counterclockwise Mount 50?100 times, preferably abdominal heat; and then inwardly to overlap two palm, palm placed on the navel, rubbed down 30?50, the abdomen fever is appropriate。 Also a fingertip or fingertips massaging umbilical eye point 3?5 minutes。
Operation of this method yourself or your family or with the massage device can be implemented。 Zusanli knee now 3 inches, because the body is a strong point, folk will have "rubbed according to press the full three years, rather eat a mother hen" argument。 To do the following, first knees, the knee joint a patella is on the palm, the four straight point, the outer side of the point reached by the fingertip 1 inch apart at this point that is。 It refers to a method and then push, push 5?10 minutes; then rubbing friction Falun 100?200 times。
Rub some massage fluid or safflower oil, etc. on the points, the better。
Moxibustion this point for 10 minutes, day 1?2 times, the effect is also very good, but not suitable for infants and young children。

Bank of Japan may again turn on the water to stimulate the economy remains low yen exchange rate

□ reporter Zhang pillow River in April 2013, the central bank [microblogging] made a bold commitment to promote within two years of inflation rate to 2%, and commitment to 60-70000000000000 yen asset purchase each year。The scale of asset purchases in October last year was expanded to 80 trillion yen。  Japan June 8 the latest data released by the country's first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of the chain from the initial value of 0.Raised to 1% 6% growth rate of adult conversion from the initial value of 2.3 raised to the 4%.9%。Market participants believe that, although the Japanese economy is basically out of recession caused due to the consumption tax increase, but the recovery is still solid, and volatile, so the next day the central bank still may again "rescue" to help the economy。  Business efficiency improvement since last year, the Japanese government introduced various measures to stimulate further economic recovery。Under the effect of a series of measures, from the fourth quarter of last year began a slow economic recovery, especially in the export-oriented large-scale enterprises to stimulate vitality, increase economic efficiency and to address employment and other aspects have a more significant effect。  Statistics show that, thanks to the sharp depreciation of the yen and a sharp decline in crude oil prices, increases in listed companies mainly export-oriented large enterprises export, significantly improved operating conditions。1490 listed companies at the end of March this year, net profit after tax for the fiscal year reached 18.88 trillion yen, an increase of 6 over the previous year.9%, a record high。One-third of listed companies net capital gains rate more than 10%。  Due to improved financial status, equipment investment plan also will increase。Cabinet Office released the first quarter of this year machinery orders increased 6 chain.3%, three consecutive quarters of growth。Business equipment investment is projected to grow 5 over the previous year.5%, in particular greater investment in equipment and electronic machinery industry, automotive companies increase, more than 10%。  In addition, METI data showed that industrial and mining production situation has gradually stabilized, has been restored to the level of four years ago。Employment situation continued to improve, the closure of enterprises continued to decline in April this year, the unemployment rate fell to 3.3%, the lowest level in 18 years。  During the year or longer "rescue" analysts pointed out that the Japanese economy is the biggest player in the improvement of the depreciation of the yen, the Bank of Japan in order to maintain a low yen exchange rate during the year or continue to relax monetary policy。  Data show that, due to the depreciation of the yen, export competitiveness enhancement, increased automotive, electronic machinery and large equipment exports, Japan's total merchandise exports for the 7th consecutive months of growth。In particular, in March this year, total exports reached 6.9274 trillion yen, an increase of 8.6%, reversing the situation export 32 consecutive months of trade deficit, and achieve a trade surplus of 229.3 billion yen。  Insiders pointed out that the statistical data, the Japanese economy has indeed been a big improvement, achieved remarkable success in some areas, but the problem is still severe, including reducing the real income of workers, rising prices, limited consumer spending growth, a widening wealth gap, government debt record highs, etc.。If the subsequent decline in Japanese economic data, the Bank of Japan may continue to be anxious quantitative easing。  Data show a further increase in Japan's national debt。In after Abe took office more than two years, government debt has increased to the end of 1029 from 997 trillion yen.92 trillion yen, about twice the gross domestic product, the fiscal year 2020 to fiscal surplus target lopsided。In fiscal 2014, Japan's household average monthly wage despite the growth, but price increases and raising the consumption tax deductions and other factors, the actual purchasing power dropped by 3% over the previous year, has increased life stress。  Nomura Securities believes that business growth is expected to slow inflation, while household inflation expectations measured out by the Bank of Japan is negative, which means that the Bank of Japan still need to take more aggressive measures to boost inflation expectations, scheduled to reach 2% inflation target。Therefore, Nomura expects the market expected the Bank of Japan to implement easing to a certain point in time will continue to rise this year。

After losing selfie friends Brent: There are feelings selfie!Brain problems now

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: In the game last night, Germany and Mexico, the German team upset 0-1 loss to Mexico, which makes the fans in recent years, the habit of victory was very disappointed after the game Britney teenager special smiling selfie led to fans unhappy, have Tucao "lose in such a way that you still feel selfie?"Leverkusen striker who Brent was born in 1996, just turned 22 years old, the World Cup is his first World Cup, the final minutes of the game off the bench, to usher in his World Cup debut。At this time, the German team already 0-1 behind after the debut, although Brent foot shot great threat, but unfortunately hit the post and failed to help the German team to tie the game。After the game, in the locker room on the way back, Brandt did not directly go back, but stopped in front of the stands, pick up the phone, smiling selfie, a move that angered fans are very angry, on the Internet said, "You can still smile out, " 'there is still time selfie Brent, it seems that everything is okay'," and also the fans selfie?Brain problem now. " ……Fans face of criticism and accusations, Brent final out, explains: "I was in the channel, the little boy screamed and asked if I could photo, I had not thought anything else, he was just a child , I will grant his request, he picked up the phone and his photo, that's all。"From the picture it seems indeed Brent and child next interaction, there are some rational fans expressed their understanding that there was nothing to blame。

"European debt crisis 2.0 "incoming?

4. Alina Cho in the "deflation monster" (deflationorge) long-term destruction of the fragile euro zone may have been not withstand another blow。However, "the Greek retreat Europe" (Grexit) threat happens again squeeze into the field of vision。Does "the European debt crisis 2.0 "has begun to ferment?  Greek political sparked fears of deflation risk of suffering from the eurozone, "the pressure in the body of the other camels straw" appeared。On Tuesday, the Greek stock market extended losses to 13%, the Athens Stock Exchange index hit the biggest decline in 1987, ten-year Greek bond yields soared more than 8.17%。Dragged down European stock markets generally fell, pan-os the Trafigura 600 index fell 2.33%。Then the influx of hedge fund assets, the 10-year German bond yields hit a record low, reaching 0.69%。The key question is, what is this camel dead or alive?  Fuse is the Greek political movements。Greek Prime Minister Samaras on Tuesday unexpectedly announced, scheduled for next year will be February 15 presidential elections brought forward to December 17。Once the presidential candidate proposed by Samaras was not elected, it will likely lead to Syriza (radical) ruling Greece。On the current situation, the government has not enough votes。Instead, the poll showed the highest left-wing party Syriza in public support rate。  If Syriza has been elected as the ruling party, Greece's policy direction or a major shift occurs, "Greek exit from the euro" it will also become possible again。The party supports forgo having negotiated agreements with international aid agencies。This will undoubtedly Greek bond prices fell and pushed yields soared, triggering a new round of European debt crisis。  It is worth noting that the radical party "troika" (the European Union, the European Central Bank [microblogging] and the IMF [microblogging]) bailout loans provided extremely repulsive (accompanied by harsh austerity conditions), advocate the government to regain sovereignty。However, Greece is currently interest in the private market borrowing more than 8%, seven times more than bailout loan interest rates, increase spending difficult, so this idea is inevitable that the market panic。  Since 2010, Greece will live relying on international bailout loans to live the days of the loan amount up to 240 billion euros。Greece is a huge price to pay, the Greek people have to suffer austerity of "destruction" – the Greek Government has repeatedly raise taxes, cut pensions and salaries。  Greece is currently an aid scheme should expire at the end of 2014, Greece with the "troika" to mid-2015 Greek budget has been negotiating for several weeks, but the two sides to negotiate spending cuts in the size and further economic reform in the mid-2015's the impasse。  Time back to originating the occasion of the first round of the European debt crisis。October 20, 2009, the Greek government announced that current deficit to GDP ratio will exceed 12%, well above the 3% ceiling set by the EU。Then, the world's three major rating agencies have downgraded Greece's sovereign credit rating, the European sovereign debt crisis erupted in Greece took the lead and began to spread to the "PIIGS" (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain)。For since that has stepped out of the eurozone crisis still fragile in terms of "Yesterday Once More" risks becoming more paradoxical。  If the "Greek exit from the euro" come true Although Greece then struggled to stay in the euro area, but now it may be time to think about those things unthinkable。  When the "Greek exit from the euro," when most of the high risk, IMF staff said in a report published in March 2012 in that if Greece leave the euro zone, Greece, currency devaluation, monetary financing of deficit spending would push up inflation, wages and other upward pressure on production costs increased rapidly weaken Greece's overall competitive advantage。Meanwhile, Greece leave the euro zone may make other European countries, the world economic cost。If Greece really out of the euro, the tragedy is likely to continue endlessly。  If Greece out of the euro decision, the government will work with other euro-zone countries to reach a consensus on the release date of its exit from the euro and the new currency。At the same time, Greece is likely to shut down the bank and the euro deposits converted into drachma (drachma)。  Since then, the salaries of all government employees, contract payments and pensions will be a new currency, bank deposits will be revalued。The government will also set the initial exchange rate of the new currency, the euro (such as 1:01), after which the government will let the market determine the currency exchange rate of the new currency, which will lead to new or currency devaluation。When the "Greek exit from the euro," the occasion of the high risk, experts predict a new devaluation of at least 50%, and some economists say the rate may depreciate even up to 80%。  The consequences could be disastrous devaluation caused。Bore the brunt of the flight of deposits, depositors will begin to withdraw their deposits in advance。During the debt crisis, the Greek banking sector deposits have been reduced by about one-third。Greek domestic banks will face a run and therefore risk capital to flee。  However, according to the previous poll, 78.1% of the Greek people do not want to leave the euro。"Retreat Europe" mean sacrificing: Qualcomm [microblogging] the level of inflation, the amount of funding shortages, declining living standards, social tensions and unrest even the international isolation of the regime in Greece。These are all important factors into account have the。  After Way back when, Argentina and Russia abandoned the fixed exchange rate system, then devalue its currency by about 60%?70%。However, Greece in addition to a variety of cheese products, these two countries do not have the strength of resources – energy and commodities。Therefore, to ask whether Greece can then living in the "retreat Europe" after the home of the death?The answer is "very difficult"。

New York launched the Chinese version of the website easy to apply for welfare use Chinese

BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reported that the management food stamps (SNAP) and other benefits of the New York City Human Authority (HRA), in July 2017 launched a one-stop application for benefits and management " ACCESSHRA "after the website and mobile applications (aPP), has for the website and mobile applications division launched Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Chinese people use easy。 Receive HRA commonly known as "food stamps" in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and other cash assistance (CashAssistance) who, through "ACCESSHRA" real-time applications can understand the progress of an application for benefits, access to all services HRA。
For the past people apply for such benefits, to update contact information or to submit documents, it is required to HRA office or career center at around。 But now through the website or application, people can enter the network or use a mobile phone application for food stamps, submit proof of food stamps or cash assistance, tracking the progress of the application, processing and management of cases related benefits HRA matters, but also the first time anywhere, anytime receive notification of cases。
The HRA recent "ACCESSHRA" website and mobile application upgrade, the new multi-language version, which will include Simplified and Traditional Chinese。 HRA called on Chinese people to actively use, to avoid the long journey and a long wait in line to conduct business, to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience through the website or mobile app。
People may search for "ACCESSHRA" by Apple or Google app store, download the free application, after entering the registered account you can use to change the language within the application。 A "ACCESSHRA" account can be used on websites and mobile applications。 Editor: Xu snow。

Magic starting five scored in double Jackson full 27 minutes and then fold while the Bobcats

  Ticker on April 22, the Magic at home to 92-77 win over the Bobcats, big score to 2-0 lead。   Dwight – Howard into foul trouble again, but the magic is still relatively easy to cross the border。
Howard 5 fouls, had 15 points and nine rebounds, Vince – Vince Carter 19 points, Rashard – Lewis 13 points and seven rebounds, Jameel – Nelson 13 points and five assists, Matt – Barnes 11 points。   After the Bobcats first trip to the playoffs twice frustrated, they can only hope to return home can make a difference。
– Stephen Jackson scored 27 points, Gerald – Wallace 15 points and six rebounds。   Jackson and Barnes are friends, no battle too outstanding performance, both on the opening today a pull its weight, Barnes took the lead layup, then hit the third, he still feel unsatisfied, and 7 in this section minutes 52 seconds in time and space oop dunk, scored 9 points in front magic points 7。 Jackson throws a ball at first, and then also in the cast succeeded。
Bobcats misfiring all the other people, only nine minutes before Jackson scored to 7-15 behind in this section there are 2 minutes 21 seconds, 7 points all from Jackson。 The first section of Jackson scored 11 points, the Bobcats chasing the score 14-18。   Pietrus II began shortly after the third hit twice, the Magic to 29-18 to expand the。 However, as with the first battle, Howard once again into foul trouble, in this section there are 4 minutes and 34 seconds he got third foul, had to end rest。 Fortunately, Carter very fierce fire, magic kept the advantage to 41-30 halftime。   Howard began to unfold the third basket, in less than two minutes, he twice layup, dunk twice, plus free throws after he arranged the pre-holiday magic 9 points。
The only way is to Charlotte Howard "please" the fate of this section after playing less than half, Howard fourth foul, again the fate of the rest。 Charlotte took the opportunity to narrow the gap to nine points, but Carter and Lewis began the onslaught, Lewis and Nelson In this section the last two minutes three times hit the third, the Magic 75-55 in one fell swoop in order to obtain 20-point advantage。   Jackson rates Bobcats counterattack in the last one。 Competition also 7 minutes 23 seconds, he dunk, then another jumper and a third, the Bobcats a 13-2 after the attack, chasing the score 75-83 in one fell swoop。 Magic suddenly in trouble, Howard also eat fifth foul。
After nearly 5 minutes, not shooting, the Magic in the game 2 minutes only by the vote succeeded Carter in 52 seconds, after which Nelson even vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Magic to 88-75 double-digit advantage。
  Charlotte then failed to pose a threat。

US oil closed down 0.2% oil distributor closed up 0.3%

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, Feb. 22 morning news, according to market watchers US financial website reported that crude oil futures prices ended mixed on Wednesday, with the US benchmark oil prices, the market is waiting for US oil inventory data。
New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery of West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI) futures fell 11 cents to close at $ a barrel, down%。
Meanwhile, on London's ICE Futures Europe for April delivery price of North Sea Brent crude oil futures rose 17 cents to close at $ a barrel, or%。
This means that following yesterday's price differential between WTI futures and Brent crude oil futures narrowed this Wednesday trading spreads widen again。 Tuesday, WTI futures and Brent crude oil futures also ended mixed, then closed up the former, while the latter closed down due to oil pipelines in Canada affected by the problem of US crude oil inventories。
At the same time, analysts pointed out that the European refineries go into maintenance season also played a role suppress demand for crude oil。
US dollar against major international counterparties exchange rates have risen on Wednesday, pushing for tracking the dollar against six major currencies exchange rate changes Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) dollar index rose%。 Under normal circumstances, the dollar will lead to rising gold and oil prices and other dollar-denominated commodities futures fell, due to the cost of holding other currencies investors to buy these goods will become high。 American Petroleum Institute (API) will release last week of crude oil inventory report later Wednesday, while the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) inventory report will be released on Thursday, this time to release two reports are due this Monday falls on US financial markets closed for Presidents' day holiday delayed for a day。
According to Energy Information Administration data released earlier showed that as of February 9, the week crude oil inventories increased by 1.8 million barrels, the increase was lower than analysts had expected。 In other energy trading New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery RBOB gasoline futures fell 1 cent to close at US dollars per gallon; March delivery heating oil futures rose cents to close at US $ per gallon March natural gas futures prices rose cents to close at US dollars per million British thermal units, up%。 (nebula)。

New heart disease treatment method foot care, significant effect

Chinese medicine recommends use hot water every day, which is why from the Chinese point of view, many feet there are reflex areas and when people foot bath with hot water, it will stimulate acupuncture points and reflex zones, promoting blood circulation and even foot , thus speeding up the body's metabolism, play a mediating role in the body。
In fact, foot bath is also a way of foot care。
Foot care in the end what effect it such as: we are familiar with and Yongquan Taichong by warm stimulation, can play the role of Liver Yang Shen。
If the reflex zones to stimulate the soles of the feet of the large intestine, but also play a laxative effect。 In addition, the blood circulation of the feet, people sweating, not only can relieve fatigue, but also to make certain toxins with sweat。
The benefits of the new method of treatment of heart disease significantly miraculous foot care foot of endless, today tell us about how heart patients do foot care。
First of all, keep the feet slightly higher than the temperature of the water to body temperature, not more than 38?40 degrees Celsius。
Secondly, their feet depending on age。
For the elderly, generally bubble 20?30 minutes is appropriate, but the elderly hypotension, body weaker elderly, soak 20 minutes a day is enough to prevent feet long time causes vasodilation, resulting in lower blood pressure。
For children, because of their more delicate, so the feet is best not more than 10 minutes。
Young bulb 15 and per day?20 minutes on it。
In addition, feet too shallow water, at least not over the foot, of course, open cell with the calf, the effect will be better。