Week: Eastern Conference first boss ultra-efficient power forward shoulder to shoulder Paul

  Beijing time on March 6, according to the NBA's official website reported, NBA officials announced the last week of the NBA Eastern Conference Player, Raptors DeMar – DeRozan and Pelican's Carmelo Anthony – Davis were elected。   Last week, DeRozan in four games averaged a team-high points and added three rebounds and assists。 His shooting percentage and free throw percentage was% and% respectively。   This four games, DeRozan scored a team-high or are tied for the highest, while the Raptors also the only team to win the Eastern Conference last week four games of the team, and for the fifth consecutive season, winning over half。   This is the season DeRozan 4th week to get the best, but also the ninth of his career。
  Davis made last week led the Pelicans 3-0, he averaged 34 points (the league), plus rebounds (third in the league) and blocked shots (third in the league), shooting percentage and free throw percentage in% and% respectively。
  In addition, last week, Davis is the only one league averaging at least 30 points and 10 rebounds player, and he twice led the Pelicans complete reversal (of the sun and the Spurs)。 February 27, pelicans victory over the Suns, Davis had a season-high 53 points and became the first single-game NBA history to get at least 53 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots player。
  This is the second time this season, Davis became the week, is the fourth of his career, he became the following on Chris Pelican team history – after Paul (2008-09 season) the first single-season times get the best player of the week。

Eason popularity rolling States star handsome small Beieqier commercials fry

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Russia World Cup is war, not fighting in the field is not stars, but in person the opening match, has frequently appeared in the Hong Kong movie star Eason sponsored ads from celebrities, his ultra-popular by companies like, there is a sense even more than the world's star is even higher。Eason Chan and a brand for many years, in the past has launched co-branded merchandise and more。Although the brand is not an official World Cup sponsor, but the sponsor of Germany and Spain as many as 12 teams jerseys, ranked first in all brands。 And on the eve of the World Cup, with more Eason Chan's brand of sports stars Miller (Von Miller), Qiaozhi (Aaron judge), David Beckham (Beckham) and German midfielder Ozil (Ozil ) also co-produced Eddie "creativity is the answer" ads, handsome full degree。In addition, US beer giant Budweiser beer designated as the World Cup, Eason Chan on past cooperation and Budweiser launched the micro-film, this time he is also involved in advertising during the World Cup play。World Cup opening game of the 14th, Eason Chan also attend swayed to the music in the stands and enjoy the British superstar Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams) show。Eason in the World Cup is everywhere, he can only say that popularity can not be blocked!

The symptoms of kidney qi deficiency, it has a "terrible" (1)

  As shown, a physical problems occur: The patient will Yaoxisuanruan weakness, frequent urination clear long, or not the urine and nocturia, enuresis。
And it is nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, female vaginal discharge thin volume is more than menstrual dripping or fetal irritability, skidding。
  2, physical symptoms: patients with refractory symptoms of chronic illness there, but also often accompanied by cough, respiratory more smoke less, and short breathing time。If the patient usually begins to breathe and move began looking pale, lassitude。Tongue also will be pale, weak pulse or Shen weak。  3, emotional aspects of performance: patients will often have a bad mood, and the mood is difficult to self-control, such as irritability, easy to get angry, anxious worry, dizziness, depression, appetite, etc.。
While the performance in terms of the will is more serious, and usually lack of confidence, lack of confidence, life without passion, no enthusiasm for work, there is no struggle goals and direction。  4, sexual function performance: patients with male and female sexual function will be reduced, while men decreased libido, impotence and it will appear or sexual organs move without kin, nocturnal emission, Hua Jing, premature ejaculation, microscopy can see a reduction in sperm motility or sperm reduce, it will seriously affect fertility。
The woman's uterus will be stunted, such as immature uterus, irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, and even amenorrhea。  For those who diet diet Taboo, Taboo should take into account the principle of virtual internal organs。Where the Qi of the people, should eat with qi effect, the level of sweet or sweet warm food, should eat nutritious, easily digestible food level up。Jichi broken gas gas consumption was cool Jichi cold, greasy Atsumi, spicy food。  1, nature, sweet, can Buzhongyiqi。Back in the "do not record" that is the main Qi records, medical food Tang Meng Shen Yiyun: temperature in Qi。
Qing Wang Meng also rice porridge reputation as the poor man's ginseng soup, he said: poor people suffering from deficiency syndrome, to thick rice soup on behalf of Ginseng。
Who should eat it。  2, beef nature, sweet, beneficial blood, fill the stomach, the role of strong bones and muscles。Doctors "Do not recorded," said: beef Zhongyi gas, raising the stomach。
"Han Tong Medicine" said: beef, qi, Astragalus cotton with the same power。
Beef qi shows the power, it is advised to eat it。
  3, dog warm, salty taste, to deficiency of the spleen or lung deficiency or yang or both advised。"Japan Hanako Materia Medica" Cloud: dog supplement Wei Qi, impotence, warm lassitude, tonic labor, Qi Li。"Doctor Lin compile to" also said, dog lungs gas, solid kidney。Especially in autumn and winter food is better。
  8, yam qi food, where the physical or chronic illness Qi, should eat it, the most beneficial。
Yam may lungs gas, fill temper, kidney gas, so any virtual or kidney or lung qi Spleen Deficiency in herbs are used to it。
  In addition, they were also advised to eat rice, millet, corn, barley, sweet potato, pumpkin, white beans, soybeans, beef tripe, fowl, goose, rabbit, quail, herring, squid, octopus, cooked turbot, Sea Pines child, carrots, tofu, soy milk, potato, champignon, mushroom, mushroom, royal jelly, brown sugar, white fungus, Atractylodes, licorice。
How conditioning Qi 1, living advocate conditioning work and rest, do not be too labor, to avoid damage to righteousness。
In normal times, the wind should avoid sweating。
Room environment should be bright warm colors。
  3. diet to restore the best selection of flat side warm, spleen qi of food, such as rice, millet, squash, carrots, yams, jujube, mushrooms, lotus seeds, beans, tofu, chicken, white beans, eggs, quail ( egg), beef, etc.。Try to eat or not eat gas consumption of foods, such as nuts, raw carrots and the like。
Should not eat raw bitter cold, spicy hot food。
Ate several for deficiency in patients with eating nursed back to health therapeutic side: 1, ginger Burning dog attached: cooked with a piece of dog meat, ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, onion right amount。
The dog wash, cut into small pieces; ginger simmer cooked spare。Then cooked with sheet into the casserole, stew first 2 hours, then the vinegar, garlic and ginger into, add water stew, rotten meat until Serve。
Kidney tonic effect。Suitable for impotence, urinating more at night, chills and cold extremities such as Yang deficiency。TCM is deficiency syndrome of chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis patients should eat。
  2, lamb stew sea cucumber: Warming impotence has the effect of lamb, sea cucumber food is seafood, which is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamins and other nutrients, cholesterol is almost zero。Sea cucumber and tender meat, and flexible, delicious and refreshing taste, is an excellent tonic。Cucumber can kidney yang, Qi and Yin for fine blood deficiency, Yin constipation。
In the cold winter, the use of sea into a pot of lamb and mutton to participate in sea Ginseng approach is simple and delicious, very tonic for consumption。  3, Cistanche sheep kidney porridge: Cistanche 10 grams, a sheep kidney (to endometrial, chopped) 100 grams, with gruel。There kidney yang, benefits will be proficient in the role for the elderly Kidney failure caused by chills, lassitude Leng Tong, frequent urination, nighttime urination, constipation, this side is more classic diet party。  Chinese pay attention to colored into five internal organs, red into the heart, the liver cyan, yellow spleen, White lungs, the black into the kidney, if you encounter a threat, then they would eat black food。
Black foods generally are rich in vitamins and trace elements, as we usually say, "Black Five", including black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, dates, black walnut, is the most typical representative。

The benefits of learning to swim for children learning to swim so that children smarter

What are the benefits of school children?Learn to swim is good advice thing, and also a kind of survival skills, many parents let them learn to swim in small children, then you know the benefits do children learn to swim?Today night network to tell you the benefits of children learning to swim。Benefits of a child learning to swim, swim aid digestion increases the amount of exercise children, physical exertion, increased gastrointestinal motility, increases the appetite of young children, and to strengthen the absorption of nutrients, so the children will gain weight。Meanwhile, in order to compensate the energy consumed in the water, children growth hormone levels to rise, and the digestive system will take the initiative to strengthen digestion and absorption, to absorb a lot of nutrients, the child's growth rate will accelerate。
Second, a good means to educate children of the 1990s is the only child of the times, some of them fatal weakness, can not suffer, and so will the quality of weak, so many parents feel。
Mid-summer of 1997, someone had to send their children participate in swimming classes conducted a survey of parents, most parents let the children learn to swim addition to learning the purpose of self-protection skills, so that their bodies get exercise, but more importantly, let the children exercise will quality in the process of learning to swim in, to cultivate good habits of discipline。Children learn to swim benefits of three swimming make smarter children can effectively promote the development of early childhood brain and nervous system, stimulate the potential of children, to improve children's emotional intelligence, IQ and lay a good foundation。Since the infant swimming action more complex, so swimming exercise can improve brain function of children, can promote brain development and mental ability to respond to the external environment。
Fourth, stable child care mood for swimming, children's water will make the role of physical and psychological comfort, and children will feel comfortable physically and mentally relax, children can also eliminate loneliness, anxiety, fear and other emotions。

What to eat seven kinds of kidney stones favorable recommendation Paishi food aid

Kidney stones, kidney stones to eat what is good is a common disease, attack them when it is very painful。 So, what is good to eat kidney stones, what foods to eat can help row of stone with small series and 6681 to see what it advantageous to introduce eat kidney stones!Kidney stones eat what is good 1.Wheat, rice, and wheat bran rice steamed with skin fried ground plane。 Micro hot sweet, Chufan Tonglin antidiarrheal efficacy, prevention of recurrence of stones can be used。 2.Tangerine orange fruit is warm, sweet and sour, rich in rich in vitamin C, can Shugan gas, swelling Sandu, also can cure vomiting and deprivation, lack of stomach yin, kidney stones for those who eat。
3.Lemon Lemon Pickle sweet, nature, has the effect of anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, phlegm, spleen and stomach, good for kidney stones。 4.Strawberry Strawberry delicious red tender, juicy flesh, rich in vitamin C, can moisturize the throat, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, beneficial for kidney stones。 Fives.Honey insist on taking a daily 30?40 g of honey。 Honey contains a variety of trace elements needed by the human body, and can easily be absorbed, daily use can provide a wide range of nutrients and energy needed by the body。
Kidney stones eat what is good 6.Chixiaodou Chixiaodou slightly cold sweet and sour, spleen dampness, swelling detoxification effect, can be used alone or in combination with Gallus gallus, rhizome in combination to treat various types of stone。 7.Watermelon is kidney health food, because it can dissolve kidney stones。
Cleaning the colon and kidney is a good way for a whole day without eating, eating watermelon。
Watermelon is a natural diuretic。 We should always eat watermelon, and you want to eat alone, and with no other foods。 Watermelon has a clean body, but do not eat other foods at the same time。
Conclusion: The above is small series to introduce the contents of 6681, and we want to help and want to know more about the health of the introduction of common sense do, please continue to focus on 6681 health network Oh!。

Russia's 2018 World Cup stadium was Tucao: called the history of the weirdest venue

Recently, ethnic fighting since the World Cup standings and into Tucao。 Yahoo! Sports UK: If you can not reach the World Cup the number of seats required million, or spread out your seat stadium learning to Yekaterinburg, Russia……The audience counting zone Haoxingfua, you can have this unique opportunity to carefully study under the roof!Want to see what happened on the pitch too hard, there may be rain wet body。
This can not secure this baby was scared a little bit dizzy。 OMG it all out。 I believe the fans will take this child feel like spectators on the moon it。
There are also trips to the bathroom, such as a back game points has been completed such slots, and so forth。
The way it is, in order not to undermine the historical appearance of large-scale venues, designers can run uphill fuss, they each open a sub on both sides of the stadium, built a "side by side with the sun," the temporary stands, but also to ensure , without worrying about security issues。 Some Internet users point out, mud Meng do not fuss, Brazil, Japan do cup has a similar stand, okay, they do not have a good open over ↓ fact, behind this there is a "green" reasons can not be denied: the World Cup after temporary stands will be demolished shipped other built stadium。
Russian sports minister is confident, "They (temporary bleachers) looks Terrific!"Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Discovery can not be separated carefully observe

Years of growth rings of a circle and bite together, four feet from the front once again crossed。I want to stay, it hastily。Looking back again, much as so much beauty overwhelmed by the lack of discovery at the end of time………    Yang Liu Zichun day, the sun, willow, wind。    Sparkling blue moat, carefully dressed in beautiful spring, willow shore head of black hair spread out a soft, beautiful combing in the breeze。Sunshine shy and fell on her shoulder, her mouth, stretched out loving arms to hold him under my arms, soft wind was underway, she dressed in a spring, the dance scene all the world of beauty。    Unfortunately, I like the wind like passing, did not find her charming girl, ignoring her mother's tender。    Love lotus    “Then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine”, Waving to the summer, lotus brings, it also brings leaves, a pond of clear water, cleaned up the affection Ye Duilian。    Still asleep, leaves Tada Tada has been reinstated Qiulian distraction umbrella。Colorful dream, a lotus bud, and leaves it abide by the classical honor; in practice into the soil。Passionate blooming lotus flower blooming, but forgot to set his sights on you。You can not regret anything, just as the sun sinister, the lotus in shade protect your deep affection。    And unfortunately, I did not stop at the pool, so missed the lotus sexy, dedication and leaves。    Qiulu heart spectacular summer came to an end, with a treasure quietly come autumn, I wandered the jungle, marching leaves, fresh breath, but never found so many crystal dew heartbreak behind me and feet。    Dew, pure and clear, she betray oneself in the night, hiding the sun。She moistens mottled leaves in autumn, full of greed crops to rice, however, there is silence her, she just silently out of love, not desire too much praise。    She was so small, yet so great。    Snow Soul she accidentally crashed into the earth angel, she is a man of transfer passengers pen forever sacred, she is not old fairy tale queen。    Snow, is the essence of the world。She coldly reflects the light, but to farmers hottest hope; her harsh laugh without saying, but let the kids ecstatic; she used to silence, but it led to the philosopher in meditation in silence……    Her swirling, is the sublimation of the soul。    Unfortunately, I passed through her body, but can not find her purity and sadness。    I asked God gives me good at discovering the beauty of the eye, so, when there are spring, I will put in Willow's arms; and then there is summer, I will praise harmony lotus; autumn Again, I will listen to the heartfelt performance liquid chromatography; and then silver winter, I will look to the soul of the snow.

February 2013 domestic oil price adjustments

February 25, 2013 gasoline and diesel prices rose 300 per ton and 290 yuan, respectively, 2012 November 14 gasoline and diesel prices down 310 per ton and 300 yuan, respectively, 2012 September 11 gasoline and diesel prices per ton respectively 550 and 540 yuan in 2012 August 10 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 390 per ton and 370 yuan, 2012 July 11 gasoline and diesel prices were down 420 yuan per ton and 400 yuan, 2012 June 9 gasoline and diesel price down 530 yuan per ton and 510 yuan, respectively, 2012 May 10 gasoline and diesel prices per ton, down 330 yuan and 310 yuan, respectively, 2012 March 20 gasoline and diesel prices per ton rose 600 yuan February 8, 2012 gasoline and diesel prices rose 300 yuan per ton, October 9, 2011 gasoline and diesel prices were down 300 yuan per ton, April 7, 2011 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 500 yuan per ton and 400 yuan February 20, 2011 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 350 yuan per ton, December 22, 2010 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 310 yuan per ton and 300 yuan October 26, 2010 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 230 yuan per ton and 220 yuan in 2010 June 1 gasoline and diesel prices per ton, down 230 yuan and 220 yuan, respectively, gasoline and diesel prices per ton April 14, 2010 320 yuan November 10, 2009 gasoline and diesel prices were raised 480 yuan per ton, September 30, 2009 gasoline and diesel prices were down 190 yuan per ton, September 2, 2009 gasoline and diesel prices by 300 yuan per ton 2009 on July 29 gasoline and diesel prices by 220 yuan per ton lower 30 June 2009 gasoline and diesel prices were increased 600 yuan per ton, June 1, 2009, gasoline and diesel prices were increased 400 yuan per ton in May 2012 10 gasoline and diesel prices per ton, down 330 yuan and 310 yuan, respectively, March 25, 2009 gasoline and diesel prices were increased by 290 yuan per ton and 180 yuan January 15, 2009 gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by 140 yuan per ton and 160 yuan。

Deutsche Bank: 7 reasons to re-short the euro

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Dec. 19 news, last month, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) to lock the euro against the dollar empty single profit is expected to enter the market consolidation。But in the latest report, Deutsche Bank strategists George Saravelos proposed to re-open space, 1 goal.1 five。The euro against the dollar was slightly lower than 1.twenty three。  Saravelos said in a report: "Progress in the past week is so great that we are determined to see the trend bearish on the euro next year greatly strengthened。"The following is a '7 reasons to re-short the euro' Saravelos proposed: 1. Yellen performance "hawks"。We believe that Wednesday's Fed meeting was hawkish。Indeed, the Fed mentioned downside risks to inflation, but most of all positive comments on the US economy, and dovish camp committee obviously still considered to be in June 2015 to raise interest rates point。To determine the current market price of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates for the first time point of 10 months, it is likely to face re-pricing。2. The European Central Bank [microblogging] is likely to implement QE in January next year。Considering the drop in oil prices, inflation is expected to drop, the volume of applications oriented long-term refinancing operations (TLTRO) disappointing, weak economic data, as well as interviews with other European Central Bank executive committee Coeure two very dovish factors, we believe that the European Central Bank announced in January next year the possibility of quantitative easing (QE) is large。3. Swiss central bank needs to sell the euro。Swiss central bank kept interest rates unchanged last week, the euro fell against the Swiss franc lower limit。We believe that Zhou Ruishi central bank alone has increased by 3-5 billion euro reserves。This requires the SNB to sell the euro in the next few weeks to maintain the stability of the allocation ratio of reserves, thereby increasing the downward pressure on the euro。4. European stock markets again began to capital outflows。Last month, foreigners from European stock markets have stabilized divestment of the phenomenon, but tensions in Russia makes capital outflow again。Even after the European Central Bank launched QE buyers will return to the field, we expect that these funds will flow into the stock market to hedge foreign exchange, which had no effect on the euro。5. The actual decline in interest margin recovery in Europe and America。We believe the actual spread (ie the difference between interest rates after inflation adjustment) is a good guideline exchange rate changes, interest rate differential is now no longer an obstacle to the euro to new lows。6. Greece risks rise again。Greek first round of parliamentary elections failed to elect a new president。Our benchmark is still the judge will enter the general election in Greece, causing new uncertainties to the European。Moreover, we believe that these new circumstances might make the ECB to accelerate the introduction of QE, rather than vice versa。7. Euro short positions declined。All of our survey last month showed the euro against the US dollar short positions is very high, then our dbSelect indicators go flat short positions, leverage and short positions IMM account has fallen from extreme levels。The trend of the past two weeks the euro cause some short covering, we expect to enter next year will be a significant decline in short positions。  (Shofu compilation)

Department of Commerce: 7th China-EU high-level economic and trade for words will be June 25 in Beijing are being carried out

Ministry of Commerce held on June 3rd regular press conference today at 10:00 am。Spokesman released the recent focus on the work of the business world, and to answer media questions。  Following is the text: Peak: 7th China-EU high-level dialogue on economic and trade situation。By the two sides agreed that the 7th China-EU high-level economic and trade dialogue will be held in Beijing on June 25。Liu He, deputy prime minister and European Commission Vice-President Katainen will co-chair the dialogue, surrounded by "supporting and promoting globalization, to deepen and expand China-EU cooperation," the theme of in-depth discussions。  This year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening, also coincides with the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and the 15th anniversary of the establishment of China-EU leaders' meeting mechanism the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-EU economic and trade cooperation is facing a new historical opportunity, held China-EU high-level economic and trade dialogue in this important moment of great significance。EU economic and trade high-level dialogue is the highest-level economic and trade dialogue mechanism between China and the EU, is an important platform for the two sides to coordinate economic and trade policies of communication。Since its inception in 2007, has been successfully held six times, played an important role in deepening bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, promote the settlement of major economic and trade concerns。The high-level dialogue will continue mutual concern global economic governance, trade and investment, innovation-driven development, interoperability and other issues to discuss, and promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation to a new level and give new impetus to China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, China and the EU send a positive signal to join hands against unilateralism and protectionism, supporting the multilateral trading system。  [Reports] Ministry of Commerce spokesman peak on the 21st at the press conference, in consultation consensus in Washington on May 19, the two sides early June on agriculture, the energy sector specific consultation by the public are generally in Beijing Welcome, both sides had agreed to the recent consultations on specific manufacturing and service industries, while consultations on specific structural problems of bilateral concern。China believes that, after consultations the two sides are positive and constructive, in the interests of both peoples, in line with China's reform and opening-established rhythm, in line with WTO principles, but it is deeply regrettable that the United States capricious, intensified, provoke a trade war, China had to make a strong response。The United States used to stick a means of holding talks, but it does not work for China, this irrational behavior is not conducive to problem solving。(Source: Xinhua point of view) after the launch of the US $ 50 billion in tax list, and intensified, threatening the development of the $ 200 billion tax list。This extreme pressure and blackmail practices, both sides away from the consensus of many consultations, but also for the international community is very disappointed。If the US irrational, the introduction of the list, China will have to take an integrated approach quantity type and quality type combination, make strong counter。  The United States launched a trade war, contrary to the laws of the market, does not meet the present world development trend, harm the interests of the two peoples and businesses, harm the interests of the people of the world。China's response to both in order to safeguard and defend the interests of countries and peoples, but also to uphold and defend free trade system, uphold and defend the common interests of mankind。No matter how the external environment changes, China will be in accordance with established rhythm, adhere to the people-centered, firmly push forward reform and opening up, and persist in advancing high-quality economic development, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system。(Source: Ministry of Commerce Website) authoritative review