French secretary of state will put the bill to punish all types of gender-based violence

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] secretary of state responsible for gender equality affairs in the French government submitted a bill to prevent gender-based violence will be a cabinet meeting this week。 French Higher Council for Gender Equality (HCE) to make recommendations on the bill, including sexual violence against public places, to a maximum 1500 euros (about RMB million) fine。
  According to French media quoted European Times March 19 French BFMTV television reported that French local time on March 21, the Government of France for gender equality affairs Secretary of State Xi Yapa (MullèneSchiappa) bill will be submitted to the Cabinet meeting, punish all types of discriminatory behavior and erotic sexual gender-based violence。
  Earlier proposed five French MPs to Xi Yapa recommendations, advocated the establishment of a new offense to punish discriminatory insults, and related behavior defined for the four offenses, a fine of 90-750 euros。 Report submitted by the Higher Council for Gender Equality step further, to define its requirements for the five offenses, fines of up to 1500 euros, while allowing the victim and the incident was followed by a complaint in the incident, but are not limited to public spaces。
  It reported that, in addition, the relevant report also provides a variety of aggravating circumstances。 The report also recommends that, after the punitive measures established two years, should evaluate the operation of the mechanism, and then once every two years to assess。   The report also said that although the focus of the current proposal is to establish a new form of punishment, but it must be noted that at the same time, we must take a broader preventive action, such as public space in various media carriers (especially public posters, etc.) of the image of women pay more attention, because if the full image sexist mean, it will create an atmosphere gave birth to bad behavior。

Gansu clear public affairs separate government functions adhere to build a modern hospital management system

  Hospitals should improve the democratic management system, and improve health care quality and safety management system。
Gansu stipulates that the President is the first responsibility of hospital practice of law and security of medical quality, implementation of quality and safety of medical homes, two families accountability。 Establish full participation, clinical treatment services covering the whole process of medical quality management and control system of work。 Strictly implement the first patient responsibility, three rounds, grading nursing, surgery hierarchical management, management at different levels of antibiotics, blood for clinical audit and other core medical quality and safety systems, and hospital infection control, public health and other internal quality system。
  Meanwhile, also in Gansu hospital sound human resources management system, improve the financial asset management system and other aspects make provision。 By 2020, Gansu will achieve the province's resident population per thousand practicing (assistant) doctors reached the number of 235 people, the number of registered nurses per thousand resident population of 28 people。 To practicing (assistant) physicians and registered nurses configured to focus, to determine the ratio of beds and personnel as needed hospital level and functional tasks, health care ratio of 1:12。   In order to further guide the patient to the grassroots level visits, Gansu required to promote the classification diagnosis and treatment system construction, medical institutions at all levels to implement the functional orientation, referral channel flow up and down, pushing the number of revolutions of patients at higher level of care continues to grow, build and practice new medical order。
  Training management personnel training, scientific research and management, logistics management, information management and other aspects of the system is sound and perfect, Gansu has also made clear requirements。
  In addition, Gansu also clear from the functions of the government-run public hospitals, the government's responsibility to implement the investment, a clear government regulatory functions of the hospital's medical services promoting aspects of price reform, establish a sound system of governance, to create a good environment for the healthy development of public hospitals。 (Finish)。