Chen Zhihong: has been up, has been going up

Often we would certainly think that we do not know what to do, or we compare tired, you can take a break at.But if we brush circle of friends, we will certainly see.In fact, we really have been in progress, has been growing. Not up, it can only have been at the foot.This sentence, I used to be a very long time mantra, still quite like the feeling. Yesterday, chat with friends, she finally bought a house.Hearing this, I am very happy, I feel happy for her.She’s older than I actually large, but because her husband lazy, play mahjong a day, she was a person to hold up a home. So in a very long time, she said a lot of pressure.But also affected, she worked hard, and be sure to buy a house. But she had the money to buy a house is small, and can not buy too biased, it is a little difficult. But what the world is like this, as long as you are willing to do, hard to have a way.Heard her buy a house, I am very happy.Even more than I bought also happy.In fact, also, for this, I am now not the original share of the momentum. I need to do now is to try to have a little effort every single day, and then have to work hard to write articles. About writing, in fact, am I okay, I often go out drinking, but drinking to come back, whether it is drink and then later, drink more, I came back even without a bath, even if I say, still want to write articles and then go to bed.There is certainly taking a bath. Because I wash all the articles written, because the harvest will certainly be out of chat. Harvest, when you win if you do not write well written, it will be difficult later. And, I keep telling myself, not up, can only have been at the foot.So much effort to at least a little every day. I actually do not like to climb, because I feel that tired.But in real life, whether we love to climb love to climb mountains are always there, and whether we like it or not climb, climb always someone there, what can we go. But If I climb, a metaphor for life, so if we do not climb, you will be forever in the foot. University students, there is a space, I will always be concerned about our class is that the man admitted to graduate school. Watching her progress every day, she had looked like us, and gradually, we went to the front, like mountain climbing, gradually climbed the mountain, hill, her every step, every day than our efforts.See her, we will have the power of. Because whether we have not, others certainly are in progress. As do the online transaction, whether we do or not do, anyway, others are trying to do.Others have been higher than the volume on us, but now we have more than a.So in the end we still do not go to boot it. We can not escape this question, because we are selling for, so hard and then have to convince ourselves. Many people say that this trouble, that does not work, ah.It is very troublesome, then when we did, only more relaxed behind. In fact, there is a circle has been trying to keep moving really quite good.Like the exam, when we are handed in, we certainly will be in a hurry.A hurry, we also want to work hard, a work, really have progressed. And it has been a progressive circle of people, with the people than the outside, a difference that will be bigger and bigger. As we have seen those who graduate, PhD has been in progress. And for them, in fact, quite normal.Only when the exam to test the reading time to read the next.They are that way because of the circle.In fact, many people are in progress, but they themselves are unknowingly. But many people who really have no progress, we must be like this, we will not feel. Sometimes I have often wondered, are open 24 hours a day.But in the end it is the difference would be so big it. In fact, when we put them likened to climbing, then we certainly would know. We climb a little bit every day, then we will harvest a little bit more.But we do not climb every day.So we have been at the foot.But for a long time, it is a vastly different.There are mountain people really are not the same. Even if we want to catch the back, so also can not keep up, because we’re making progress, they are also in progress. So, in the world, a lot of time, because a hard, probably far, far away behind the. Friends have faith, but his faith was what was meant, for example, how much is predestined.You do not need so hard, the body is the most important.So his daily work in general, but also other general. For instance, he eat, vegetables and meat is very scientific research. To be honest, just been in contact with friends, I feel quite justified.People just should take care of yourself. However, a back, a chat with other friends, I think, this friend, is.But at least when I was younger it should not be like this.We’re old, really are trying not to move, then stop thinking that health is possible. In addition to play with a friend, a friend said that this year business is not only earn more than 100 million.I say you earn more than 100 million is not okay. He said yesterday he went out, his friend opened more than 2 million cars are.And he also does not make so much a year.So we should strive to.Every time I hear friends this way, then, our hearts really are moving about, telling myself to work harder point. In fact, I really am grateful for friends like this, because we are making progress, and this community is like this.Above that friend, perhaps he can lead a very happy life, but I think, not so fast Debu to work. People look over them, everyone is climbing effort, everyone wants to be more up. We do not know our life, we can climb the first layers, but we have to climb the. At least at the time of youth, we tried, if not the result, that really no way.In case no result, so really happy.And I also think that this is the essence of the faith.Life is important, but more important to efforts to fight. In fact, many of the world things really are relying on us to fight for the. In our school, we can sit in front of that fight, you can fight the class leader, grow up, we, too, we can fight for a promotion, we can fight for a raise.Even in order to work, sleep less, but also nothing. Jobs, also does not wash every day, and all the dirty dirty mess, they are not free to do these. But really did not affect his career, his career has done so well, even if the other was not even do a good job, you have to be all right.At least he at least what is most important to know what is the source, the source of well, everything else is easy to say. In fact, our daily life, we do business, too.Will encounter many, many things, even if one day we 48 hours, also are endless, such as we think to cook, I would think of their own to buy food. But we can only strive to do our business, whether boys or girls, the cause is the most important. And for our cause, we must think about progress, if progress has not, it will certainly halo. Because everyone is up, everyone was running, maybe they smile more than we do it every day, so his fate is perhaps changed.But before the change, they really are than what we do so. Anyway, we all climb the mountain, we can not always at the foot of.And the mountain life, is never the Peak.Even if we climb higher, but also always have in front of us.So we can only try to get to climb. So, we are hard up slightly.Even if we have done much, but all efforts up a little every day. On the QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.

Call Wilderness

(Text / cherry cold water) (a) season, in the branches overlooking.October, with the harvest message, frantically rushed headlong into the arms of autumn.  The sun was shining brightly, eyes stinging thorn.Cicadas, hiding in the dense woods, desperately screaming.Cuckoo singing, leaf through the forest, the sound heard, landed farmer’s heart.Gurgling river, singing cheerful songs, toward the unknown distance away.Vegetation, already soaring, exudes a mature taste, in the sun, in the wind, frantically twisting the waist, at another village grew into a landscape.  Wilderness, calling, shouting.Village, boiling up in the quiet.  In October, the village is busy most of the day.Old and young, men, woman, are in the fields, work with, reaping.Sounds, laughter, cries, threshing sound, the sound intertwined, played the sounds of nature’s most beautiful villages.  Paddy fields, rice into pieces, surrounded, shouting.Golden color, the moment in the eyes of the farmers burn, burn into a force, a force for harvest.They sway the sweat, the harvest is joy.They will be deeply integrated into the back of this piece of landscape, in the river of time, the strokes, strong and powerfully sketched a picture of part of the cultivator.  A grain like a pyramid, drunk, with protruding belly up, in the field, tightly packed together rickety.This is a sea, the flow of the sea.Golden ears of corn, surrounded, flowing, rolling in the fields, into the blood of each farmer’s flowing into the words of the old poems, ancient, who is singing “hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil.Who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey.”Listen, the harvest of the field has been played music.That worker, burst out from the bones, soul shouting.Look, round after round figure, contaminated with the world’s most pure fireworks, boiling between heaven and earth, run around, engraved into a timeless picture.  Country road, fine.Weeds, clusters grow freely.Unknown flowers, to uphold the chic open, open into a landscape, cocked his head, looked just keep this piece of wilderness countryside.  The moon, move the split step, move slowly walked toward the hills.The sun, rubbed his eyes, that side of the mountain, around the corner.Rooster, raised head, tear the throat, exclaimed.They fluttering excitedly in front of that ray of dim dawn hill, shouting.Village dog, issued a “bark” sound Mengyi Ban, it seems that the owner left Youzi meal of delicious piece of bone in children aftertaste.  Village, woke up.  Grunt a man got up, still in a dream against the woman shouted, played, taking advantage of good weather, and quickly rush in the harvest of rice.A “revenue” word, so coming into the woman’s dream.A clever woman, woke up.  Turn on the lights, the room instantly brightened up.Mountain village, one, two.Invariably bright, under open sky, a little like a firefly, the faint light glowing.  Men lug buckets, the last ray of moonlight dressed, go out.He threw a bucket, comfortably enjoying the cool breeze.Old dog under the eaves, heard the sound, suddenly jumped up, tail wagging like a fan, directed at the man of the house “bark” or two, and then, turn tail, Hula disappeared in a small way.  A woman came to the kitchen house, caught a few dry pine end child, to plug a hole kitchen, took out a lighter, igniting the fire, then stuffed a few pieces of wood, one off the stove, the fire on the “hula” look, burning up stand up.Black smoke along the chimney, straight Upward.  Village, in the dance of smoke after another, the opened a new day.    (B) men lug water back.His hair, covered with small water collections of grain, pole, in the shoulder rhythmic issued a “creak, creak” sound.Man poured the water into the tank, the water in the tank dangling, waves surging.  Mud tank is paste, a few years since surrounded cylinder has played moss, pinch summarized, inconspicuous corner long, freely grow, deserted.  There are two big pot on the stove, close to the inside of a large pot, already cooked food for pigs.Out of a big pot, a woman is turned shoveling potatoes, mayonnaise smoke yo up channeling, channeling fumes four, poured water down the pot “thorn friends” a sound, water oil Pearl merrily everywhere with, dancing.After a little while, the water was opened, a woman threw the noodles to the pot, stirring with chopsticks a few.Water has opened a two-fold, the woman grabbed neatly diced green onion children’s menu board, a throw into the pot, breakfast just fine.  Man Picking Up, while eating, she walked to the yard.In this case, the outside has gleaming.Distant paddy fields, looming in his eyes, he looked at the sky, then at the edge of a field, hula eat a few bites of noodles, thought to myself, taking advantage of the weather, too quickly to recover the rice, dried, put into warehouse in.  Pot boil water on the stove has been opened, the man grabbed a handful of tea, lost in, covered with lid.Tea in boiling water, gracefully turned over the body, stretch the leaves, tea taste, a little bit of penetration in boiling water, a ray of tea fragrance, along teapot mouth, blow-out, and soon vanish into thin air.  Remove sickle man wall, with the thumb on the blade gently wipe a few.”Yes,” the man himself, his face showing a satisfied smile.Returned harvesting last night, ate, showered, dressed in a man on the moon, crouched in the yard grinding sickle.Saber-rattling, he repeatedly tried blade until the cutting edge of the hole re-rolled flat, bright, sharp, and he was dragging a tired, she climbed into bed.In the dream, into a piece of rice into his open mouth laugh, he satisfied to hit it with his mouth open, smiling.Men from the rope under the eaves to remove a veil, a shoulder to ride, bring a kettle, take on a sickle, throw off the pace, and walked toward the field.Is used to wipe the veil, the veil is very old, the surface played a lot of furry little ball, from the beginning of the harvest does not know how much soiled with sweat.Last night, a man in the yard when the Brothers, the woman began to wash the veil, marked saponins, foam children wash away the smell of sweat, it does not, remaining with the fragrance of saponins on veil.  Woman carrying her hogwash go to a barn, a pig footsteps, called to open downtown in the circle, and whining, which makes door ringing, prompting the woman burst curse, death, and broke the door, Ming put your child to eat stew.  Hey finished pig, a woman will eat a bowl to collect the pot, remove the sickle on the wall, go out.A door lock, remove the veil from the rope, to take a shoulder, on its way around the field.At this time, the sun has been exposed half of his face, his eyes open, hiding in the mountains, secretly looked villages.Wind, floated fragrance of rice, grains mixed with small water collections, with mature taste, walk around in the air.    (C) fields, the wind blows, into a piece of rice, waving arms, whispering.  Men looking for a cool place children, put away the kettle.O the villagers had already cut a few rice stubble, and saw him, shouted, “Good morning ah!””Yes!Take advantage of the good weather, rush in the harvest.”Men should be the, bent down, and instantly flooded across the fields, only to see the paddy crop stubble shorter, only to hear, sickle sharp voice cut through the rice straw.  A moment later, a woman came, quietly began the harvest began.Sky is already bright, sun leapt up the hill, smiling, looking at.  There are odd jobs in the village, met the harvest season in strong young man came to day laborers.Bring the first line of the rice harvest, wages by the day, much money, but money to live, not in arrears, counted cost-effective, but some bitter job.At this festival, sun poisoning, rice leaf suffer in body, perspiration, really 不是滋味儿.However, the daily necessities of life, they will be so tired of life’s sweet but also with.  Please come women workers, some of them carrying wooden board barrel, some carrying tarpaulins, some carrying threshing.Threshing is made of bamboo, a square, a one of the bamboo pieces of bamboo tied together, grain dolphin is jumping from the top of barns.  Workers found a relatively smooth terrain of the children, support from the threshing items.A man with a veil to wipe sweat from his forehead a bit, cheap cigarettes from his pocket and handed it to the workers, shouting, come, brothers, do not worry, the first cigarette, take a rest.  The workers took the cigarette, lit, lit up like life in general, smoke rings Da Zhezhuan children in the wind, seemed to take away all the tiredness.They stood in the field, gaze shuttle, calculated with, probably how long it takes, these can be harvested millet.  Boiling the entire village.Valley play sound after another, like a ballad, echoed in the village.This wilderness is the most simple sound, which is the most powerful voice of the workers, like the pulse beating, shouting like a soul.  Grains was put into a basket, they are locked in an embrace, curiously, breathing, whisper.No wind, the sun, burning in shining on the earth.Numerous sweat fly it in the soil, hit a section of country road.Coming and going, man, woman, old, young, without a stop in.Pick millet, meal, bottled water, clamoring, clamoring, clamor.  Like most birds this season.They circled over the rice fields, looking, happy, looking for the most full, most sweet grain.Identify the target, leaned over, inciting wings, “hula” look, one full of grain had entered the belly of the birds.Gung wow twice frog from time to time, it insisted belly full of white belly, look for a cool place children, eyes and looked around, listened carefully to the rice fields of movement.  Woman has the old dog, on the ridge, tongue sticking out, sometimes sitting around, sometimes moving back and forth with the pace, as if to ask, the owner, Shashi Hou can go back ah!    (D) the sun fast work, and it took advantage of the moment people do not pay attention, brisk walking a few steps toward the hillside.  Man straight from the already sore back, looked up and saw the sun has half of his face hidden in the other side of the mountain, only to reveal a sly smile.Threshing sound, quietly fall down.Millet farmer began to Luokuang Li loaded, packed to the brim, bending the pole, bending the man’s waist, a paved generations yet another pyrotechnic years generations of farmer.  Moon, dragging slowly from wearing veil.  In the moonlight, the farmer still busy.The pace of some of them, lug millet, step by step, walked rhythm, in a small way depresses the unique symbol of a string of theirs.Some of them in the pile of straw, put up a “pillar” in the ground, the so-called pillars, a tree is cut down the size of the arm, picked off the branches, then dig a hole, will set up.Straw is already tied up, farmer around the pole, a circular shape, a pile to another pile oxalyl stacked together around the pole, a tower folded appearance.  ”Rice said floral harvest, listening to the frogs.”At this time, the frog and ultimately, to come along for the ride, noisy with them, cried, cried, in the fields, jumping merrily.Night has become their stage.  Farmer dressed in moonlight, entered the room.Door creaks shut the.They comfortably a bath, to remove a fatigue carelessly ate, then looked harvest dreams, sleep.  Outside, the moonlight is strong.The wilderness, the wind gently blowing, with a farmer’s dream, beyond the rice fields, across the hills, gurgling cross that river, in the footsteps of time, the constantly changing appearance.  Frogs still cried, but has been quiet village.Moonlight gently stroked the village, the village slept, quietly slept, looked sweet dream.

Boating mother river (prose)

The familiar sound of firecrackers, call return melodious whistle, haunting the mother river, hurried pace of home at the time Mao Yin to return repeated a home everlasting eternal topic —. In fact, years of city life, so many wandering from home, the feeling of home is very tangled, the memory of that mountain water that the man, as well as in front of strange and familiar countryside, intertwined with trees on the canal weir it is more dense, endless busy mother river, still meandering, as if waiting for the village’s old mother, quietly calling children go down tired ,,,,,, luggage, and folks familiar greeting , then a home immersed in the New Year, I like a man walking in the lanes Murano’s hometown, like sitting canal side, watching the surging water and shore away quietly moored boat, to recall the mother river bring me a little memory ,,,,,, As the saying goes, reflects environment Everyday, by water draft, the historic canal, boatman on the river, the outside world, many of my childhood memories and stories, in this quiet river flowing, the first story on the canal and boat, tells from his father and had no Canal levee, just out of the Yellow river water, my home became a flood plain, folks will leave their homes, fleeing at , Can only wait for the waters to recede before returning home, my grandfather had a boat, which is more than ten tons, but at the time, but it is a relatively large boat friends, his father went to work in the mine before, once onboard the cargo go south, when the village who wants to have a boat, it is a symbol of wealth.My father said, when sailing, thanks to tow the boat and poled, a trip to the south of the back and forth takes a long time, coupled with the danger and worry over the Yangtze River, it is tough during imagine, in memory of my childhood, the canal the twists and turns of the gut road, I often see the prostrate body to the ground, canal trackers hard forward shadow.”To do this to make death Sui River Road, has thousands of miles depends on the wave. If there is no water temple dragon boat thing, a total of Yu Gong is not more to “put aside the absurdity Emperor Luxury, Indulgence do not say, excavation of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with flood control, Qi Gong, and the mother of this endless , carries too many dreams and hopes folks ,,,,,, village first ship I remember, I did Shujia of a wooden boat, about 40 tons of oil outside the yellow tung oil, whenever the dry dock of t-sailing, or we play in the canal, they want to play some of embarkation, in my eyes, everything is magical, long rudder dry, by the ball, springboard, boat Penny, as well as the beauty of the south dry and tertiary brought legendary story, my hometown in northern Jiangsu Lunan intersection of a remote mountain village, from that time, I was on the outside world is full of mystery Xia Xiang ,,,,,, boatman at the time of sailing, there is a lot of stress, even those of us who occasionally play board should comply with, or certainly to Aixun the “bucket” can not be called a bucket, called ” carry her child “, because the ‘bucket’ and ‘poke’ homonym, things can not be said Shen Shen, should Heavy stuff, over and you can not say “turn”, being called over and said to my aunt doing it because they can not pay attention to these details, and dry t fight no less, no less Aixun, and we sometimes say the wrong things on board when, t see severe dry eyes, scared and quickly ran to the side to.Sailing in the canal, is the need to cooperate with each other, and some tow the boat ashore, some poled the boat, but also someone at the helm, reportedly at the helm about, regardless, just minutes “in the rudder,” “outside the rudder,” the father speaks the story said that a joke, saying that there is a stupid wife, lazy just know, what does not, on board the helm, but the inside and outside, regardless of the rudder, often treacherous, no way, her husband bought a delicious twist and fried dough sticks, put aside one of her husband called “twist rudder” or “donut rudder”, the wife can successfully cooperate, although some fictional story, but also explains the boatman sailing skills and not easily.     Although the draft by the water, but on a boat to buy, this is the dream of every household in the village, in the million households or the legendary era of thousands of dollars to buy a boat, it is an elusive thing after the household responsibility system, national policy to allow some people get rich, we are the first village million households is my fourth uncle, then, tetra part of the funds raised, went to the south, in addition to buy a ships head, also look to buy back about four ship 100 tons of cement, which was a miracle, but gave di-boat, Sigu a boat, two boat grandfather, because his father to work in the mine I also go to school only we did not have it, with the boat, and soon tetra, such as di-home to the rich, driven tetra, the village folks also began by water draft of life, have to buy a boat, the their future a better life, are entrusted to the Mother river, loading sail, full of fear and hope his family, peace homing, is a man cheering joy, the river flowing both years of transition, there are folks of Joy, Grand Canal has witnessed rapid changes in the countryside, thatched cottage breaking into a red brick and green tiles, bicycles replaced the motorcycle, the distance between the lights, telephones, cellular phones, in urban and rural areas step by step closer ,,,, ,, each year journey to return home, the same is the hometown of thoughts and memories, a touch of nostalgia, that Hunmeng traction mother river, tangled is the hometown of changes can not find my childhood memories , water diversion project, even my memories are filled with the vicissitudes of the mother, seems rejuvenated and vitality, and the ship canal walk, are also more than one thousand tons of large ships, and walk on the canal embankment, met childhood friend Dayan, unknowingly chatted about some of the topics of childhood, because Dayan, who lives under the weir, so named Dayan, at home, middle child, brother and sister a total of seven people, then in our village, probably the most difficult of the family, parents body is not good, boss high school, one can imagine the hardships of life, and I Dayan 6:00 every morning, going to school beyond 5 years in school, the afternoon came back from school meals has more than 2 points, because of his father in Work on the mine, has been able to work together with my sister, so my mother does not need to labor, I come home, warming will be able to eat meals, and a large weir parents have worked in the fields, with nothing to eat at home, even the key to the door is not left behind, a teenage child is a long body, the extent of hunger can imagine, no way Dayan slept on a large stone in front, waiting for his mother at night call it a day, whenever this time, I ran home, on one big pancake, gave Dayan eating, and living conditions of a large weir at home, along with her brother’s high school graduation, also changed dramatically, the family bought a boat rigged in his brother’s efforts, develop slowly, and finally the family had a fleet brother also became known figure, then, brothers and several people have their own industry, also covered with a two-story home, still in town repairing the property, buy a car, now settled in Taierzhuang, whenever it comes to this story, Dayan always grateful to me, he said, this life I will not forget you bring me pancakes, childhood Some of it seems a little love Dayan heart, or left a deep imprint, though now, he has been very rich, became the boss, but also still thankful heart, is very valuable, in fact, the mother nursed both sides of the sons and daughters, never do not forget upbringing Grand Canal, she’s honest, kind, her true love and fortitude, accompanied by generation after generation of children of the canal, from poverty to wealth, from hope towards a better ,,,,,,, sailing in the years to come in the mother wander, that the disappearance of the sailing ship and exchanges, is the meaning of life under the Taotao river wash away, despite a big boat, canal width, and height of the house, the home of the rich, however, that river, that water, the ship, that weir, the sound of mother’s voice, my life will be forever treasured memories.

Beijing Olympic memory loss of sight of life is also wonderful (XX)

[Editor’s note: If the heart, dream on!Blind also has the world of light, blind life can still be very exciting!    Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.    - Inscription in the wider world, I think it is most unfortunate blind.They have eyes but did not see bright, colorful and strange things can not be seen in the world.They live in the endless darkness, this pain is unimaginable.Some people say that “God is hungry blind sparrow” and “God of the most fair, it gives you shut the door, but to open two windows,” makes you blind fate, God makes you auditory, tactile sensitive.But the old society dark, the blind worse.Hao Yan old lady my village, and his good deeds Hirsch, at the age of 60 after a long malignant sore neck.Sores healed, but sore attack blind her eyes, making her living in a bottomless abyss.Some people say: “This is her past life of sin, is God’s punishment for her.”She ashamed to see people, afraid to go out, only one day to recite verses three times atonement, to spend the remaining years in the long darkness.    Liberated, dawn, blind people gained a new life.Former go from village to village telling people blind rare, and mostly blind people begging on the streets to become self-reliant workers.My village there was a blind girl, after a hard workout, she learned how to dry a wide variety of farm work in the dark, but also go-between sewing clothes.As the government’s emphasis on the cause of the disabled, the blind now engaged in productive labor in all walks of life, some experts also become a production technology.Blind and sound like people are masters of the country, they create wealth and enjoy life.    Watch the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, so I have a new understanding of the blind: the loss of life is also wonderful bright.In the past, “A blind C” is world famous folk erhu virtuoso, he created the “Traditional” famous today, people still never tired.Now more new faces, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games, the blind singer Yang Haitao sang the song “Horizon” extremely rich, thrilling; Jinyuan Hui beautiful blind pianist played “Fantasia impromptu” melodic and tuneful and inspiring.Even the blind Chinese girl on parade led by guide dogs are also compelling, adding luster to the parade.    In the Paralympics, judo, swimming blind, blind long jump high jump are watching the highlights, always it shows a crippled US.Blind race refreshing, athletes and staff run lead coordinating action in the dark, tacit understanding, all of them running like a champ, people forget that they are blind athlete.    Bird’s Nest stadium quietest places to the number of blind football stadium.Blind soccer sounds very fresh, the sports arena five match, goalkeeper, ushers, coaches are normal people, football is hard and heavy, dark inner wall of the bell.Blind athletes based on the position staff, coaches voice and sound judgment balls balls, accurate and quickly passing, dribbling, shooting, blind people running around on the court, shouting: “China refueling, self-improvement, as glory for the country “, all lively, impressed.Blind is unfortunate, but by their own efforts, life is also full of joy.One blind man when he said: “We have lost the light, does not mean we have lost the way forward.Ordinary people can do, we can do the blind.”They honor, fight for the dignity, to realize the value of life, so that ‘transcendence, integration and sharing’, we want to applaud their spirit of self-improvement, they lost the light of life is also wonderful.

Ballet – Goes

“Ballet”, how long the word does not appear in my world of?  Also placed a pair of pointe shoes on the shoe, had lost my love, covered with a layer of dust, but not often seen by the mind paused.That day, the sun shines on my sleeping face, dim heard a beautiful song seep into my heart five years old, I quietly climbed down from the bed, watching people on television, listening to the TV song, imitating jump, this is the first time I met and ballet.Mom told me to put a TV in “Swan Lake”, that moment, I decided to learn ballet, when a dancer.”Mommy, Mommy, I want to dance and sister on TV.”That little voice echoed in my ear, because these words my dancing career began.I reported my mother took ballet classes, watching a dance class a slim, upright posture I was very envious.In dance class I met affable teacher, she treated me like a pro daughter as well, but I was ready to give up for fear of hardship, repeatedly retain teachers.  Two years later, I left the ballet, always remember that people like beautiful posture of white swans flying in general, and I was a lonely ugly duckling, waiting for a long time can not fly, no, my heart, such as bubble-like easily broken.  Who knows, after a year, I plan to learn, the teacher was very pleased.I took that piece collection of costumes to wear a year, still just.The next time I am exceptionally efforts to ballet shed a lot of sweat and tears, but unfortunately I was not enough of a congenital condition, some action is not place, I finally chose retreat.Was another two years, the dream is broken, those dancers on TV will never appear in my shadow.  Had to give up, I am very happy, I vowed never to touch, threw the clothes and shoes, since then, the ballet’s story also ended.I remember the teacher’s face of sadness and grief, she kept telling me, I want to insist on good, like playing the piano to adhere.Original ballet and piano are beginning to learn together, and I only insist on the piano.  Cases teacher who accompanied me four years or so good expression, often called my mother asked me, and she walked with a child is so memorable.  Four years later, I tried to learn Latin, also missed the end.  Even accidental touching of pointe shoes in the sunshine can not see a little glory.Slightly dust has started, I quietly walked into the dust off, petite pair of shoes no longer see the good old, tears over the face.  I have more than once seen the cousin wrote, “piano”, she, like me, have regretted it, regret to give up the piano, she had once again touched those keys, they got from the unfamiliar sounds, I have again try to tiptoe return was a relentless fall.Now I understand it is a pity to give up.  And ballet through the day is a pain, is a joy, and sorrow, anger is, I want to go back to start from scratch.  To his childhood dream, I was firmly in the junior high school reported aerobics, it has not had a dream, and I believe I could do.  Ballet, and I do not regret your days.  Ballet, waiting for our next encounter, I will not let you down.

Autumn Qin words

Recently Huaxi night is always under a drizzling rain.Like now, “imperfections” in the rain penetrated the tight cover the doors and windows, drifting into my ears, I can not help feeling spontaneously give birth to a pattering.But I am not the poet, a large number of ancient rhetoric can not be used to write a beautiful article, so only by means of blunt fingering to play a song Guqin.Guqin is your big Zhang Lianshun teacher lent me.He said: “I learn, the piano can play.”However, from Zhang Qin on this lonely house until now I have very little to fiddle with it.This is not I do not want to play the piano, but just think, I can not really use my rough fingering it to impress.Some time ago I always feel right finger waving in the play “watching the mountains”, so they ask Wai Jing sister online.But today it’s hard to fall asleep rainy night, the rain from time to time is always full of poetic flavor.Therefore, I simply get up from the bed warm out, suffering from cold air that hung to the cabinet goes down Zhong Ni type on the small table, snapping flowing to the sounds of the millennium.  Playing late at night, the outsider, this seems to be a very comfortable life.However, some ancient Chinese scholar and musician who, in this trivial night long and it gives conferred on the desolate one kind of emotion.”Autumn clear, bright moon, also gather scattered leaves, Jackdaws habitat re scared.”Just a few lyrics, coupled with relatively heavy Yin monkey fingering, to show more deep and complex human feelings from a love affair autumn, leaves and jackdaws these simple imagery in.Perhaps it is the original playing and singing were highlighted in the “Love without tears”, “sorrow was everlasting period” of emotions, with piano as one.But now we can not understand the creator’s mind: is sad, is sad, sigh, painful.In short, we can only play their own melodies in our situation in.So a very interesting question arises: Since Guqin manifested emotions vary, so how its standard?Qin How can become a symbol of popular culture and art of the millennium, the material civilization prosperity of today, still life without a break?  Perhaps this question is itself a problem.Because of the nature of art and not as a metaphysical thing exists, but is consistent with people’s feelings.Li Bai, “watching the mountains” wrote: “the moon between the Tianshan Mountains, vast clouds.Traveling thousands of miles, blowing degree Pass.”Is also playing late at night.A musician holding a guqin, facing the moon outside off, play the desolate sounds.Here, “watching the mountains” and refers to the use of “Autumn word” is not the same.”Autumn word” monkey fingering the majority, especially with a few big monkey when depicting leaves, autumn leaves slowly falling to the scene vividly depicted.In the “watching the mountains” in the song melodies, although we also saw soldiers long for the emotion, but the emotion itself and “Autumn word” different.”Watching the mountains” in the Acacia is strong, “Autumn word” Acacia is lingering in the.”Watching the mountains” playing and singing in the main image is to defend the home country’s frontier warrior, “Autumn word” character is played out weak southern woman.So is the case, we can appreciate the vast momentum from “watching the mountains” in order to appreciate the charm of the moon, in order to appreciate the tragic feelings of the soldiers killed in battle.  Different melodies manifested emotion is not the same, but the same people playing different melodies effect is different.Mr. Wilkes Guizhou pianist playing every reason “Recalling the enemy” is always moved to tears.Originally, according to Zhang, Mr. playing a song melodies to think of his late friend, so full of sounds is always very thoughts.Mr. song melodies of expression, melody melody is the most moving play place.However, if the “Memories enemy” initial emotional elegant, this may not come from the hand of a southern literati, more from a northern man cry.  For example, “recalling the enemy,” the first paragraph reflects the style of folk music northwest.We can imagine: between boundless Daqian, a man facing the vast world of the Northwest, facing countless sand, in the long loud cry.This cry, full of infinite affection.Zhang Lianshun teacher this feeling resorting to religious feelings.Because the sound of his cry has gone beyond the limited and become eternal existence of individual life, it has become a transcendent spirit.Therefore, Zhang teacher played “Memories enemy”, and apparently Mr. Wei flavor of the very different.  But the melodies are still the song melodies.We can not because of the different style of performance of a player’s cognitive and emotional negate the work.So, the reason why the guqin as one of the traditional cultural symbol of our country it is not the single song, but for personal music players understand.Although each person to express melodies vary widely, but there is always one thing is consistent, that is the soul of the dialogue with the piano.  Shanghai Fudan University, Professor Wang Defeng when talking about Chinese culture and Western culture in contrast, made it clear that the Chinese people’s thoughts and feelings are emotional, which the West and transcendent ideas are not the same.Chinese people like you happy, sad is sad, joy is, anger is anger.They attached great importance to spiritual experience for the world.So, when playing the guqin music, the musicians can feel the soul of this put into melodies on top of the piano has become a very living thing.So there is a standard guqin is not the standard itself, but for those who play melodies revealed to the true feelings.  Two “Xishanqinkuang” which will appear when it comes to the musicians playing the piano to a certain state “variable summer also, virtual hall Ningxue; cold can also back, spring grass Club Flow.”The phenomenon.This may seem ridiculous, but after savoring, they found that this situation is no doubt true.  Taste of Chinese culture is not purely speculative spirit of the West, but realized that a life.I realized that this be understood as spiritual practice.For example, if a Westerner learn a musical instrument, he will first learn music theory, figure out the inherent laws of music, and then learn fingering techniques, and finally to learn the song.But for the Chinese Guqin learning, totally not the case.China’s older generation luthier, all directly through the learning of melodies and then reached through understanding of Musical Instruments.This is different from the Western way of spiritual practice in China has always been deeply engraved in the hearts of every pianist.  But in practice this is not the superficial aspects of the practice Qinji, but a practice of emotional and moral.Heart famous scientist Mr. Wang Yangming, has proposed “Knowledge and Action”, said.According to the concept of ordinary people, “knowledge” is the understanding of things, “line” is to exercise on behavior.”Knowledge and Action” is also on the understanding and unity on exercise.However, Wang’s knowledge and action is morally inseparable.That is known, line that is known.There is no knowledge and behavior into different objects, there is no unified process experienced when knowing and doing.Mr. Fengda Wen also said, “Knowledge and Action” in his series of “New History of Chinese Philosophy” in a purely ethical and moral practices.Thus, due to the pure practice of moral practice, not just on things to know.Then each period of Chinese musician who when playing the guqin music not just to make a general understanding, but regard it as an accomplishment effort.  Ya piano piano industry in the spread of resistance to the story quite interesting.According to legend, Mr. Yu Boya follow adult piano.Mr. Qin adult See Ya no charm, on the grounds to seek Fang Zaichun lured him to the East China Sea Penglai mountain.After ten days, before the arrival of Yu Boya see Mr. adult, anxious and helpless, had to play the piano boredom.Just then, he felt wonderful temperament changing things in the world, feel free spirit is life, and suddenly have a passion, so to create the famous “Daffodils”.  If Ya do not understand the subtle changes of all things, then how will he be able to create for the whole world?The main reason adept skills and exquisite artistic vitality is not simply reflected, but practice is in playing on the cultivation of the mind and emotions to be lifted.  So we can understand why Confucius to repeatedly to play “King Wen parade”, and made him the teacher can not stand.Xiang teacher said to him: “You really can learn a new tune.”But Confucius ignored, but continued to bomb.Until finally, finally trance Confucius saw a dark-skinned, tall and strong of a king in the play “King Wen parade”.Xiang division had exclaimed: “Who is able to do so?”Embodies the piano school of martial arts training not only in personal feelings sort of understanding, as well as a practice on ethical questions.Mr. Wang Yangming and Behavior Although pay attention to moral practice, but it can really achieve this realm layer of the few people.That is to say, ethical practice requires a certain realm of accomplishment.If the training effort is not reached, then the moral practice is a dead letter.  Peking University Professor Wang Haiming when he spoke of the principles of ethics and moral practice has pointed out a profound question: morality itself is abhorrent, but the moral good is brought about great.It originated in the pursuit of ethical and moral interests given people, and when people reach a certain level in order for the moral training and moral.Moral and ethical and moral practice is the key lies.A man, his moral behavior in itself, then this practice can have universal ultimate value.The piano in the history of science, with this practice the spirit of the pianist also many.Metaphysics scientist Ji Kang is one of history.  According to historical records, the bell will be offended because of Ji Kang, its framed, and Sima Zhao was put to death.Before the provisional sentence, Kang Ji resolutely play the impassioned rhetoric of a “Guanglingsan” Since then, the song has become eternal farewell.  Yu also in “A Distant” which details the scene in front of Ji Kang provisional sentence, so the text said: Kang Ji sitting in front of the piano, told the crowd of three thousand students and people too: “Please let me play the one “Guanglingsan” it.YUAN Xiao Nepal many times in the past they want to learn, and I turned.”Guanglingsan” earlier this die with him.”Silence on the execution ground, the mysterious piano overwhelming.  The last play of Ji Kang “Guanglingsan” in fact, is the ultimate expression of his moral practice.Today, a thousand years later, still no one can pop Ji Kang as “Guanglingsan”, still no one can fearlessly facing death when that play melodies like Ji Kang.That is to say, Ji Kang ethical practices in the spirit of playing piano has become a common feeling beyond life and death.Whether anyone who did not have the kind of Kang Ji transcend earthly emotions to play a musical.This is the art of Guqin music rose from the practice of personal feelings to practice moral, and ultimately beyond the reach of human feelings above the mundane.  Is the ultimate expression of human feelings Guqin value sense, this is understandable.China has always been the ancient sages, enlightened king, men of letters, all this attention.Thus, cultural implications piano on there are two aspects: First, practice the principles of personal feelings, principles, practice first, moral values.When the purpose of a nation and a country the more have such feelings, then this nation and this country, the higher the level of civilization, the more rich people’s spiritual life, also reached enlightenment.Confucius once in the spring and has always stressed that music education, he believed that only the recovery of the Zhou Dynasty ritual music and get people to consciously achieve a high degree of civilization.Therefore, as the first of four arts of Guqin, no matter from what side, it must be to achieve Confucius said music education purposes.  Of course, it guqin culture and art itself, it had to face the impact of China’s traditional culture.From the influence of Culture on the three most important point of view, they were to various ideological line to inherit the profound cultural connotation piano.But regardless of which of the thinking style, they will eventually need to achieve universal human feelings.  For example Confucian.He is the founder of Confucius.The core idea of Confucius is ren.The so-called “benevolent”.But the concept of benevolence, Confucius not defined.The so-called “benevolence”, Professor Wang Defeng it seems, is a kind of peace of mind.Good to others, is peace of mind, mistreat others, is disturbed.This emotional consciousness on the emotional level it reflects the profound Confucian wisdom.Confucian thought is accession to the WTO, which is how they seek to achieve the “Saint King” ideal blueprint.Confucianism believe Guqin made a saint, its purpose must be in line with the character of a saint.”Xishanqinkuang” he said: “Jigu most holy, the heart through good fortune, the German Association of the man of God.Treatment of a disposition, nature of the people of the world with reason, the system is so Qin.”The ancient sages, by observing subtle between heaven and earth, to explore the life of the world, began making the piano.Qin is the world’s human nature tuning to achieve the holiness of social purpose.  Such as Taoism.The core idea is to Taoism Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.Laozhuang the pursuit of natural inaction otherworldly realm of thought.In Laozi, he advocates the music of nature, to the exclusion of Artists.Therefore, on the aesthetic taste of music I respected the “light Xi its tasteless” to promote embodies Road “Great Music” in the spirit realm.Similarly, the guqin drawn from the world of good fortune, for natural sound among the also rather weak tone of voice, in line with the natural philosophy of Lao Tzu.While not opposed Zhuangzi music produced out by the people, but against the shackles of the Confucian idea of human nature.So from the point of view of music Zhuangzi artistic expression of opinion, also with regard to the liberation of humanity, highlighting the natural joy of aesthetic taste.  As another example Buddhist.Buddhism is a foreign religion, Sui and Tang dynasties flourish in China.With the advent of Zen, Zen and piano learning approach has become the way of literary cultivation of body and mind.Because Zen pay attention to “epiphany Buddha”.The piano science also “Pieran wake up to reality” argument.Songren Cheng Yu also “Qin theory”, said: “Qin attack such as Zen, the years honed, Pieran wake up to reality, no being unreasonable, magical aspect and taste if I.”Then the other men of letters, it can not help but have thoughts of Buddhism and Taoism.Let’s say Su, Han Yu the problem at home, they also have no shortage of Zen charm in playing the piano.  This is the basic idea of three different routes.Overall, however, to learn the piano in the common feeling is that they want to pursue the goal, because only in the universal human feelings, human civilization can be widely extended.Guqin, as a symbol of ancient oriental civilization, it is not the result of a unique musical form, but in its blend together with the wisdom of the Chinese civilization, together form the universal value of human care for the ultimate problem of human existence.  Three However, when an octogenarian old man hobbled to the line to three thousand years, he faced the world is a clutter, materialistic aspect of years.People already forgotten, “Qin Yin” and give people a bleak sigh, people already forgotten the “Weicheng Qu” give people parting and treasure, people already forgotten the “water” to give people the imagination and surprise Like.But a departure from the inherent cultural complex in China under the guidance of May 4 Spirit.”Science” and “democracy” on the cover to this day still has appeal, but the appeal can only be regarded as a cavity blood of people power.Of course, I do not deny that in the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, but always felt, abandoned a nation’s own internal quality, the slogan itself in a non-sexual Instead, it is the progress of a culture, or a sense sorrow?  In a few years in the early 2000s, the revival of cultural guqin has been an issue of concern to the cultural sector.In the eyes of many, the revival of culture must be universal.But few people think that popular culture does not necessarily become a true sense of culture.So the revival and popularity in the academic community has become a topic of dispute over.  In my view, if the demise of a sense of universal means guqin culture, then this is the popularity behind.But if the popularity of a certain population mean in the sense of revival, then this is a meaningful revival.Chinese history of three thousand years of piano study has proven that the guqin culture is not popular culture, but the culture of the upper.Because Guqin culture of humanistic care is not complete with other forms of music.Let’s say this ancient musical instrument Guzheng, it demonstrated the musical style of course been recognized by everyone.But in essence, this external form of the infection is difficult to achieve moral purpose of life practice.Because Zheng is more focused on performances of music, rather than the inner cultivation of self-improvement.  However, the guqin as high culture is not popular or not, but how widespread the problem.If according to Professor Wang Haiming point of view, moral practice and moral interests from the beginning to bring this principle, then the object must guqin culture is that people get the benefits of happiness.If you turn a blind eye to the interests, then there is no need for popularity.Guqin is so popular within a certain range of the population.  Some time ago I learned from a Friends of the piano there, and now the number of Yangzhou Guqin Guqin manufacturers sold in the country almost the forefront.I can not help but think to some extent, in the face of so many guqin, our national cultural feelings in the end is an upward or downward trend?Of course, I am sure of which there are a lot of people in piano, but do not deny there are many arty businessman and politician.In any case, if abandoned cultural feelings of Guqin and Guqin music-minded pursuit of acting brought pleasure, then the guqin eventually reduced to a general popular musical instruments, and even worse.Until then, it would not sigh guqin itself, but the entire nation sigh.  So in this late autumn night, I did not have to worry about whom, in this lonely little house almost spent a night time to write this article.But the light is useless worries, like this one after another under the rain, even though a lot of people want to have a sunny morning tomorrow, but it has long been booked upcoming weather.In this eloquent article, I am not in order to express the mood of the melodies before playing, but to put heavy guqin culture gave some thought.Guqin, the Chinese civilization with the same strain of blood instruments in the history of the river flowing silently over 3,000 years.It has been known, have been declining.When it ailing body to the line in front of us, we want to do what attitude towards it?I think the answer is already in the hearts of every one of us.  Finally, I had made friends with a poem as Conclusion: In a distant time and space I’ve been in memory – that the growth of an ancient soul for thousands of years in ancient China flowing blood in the soul like a quiet month delicate gentle beauty crumbled in the years I would like to have deposited a piccolo playing as it sounded in the quiet time

At least one label, a label most

On the label, in a very long time I do not understand, always I feel good this thing is true, and gradually I learned that everyone really should have a label of their own.Of course, not blown out, which is made out of a real tag.    Moreover, this label can not be less, but also no more, a person can only have a label, major label.    With friends for dinner, he was supposed to do couture, she thought back to do steel.I said, you can not do.He said that now women do really bad, and cited many examples.I know that women do not, but I still keep him.  I said, everyone should have one of their own label, and he insisted three years, we all know.    On this label, maybe we want to still feel under less important.  But one thing for a few years adhere to the people who really matter, this is equal to a banner.    For example, before the war, when we know that anything can fall, even generals down, Marshal down all right, but we must at the flag, and if the flag were down, it was really down, not only to resist the force no, it is not the people.  So, often when we see a person’s banner, is to see her sign, you can see how he is doing.    Downstairs we have a shop, a fast food restaurant, I like to go to his house to eat.  In fact, his family’s food really is not good, not good food, but there is one thing great, but the soup, we went out to eat is soup, but he is pork soup, pork ribs soup true, although rice is not so delicious, but we still eat.  And we say, not at night to drink ribs soup.We know which.    This time, pork ribs soup is a sign of their home, because the other dishes are really too common.  But all right, as long as pork ribs soup trying to be difficult, it will still go.    Perhaps many people will think that if he soup tastes better, then dishes are delicious, food is delicious, that people will not eat more.  Will be will be, we think the next will be the easiest, but when we have enough resources, we can only make a point.Like his ribs soup, he’s the high cost, other stores are afraid to do so, so he can do well.    Friend said, why do steel it, because women do not really.But women will not put.  In fact, the man downstairs, has also been a long time not business, it is his wife came, his wife of Sichuan, came back rice is more, the food variety is complete, but that no soup , we did not see Tom go directly.  Because we originally directed to the soup, the soup is gone, we will be thinking, boss changed.    His soup is gone, so was very commonplace.  Although rice is more than a logo.    In fact, rice is more than can be made into a label, I do take-away home home downstairs, he was doing well, but I also eat a few times, feeling the taste is really not very tasty.But one thing is doing super well, that he is the largest rice.  Here, his label is more than food, a lot more than others, although many people only eat half, but I liked.    His label is with us just say that, like soup labels.One thing is to achieve the ultimate.  Equal to all the energy is concentrated on the care points, he became one of their own label.    But they never have two labels, how to say.  For example, soup to drink, food to be good, then this is absolutely not, can not bear the cost, and does not need.Because what is good is impossible, but everything in general, it is very common small hotel, and we do not love to eat.  Such as rice to more vegetables but also more.That is the same, like this is also no way to form their own competitiveness, to form their own label, and more time to dish, rice is also only a little bit more, even if the cost of laminate, overall less than the others, did not salient points.    So do women friends, but after three years of accumulation.Now he can make a much better year.  Certainly more than the hundreds of thousands of.  But people will always be looking at this mountain, looking at the high mountains, in fact, which are difficult to line his party, he was outside the walls, is beautiful to see out of the wall Apricot, go will find that difficult, need How many years of irrigation and pay, even harder than women.    Friends say, all right, anyway, women will not give up, now stabilized, and other steel products also up.  This way, it is certainly more revenue.  And on the issue of labeling, he said, all right, anyway, no matter that we will buy women, or buy steel are still looking for him.Friend was right, but this label, in fact, not only simple label, not a small logo.    We see a lot of big companies, even if they are done well, but at least in the early stage, are only a point.  Even if their resources enough.  Because everyone loves minded people, each person only to find that most professional people.And when the label met reputation, but also not the same all.Take effect not just happen many times, not just qualitative change, but fission and multiply.    For example, now buy things, a lot of people like to go to Jingdong, I also like to go, why, genuine.  This is a genuine two words, everything else is not important.    Think of WiFi, we will certainly think of wireless network 360.In fact, this little thing, there would have been?Many functions, such positioning can be anti-virus, may 7788 lot.  Behind to do it, let’s look at the boss 360, he said, so no use multi-functional, refining a maximum fine.  He said the biggest hot spot, is the wireless network, so we have been promoting this point.    So I thought of the 360 WiFi also think, in fact, he can also do this very comprehensive, but the one like this will increase the cost, and secondly, their strengths, really has gone, could have been done WiFi also become common.  This way it is easy to be dedicated to something as simple as a Wi-Fi only to beat off.  But all his energy on one point, is not the same.    The network we have seen a lot of people to do business, we often find that many of the advantages of their products, but their advantage is very simple advantage, for example, our good service, fast speed us, our price is reasonable than others.  These are all right, but still no way to form a label of their own.    Label this thing, every business, even a small shop, and even everyone should have a.  But really only one, not two lines, more, it has become common, and it can easily be defeated.    When it comes to romance, we think Qiong Yao, when it comes to martial arts, we will think of Jin Yong, Gu Long thought.  In fact, their writing is so cattle can write?More than the other.  But they will not, they will have to do something with their associated labels.    Label this thing is very true, but it really real.  Not a lot of poor results, the outcome will be a lot more, but the difference will be many many many times.  So, we should also have their own label, can only have a.Then try to do, to maximize tag.  Let us all remember our label, we remember.  I asked: 838,504,315, welcome to add.

Angel wings

REVIEW: watching her daughter’s speech on the podium extremely rich, my heart suddenly a proud breed of satisfaction, as well as a hint of loss.Her daughter grew up, my arms are no longer the weak, only know that crying baby.Twelve years time, in a short span.If not had time to look, not to remember her tender lovely smile, her daughter has grown into a strong-minded thinking teenager.    Zaore weather suddenly cool down, like a child’s face through tears.Morning quarter past eight, the daughter of a small school auditorium filled with parents to attend the sixth grade graduation ceremony.On the podium, principals, teachers have been seated.Awhile, all stood, impassioned national anthem music in the ears.    Six years ago I came to this school with her daughter, the little daughter to a young beautiful female teacher, today, six years later, I invited her daughter to attend her elementary school graduation.The campus is still green leaves bonus, clean and tidy.    Then, dressed in white and blue dress to see her daughter onto the stage, as a student representative to speak.Daughter stood in the middle of the podium, bowed deeply toward the audience, “Thank you parents meticulous care, give us a happy and carefree childhood!”Turned around and bent over toward the teacher,” Thank you, tireless teacher’s teaching, allowing us to grow up healthy!”Then, to start the graduation ceremony of the word.    Watching her daughter’s speech on the podium extremely rich, my heart suddenly a proud breed of satisfaction, as well as a hint of loss.Her daughter grew up, my arms are no longer the weak, only know that crying baby.Twelve years time, in a short span.If not had time to look, not to remember her tender lovely smile, her daughter has grown into a strong-minded thinking teenager.    I remember just when her daughter was born, the nurse her daughter said to her mother: “Congratulations, ah, came digit daughter!”Oh, sigh after her mother, I would never see her figure.Although the girl, but I feel cherished, in this world, this is my unique daughter, she is my angel!    Daughter a child, is quite picky eaters.This will not fine cuisine, I can not make her eat the brains of two meals.Every meal is coaxed, pains.One night, I suddenly saw the daughter of the stars in the night sky, her head held high and asked: “Mom, how so many stars in the sky ah!”This profound questions I do not know the answer.She had her nonsense out: “a star in the sky, on the ground there is a baby.Before the baby is living in the stars, because love Mom and Dad, before flying under the stars did Mom and Dad’s baby.”My daughter said:” I was flying down from the stars do?”I replied,” Yes, you live in the sinking, the brightest star!”My daughter puzzled, said:” Where’s my wings it!How do I fly without wings!”My hand touched down in her scapula:” Feel it, this is your wings root, just fly down time like the wings of an eagle, then I’ll feed you eat every day, gradually your wings on the smaller, now only this little bit of the roots, and if you then refuse to eat properly, your wings will grow back and fly back up the stars!”Somewhat taken aback, daughter and hugged me,” Mom, I have to eat well, I do not live in the stars, I want to be with you!”To see her a little nervous, I took the opportunity and said:” You will be easy to eat more, eat into a small fat man could not fly away!”My daughter nodded energetically.Daughter looked like fear and trepidation, I can not help some pride.    Nonetheless, her daughter is still small appetite, a little something will be able to fill her small belly.Looks like her is a fragile, weak or even can not afford to back her huge bird bag.I think that more than one hundred and seventy centimeters mother even keep such a small point daughter, I am really ashamed!    Daughter not good at math, which is very demeanor mother.Every time the face of a group of numbers, will always breed a kind of helpless and tangled frustration!Nature of the digital slow, I do not have much to complain about this, but said to her, like a best effort!    Let me worthy of pride is the daughter of the language is good, easily will be able to achieve satisfactory results.Daughter eloquence good, let alone articulate, eloquent but also students.On the home side of the wall, she plastered her speech, or reading, reading the game come when large and small awards.This, let me intentionally or unintentionally between classmates and friends with pride!    Once, her daughter asked me: “Mom, are not you wish the unfinished added to me, let me do that for you?””how could be?You have your goals in life, how can I do about your future!”I replied..Daughter said: “Why do you want me to go to college?”I replied:” College is not the only goal, I want you to be a man of knowledge, knowledge is needed to learn in order to get ah!”My daughter is happy to say:” I understand, learning is progress!”Semester of the sixth grade, her daughter to participate in reading the game, the teacher asked to wear school uniforms.I suggested that she a little makeup, her disdain said, “Come on Mom, I was reading to participate in the contest, not a beauty pageant!After the “arrogance gone, left me a little stubborn back.I am speechless standing in place, I have been in the mouth, holding in the hands of the baby, fledgling, it is not necessary to fly out of my hands.    I hope that one day her daughter would leave wings, flying in the sky in her desire.This is the result I wanted, which I could not bear to face.Music sounded, the children on stage to sing “Grateful Heart”.Parents have the audience to sing along, “a grateful heart, thank you, I still cherish blossom.”At the moment, my eyes, but tears poured out.    Dear baby, and her mother thanks you, with me four thousand three hundred and eighty days and nights, by my life and treat her daughter grew up in a little bit.To see her all the more sensible, I feel at ease.One day, I will eventually fly my angel, then, I will pull a smile eyebrow, tearful blessing!

Also on campus one Pure Land

1.    Children are flowers of the motherland, the campus is to cultivate these seedlings flower beds, how many good memories of life began bided, how many ambitious young vibrant take-off in the ivory tower, quiet campus, students who study in focus homework, sucking the nectar of knowledge; noisy recess, children play slapstick, enjoy the release of happy nature.    However, Once upon a time, this knowledge campus, temple rituals, but much troubles – offer all kinds of social chaos projected onto campus, disorderly rough right to interfere with the administration of the campus, some of those who teach from their own indiscretion with dirt erosion campus, ever so fascinating, simply beautiful campus, under the impact of commodity economy frenzy, bruised, exhausted, precarious.    2.    Some governments to meet the leadership of the higher authorities come to inspect, some students elect to suspend classes make up the ceremonial welcome, after careful rehearsal, the children listed on both sides of the asphalt in front of the office building, waiting concentrate.Leadership late, under the scorching sun, teenagers stood there waiting for several hours on standby, frail individual students heatstroke, foaming at the mouth.When the platoon leader for coming ostentation venues in luxurious air-conditioned car, their peripheral vision did not notice these poor children, the head of the number one car with his head did not look directly exposed to the same drilling luxurious air-conditioned rooms.Students may have bulging legs irrigation lead, put a smile dancing bouquet in his hand, mouth shouting “Welcome”, flatter local officials, who inspected cold, sun exposure sweat dripping children, which is what a contrast it.    A leader in charge of education to come to school supervision, which is a schedule to watch the children’s theatrical performance report, but why bad weather, it began pouring rain, and soon, the size of the audience’s head is covered in leadership the umbrellas, but the little girls on the stage but wearing a thin dress, like a drowned rat in torrents of rain hard twist waist, struggling to quasi-step rhythm in dirty puddles, their innocent little faces I do not know left to rain, sweat, or tears?    The primary school in a remote village, town dignitaries to the funeral home, simply closed the day vacated spacious campus, suona team any publicity to banging away on the playground, Pimadaixiao of any filial dependents are in school and out, clear clean quiet campus became nondescript temple, toast touch light, sky alcohol, Guikulanghao, deafening sound of funeral music, such a farce, even appeared in the twenty-first century China, helpless onlookers, Getting by grief!    A campus in an elevated exchange, the hubbub of the sky was filled with dust playground, classroom, steady stream of vehicles, filled with the roar of the campus, the old teacher took the microphone hoarse teach high-decibel, drank five cups Panda Hai voice still hoarse congestion, back of the class and the students listen unclear, he had to stare at the teacher Zhang Hehe mouth daze.    There are students and teachers set appears auditorium roof collapsed, “let the leaders go first,” the pro-incarnation of discord strange noise, as well as the cemetery built around the campus righteous planning, as well as engage in sports field on the pumping teacher closed to government Pro strange that play neat information!    3.    A middle school award honors a person?Shirts, back printed with eye-catching “excellent student” remarkable words, laden with awkward wording chosen garment factory sponsored XX below; good student awards, not only the lower right corner of the school’s official seal, as well as address XX counseling center the back of the phone, a certificate is no longer blank, densely printed feature of the counseling center, expertise and commitment to boldly certainty.Principals warm words to explain, people donated money and materials to schools, gave us a lot of sponsors, to pass them a name, it reciprocated.    When school to school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in front, there are always some people wearing long-tongued cap, holding the stack of red paper, green paper flyers, born into the car basket, crammed to the parents, the child’s hands it was all kinds of training and coaching advertising, already bustling shuttle team, the tour channeling of the advertising tracking, harassed, shunned, find.    Every school in September, there are always carrying a big briefcase salesman came to the campus, opened the door of the office, their agents with all kinds of language newspaper, reported mathematics, English Coaching Paper issued, a period already printed on the comp, rebate a portion of the money for classroom teachers to “piece of cake”, the children will present their spare time constraints, and it was sold at a cheap price, the old frowning on every day to do what reprint reprint go tabloid the title, precious time wasted in ineffective labor.While our government repeated orders allowed arbitrary charges, and not to increase the burden on students, however, a poor pedagogue who covet to that of a wine, the star point extra money, the luck is not responsible for the masses of the law, red tape has become a dead letter.Poor student baby, became a slaughter of the lambs, butcher publishing houses, printing houses, publishers, as well as the head teacher of the people some of the aura.    School training courses is willing to hold on, and lack of fear, escape is the instructor of school children run by excellent training courses, from the head, focusing on classroom content, link color and then deep class training and excellent speaking fine analysis, on the podium half asleep, perfunctory, a small blackboard to come to her living room spirit, full of patience, it would like to outstanding, admitted to want to end it, nice to give my courses, there are an invaluable asset, let your children to Jackie Chan phoenix!The engineers of human souls Yeah, they sell their soul to Satan, who is insatiable money due diligence, innocent students, is to cash in their eyes of potential shares!    Kindergarten teacher married each student to take home a red invitation, parents go or not?A few hundred dollars of gift, bite the bullet out of it, or the children in the garden is hard to imagine the days ahead.Teacher’s Day, the Spring Festival, thinking about the need to buy a homeroom teacher supermarket shopping card, transfer seats, a comment Miyoshi, can be taken care of.There are students for election monitor, at the advertising company to make smart business card, send to the teacher “mind”, sent to the class welfare, votes, as if the class is a small community foul.    4.    Education reform changed for so many years, the quality of education also shouted again and again, high and sometimes low burden of sound.But our grassroots education officials so far the allowed true pulse, and sometimes “dead caught dead religion, dead learning”, and sometimes “really grasp, true religion, true science”, and sometimes follow suit this model, sometimes chasing tide that experience, teachers were shepherd’s loss, disoriented, even the most basic education law also forgot to go to the back of the head.In essence, the appointment of the selection system of our officials, education officials boss job is scheduled, all day long that they consider is how the boss likes to vote, to come up with performance in front of the boss, who is a director responsible, to keep his post their attention to education and goal in mind, rather than to colleges and universities, because life should be made.Such education inevitable blind obedience, blind obedience campus inevitable chaos.    Some time ago, around the large investment in education not as a career, but as a way of making money in the investment industry, as some of the leading investment performance engineering.Thus, there is springing class of private schools, private kindergartens, as long as registering with the Department of Education, a retired headmaster please hang a name, you can high-profile recruitment; as long as the price office equipment in the case, then pretentiously list Leverage a few, you can blatantly charge.The hardware campus, faculty, have become lame leg out, never recovered not.The rich and powerful who Laozu sensible, walks away, leaving a few dilapidated classrooms, but bitter pit next session to be coaxed admissions officers rhetoric children, they were wasted youth who is going to compensate?They were buried in the future who pay?    Children are innocent, they need to nurture a good environment; children are vulnerable, they like our eyes, like, a hundred times require care.But when education is vulgar interests shrink the kidnapping, when morality shackles money back, young mind, how will suffer the ravages?When certain sectors abuse of public power, the students as vase-like furnishings, as any gardener sent the young men, we have green grass flowers in full bloom on campus, how can one be trampled stained?    Mr. Lu has long called for to save our children, today, a century later, people of insight have to then cry.Fresh young are the future masters, continued strong and prosperous motherland is our mainstay, treat every childlike innocence, be kind to each party the Pure Land school, each of us has the responsibility of caring people with a conscience difficult speech, but also pure campus early this also children happy childhood, this is the call of the times, this is the inevitable revival of civilization!

Acacia tree outside the window

In junior high school had never been seen, our classroom on the second floor.Classroom behind a row of the acacia tree, a window can reach to pick the flowers.    Then comes June, mimosa open season.At first I did not know what the name of that tree outside the window, it just felt like flowers with mimosa, call it a “shy tree”.Until one day on language class, the teacher talked about Shi Tiesheng’s “wattle” article, I know this is the acacia tree.This is a tough, no trees, no oak trunks so thick, not thin down, and long to the second floor so high, it is estimated has been here for many years.Its leaves and mimosa leaves no big difference, not looking all can not be seen.Fingernail-sized piece of small leaves constitute a large leaves, large leaves and then paved garden trees green in the sun, desultory, almost not to be found even gap.Its flowers are rouge color, and no petals, but stud venereal group became one bouquet child, a bit like a dandelion, like mimosa.    But we are very fond of silk tree flower.A class, they have to push open the window, a hand to reach the tree red ball children.Out of reach, but also to cushion stools in one hand and pulled clothes companion hand out the window and try a return.Class will inevitably distracted, because sitting on the window side, I will often alerted the window of the red ball children.South windy June, mimosa that is extremely lightweight, at first glance not grow on trees, but rather from the days of women scattered in the hands of the flowers, it fell to the branches on the same.As long as the wind gently Yifu, that the flowers will fall, and floated windowsill, prompting human heart itch, straight to Shenshouqujie, but ever do to the teacher in front of relish, not rash.But when Cheng Cheng class likes to hand under his chin, looking out the window from time to time unthinking blurting: “You say mimosa mimosa is not a past life?Otherwise, how would they like it so?”I will not, as usual fun of her because I have thought about this question, is not the final result, I had to give up.    There on a math class, Cheng Cheng could not sneak out to go to pull the handle several flower flowers, palms on the play, but also to steal a plug in my hair, I found, also tooth for a tooth.All this did not escape the math teacher stuff.This is known as one of the “Four Little Dragons” Our school is a strict teacher gas pale, it stopped Cheng Cheng, let her up to answer questions.We were naturally heard his lecture, the results predictably savagely training, also fined sweep acacia tree leaves whole week.We are naturally pleased, after all, is not a hard job, but also blatant pick up point falling more than it, such a thought, but be complacent.    Cheng Cheng really did not miss a falling, always carry a bag when every evening to clean the leaves, and then inside full of mimosa.On one occasion, she suddenly grabbed a broom in my hand, as carried on the shoulder like, I was surprised with, but her faint to the sentence: “independence hoe steal the flowers shed tears, sprinkle over the sticks see bloodstains.In ancient Daiyu funeral peach, now I have my pick Cheng Cheng about it?”I really do not see her half-serious look fake, dumbfounding.I did not expect her angry, leaving the broom, to come scratch my itch.They were laughing slapstick chase until run, sitting in acacia tree watching the sunset west.Her next to me, pretending to be mysterious to say that she picked flowers caught in the classroom textbooks, and wait until dry, then gave me.I laughed: “It’s not a good thing, I do not care!”She laughed:” This is the testimony of our friendship thing.”······ increasingly gone, the heart inexplicable give birth to a trace of sentimentality.That year, we are third, also graduate of season.    Occasionally turn to a page that hehuanhua sandwiched at turn Classmates, above the line of writing clear: those who belong to our common memories about hehuanhua.Hearts delight, they think of that come June.