Embarrassing red firecrackers

Spring Festival, so small they hear the sound of firecrackers, the only change is to see people before firecrackers with children, has become the owner of these firecrackers。 Today brush circle of friends saw photos of a scene to get married students, many students see from the photographs go, but I can only see broadcast on the Internet, even more embarrassing is married and I live not far away from the location, but I I do not know the sound of firecrackers trail of one second is your happy proclaim!Careful thought, ah, how many students over the years and I cut off contact, even if the meeting can name the students, or do you sometimes think my mind once slapstick with students or former students quarrel red in the face, I'm a invited are not, that really is the legend of bad character?Oh, continue to look at these awkward broadcast, I do not know whether to write a comment on the blessings in there, then you are afraid and embarrassed, like I do not know I do not return back, or back to my more embarrassing sentence:“Has passed, thank you”。 I have been afraid of the dark, because in addition to the lights, are black, silent and terrifying, but I also know that this is an unstoppable natural phenomenon。Red firecrackers like this more and more, the owner of those firecrackers are more and more people around the same age, who still dream of weaving the future together innocent, we have now set up a new home, upgraded Daddy nurse , became the life of the male and female。These are the unstoppable growth of the phenomenon, but I can not keep up this pace, others fast forward fast forward, became their own backward, paste the rest of the label。I fear, concern behind me, forcing me holding those red firecrackers will go。 When I saw the broadcast of photographs, surrounded a table of those female students, obvious change is out of shape, no matter what angle are not close mouth, dressed in festive colors in line with the custom of clothes。I guess, or is accustomed to happy smile, or in rare reminisced together, or in studying parenting。My mouth followed up, because this is a good few seconds before I looked at photos from memory to tell the difference protagonist, recall the past, but few smart words honors, delicate skin and shiny, and they are all very healthy very graceful figure but the time to bring my words: these are my memories of female students。 Keke, continue to read on the awkward, to see a close-up of male students, because close-up, so the picture filled with students is not much, but I stopped a long time in the eyes, and looked to have solidified, just a good your positive face shine, still very honest suddenly accelerated heartbeat, mood began surging, will have now breathing out, rubbing his hands from time to time, have to be recorded。I am afraid to wait until calm, I do not even remember the courage。You are still the same as before, his face is always wearing a bright smile, no laughter but warm, the only change is that the body drab dress, adding a mature atmosphere, there is a ray does not meet the memory of sunshine, no too much action, perhaps because of the weather, hands in his pocket, because your memories are the image of the sun, not posing cool。Approachable used to describe you, because before you are very popular, especially the ladies。Perhaps through photos, feel the sun's atmosphere which I can only be set off at you from supporting role next to the photo, ah, what a coincidence?Recognize students who around you, you and he is a good brother when。Now looking at the photos, in addition to his significant body fat, but no trace of embarrassing photo of you when to bury the hatchet, then once those stories is how deep white full stop, why do I have to participate in the process, did not know right outcome?Or stay in the community for a long time, such a scene, not enough to make the other side there is a hint of mood swings?I do not want to continue to go on conjecture, whether happy, whether true or false, whether Unfortunately, the result is good enough。Next to a male student, it is too cruel years of proven, obvious fat, replace the memory of the handsome appearance, because more familiar, often meet the first sentence is the loss of his fat body,”How many pounds of fat, lose weight”。There are two beautiful photographs back, because too harsh, so I'm more careful observation, or slim figure, dressed very stylish, you rely on a more recent, and it is also hand in your pocket, and you talk estimate quite a long time, you hearty smile, or perhaps because she hung up the。There is also a relatively far away from the back of your points, but next to the camera position, holding an umbrella, she might just passing through, or you just joined this pleasant conversation, so my observation of her relatively relaxed。 This time I clearly know that I fear the embarrassment of red firecrackers from you。Even if I will not, but do not belong to me, how can I persist?One day you end my expectations, I do not know that I would not have the courage to say a blessing, but I know I certainly can not calm face。Perhaps looking at this article you will encourage me to pursue a brave return, without going crazy old。I was too self-esteem, I could not even contact you have no courage, no contact for so many years, I do not know if you know someone who accompany?I was too ashamed, so I have hurt you, you have to ignore your existence, until you leave, I found out that love is really so worrying about, and now I deserve to be so worrying about you。I was too cowardly, I'm afraid I say, met you, even the cold and look at you had no chance。I do not want to change the status quo, any outcome I can not afford, you might as well keep my pride left image。So go with the flow, how much can be lost to pray selfish cowardice in a few more years of anticipation, reality, love is not enough, but can not afford a result, even now still want to maintain the relationship between strangers, because and I do not believe it will, like the movie, it will bring good luck brave。 Calm down, why I can only seem to find embarrassing watching the broadcast, who told me to write a bunch, I did not write today's hero, huh, her impression, is a slug, not crying, but to see her nose was running all the time, but she was very enthusiastic in front of everyone, but not very eyes。Now look at the wedding dress, she is really beautiful, especially her teacher, leaving her previous image twitter replaced temperament goddess。I remember you in the hallway and slapstick, that you suffer a hit in the forehead of a record, then I did not pay attention to you, I have not submitted a whisper one, did not want to“revenge”Back plan, is the beautiful bride to tell me that she saw how you fight not hurt to find a location and how hesitant crushed in that moment, but also how to control the strength of this。At that time, if I can put into my heart such as it is now, it is not now I would not be so sentimental about。 Sometimes the sun is fine, but the sun is very dark。Sometimes you want to possess, sometimes you want to give freedom。 I do not like that kind of courage Mo Sheng Zhao, do not deserve to ask you to give me a why Chen。I just want to record, I'm afraid one day I said that I had laid down their self-deception, I'm afraid I can not really have to keep your left before the proud image。This time to understand what life is like drama, drama is like life。Ha ha。