Foreign media headlines: Zuckerberg broke his silence for the first time to admit mistakes | Zuckerberg

    Zuckerberg: Facebook has a responsibility to protect the data of the user's data leak scandal continues to ferment, this social media giant last two trading days the market value evaporated nearly $ 50 billion, on Wednesday, FacebookCEO Zuckerberg finally broke his silence , the company recently faced difficulties in relation to respond to the outside world。 Zuckerberg issued a statement on his Facebook page says, "We have a responsibility to protect the user's data, if this is not possible, it would not deserve to customer service。 We made a mistake, there are more things to do is to find out the current situation。
I am responsible for what happens on Facebook。 "Zuckerberg said, Facebook will next investigate all applications have permission to get the data, and will prohibit developers misuse of user information。 The reason for this particular spill also will continue。   EU intends to impose a "digital tax" US technology giant was "big bloodletting" The European Commission (EC) announced on March 21 a proposal for a large-scale digital tax multinational companies, the proposal is expected to have annual global turnover of more than one hundred million (US billion US dollars), and year in the EU market of taxable turnover of 50 million euros (US $ 62 million) of digital large multinational companies, levy of 3% of the "digital tax"。
The proposed tax plan based technology company's revenue, rather than profit。 It is estimated that the tax will bring the EU tax income of 5.0 billion euros per year, or about 38.8 billion yuan。 Learn the EU proposal, sources said, at least within the scope of the collection 120-150 companies。 Once the legislation is completed, it is expected to face book and other US technology giant will be affected。     Twitter CEO: ten years or to a single currency and Square CEO Jack Dorsey predicted bitcoins would become the Internet's only currency in the near future。
Dorsey in a report released Wednesday, said: "The world will eventually have a unique currency, the Internet will also have a unique currency, I personally believe that this money is Bitcoin。 It may take more than a decade, perhaps faster。 "In less than a decade, the small congregation Bitcoin currency quickly become the world's largest futures market derivative products, soared from just under $ 1,000 at the beginning of last year to $ 1.9 in December。
Preliminary Report on Wednesday Bitcoin offer $ 9000。
Dorsey has been getting closer walk with encryption currency。 In late January, the mobile cash payment applications Square began trading in most states open Bitcoin。
    2018 global M & A deal size has exceeded $ 1 trillion in 2018, global M & A deal size Tuesday (March 20) has exceeded $ 1 trillion, the highest figure in the history of the fastest to reach record。
Where M & A transaction volume growth spurt from the US company is the main reason。 Economic growth accelerated by strong business confidence and encouraging investment bankers who contributed to a series of transaction size of more than 10 billion US dollars in 2018。 At the White House last year by tax cuts acted as a catalyst, which makes the board may be able to re-evaluate their investment in the fund merger。 Besides the US, according to data provided by the consultancy, M & A volume in Japan and the UK have more than doubled from a year ago, while the scale of M & A transactions in Germany is an increase of 4 times。     Shareholders approved the proposed $ 2.6 billion in shareholder granted Musk of Tesla stock options the company has reportedly approved the recommendations of the Board, Chief Executive Officer Musk awarded $ 2.6 million in stock options。
This electric carmaker maintained if growth trajectory over the next decade, I will be harvested Musk。
According to informed sources who declined to be named, he said transparent, holds a majority stake in the company's investors Wednesday at a special shareholders meeting of Fremont, California on performance incentives to vote for the proposal。 This is probably by far the largest lump sum compensation agreement。 Tesla has said Musker and his brother, Kimbal directors will not participate in the voting。 These stock options that do not involve cash salary or bonus, Tesla market value is expected to rise to as much as $ 650 billion over the next 10 years。
  CNN Chinese version of "Mask" published annual net profit of over $ 11 billion Tencent Holdings announced mid-year 2017 and fourth quarter 2017 results 21。
2017 full year, Tencent revenue of 237.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 56%; net profit of 71.5 billion yuan, an increase of 74%, exceeding market expectations。
Last year, the total annual revenue of RMB 2 billion (US $ billion), an increase of 56% over last year。
Facebook's net profit of about $ 16 billion, although the amount of more than Tencent, Tencent rose faster but far more real。 Tencent CEO Ma said the company received a large growth in online video and online games。