Nanjing break involving 13 million new cases of making and selling counterfeit products cost less than 10 yuan per bottle

  □ newspaper reporter Ding Guofeng by purchasing fake bottle or bottles recovered from the high-end hotels, filling with cheap liquor, after the adoption of social software, online shopping platform counterfeit products sold throughout the country。
Recently, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Public Security Bureau announced this from the large amount of money involved 13 million yuan of new well-known liquor and selling counterfeit case, investigate the production, storage adulterated liquor dens at 32。 Currently, eight major suspects have been arrested by the prosecution authorities。   Counterfeit wines cost less than 10 yuan per bottle which is one of the main suspects because the shop does not match qualifications to be closed after Alibaba, identity theft, forged qualification documents continue to apply for the shop and closed several times intercepted and later use different network purchase platform, social platform application store, filling in Nanjing, shipping logistics, and after-sale orders in Hubei inter-provincial gang selling fake goods train。
  In the distance between Nanjing Jiangning Area mountain next to the villas, with one "an engineering team" brand of courtyard, very rarely have people in and out of the vehicle, but every evening, there will be hundreds of fake Maotai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Yang, the country geographically well-known best-selling liquor pulled from the project team to the country。   Wang couples home after 90 in Hubei, is false winery under the "project team" cover boss。
Previously, Wang due to the production and sale of fake goods Hubei police was arrested in 2014 and sentenced Macheng City People's Court sentenced to nine months。 But only a year after his release, Wang will not withstand the temptation of selling adulterated liquor profits, resumed business in Nanjing。
  Meanwhile, Wang also own at home unemployed sister, Ge Gela into the gang, along with the expansion of sales, Wang brother and even leasing space counterfeit packaging materials will be bought pre-made finished wine, sold to other adulterated liquor producer。 Wang sister on behalf of the management "project team" hospital fake alcohol production dens, four round Packers holidays in the hospital assembled fake alcohol, at least one day can produce hundreds of bottles of adulterated liquor。
  To make counterfeit packaging realistic, Wang, who also recovered the high-end wine bottles from the hotel, then bought counterfeit boxes, security stickers and other packaging, and 5 yuan per bottle of cheap liquor bottle filling into high-grade。
To make realistic fake alcohol taste, but also for different grades of adulterated liquor mixed with different cheap wine bottling, these fake wines cost less than 10 yuan per bottle, and selling on the Internet was as high as several hundred dollars, profit margins of up to 40 times。
  Online shopping liquor distillery was identified as counterfeit November 2017, the citizens of Nanjing Liu online at 200 yuan per bottle price, to buy a certain well-known brands of liquor boutique box 8。 As the price lower than the market price a lot, Liu had questioned the authenticity of wine, but wine merchant said purchase directly from manufacturers and therefore cheap, insisted that genuine。 Liu later found not to taste, identified by winery is adulterated liquor。 Subsequently, the brewery immediately reported to the shopping platform, and food and drug ring investigation Nanjing Public Security Bureau police detachment。
  In the Nanjing Public Security Bureau led by the Food and Drug ring detachment, subway branch specific investigation, Alibaba crackdown assistance under commandos, using the police task force found that this was a big data across the network platform means new cases of selling fake goods, and the enormous value of the case。
During the two months before and after the investigation, the police across six provinces Mopai forensics, tracking of waiting, online and offline synchronization to carry out investigations, cases quickly。
  It is understood that net sales of counterfeit high-end wine is not no one questioned。 In order to allow customers surnamed Guo Wang couples believe they are really selling wine, but also lied to the supermarket opened in Nanjing, alcoholic drinks and tobacco, winery regional sales agents after the completion of the task, for the red performance was below market the price of wholesale prices, and vowed if found to be false, you can leave a lost decade。
  After Wang shop is closed, it continues through the social platform direct contact surnamed Guo, Yang total sales of fake wine from 2015 to the incident, surnamed Guo up to 420,000 yuan。
  Point of sale and production of separate storage points across provinces January 26, 2018, the task force in accordance with plans to launch a unified action to close the net, Nanjing Branch of more than 60 metro police war。
Police in Jiangning Wang sister and the dens Moumou and others captured, while also destroyed in multiple counterfeit gang Wang Jiangning District of Nanjing Meng field, Kirin town of Qixia District, Zhenjiang Jurong zones, including materials, such as storage points。   On the same day, another way to support the police in Hubei, dealt with a couple surnamed Wang, the sister organization of the fake goods dens。 Arrests of the gang were arrested 21 suspects, seized at the scene and seized more than 11,700 bottles of liquor of various types of counterfeit, fake wine trademark 420 000, successfully destroyed manufacture of adulterated liquor dens 9, put dens store 23, involving computer nine, involving a value of more than 13 million yuan。   "They're filling in Nanjing dens, thousands of miles away in Hubei using the Internet platform set up sales networks, publicity, orders, sale, fake goods production and behavior such as the popularity of online shopping is typical。
"Metro Nanjing Public Security Bureau of Interpol battalion Zhao Cheng introduced criminals to evade punishment, through networking, shipped across the network platform set up sales networks, point of sale and production, storage points separate provinces, and the buyer does not meet, use express transportation, it is difficult to verify the mailing is adulterated liquor can also avoid combat, manufacture and sale of false cases lower compared to the pure line, network and selling involving wide geographical situation, anonymity strong, production and marketing separation, to the police investigation, forensics certain degree of difficulty。   It is understood that, in 2017, Nanjing Public Security Bureau cracked cases involving well-known liquor, wine, red wine, beer, 17 cases involving more than ten provinces, destroyed 139 dens and arrested 298 suspects and seized more than 30 million yuan worth of various types adulterated。
  According to Alibaba crackdown commandos relevant person in charge, at present, 97% of the Alibaba platform suspected fake links ie not generating any sales spike before, in 2017 more than 240,000 had suspected fake goods shops are closed, the cumulative to law enforcement agencies nationwide push involving fake clues 1910, from 740 to solve the case。   Drafting / Li Xiaojun。