Floral curl, nostalgic memories

Memories, misty, fog Ai Mimi, dawn fills the air, heavy clouds, stare Lili, love deep resentment, the sky, faintly discernible, but in the confusion, tears Yingying, chaotic mind, only a sense of top-heavy, as if to fly to the sky, that veil-like clouds, only to find your erratic figure, overlapping light cloud, psychedelic sight, where you are?Boundless sky, teach me how to see your pretty face?!    Looking back on the other side, have been tears dripping。Sun rising, reaching a gentle poke diffuse yarn heaven, mischievous elves scattered clouds, cracked Tianzhi Hen, blue sky, clear water is your eyes, too pure blue, blue was gentle, affectionate blue too, with a faint sorrow。Where are you?I only saw you a general sea of blue eye-hyun soul, your eyes the sun, shining chic, kissed my skin through the blue sky, warm, flowing through my heart, thrown an immersive Sadness!    This is what the season?So gorgeous sun, the breeze was blowing willow floating, flowers balmy drunk。He stood beside a pot of jasmine tea, fragrant, if you see also figure。Dressed in purple dress, flowing your body's unique flavor, smell the aroma, fell asleep。    Dream, back to the jasmine season。Early summer morning, as the sun harp melody, with a golden taste, sprinkling the green fields mountain。Green grass, long white clouds, babbling brooks, oil and green forest, enjoy the birds singing!Through the forest, a sea of green coming to me, shook my soul!    Gently lift the pace, for fear of hurt these natural stunner。A piece of green leaves, a heavy intoxication!Breeze tease waist jasmine trees, leafless gently dancing, schematic friendly。Some leafless, grow slowly, green with a bit of yellow, like a spring chicken yet mature; some of leafless, greedy absorb the nutrients of the land, grow plump shiny, has quite a gentleman range of children。Gently stroking these cute little creatures, feeling they are so fragile。Thin body, like a piece of green paper, soft light; also deemed clouds in the sky, floating, a gust of wind can be blowing them shivering。Look carefully, top of the tree has grown bud children, small groups bundle in a tree, absorbing fine yuan parent。How rich lovely bud, wrapped in a green cloak, hidden white“baby”。Green toot, like Lilliput baby's little hand and gently curled up。Wind, they passed a florid messenger; the sun is about to bloom their strength; rain, they expand the power of smile。    The depth of“ocean”Looking deep, found a higher altitude here, the sun is more adequate to see ah, one, two, three, from near and far, at several graceful jasmine in full bloom!Various colors, all kinds of attitude, charming thousands!This is a finger-sized, white as snow, elegant, such as the girl next door apply a Prostitute, pure petite, but revealed hide girl charm; that one, a layer, a film, from the inside to put rotary to open with, such as the dance of the young girl, dressed in layers of costumes, in the early summer sunshine, rocked in the breeze, in the green arena, no hidden graceful figure, graceful dance focused exclusively revel in the green light in summer。    That a purple flower, connected to four, like butterflies docked in Shujian, beautiful and elegant, light flawless。I want to squat, smell its fragrance, I saw you dressed in purple, he had kissed this pleasant flowers。“smell good!”You sound as elegant jasmine-like sound of Heaven floating into my ears, like a sip jasmine tea, incense between the nose and the throat-run, drunk heart!    I squatted down, trying to see your face, so standing face to face, your eyes are as fresh and pure jasmine generally showing in the sun; your complexion as general crystal transparent white jasmine; your hair, draped in the chest, such as jasmine is a sea of flowers, floating charming fragrance!We laugh, he got up and went Jasmine walked the most gorgeous places。    We love talking to flowers, floral aroma talking, talking all the stories about flowers。Perhaps this is love at first sight!Every weekend morning, you and I would invariably meet in the flowers。I sat in the tea kiosk, fresh picked jasmine into antique teapot, a side to be chilly spring water to boil, put it into a teapot, the flowers follow the flow of water, danced merrily, natural forcefully twist and moving the body, the faint fragrance happily singing songs。You're sitting across from me, in front of a long table with brown wooden table stood lyre, you stand up straight, slightly tilts his head and the hair brush set habitually chest, soon, a "jasmine" has long sway floating in the sky。    Because of flowers, we meet, friend, love, married。    Beautiful memories in recurring dream, the eyes out of tears of happiness!Burst of thunder thunder, pitilessly torn asunder my dream。Out of the window, the sky dark, dark cloud cover, wind, no longer as gentle, not so gentle, no longer came jasmine scent, which consists of a gentle woman, becomes a devil unscrupulous, exhausted all magic, raging, the manic, rage, trying to destroy all the good things!Giant wind, shaking violently, shook the tree after children before turning Yang, a broken branches, broken waist; shook the dust with no feelings Rain pounding the windows; shook rolling cloud, thunder and lightning。    I was scared that thunder is more than a heartbeat, a cold sweat, my wife, my love, why this screen again to reproduce, that day, you're on the road wind and rain, thunder encountered an unexpected, ever since heard from since, disappear in my life。    The rain stopped, the sky earth to restore calm, little raindrops falling from the eaves, pounding the ground, also beating of my heart, pro, where you are, you can I find a?Fever has been refunded, a dream of a world, a dream of a cycle。    And from my tears his eyes out, I wonder if this is sad, missing, or is Jasmine field with a deep nostalgic memories。

Finding love

First love is when the heart is always a courtly, strive for excellence, good eloquence ,, he always thought of his warm shoulder, had his southern misty rain, so it is overflowing tenderness off, as looked up to see the full gardenia tree open。Flowers fragrance of his fragrance, bloom snowflake his romantic, monthly child poured his tenderness, his taste has scholarly。….That is the dream place to start。    When pregnant with better vision, one foot into the society of this forest, then opened his eyes only to find that they had no bread you are not live。So I want to have a warm haven, a man can work independently, so that you do along the way is not so hard。But I do not like shoulder thanks to his shoulder, the vicissitudes of life and do not want to toil premature covered his forehead, he was happy just want。    When formally entered love, I look up to her head, watch his lofty Chhnang smile, like his eloquence good, good popularity, independent personality。Then he took my hand to get married。    In marriage, in fact, often not imagine, mundane moments with us, so there will be bumps。You do not have to worry about money when planning; children's education, home chores you tired heart; he loves to play reckless of his own body, you worry。When play mahjongg late at night did not return, the heart began to wither, a one, litter exceptionally clear sound。So cold night I was in my words wander, only to blossom there。Heart door is closed, what good are down less than eyes, he arranged to worry about my birthday, Valentine's Day gift, you can not always move me。    That was when mumps, picking cactus for me to see him, to stab, mashed, and then hand touch afraid to go stab me, stab {hand full results of the original surface and a layer of small villi thorn}。Aoyao medicines, boiled rice, to accompany me to see a doctor injections。After the nightmare awakened late at night, my hand in his palm。In this case the flow of tears down inadvertently。The original warmth and heaven in the side!    Read a lot of books, every woman liked the warm depths of dreams and romance, Gorky's mother is a tragedy, many also staged version of reality, like his money, he fell in love with the young and handsome romantic, talented, in fact, but that is a dream flowers。And so when you have a day bloom again, they have to avoid much of you。A big crowd, and you life and death, interlocking fingers where the man?    Reveals a society are too many temptations, many people desperate Dream。It may end up dying in a nightmare,“Open the window of heart far looking for it, who I wrap a dream clothes”Willing sleeping woman waiting for you to open your eyes intentions of his heart!!