Northern Shaanxi wind

There are many feeling that there may be said that there can see, there could be heard, there is audible, there can , this is the nature of the wind.    In northern Shaanxi, the spring winds temper a little anxious.The beginning of spring, the wind from the Xi Yunfei Yang, the wind is like a runaway horse bolted in this barren loess ge Liang Liang.Yellow dust everywhere, everywhere engaged in the Mongolian gazelle Pippen, seven Shui eight crooked, no one shape.I do not know how long hidden in old waste paper, cigarette rotten, old plastic bags family and I are wandering, occasionally the pace and go right again deft jump, to the door of another home folder.They really became an orphan, no home, he had set up the mouse street, people cry ah!.Pedestrians on the street is very rare, occasional silhouette walking distance, also hunched, tight rope scarf, followed by wind, great strides forward.Even in particular about the girl, chapped lips, green hair with the wind into the sky, there is no smooth.Covered with a layer of pale beige coat Xisha clothes, it is not the clothes, sand for the wind had left footprints.    Spring season, the wind whispering sideways on the ground, the roots are brown wormwood away, do a dry wind messenger, telling everything is happening out here, some can be stunned buried alive, quiet non-interest-bearing some against the wind as much as possible to stretch the neck, watching from afar, looking forward to tomorrow where, finally have hope today.    Over the field to people who go back and lift the customs in northern Shaanxi, he said there is sand everywhere eye closure, everyone depressed, as if the survival of the state of Savage.I can not refute their views, after all, where the wind gave them reason, they can only say probably not the time to come, do not know where the wind.    After the summer wind in northern Shaanxi, patience can be a lady, floating body, walked with light pace, tone men never leave.    12 years October 31 letter to the happy fasting