Winter, warm in our classroom

SCHOOLS classroom.The first few days, we were happy, everyone smiling, happy to run into acquaintances also beckon.Sometime later, the better the person’s face on a layer of frost to a brows.    BAD?Our people classroom.More than one person, then also increased recently, noisy every night.Six without a net of people simply can not put into learning.My heart belongs to those who do not clean, I had to fight a guerrilla war for a few days.Cruised back to camp, it is a surprise, a few days away, the classroom became pale and had a noisy classrooms are quiet now.So I linger on it incessantly.Then listen to the students that there were some insight called on everyone to get along with love, mutual understanding, and create a good atmosphere for learning.    The weather getting cold, the placement of new schools to the glass, followed by a pass Heating.Now warm in the classroom.I do in the classroom, opened the book, get a pen, put a stack of manuscript paper, watch and write.Sometimes looking at the books, imagine insect book, draw a big locust.Sometimes, watching pathology books, but wrote Li Shutong, Su Manshu.His heart is, can any ride in the world’s thinking.Quiet classroom everyone enjoy themselves.    In fact, he said the quiet classroom is inappropriate.Perhaps more appropriate quiet.The classroom is not a pool of water stop, thinking of Mercedes-Benz, there is friendship grow.Sitting in a classroom a kind of feeling of home, enjoyable.Someone came in, looked up toward you smile.Handwritten tired, stretched it sideways, there are seeds in the table head.Winter, wear thick clothes, into the classroom not want to take off ya, do not take off and get in the way.You can now have no worries.After took off his coat, everyone is as natural.A classroom of students, each other at random, no-one who is demanding.    Sitting in a classroom, there are good-looking landscape, but also the partner to speak, there are many children recover from fatigue Road.Winter, windows end up with a very thick layer grilles.Window pollen white, shape variety, little imagination is plants, goldfish.Bored, write a note to the next table: talk to children, please?If the other party is also planned this, they began to “say” words, and say pen.Speaking at knowing, laugh.    Winter, north wind whistling outside so much noise Huan.But the classroom is very warm, cold no way violated.There are warm care of our equipment, have warm friendship nourish us.Winter, warm in our classroom.