A little coquettish art Fan children

2011 Posts in 2014 was fortunate enough to see.  Others living conditions, as if waking yourself in a moment.They ride hard all the way, but in between her character seems to see hard word, her writing witty, inspirational positive energy.Two forced youth, but also literary range of children, this is not a fake Barbara.  They proved that with another form of their own, they have such a group of messengers of justice in the kingdom of heaven, walking on the road chasing the dream.  Admission bones also a very rebellious children, or else it will not go into exile, “quietly” life for so many years, looking back, a little admiration for their courage.  Different times, different circumstances, if I had to choose today, marrying, I will categorically deny, but there are no youth who committed a “two” yet?  Red is too short, time baptism every soul weary.  Many bones stubborn seeds also germinate slowly and gradually waking up.  I am a very simple, very direct, very rebellious children, many “innocent” children have been deceived by my delicate appearance, but this is not my fault, oh, ha ha ha…  Look at their lifestyle, compare their own living conditions, the amount it wanted to burst foul language.  Well amounted to live in the secular world in it, amounted Well two can not think like that did it?Amount, for the thing.  Forehead, frown, forehead, cynical heart children ah, for the thing to do?  I have been self-evident that he is in mortal meteor pieces fall, out of tune with the earth, stretch yourself tired.  Cracks in order to survive, they can not speak out grievances grievances.  The amount did not put these things in mind.  My mind really worth something, but it also has heart.  Sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed rebellious, sometimes I feel a little turn iron into steel own resignation.  Bones is also proud of the seeds, but the seed was planted in unsuitable soil.  Even if this time is not suitable, but the time change always makes its Shining brilliance.  Bones that point art Fan children, from time to time will bring tinkling tinkling Joseph Joseph, under their own comfort, but also entertainment at others.  Perhaps this is life, right.