A ray of good old soul “folklore” Call for Papers

Rain started falling, I walk in the sparsely populated streets.Trees, flowers and greenery just sprouted, a Mama light yellow, such as thin rain reveal the faint vitality.There are several roadside stalls selling items loitering, look around at a loss umbrella stall.I did not wish to walk the same is unwittingly eye aim at hiding small objects under wet tarps paper.Several books yellowed paper floated into the field of vision of the little book, like a bunch of flames in the night, flashing Emmanuel.A “Mao Zedong”, Mao familiar, magnificent vertical poetry couplets, let me light rain started falling in the spring, the heart of a bustling, were full of poetic Emotion.    From that day the rain started falling, I pay special attention to the book collection of the Chairman.Leadership poetry, chairman of the President, the art of war and biographies.A few years later a collection of dozens of books, and 11 read.Capsules concise text, such as dolphin full, nutritious food to nourish my soul along with the growth of age and gradually enrich the spiritual world.    Chairman of plain text, rich in inspiration.Elderly people with concise, plain language, such as small freehand painting a few strokes outline a more profound truth.Such as “On Protracted War” in the “Anti-Japanese War is a protracted war, is China’s final victory – that is our conclusion.”Reading this text, you do not need to be able to contemplate deeply appreciate the old man to tell you just how simple the great truth.Between the lines penetration out of a nation, a national awareness of the war, the fate, the future of.Whenever look long, empty words on today’s newspapers, unworthy of my old concise writing for people today.    Chairman of the text concise, open-minded.Often reveal a few thousands of years of bickering, argumentative.As in “On Protracted War,” an article “The ancients called ‘use of seconds, Bottom of Heart’, this ‘wonderful’, we call flexibility.Flexible clever commanders, based on objective circumstances, assess the situation and take timely and appropriate disposal of a talent, that is, the so-called ‘use of seconds’.”I gave away as a leader should be good to take the initiative from the objective reality, seeking truth from facts, to analyze specific issues, seize the favorable opportunity fleeting, to deal with the unexpected good things, to do things the effect of man.    October 7, 1945, during the negotiations in Chongqing, the President wrote the word “Patio Spring Snow” was published in “China Daily”.Its mighty word, the mood vague and remote.Seen from the word courage and ambition of great men.After the poem was published, a great response in the community.Chiang Kai-shek hastily called “hacks” lyrics respond, but the words made it, no matter the mood, the daring, far less than the term of the Chair.Jiang only shake their heads, give up disappointed.    Chairman of the book influenced generations.Great man of deep feelings for a long time to drift in between the lines of each article, such as a time capsules penetrate meandering from stones, gradually piled into towering mountains, stands in the hearts of the Chinese people, gradually fly into a flag, a faith, a mind and a ray of good old soul.