Acacia tree outside the window

In junior high school had never been seen, our classroom on the second floor.Classroom behind a row of the acacia tree, a window can reach to pick the flowers.    Then comes June, mimosa open season.At first I did not know what the name of that tree outside the window, it just felt like flowers with mimosa, call it a “shy tree”.Until one day on language class, the teacher talked about Shi Tiesheng’s “wattle” article, I know this is the acacia tree.This is a tough, no trees, no oak trunks so thick, not thin down, and long to the second floor so high, it is estimated has been here for many years.Its leaves and mimosa leaves no big difference, not looking all can not be seen.Fingernail-sized piece of small leaves constitute a large leaves, large leaves and then paved garden trees green in the sun, desultory, almost not to be found even gap.Its flowers are rouge color, and no petals, but stud venereal group became one bouquet child, a bit like a dandelion, like mimosa.    But we are very fond of silk tree flower.A class, they have to push open the window, a hand to reach the tree red ball children.Out of reach, but also to cushion stools in one hand and pulled clothes companion hand out the window and try a return.Class will inevitably distracted, because sitting on the window side, I will often alerted the window of the red ball children.South windy June, mimosa that is extremely lightweight, at first glance not grow on trees, but rather from the days of women scattered in the hands of the flowers, it fell to the branches on the same.As long as the wind gently Yifu, that the flowers will fall, and floated windowsill, prompting human heart itch, straight to Shenshouqujie, but ever do to the teacher in front of relish, not rash.But when Cheng Cheng class likes to hand under his chin, looking out the window from time to time unthinking blurting: “You say mimosa mimosa is not a past life?Otherwise, how would they like it so?”I will not, as usual fun of her because I have thought about this question, is not the final result, I had to give up.    There on a math class, Cheng Cheng could not sneak out to go to pull the handle several flower flowers, palms on the play, but also to steal a plug in my hair, I found, also tooth for a tooth.All this did not escape the math teacher stuff.This is known as one of the “Four Little Dragons” Our school is a strict teacher gas pale, it stopped Cheng Cheng, let her up to answer questions.We were naturally heard his lecture, the results predictably savagely training, also fined sweep acacia tree leaves whole week.We are naturally pleased, after all, is not a hard job, but also blatant pick up point falling more than it, such a thought, but be complacent.    Cheng Cheng really did not miss a falling, always carry a bag when every evening to clean the leaves, and then inside full of mimosa.On one occasion, she suddenly grabbed a broom in my hand, as carried on the shoulder like, I was surprised with, but her faint to the sentence: “independence hoe steal the flowers shed tears, sprinkle over the sticks see bloodstains.In ancient Daiyu funeral peach, now I have my pick Cheng Cheng about it?”I really do not see her half-serious look fake, dumbfounding.I did not expect her angry, leaving the broom, to come scratch my itch.They were laughing slapstick chase until run, sitting in acacia tree watching the sunset west.Her next to me, pretending to be mysterious to say that she picked flowers caught in the classroom textbooks, and wait until dry, then gave me.I laughed: “It’s not a good thing, I do not care!”She laughed:” This is the testimony of our friendship thing.”······ increasingly gone, the heart inexplicable give birth to a trace of sentimentality.That year, we are third, also graduate of season.    Occasionally turn to a page that hehuanhua sandwiched at turn Classmates, above the line of writing clear: those who belong to our common memories about hehuanhua.Hearts delight, they think of that come June.