Also on campus one Pure Land

1.    Children are flowers of the motherland, the campus is to cultivate these seedlings flower beds, how many good memories of life began bided, how many ambitious young vibrant take-off in the ivory tower, quiet campus, students who study in focus homework, sucking the nectar of knowledge; noisy recess, children play slapstick, enjoy the release of happy nature.    However, Once upon a time, this knowledge campus, temple rituals, but much troubles – offer all kinds of social chaos projected onto campus, disorderly rough right to interfere with the administration of the campus, some of those who teach from their own indiscretion with dirt erosion campus, ever so fascinating, simply beautiful campus, under the impact of commodity economy frenzy, bruised, exhausted, precarious.    2.    Some governments to meet the leadership of the higher authorities come to inspect, some students elect to suspend classes make up the ceremonial welcome, after careful rehearsal, the children listed on both sides of the asphalt in front of the office building, waiting concentrate.Leadership late, under the scorching sun, teenagers stood there waiting for several hours on standby, frail individual students heatstroke, foaming at the mouth.When the platoon leader for coming ostentation venues in luxurious air-conditioned car, their peripheral vision did not notice these poor children, the head of the number one car with his head did not look directly exposed to the same drilling luxurious air-conditioned rooms.Students may have bulging legs irrigation lead, put a smile dancing bouquet in his hand, mouth shouting “Welcome”, flatter local officials, who inspected cold, sun exposure sweat dripping children, which is what a contrast it.    A leader in charge of education to come to school supervision, which is a schedule to watch the children’s theatrical performance report, but why bad weather, it began pouring rain, and soon, the size of the audience’s head is covered in leadership the umbrellas, but the little girls on the stage but wearing a thin dress, like a drowned rat in torrents of rain hard twist waist, struggling to quasi-step rhythm in dirty puddles, their innocent little faces I do not know left to rain, sweat, or tears?    The primary school in a remote village, town dignitaries to the funeral home, simply closed the day vacated spacious campus, suona team any publicity to banging away on the playground, Pimadaixiao of any filial dependents are in school and out, clear clean quiet campus became nondescript temple, toast touch light, sky alcohol, Guikulanghao, deafening sound of funeral music, such a farce, even appeared in the twenty-first century China, helpless onlookers, Getting by grief!    A campus in an elevated exchange, the hubbub of the sky was filled with dust playground, classroom, steady stream of vehicles, filled with the roar of the campus, the old teacher took the microphone hoarse teach high-decibel, drank five cups Panda Hai voice still hoarse congestion, back of the class and the students listen unclear, he had to stare at the teacher Zhang Hehe mouth daze.    There are students and teachers set appears auditorium roof collapsed, “let the leaders go first,” the pro-incarnation of discord strange noise, as well as the cemetery built around the campus righteous planning, as well as engage in sports field on the pumping teacher closed to government Pro strange that play neat information!    3.    A middle school award honors a person?Shirts, back printed with eye-catching “excellent student” remarkable words, laden with awkward wording chosen garment factory sponsored XX below; good student awards, not only the lower right corner of the school’s official seal, as well as address XX counseling center the back of the phone, a certificate is no longer blank, densely printed feature of the counseling center, expertise and commitment to boldly certainty.Principals warm words to explain, people donated money and materials to schools, gave us a lot of sponsors, to pass them a name, it reciprocated.    When school to school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in front, there are always some people wearing long-tongued cap, holding the stack of red paper, green paper flyers, born into the car basket, crammed to the parents, the child’s hands it was all kinds of training and coaching advertising, already bustling shuttle team, the tour channeling of the advertising tracking, harassed, shunned, find.    Every school in September, there are always carrying a big briefcase salesman came to the campus, opened the door of the office, their agents with all kinds of language newspaper, reported mathematics, English Coaching Paper issued, a period already printed on the comp, rebate a portion of the money for classroom teachers to “piece of cake”, the children will present their spare time constraints, and it was sold at a cheap price, the old frowning on every day to do what reprint reprint go tabloid the title, precious time wasted in ineffective labor.While our government repeated orders allowed arbitrary charges, and not to increase the burden on students, however, a poor pedagogue who covet to that of a wine, the star point extra money, the luck is not responsible for the masses of the law, red tape has become a dead letter.Poor student baby, became a slaughter of the lambs, butcher publishing houses, printing houses, publishers, as well as the head teacher of the people some of the aura.    School training courses is willing to hold on, and lack of fear, escape is the instructor of school children run by excellent training courses, from the head, focusing on classroom content, link color and then deep class training and excellent speaking fine analysis, on the podium half asleep, perfunctory, a small blackboard to come to her living room spirit, full of patience, it would like to outstanding, admitted to want to end it, nice to give my courses, there are an invaluable asset, let your children to Jackie Chan phoenix!The engineers of human souls Yeah, they sell their soul to Satan, who is insatiable money due diligence, innocent students, is to cash in their eyes of potential shares!    Kindergarten teacher married each student to take home a red invitation, parents go or not?A few hundred dollars of gift, bite the bullet out of it, or the children in the garden is hard to imagine the days ahead.Teacher’s Day, the Spring Festival, thinking about the need to buy a homeroom teacher supermarket shopping card, transfer seats, a comment Miyoshi, can be taken care of.There are students for election monitor, at the advertising company to make smart business card, send to the teacher “mind”, sent to the class welfare, votes, as if the class is a small community foul.    4.    Education reform changed for so many years, the quality of education also shouted again and again, high and sometimes low burden of sound.But our grassroots education officials so far the allowed true pulse, and sometimes “dead caught dead religion, dead learning”, and sometimes “really grasp, true religion, true science”, and sometimes follow suit this model, sometimes chasing tide that experience, teachers were shepherd’s loss, disoriented, even the most basic education law also forgot to go to the back of the head.In essence, the appointment of the selection system of our officials, education officials boss job is scheduled, all day long that they consider is how the boss likes to vote, to come up with performance in front of the boss, who is a director responsible, to keep his post their attention to education and goal in mind, rather than to colleges and universities, because life should be made.Such education inevitable blind obedience, blind obedience campus inevitable chaos.    Some time ago, around the large investment in education not as a career, but as a way of making money in the investment industry, as some of the leading investment performance engineering.Thus, there is springing class of private schools, private kindergartens, as long as registering with the Department of Education, a retired headmaster please hang a name, you can high-profile recruitment; as long as the price office equipment in the case, then pretentiously list Leverage a few, you can blatantly charge.The hardware campus, faculty, have become lame leg out, never recovered not.The rich and powerful who Laozu sensible, walks away, leaving a few dilapidated classrooms, but bitter pit next session to be coaxed admissions officers rhetoric children, they were wasted youth who is going to compensate?They were buried in the future who pay?    Children are innocent, they need to nurture a good environment; children are vulnerable, they like our eyes, like, a hundred times require care.But when education is vulgar interests shrink the kidnapping, when morality shackles money back, young mind, how will suffer the ravages?When certain sectors abuse of public power, the students as vase-like furnishings, as any gardener sent the young men, we have green grass flowers in full bloom on campus, how can one be trampled stained?    Mr. Lu has long called for to save our children, today, a century later, people of insight have to then cry.Fresh young are the future masters, continued strong and prosperous motherland is our mainstay, treat every childlike innocence, be kind to each party the Pure Land school, each of us has the responsibility of caring people with a conscience difficult speech, but also pure campus early this also children happy childhood, this is the call of the times, this is the inevitable revival of civilization!