Autumn Qin words

Recently Huaxi night is always under a drizzling rain.Like now, “imperfections” in the rain penetrated the tight cover the doors and windows, drifting into my ears, I can not help feeling spontaneously give birth to a pattering.But I am not the poet, a large number of ancient rhetoric can not be used to write a beautiful article, so only by means of blunt fingering to play a song Guqin.Guqin is your big Zhang Lianshun teacher lent me.He said: “I learn, the piano can play.”However, from Zhang Qin on this lonely house until now I have very little to fiddle with it.This is not I do not want to play the piano, but just think, I can not really use my rough fingering it to impress.Some time ago I always feel right finger waving in the play “watching the mountains”, so they ask Wai Jing sister online.But today it’s hard to fall asleep rainy night, the rain from time to time is always full of poetic flavor.Therefore, I simply get up from the bed warm out, suffering from cold air that hung to the cabinet goes down Zhong Ni type on the small table, snapping flowing to the sounds of the millennium.  Playing late at night, the outsider, this seems to be a very comfortable life.However, some ancient Chinese scholar and musician who, in this trivial night long and it gives conferred on the desolate one kind of emotion.”Autumn clear, bright moon, also gather scattered leaves, Jackdaws habitat re scared.”Just a few lyrics, coupled with relatively heavy Yin monkey fingering, to show more deep and complex human feelings from a love affair autumn, leaves and jackdaws these simple imagery in.Perhaps it is the original playing and singing were highlighted in the “Love without tears”, “sorrow was everlasting period” of emotions, with piano as one.But now we can not understand the creator’s mind: is sad, is sad, sigh, painful.In short, we can only play their own melodies in our situation in.So a very interesting question arises: Since Guqin manifested emotions vary, so how its standard?Qin How can become a symbol of popular culture and art of the millennium, the material civilization prosperity of today, still life without a break?  Perhaps this question is itself a problem.Because of the nature of art and not as a metaphysical thing exists, but is consistent with people’s feelings.Li Bai, “watching the mountains” wrote: “the moon between the Tianshan Mountains, vast clouds.Traveling thousands of miles, blowing degree Pass.”Is also playing late at night.A musician holding a guqin, facing the moon outside off, play the desolate sounds.Here, “watching the mountains” and refers to the use of “Autumn word” is not the same.”Autumn word” monkey fingering the majority, especially with a few big monkey when depicting leaves, autumn leaves slowly falling to the scene vividly depicted.In the “watching the mountains” in the song melodies, although we also saw soldiers long for the emotion, but the emotion itself and “Autumn word” different.”Watching the mountains” in the Acacia is strong, “Autumn word” Acacia is lingering in the.”Watching the mountains” playing and singing in the main image is to defend the home country’s frontier warrior, “Autumn word” character is played out weak southern woman.So is the case, we can appreciate the vast momentum from “watching the mountains” in order to appreciate the charm of the moon, in order to appreciate the tragic feelings of the soldiers killed in battle.  Different melodies manifested emotion is not the same, but the same people playing different melodies effect is different.Mr. Wilkes Guizhou pianist playing every reason “Recalling the enemy” is always moved to tears.Originally, according to Zhang, Mr. playing a song melodies to think of his late friend, so full of sounds is always very thoughts.Mr. song melodies of expression, melody melody is the most moving play place.However, if the “Memories enemy” initial emotional elegant, this may not come from the hand of a southern literati, more from a northern man cry.  For example, “recalling the enemy,” the first paragraph reflects the style of folk music northwest.We can imagine: between boundless Daqian, a man facing the vast world of the Northwest, facing countless sand, in the long loud cry.This cry, full of infinite affection.Zhang Lianshun teacher this feeling resorting to religious feelings.Because the sound of his cry has gone beyond the limited and become eternal existence of individual life, it has become a transcendent spirit.Therefore, Zhang teacher played “Memories enemy”, and apparently Mr. Wei flavor of the very different.  But the melodies are still the song melodies.We can not because of the different style of performance of a player’s cognitive and emotional negate the work.So, the reason why the guqin as one of the traditional cultural symbol of our country it is not the single song, but for personal music players understand.Although each person to express melodies vary widely, but there is always one thing is consistent, that is the soul of the dialogue with the piano.  Shanghai Fudan University, Professor Wang Defeng when talking about Chinese culture and Western culture in contrast, made it clear that the Chinese people’s thoughts and feelings are emotional, which the West and transcendent ideas are not the same.Chinese people like you happy, sad is sad, joy is, anger is anger.They attached great importance to spiritual experience for the world.So, when playing the guqin music, the musicians can feel the soul of this put into melodies on top of the piano has become a very living thing.So there is a standard guqin is not the standard itself, but for those who play melodies revealed to the true feelings.  Two “Xishanqinkuang” which will appear when it comes to the musicians playing the piano to a certain state “variable summer also, virtual hall Ningxue; cold can also back, spring grass Club Flow.”The phenomenon.This may seem ridiculous, but after savoring, they found that this situation is no doubt true.  Taste of Chinese culture is not purely speculative spirit of the West, but realized that a life.I realized that this be understood as spiritual practice.For example, if a Westerner learn a musical instrument, he will first learn music theory, figure out the inherent laws of music, and then learn fingering techniques, and finally to learn the song.But for the Chinese Guqin learning, totally not the case.China’s older generation luthier, all directly through the learning of melodies and then reached through understanding of Musical Instruments.This is different from the Western way of spiritual practice in China has always been deeply engraved in the hearts of every pianist.  But in practice this is not the superficial aspects of the practice Qinji, but a practice of emotional and moral.Heart famous scientist Mr. Wang Yangming, has proposed “Knowledge and Action”, said.According to the concept of ordinary people, “knowledge” is the understanding of things, “line” is to exercise on behavior.”Knowledge and Action” is also on the understanding and unity on exercise.However, Wang’s knowledge and action is morally inseparable.That is known, line that is known.There is no knowledge and behavior into different objects, there is no unified process experienced when knowing and doing.Mr. Fengda Wen also said, “Knowledge and Action” in his series of “New History of Chinese Philosophy” in a purely ethical and moral practices.Thus, due to the pure practice of moral practice, not just on things to know.Then each period of Chinese musician who when playing the guqin music not just to make a general understanding, but regard it as an accomplishment effort.  Ya piano piano industry in the spread of resistance to the story quite interesting.According to legend, Mr. Yu Boya follow adult piano.Mr. Qin adult See Ya no charm, on the grounds to seek Fang Zaichun lured him to the East China Sea Penglai mountain.After ten days, before the arrival of Yu Boya see Mr. adult, anxious and helpless, had to play the piano boredom.Just then, he felt wonderful temperament changing things in the world, feel free spirit is life, and suddenly have a passion, so to create the famous “Daffodils”.  If Ya do not understand the subtle changes of all things, then how will he be able to create for the whole world?The main reason adept skills and exquisite artistic vitality is not simply reflected, but practice is in playing on the cultivation of the mind and emotions to be lifted.  So we can understand why Confucius to repeatedly to play “King Wen parade”, and made him the teacher can not stand.Xiang teacher said to him: “You really can learn a new tune.”But Confucius ignored, but continued to bomb.Until finally, finally trance Confucius saw a dark-skinned, tall and strong of a king in the play “King Wen parade”.Xiang division had exclaimed: “Who is able to do so?”Embodies the piano school of martial arts training not only in personal feelings sort of understanding, as well as a practice on ethical questions.Mr. Wang Yangming and Behavior Although pay attention to moral practice, but it can really achieve this realm layer of the few people.That is to say, ethical practice requires a certain realm of accomplishment.If the training effort is not reached, then the moral practice is a dead letter.  Peking University Professor Wang Haiming when he spoke of the principles of ethics and moral practice has pointed out a profound question: morality itself is abhorrent, but the moral good is brought about great.It originated in the pursuit of ethical and moral interests given people, and when people reach a certain level in order for the moral training and moral.Moral and ethical and moral practice is the key lies.A man, his moral behavior in itself, then this practice can have universal ultimate value.The piano in the history of science, with this practice the spirit of the pianist also many.Metaphysics scientist Ji Kang is one of history.  According to historical records, the bell will be offended because of Ji Kang, its framed, and Sima Zhao was put to death.Before the provisional sentence, Kang Ji resolutely play the impassioned rhetoric of a “Guanglingsan” Since then, the song has become eternal farewell.  Yu also in “A Distant” which details the scene in front of Ji Kang provisional sentence, so the text said: Kang Ji sitting in front of the piano, told the crowd of three thousand students and people too: “Please let me play the one “Guanglingsan” it.YUAN Xiao Nepal many times in the past they want to learn, and I turned.”Guanglingsan” earlier this die with him.”Silence on the execution ground, the mysterious piano overwhelming.  The last play of Ji Kang “Guanglingsan” in fact, is the ultimate expression of his moral practice.Today, a thousand years later, still no one can pop Ji Kang as “Guanglingsan”, still no one can fearlessly facing death when that play melodies like Ji Kang.That is to say, Ji Kang ethical practices in the spirit of playing piano has become a common feeling beyond life and death.Whether anyone who did not have the kind of Kang Ji transcend earthly emotions to play a musical.This is the art of Guqin music rose from the practice of personal feelings to practice moral, and ultimately beyond the reach of human feelings above the mundane.  Is the ultimate expression of human feelings Guqin value sense, this is understandable.China has always been the ancient sages, enlightened king, men of letters, all this attention.Thus, cultural implications piano on there are two aspects: First, practice the principles of personal feelings, principles, practice first, moral values.When the purpose of a nation and a country the more have such feelings, then this nation and this country, the higher the level of civilization, the more rich people’s spiritual life, also reached enlightenment.Confucius once in the spring and has always stressed that music education, he believed that only the recovery of the Zhou Dynasty ritual music and get people to consciously achieve a high degree of civilization.Therefore, as the first of four arts of Guqin, no matter from what side, it must be to achieve Confucius said music education purposes.  Of course, it guqin culture and art itself, it had to face the impact of China’s traditional culture.From the influence of Culture on the three most important point of view, they were to various ideological line to inherit the profound cultural connotation piano.But regardless of which of the thinking style, they will eventually need to achieve universal human feelings.  For example Confucian.He is the founder of Confucius.The core idea of Confucius is ren.The so-called “benevolent”.But the concept of benevolence, Confucius not defined.The so-called “benevolence”, Professor Wang Defeng it seems, is a kind of peace of mind.Good to others, is peace of mind, mistreat others, is disturbed.This emotional consciousness on the emotional level it reflects the profound Confucian wisdom.Confucian thought is accession to the WTO, which is how they seek to achieve the “Saint King” ideal blueprint.Confucianism believe Guqin made a saint, its purpose must be in line with the character of a saint.”Xishanqinkuang” he said: “Jigu most holy, the heart through good fortune, the German Association of the man of God.Treatment of a disposition, nature of the people of the world with reason, the system is so Qin.”The ancient sages, by observing subtle between heaven and earth, to explore the life of the world, began making the piano.Qin is the world’s human nature tuning to achieve the holiness of social purpose.  Such as Taoism.The core idea is to Taoism Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.Laozhuang the pursuit of natural inaction otherworldly realm of thought.In Laozi, he advocates the music of nature, to the exclusion of Artists.Therefore, on the aesthetic taste of music I respected the “light Xi its tasteless” to promote embodies Road “Great Music” in the spirit realm.Similarly, the guqin drawn from the world of good fortune, for natural sound among the also rather weak tone of voice, in line with the natural philosophy of Lao Tzu.While not opposed Zhuangzi music produced out by the people, but against the shackles of the Confucian idea of human nature.So from the point of view of music Zhuangzi artistic expression of opinion, also with regard to the liberation of humanity, highlighting the natural joy of aesthetic taste.  As another example Buddhist.Buddhism is a foreign religion, Sui and Tang dynasties flourish in China.With the advent of Zen, Zen and piano learning approach has become the way of literary cultivation of body and mind.Because Zen pay attention to “epiphany Buddha”.The piano science also “Pieran wake up to reality” argument.Songren Cheng Yu also “Qin theory”, said: “Qin attack such as Zen, the years honed, Pieran wake up to reality, no being unreasonable, magical aspect and taste if I.”Then the other men of letters, it can not help but have thoughts of Buddhism and Taoism.Let’s say Su, Han Yu the problem at home, they also have no shortage of Zen charm in playing the piano.  This is the basic idea of three different routes.Overall, however, to learn the piano in the common feeling is that they want to pursue the goal, because only in the universal human feelings, human civilization can be widely extended.Guqin, as a symbol of ancient oriental civilization, it is not the result of a unique musical form, but in its blend together with the wisdom of the Chinese civilization, together form the universal value of human care for the ultimate problem of human existence.  Three However, when an octogenarian old man hobbled to the line to three thousand years, he faced the world is a clutter, materialistic aspect of years.People already forgotten, “Qin Yin” and give people a bleak sigh, people already forgotten the “Weicheng Qu” give people parting and treasure, people already forgotten the “water” to give people the imagination and surprise Like.But a departure from the inherent cultural complex in China under the guidance of May 4 Spirit.”Science” and “democracy” on the cover to this day still has appeal, but the appeal can only be regarded as a cavity blood of people power.Of course, I do not deny that in the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, but always felt, abandoned a nation’s own internal quality, the slogan itself in a non-sexual Instead, it is the progress of a culture, or a sense sorrow?  In a few years in the early 2000s, the revival of cultural guqin has been an issue of concern to the cultural sector.In the eyes of many, the revival of culture must be universal.But few people think that popular culture does not necessarily become a true sense of culture.So the revival and popularity in the academic community has become a topic of dispute over.  In my view, if the demise of a sense of universal means guqin culture, then this is the popularity behind.But if the popularity of a certain population mean in the sense of revival, then this is a meaningful revival.Chinese history of three thousand years of piano study has proven that the guqin culture is not popular culture, but the culture of the upper.Because Guqin culture of humanistic care is not complete with other forms of music.Let’s say this ancient musical instrument Guzheng, it demonstrated the musical style of course been recognized by everyone.But in essence, this external form of the infection is difficult to achieve moral purpose of life practice.Because Zheng is more focused on performances of music, rather than the inner cultivation of self-improvement.  However, the guqin as high culture is not popular or not, but how widespread the problem.If according to Professor Wang Haiming point of view, moral practice and moral interests from the beginning to bring this principle, then the object must guqin culture is that people get the benefits of happiness.If you turn a blind eye to the interests, then there is no need for popularity.Guqin is so popular within a certain range of the population.  Some time ago I learned from a Friends of the piano there, and now the number of Yangzhou Guqin Guqin manufacturers sold in the country almost the forefront.I can not help but think to some extent, in the face of so many guqin, our national cultural feelings in the end is an upward or downward trend?Of course, I am sure of which there are a lot of people in piano, but do not deny there are many arty businessman and politician.In any case, if abandoned cultural feelings of Guqin and Guqin music-minded pursuit of acting brought pleasure, then the guqin eventually reduced to a general popular musical instruments, and even worse.Until then, it would not sigh guqin itself, but the entire nation sigh.  So in this late autumn night, I did not have to worry about whom, in this lonely little house almost spent a night time to write this article.But the light is useless worries, like this one after another under the rain, even though a lot of people want to have a sunny morning tomorrow, but it has long been booked upcoming weather.In this eloquent article, I am not in order to express the mood of the melodies before playing, but to put heavy guqin culture gave some thought.Guqin, the Chinese civilization with the same strain of blood instruments in the history of the river flowing silently over 3,000 years.It has been known, have been declining.When it ailing body to the line in front of us, we want to do what attitude towards it?I think the answer is already in the hearts of every one of us.  Finally, I had made friends with a poem as Conclusion: In a distant time and space I’ve been in memory – that the growth of an ancient soul for thousands of years in ancient China flowing blood in the soul like a quiet month delicate gentle beauty crumbled in the years I would like to have deposited a piccolo playing as it sounded in the quiet time