Ballet – Goes

“Ballet”, how long the word does not appear in my world of?  Also placed a pair of pointe shoes on the shoe, had lost my love, covered with a layer of dust, but not often seen by the mind paused.That day, the sun shines on my sleeping face, dim heard a beautiful song seep into my heart five years old, I quietly climbed down from the bed, watching people on television, listening to the TV song, imitating jump, this is the first time I met and ballet.Mom told me to put a TV in “Swan Lake”, that moment, I decided to learn ballet, when a dancer.”Mommy, Mommy, I want to dance and sister on TV.”That little voice echoed in my ear, because these words my dancing career began.I reported my mother took ballet classes, watching a dance class a slim, upright posture I was very envious.In dance class I met affable teacher, she treated me like a pro daughter as well, but I was ready to give up for fear of hardship, repeatedly retain teachers.  Two years later, I left the ballet, always remember that people like beautiful posture of white swans flying in general, and I was a lonely ugly duckling, waiting for a long time can not fly, no, my heart, such as bubble-like easily broken.  Who knows, after a year, I plan to learn, the teacher was very pleased.I took that piece collection of costumes to wear a year, still just.The next time I am exceptionally efforts to ballet shed a lot of sweat and tears, but unfortunately I was not enough of a congenital condition, some action is not place, I finally chose retreat.Was another two years, the dream is broken, those dancers on TV will never appear in my shadow.  Had to give up, I am very happy, I vowed never to touch, threw the clothes and shoes, since then, the ballet’s story also ended.I remember the teacher’s face of sadness and grief, she kept telling me, I want to insist on good, like playing the piano to adhere.Original ballet and piano are beginning to learn together, and I only insist on the piano.  Cases teacher who accompanied me four years or so good expression, often called my mother asked me, and she walked with a child is so memorable.  Four years later, I tried to learn Latin, also missed the end.  Even accidental touching of pointe shoes in the sunshine can not see a little glory.Slightly dust has started, I quietly walked into the dust off, petite pair of shoes no longer see the good old, tears over the face.  I have more than once seen the cousin wrote, “piano”, she, like me, have regretted it, regret to give up the piano, she had once again touched those keys, they got from the unfamiliar sounds, I have again try to tiptoe return was a relentless fall.Now I understand it is a pity to give up.  And ballet through the day is a pain, is a joy, and sorrow, anger is, I want to go back to start from scratch.  To his childhood dream, I was firmly in the junior high school reported aerobics, it has not had a dream, and I believe I could do.  Ballet, and I do not regret your days.  Ballet, waiting for our next encounter, I will not let you down.