Boating mother river (prose)

The familiar sound of firecrackers, call return melodious whistle, haunting the mother river, hurried pace of home at the time Mao Yin to return repeated a home everlasting eternal topic —. In fact, years of city life, so many wandering from home, the feeling of home is very tangled, the memory of that mountain water that the man, as well as in front of strange and familiar countryside, intertwined with trees on the canal weir it is more dense, endless busy mother river, still meandering, as if waiting for the village’s old mother, quietly calling children go down tired ,,,,,, luggage, and folks familiar greeting , then a home immersed in the New Year, I like a man walking in the lanes Murano’s hometown, like sitting canal side, watching the surging water and shore away quietly moored boat, to recall the mother river bring me a little memory ,,,,,, As the saying goes, reflects environment Everyday, by water draft, the historic canal, boatman on the river, the outside world, many of my childhood memories and stories, in this quiet river flowing, the first story on the canal and boat, tells from his father and had no Canal levee, just out of the Yellow river water, my home became a flood plain, folks will leave their homes, fleeing at , Can only wait for the waters to recede before returning home, my grandfather had a boat, which is more than ten tons, but at the time, but it is a relatively large boat friends, his father went to work in the mine before, once onboard the cargo go south, when the village who wants to have a boat, it is a symbol of wealth.My father said, when sailing, thanks to tow the boat and poled, a trip to the south of the back and forth takes a long time, coupled with the danger and worry over the Yangtze River, it is tough during imagine, in memory of my childhood, the canal the twists and turns of the gut road, I often see the prostrate body to the ground, canal trackers hard forward shadow.”To do this to make death Sui River Road, has thousands of miles depends on the wave. If there is no water temple dragon boat thing, a total of Yu Gong is not more to “put aside the absurdity Emperor Luxury, Indulgence do not say, excavation of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with flood control, Qi Gong, and the mother of this endless , carries too many dreams and hopes folks ,,,,,, village first ship I remember, I did Shujia of a wooden boat, about 40 tons of oil outside the yellow tung oil, whenever the dry dock of t-sailing, or we play in the canal, they want to play some of embarkation, in my eyes, everything is magical, long rudder dry, by the ball, springboard, boat Penny, as well as the beauty of the south dry and tertiary brought legendary story, my hometown in northern Jiangsu Lunan intersection of a remote mountain village, from that time, I was on the outside world is full of mystery Xia Xiang ,,,,,, boatman at the time of sailing, there is a lot of stress, even those of us who occasionally play board should comply with, or certainly to Aixun the “bucket” can not be called a bucket, called ” carry her child “, because the ‘bucket’ and ‘poke’ homonym, things can not be said Shen Shen, should Heavy stuff, over and you can not say “turn”, being called over and said to my aunt doing it because they can not pay attention to these details, and dry t fight no less, no less Aixun, and we sometimes say the wrong things on board when, t see severe dry eyes, scared and quickly ran to the side to.Sailing in the canal, is the need to cooperate with each other, and some tow the boat ashore, some poled the boat, but also someone at the helm, reportedly at the helm about, regardless, just minutes “in the rudder,” “outside the rudder,” the father speaks the story said that a joke, saying that there is a stupid wife, lazy just know, what does not, on board the helm, but the inside and outside, regardless of the rudder, often treacherous, no way, her husband bought a delicious twist and fried dough sticks, put aside one of her husband called “twist rudder” or “donut rudder”, the wife can successfully cooperate, although some fictional story, but also explains the boatman sailing skills and not easily.     Although the draft by the water, but on a boat to buy, this is the dream of every household in the village, in the million households or the legendary era of thousands of dollars to buy a boat, it is an elusive thing after the household responsibility system, national policy to allow some people get rich, we are the first village million households is my fourth uncle, then, tetra part of the funds raised, went to the south, in addition to buy a ships head, also look to buy back about four ship 100 tons of cement, which was a miracle, but gave di-boat, Sigu a boat, two boat grandfather, because his father to work in the mine I also go to school only we did not have it, with the boat, and soon tetra, such as di-home to the rich, driven tetra, the village folks also began by water draft of life, have to buy a boat, the their future a better life, are entrusted to the Mother river, loading sail, full of fear and hope his family, peace homing, is a man cheering joy, the river flowing both years of transition, there are folks of Joy, Grand Canal has witnessed rapid changes in the countryside, thatched cottage breaking into a red brick and green tiles, bicycles replaced the motorcycle, the distance between the lights, telephones, cellular phones, in urban and rural areas step by step closer ,,,, ,, each year journey to return home, the same is the hometown of thoughts and memories, a touch of nostalgia, that Hunmeng traction mother river, tangled is the hometown of changes can not find my childhood memories , water diversion project, even my memories are filled with the vicissitudes of the mother, seems rejuvenated and vitality, and the ship canal walk, are also more than one thousand tons of large ships, and walk on the canal embankment, met childhood friend Dayan, unknowingly chatted about some of the topics of childhood, because Dayan, who lives under the weir, so named Dayan, at home, middle child, brother and sister a total of seven people, then in our village, probably the most difficult of the family, parents body is not good, boss high school, one can imagine the hardships of life, and I Dayan 6:00 every morning, going to school beyond 5 years in school, the afternoon came back from school meals has more than 2 points, because of his father in Work on the mine, has been able to work together with my sister, so my mother does not need to labor, I come home, warming will be able to eat meals, and a large weir parents have worked in the fields, with nothing to eat at home, even the key to the door is not left behind, a teenage child is a long body, the extent of hunger can imagine, no way Dayan slept on a large stone in front, waiting for his mother at night call it a day, whenever this time, I ran home, on one big pancake, gave Dayan eating, and living conditions of a large weir at home, along with her brother’s high school graduation, also changed dramatically, the family bought a boat rigged in his brother’s efforts, develop slowly, and finally the family had a fleet brother also became known figure, then, brothers and several people have their own industry, also covered with a two-story home, still in town repairing the property, buy a car, now settled in Taierzhuang, whenever it comes to this story, Dayan always grateful to me, he said, this life I will not forget you bring me pancakes, childhood Some of it seems a little love Dayan heart, or left a deep imprint, though now, he has been very rich, became the boss, but also still thankful heart, is very valuable, in fact, the mother nursed both sides of the sons and daughters, never do not forget upbringing Grand Canal, she’s honest, kind, her true love and fortitude, accompanied by generation after generation of children of the canal, from poverty to wealth, from hope towards a better ,,,,,,, sailing in the years to come in the mother wander, that the disappearance of the sailing ship and exchanges, is the meaning of life under the Taotao river wash away, despite a big boat, canal width, and height of the house, the home of the rich, however, that river, that water, the ship, that weir, the sound of mother’s voice, my life will be forever treasured memories.