Dumb grandpa

Hometown is like a distant dream, which haunts me. The rising and falling of the willow flute led me into the magical paradise. The boundless field made me want to lie in its arms and tell it. The long road paved with bluestone made me want to run back and forth on it barefoot..     The warmth of my hometown has almost deprived me of the ability to express my language today. In a foreign land, every bird flying in the sky will always open its eyes and ask if it came from its hometown. When you hear the local accent, you will be excited to run to see if there are any people you know. He is infatuated with the old houses in his hometown and often tries to find the appearance of his hometown from them..     Alone in the middle of the night, I think of the grass and trees in my hometown. I don’t know whether my heart will stay or not. I often cry.. And the most I can’t forget is the dumb grandfather.     He was lonely all his life, one person and one home. His home is separated from mine by seven families. Every day at sunset, he always comes to my house after finishing his work in the field, and calls me with a smile far away.. When I was six years old, I didn’t know what he called me. I wanted to fly over when I saw his smile. His smile is a quiet lake in the dam, spotless; His smile is the tassel on the corn cob, soft and intoxicating. His smile is the wings of a butterfly. His smile is honey brewed by industrious bees, full of alcohol and abundance.     The dumb grandfather is as tall as my ” authentic” grandfather, with a thin face and a small amount of distressed gray hair falling from his ears.. It’s just that my grandfather’s beard is much tougher than the dumb grandfather’s. And the pro – grandpa just loves to use it to mop up my little face, making me dare not to speak angrily and pretending to giggle at him happily..     Dumb grandpa walks like a fly. Sometimes I don’t have to look up and hear footsteps, so I know which grandpa went home. When my close grandfather went to work and couldn’t care for me, he was usually mute grandfather to take charge of my’ activities’.     At that time, the dumb grandfather’s hand always had a magic I didn’t expect. He called me ” ah ah” and I ran to embrace one of his legs and watched curiously in which direction his hand was going to dance. His hand holding his fist was as dazzling as a kaleidoscope, more like the gold-banded cudgel in the hands of Monkey King.. The higher I jump, the higher I imagine holding his hand, and the faster his hand dances. He lifted me up when I was tired of jumping and no longer curious and unhappy about what he had in his hand.. Rotate twice in the air and then put it on his leg, taking out snacks or small toys that have just been changeable in the air..     I ate the candy he peeled patiently and gave him a quick kiss to break his ” field”. He looked at me kindly and smiled, then turned out cookies from behind. I turned around again and rushed back to his arms. He laughed even more happily.. At first he took out only one piece, and I immediately grabbed it and stuffed it into my hand. Bite on a few bites and the broken pieces fall straight down.     He watched me finish eating with one mouthful and looked focused, like admiring his handmade porcelain doll.. When I finished eating and ran away, he stooped down to pick up the leftover biscuits and put them in his mouth to chew slowly. The bending action, gentle, with pity and love, made me unforgettable.     At that time, he only wanted to eat delicious food, but he didn’t know how he got his food and toys.. The dumb grandfather planted his own land only for food, and most of his living expenses were maintained by picking up waste products.. Get up early in the morning every day, in addition to collecting waste products, I also like to clean up garbage everywhere in the village. I don’t know how many times a day. I often see his ash bin full of dirt pulled down by livestock.. He doesn’t like dirty places. He wants to make them beautiful.     My grandfather said that a small amount of food I ate was given to him by others. He didn’t want to eat all for me. Most of them were bought from his own pocket with a small income. I said, I have two grandfathers, so happy. Pro – grandpa said, did you take him seriously? When you grow up, will you be as dutiful to him as your grandfather? I said without thinking, of course, to be as filial as two grandfathers. Ask him why the dumb grandfather was so close to our family. He said that they were brothers in previous lives..     I don’t go to school on holidays. Sometimes I’m not at home, and grandparents don’t have to worry too much. They know that most of them are taken to the mountains or long banks by dumb grandfathers..     Up the hill, he usually takes two shovels. Carrying a bamboo basket. Give me a shovel and dig some wild vegetables, pine mushrooms, flowers and plants.     Pine mushrooms are delicious, but difficult to pick. They are usually hidden under rotten grass leaves and clumps of thistles.If you can find a place, you will find a nest to lift the withered and withered leaves, and those mushrooms will sit there in a short, squat way. Finally, the spring breeze will bring you a face like a drunken imperial concubine, full of beauty and charming drops..     In the hidden corner of the mountain, orchid, moon flower, marigold and other rare flowers are the most dangerous. Light fragrance, lasting fragrance. High, dumb grandpa is not allowed me to climb. I stood at the foot of the mountain, unarmed, watching him turn left and right. I am good at martial arts. The posture of jumping up often scares me in a cold sweat.     He arranged a large number of mountain wild flowers and roadside vines to form a wreath, which he placed on my head and danced to me, happy as a child. Instead, I seriously said to him like an adult, ” Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, embarrassed.”.. ‘ dug some flowers and plants with soil, and shepherd’s purse, mushroom full load. Presumably he was afraid that I would be tired and carried me on his back, carrying a basket in one hand and holding my body in the other, humming songs I couldn’t understand and smelling fragrant all the way.     When she came back, grandma and grandpa were extremely happy. They found three or two broken pots, filled in some wet soil, planted flowers and plants, and put them on the walls to bring many wild scents.. Mushrooms and ground vegetables are just enough for their own consumption, and the rest are all given to the neighbors.     Another favorite place to go is Changdi. The water of the long dike is connected to the Hanjiang River and belongs to the tributary of the Yangtze River. The dike is about 28 meters high. The grass grows on the embankment and herds of cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere. Rows of willows on the bank dance to the wind, like poems and paintings, making people happy without thinking of Shu.     One day after breakfast, I drove four cows to the dike to graze with my mute grandfather. He took the job under his obligation to help those people who are hard-working and can’t afford to be busy.. When they reached the embankment, cattle and sheep were thrown along with the nature and allowed to eat grass freely, while cattle herders were mostly at ease in the shade.. Cows generally like to eat grass in the middle of the river bank, where few people set foot on it, so it is long and tender.     At that time, I watched many martial arts movies and always liked to dance with a wooden stick. I learned the martial arts expert in the movie to ” climb the eaves and walk the wall” on the high wall and dare to jump without blinking. If it weren’t for being seen by adults in time, they would have nearly broken their legs several times.     This time I want to try my hand again. The cow ate grass all the way across the street, and I chose a seemingly gentle cow to jump on its back while the dumb grandfather didn’t pay attention to it.. Raise your whip and start using it as a steed, hitting its belly with your feet like drums.. I couldn’t help shouting at the thought of the soaring ambition of longitudinal horse galloping. Horse, horse, run quickly! It only eats its grass and doesn’t listen to me at all. So I grabbed its hair with all my strength, beating and tearing it, and it never moved. Hate me to gnash my teeth. At this moment, the other side made a few long calls, and three bulls came running from ten feet away. The cow I rode looked at ran to them like crazy.. At a loss, he immediately grabbed some long bristles and did not respond. He heard the voice of an uncle on the dike like Wan Ma Benteng: ” Be careful.”! Be careful! ‘ finished, finished …’ I emptied and fell from the cow’s back in the’ finished, finished’ thrilling sound, then rolled many more and rolled to a flat slope before being able to stand still.. ‘ Yi Yi, alas, ah . ” Mute grandfather shouted, shouted and gesticulated at the top of his voice.. Pale, cloudy tears streaming down his eyes. Only feel pain unbearable, I passed out.     I don’t know how long I slept and woke up to find myself still there. In front of him stood the whole family, each with a painful expression and an infinite sense of glory.. Even if you break your leg, it’s worth it. My mother sobbed and said, Baby, if you have a short and long life, my mother doesn’t want to live.. I deliberately turned my face to one place and ignored any of them. Grandma kept on asking me whether it hurt, whether it hurt, whether it hurt or not.. I said, no pain. Force yourself to laugh at them. The more I laugh at my mother and grandma, the more I cry loudly, like a crybaby. Maybe mom couldn’t help it, so she ran downstairs with dad to secretly cry.     In the afternoon, my mother asked the mute grandfather to eat, but he did not. It’s like punishing yourself for doing something wrong. Late at night, my mother asked my dumb grandfather and grandparents to go home and rest, but my dumb grandfather couldn’t even pull it away.Pull him, he pointed to me and insisted on being with me. Mom and dad couldn’t. They brought a bowl of noodles from outside and asked him to eat them. He only drank a few saliva. He was sad and couldn’t eat them..     I slept on the bed, he sat on the stool beside the bed, going back and forth, getting up and looking at my legs on the splint, and then coming to see if I was asleep, swinging all night..     The doctor said that the problem was not serious, but luckily the child was easy to recover from his childhood. I’m afraid if he fell down at the height of an older person, he would not have died and would also have suffered a comminuted fracture..     The next day, my grandparents came to change their parents and went back to rest. Mom and dad asked grandpa dumb to go home together. he still pointed to me and refused to go. So he had to call the doctor to speak out to him personally, gesticulating that I was okay, and then he left safely..     Those days his fields had no intention of taking care of them, and he came to the hospital every day to send orchids collected on his mountain and feed his chicken soup for me with tears in his eyes.. It’s about six miles from home to the hospital. He was afraid of cold soup and did not have a thermos bottle. He wrapped the whole jar in a cotton-padded jacket and brought it up together..     It was his blessing that I could eat and drink. Happy smile on his face, pour a bit sour, see I want to cry.     A month later, I was discharged from the hospital and was able to jump around again. But he dared not take me out again. Sometimes he amuses children in the neighborhood and also gives them snacks and toys to play with. However, the adults in the neighbor’s family did not allow him to touch the children for fear that he would teach them to stutter. As long as you see him close to the children, high-handed immediately led the children away.     At that time, his eyes were glazed with disappointment.. Poor grandpa, can’t speak but can’t hurt others. Good grandpa, only thinking about others, never thinking about the prosperity of the world.     After graduating from primary school, my father moved to work. My parents and I were moved to another city. Grandpa and grandma still live in the country, and since then I have left the dumb grandpa for a long time.. I didn’t go to say goodbye to him when I left.     When I was eleven years old, snowflakes fell all over the sky. There was news of the dumb grandfather’s death. He was found dead for three days. For a long time, I fell into infinite guilt and pain.     For his love, I enjoyed it greedily since I was a child and never seriously thought about how to give back it. So that when I grew up, I didn’t have time to repay. Even the Spring Festival did not return home to see him once. I was rude to him. This is me. When I was a child, I vowed to be filial to him..     Snowflakes flooded him, and the world was cold to him. Even before he left, no one could come to his side and care for him and give him a drink of water. His bitterness, his loneliness, his love for the world are all his own.     Hometown is a dream, clear. And the protagonist of this dream is always him, mute grandpa.

Brother ( revised ) )

In the 20 years since my brother’s death, I always felt that he was by my side all the time and had never left me to walk through the tunnel with me..   It was a late autumn that I will never forget. Yellow leaves were falling everywhere in the cold autumn wind.. I was reading Chinese pinyin in the classroom of primary school, and my aunt who lives next door to my house suddenly appeared at the door of the classroom. She had a look of panic. She whispered something to the teacher, who stood on the platform and called me out. I walked out of the classroom under the focus of my classmates’ eyes and expected something important to happen from my aunt’s expression..   Aunt saw me and asked my brother what he ate this morning. I replied that I ate steamed bread, peanuts and eggs.. She told me sadly that her brother suffered a sudden abdominal pain in the morning and had been sent to a hospital in the city.. I was so shocked that I left school with her. Neighbors saw me asking about my brother, but I don’t know what happened to him. The old woman who believed in Christianity in the village told me that praying to God would turn the worst into the worst.. I sat with the old woman on the futon with my legs up and looked at the red cross and prayed silently, hoping God would bless my brother’s peace.   After praying, I waited at the village gate for my mother and brother to return. The black asphalt road at the entrance of the village winds like a poisonous snake towards a distance. Tricycles, tractors, cars and ticket cars continued to pass in front of me. When the sun went west, a white ticket car stopped at the village entrance and the mother got off with her brother in her arms.. I immediately met up and saw my mother’s face twitching and she started crying like a log.. I looked at my mother with trepidation and said, ” Mom, what’s wrong with my brother?”? ‘ My mother cried and told me that my brother had gone – gone forever! I looked at my brother and saw him with his eyes closed, his face black and his limbs limp. I felt a chill in his little hand. My brother was taken away by death! In the dim sunset, the mother slowly came home with her brother’s body in her arms. The whole village seemed frozen in the cold ice.   Later, I learned that my mother took her brother back from the morgue in the city hospital and took a ticket bus home. In order not to let drivers and passengers find out that she was carrying a corpse, she fought back sadness and did not cry all the way, like carrying a sleeping child.. She wailed when she got off the bus. The doctor said his brother died of pesticide poisoning. My father speculated that when winter wheat was planted in the field soon after the cold dew, he used pesticide to plant wheat to prevent rats and insects from stealing food.. The medicine bottle was thrown into the corner of the yard. It is likely that my brother came into contact with the medicine bottle.   In the dim light of night, uncle and uncle took his brother’s small coffin and buried him in a disorderly grave.. In this way, my brother disappeared in the world and melted into the deep earth.   In the shadow of sadness, the day still lives quietly. My brother’s peers in the village went to primary school and secondary school, and later got married in their twenties.. One day, the mother remembered her brother again, saying that if he was still alive, he would be in his twenties, and it was time to talk about marriage and marriage.. The mother remembered the innocent and ridiculous words her brother had said. My brother said he would become a pilot when he grew up and take our family to a fun place by plane. Speaking of which, my mother’s face gave me a smile, but tears fell all over the floor like a drizzle.   I will try my best to realize my brother’s unfulfilled dream. I can’t be a pilot, but I can buy a plane ticket for my family to go to a fun place. As soon as I put forward this idea, my father and mother refused on the spot. They said they didn’t want to go anywhere. If you have time, the family will have a reunion dinner together, or watch TV and chat together, which is happier than traveling to the north of the South China Sea..   Over the past 20 years, I have always felt that my younger brother has not left me. He is with me in this world. He and I grew up together, went through the storm together, and fulfilled our responsibilities to the family together.. He will also grow old with me in the future.

All the threads are sentient

[ Introduction ]A small courtyard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of’ getting the moon before the water floor’, picking off a few or three loofah and cleaning them after peeling them gently, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried eggs of loofah, or fried beans of loofah..       Today, while the soil was still wet, I took down a large old loofah hanging on the windowsill of the backyard, took out the loofah seeds inside, visually selected full seeds, mixed with a little compound fertilizer, and added a large shovel of chicken manure as base fertilizer, so I planted a dozen loofah seeds on the corner of the backyard.. As the saying goes, ” Before and after the Qingming Festival, grow melons and beans”. Think carefully. It’s not too late to grow melons today! Luffa does not have’ deep buckwheat cover, shallow wheat cover, and soybean only covers half of its face’. After the foundation fertilizer is laid, it is only necessary to cover a layer of soil gently, but when Luffa vines begin to climb, it is best to add a thick layer of fat soil around Luffa roots to ensure the nutrition of Luffa all season..     I remember planting loofah in the same place last year. When the temperature is right, the melon seeds will sprout in about seven or eight days after planting. Wait until a few real leaves grow to make sure that the seedlings can survive, then remove the excess seedlings and leave four or five plants, so as not to absorb too much proper nutrients and cause loofah to reduce production.! At this time, a proper amount of farm manure was poured on, and after a few days, the seedlings grew to a foot in the backyard.. Looking at the enchanting posture of the seedlings, quickly take out the bean rack ( batten or bamboo ) placed in the small attic in the first year, insert it into the soil from several inches away from the loofah seedlings, lean against the wall, and let the loofah seedlings climb up the top of the chicken ring along the bean rack. In July and August, when the heat hits the head, the loofah vines and big triangular or nearly circular leaves climbing on the roof are the central air conditioner for the natural cooling and heat prevention of the chicken ring. Lead a few melon seedlings along the other bean racks to the wooden rack net already prepared in the small yard. All summer, the lush towel gourd rack is a happy paradise for me and my son to have fun with. The flowers of loofah, though not as graceful and rich as peony, not as fragrant and fragrant as gardenia, and not as proud and respectable as wintersweet, can also attract butterflies among the greenery, making the yard full of vitality. ” The vines twine around the vines and tie up Qian Qian knot, and the flowers’ are the most true portrayal. In the hot season, at noon in the sun, under the melon rack, my son and I spread a mat on the ground and lay comfortably on it, counting the loofah, one root, two root and three root falling overhead… We don’t even know when to go to sleep. We don’t even feel surprised when my mother-in-law comes to pick loofah for dinner. In summer, loofah on the shelf witnessed my son and I sleeping in a state of embarrassment. In the evening, after taking a bath, the family basked in some toilet water to prevent mosquitoes and moved out of several chairs. The family grew up in a short family under the towel gourd rack and talked to their neighbors. Only when the room temperature in the family dropped did they return to their respective rooms to rest.. Song Dynasty Du Beishan’s participation in the singing of loofah ”’ Lonely hedge households entering the spring sound, not seeing the mountain face is also self – clearing. Days of rain and clear autumn grass grow, and loofah grows along the upper tile wall. The scenes of life related to loofah in the farm yard reflect the beautiful poems of the ancients, with scenery in the poems and scenery in the poems!     A small yard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of ” getting the moon before the water floor”, picking a few or three loofah and cleaning it after peeling, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried loofah eggs, or fried loofah beans, or fried loofah tomato egg soup, etc. farm dishes, though not comparable to the full banquet of Manchu and Han, are delicious, but can also demonstrate the noble character that farmers can create a better life through labor.. I’m proud to tell you: Luffa is a treasure all over the body and can be used for medicine. It has the effects of cooling, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, dredging channels, detoxifying and beautifying. Luffa contains B vitamins to prevent skin aging and vitamin C to whiten skin, which can protect skin and eliminate patches, making skin white and delicate. Luffa juice has a special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can beautify and wrinkle. Therefore, Luffa juice is called ” Beauty Water” and ladies who love beauty, so don’t miss such economical and practical food.! Women’s eating more loofah also helps to regulate menstruation. Luffa is rich in vitamin C, so it has anti-scurvy function and anti-virus and anti-allergy effects.. Women with irregular menstruation, tired body, cough due to phlegm and dyspnea, and puerperal milk shortage are recommended to eat loofah more, while those with weak body and cold inside and diarrhea are not recommended to eat more.. The old man in the family told me that using the old towel gourd beaten with frost, mashing it into paste, steaming it in a bowl over water, adding white sugar to eat it three times a day, and taking it for several consecutive years in the same season has obvious effects on patients with bronchitis and chronic cough.!     After 90 days, the towel gourd vines severely beaten by frost withered in the autumn wind, standing on a small square stool, picked off all the old towel gourd hanging, hung them on the windowsill in the backyard for natural cooling, and also prepared melon seeds for the coming year. Later on, the peeled reticular old watermelon pulp was used to wash dishes and farm houses to make happy housewives sing the theme of low-carbon life.! At the corner of the courtyard, planting a few loofah trees can really cope with your whims in the summer, whether you eat or use them! It is the favorite food of domestic pigs to cut off the lush melon leaves and cut up and cook the inedible loofah with a proper amount of rice bran.! There is a beautiful article praising loofah like this: ” The grass roots are the same as the spring and autumn period, and the natural and unrestrained feelings prevail over princes.”. Wandering around the small garden to find poetry and not compete with the rich and powerful. ‘ Luffa, wisps are sentient beings, wisps of Hui Wanjia!

A golden autumn gift

After the applause from the students, the son said to us, ” Mom and Dad.”! I’m sorry.! I lied to you today. In fact, I didn’t invite the guests from my classmates to accompany you, but I specifically invited the students to have a meal with you two.. Autumn August is the time when Dangui is fragrant and rice enters the warehouse.. After completing a semester of intense study in university, my son, who was studying in Beijing, went home in a scorching sun..     The son’s return home, especially as a stone thrown into the calm water, made the home a little quiet and monotonous for a period of time lively and active.. Half a year no see, son grow tall, also grow handsome. The wife drew her son to the front, looked left and right, asked this and that, and laughed too hard, not to mention how happy he was.. Later, after busy and busy, I went around the world, eating, buying clothes and using them, hoping to make my son enjoy all the comforts and happiness in the world.. Although I was also very happy in my heart, on the surface I did not show any emotion, but asked him with concern about his study and life in school and went out to do his own work.. To be honest, the intense work and frequent social parties have made me come home early and late. I have little time to spend with my son at home, not to mention talking with him, going out for a stroll and a play. I feel a little guilty at the thought of this..     One morning, when I was working outside, my cell phone rang and my son called, ” Dad! I’ll invite some classmates to dinner this evening. Would you please join my mother? ‘ I’m a little difficult because I have an appointment in the evening and want to have a party with a few friends. I said sorry, ” I’m sorry, son.”! I have something to do tonight. I really can’t accompany you. Would you please explain it to your classmates? No, Dad! My treat this evening is too important. You really can’t do it if you don’t come! ‘ hear me say something at night, he was in a hurry. I also thought in my heart, what can I do about it? My dad, you must give me a face tonight! I beg you, good bam? ‘ see me for half a day without reply, he almost cried at the other end of the phone.     My son is hospitable and friendly, and he has invited many guests from junior high school to senior high school and then to university, but he never asked us to accompany him, and he has never been more urgent than he is today.. I didn’t want to spoil his fun, let alone break his heart, so I agreed to him.     At four o’clock in the afternoon, my son called again, ” Dad! You must come! He is still not at ease, for fear that I will not be able to arrive on time due to my official duties.. I could feel it, and when I got another positive reply, he almost jumped up with excitement, ” You are really my good father.”! I know you won’t let me down! I am now in the western restaurant of the king of golden horn in Hou jiatang, waiting here for adults to arrive. I didn’t know until later that Jin Niujiao was a very popular restaurant near the Houjiatang overpass in Changsha. In order to occupy a good seat and order the dishes well, he went there two hours earlier..     After work, my wife and I came to Golden Horn. My son and several classmates were already waiting at the door. When they saw us coming, they greeted us warmly and led us into the dining hall..     At this time, the night has fallen, the elegant lobby of primitive simplicity is full of guests, all orange tablecloths and sofa cushions are particularly conspicuous, the soft lavender and bean yellow lights reflect each other, the pleasant light music fills the air, the beautiful and beautiful service ladies are smiling one by one, and the fairy-like elegant shuttle between the tables is really a good place for guests to eat.!     The table set by the son is in the middle of the restaurant, spacious and comfortable, and easy to get in and out. The table has already been prepared with bowls, chopsticks, teacups, spoons and napkins, and a row of red wine, beer, cola, milk and so on are all arranged next to it.. Goodfellas! It’s quite impressive! ‘ uncle sit down, please! Aunt, please sit down! The students greeted us warmly and politely at the main seat. My wife and I are both whispering! What’s going on? Today is my son’s treat, and my classmates have turned their attention to guests and honored us as guests of honor.?     Just then, I saw a gesture from my son, and I don’t know where a classmate came from.. His hands were holding a bouquet of lilies, roses, red palms, carnations and other precious flowers, and he came straight up and handed the flowers to his son.. The son took the bouquet and walked beside me and my wife. After making a deep bow, he gave the flower to us: ” Wish mom and dad love each other, grow old together for a hundred years, be healthy and have all the best.”!’ the students walked over to stand aside and clapped warmly.     My wife and I were both stunned by the sudden action of our son and his classmates and were at a loss at that time.     After the applause from the students, the son said to us, ” Mom and Dad.”! I’m sorry.! I lied to you today. In fact, I didn’t invite the guests from my classmates to accompany you, but I specifically invited the students to have a meal with you two.. ‘ this is how to return a responsibility? My wife, Zhang Er, and I are confused and confused..     ‘ I am 19 years old this year. My parents are me after a year of marriage. I think this year must be the 20th anniversary of your marriage.. I don’t know the exact date of your wedding anniversary, that is, the day when I may go to school in Beijing and not be with you.. He paused, looked at the students and went on to say, ” so today I invited some of my best students to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your marriage.”. Hearing this, my wife and I woke up like a dream. My heart was hot and my eyes were wet all of a sudden..     ‘ From my birth to kindergarten, primary school, middle school and college, you have raised me and taught me, with painstaking efforts, so that I can grow up. I thought for a long time and a long time before I came up with this way today to thank my parents for their kindness in raising me.. Speaking of which, my son took out two little red boxes from his body and handed them up. ” This gift is from the pocket money and living expenses you gave me. I don’t know if you are not satisfied with it, it is also my son’s respect and filial piety.. ‘ My wife and I took over the boxes and opened them. Inside each box stood a beautifully made and shiny platinum ring.     It suddenly dawned on us that the son took great pains to express his heartfelt love for his parents in order to be more emotional and characteristic, and set up such an unexpected, surprising and moving ” bureau” with meticulous planning and clever arrangement..     Looking at this precious gift from our son, looking at our son who seems to have grown tall and mature by accident, we were filled with tears and could not say a word for a long time.. Where is this only an expensive platinum ring? It is a pure and hot heart that our sensible son has dedicated to us.!


Father left me nearly 23 years ago. He left very young, only 39 years old, and died young.. Remember the year when my father died, I was only twelve years old, my brother was ten years old, and I was stunned. The pillar of my family was down, and my dearest person was gone. It was difficult for ordinary people to imagine and experience the state of pain, loneliness and sadness.. There is a song that sings well, saying that father is a mountain, father is a sea and father is a childhood support. When you are tired, he will let you cuddle with his strong arms. When you are sad, he will let you rise with a deep and caring voice.. Yes, fatherly love is ordinary and also great. When you have it, maybe you don’t feel anything, but when you lose it, you will deeply realize the greatness and preciousness of fatherly love.. Pushkin has a famous saying: I grew up standing on my father’s shoulder. He said that his father’s influence on him made every word he wrote exude fantasy and enthusiasm. In fact, many Pushkin’s literary works are full of hope and strength after reading their language style and article style..     My father was a genuine farmer. At that time, he did not read many books because of his many brothers and sisters and family financial difficulties, as if he had graduated from high school or junior high school.. In their generation, it seemed that my uncle had to study a little more, read junior high school for a few days, and then went to the army.. As for the other uncles, they only finished primary school, and so on. In 1962, the country was building three lines. In many parts of the five provinces and autonomous regions in southwest China, roads were built extensively, holes were dug deep, and construction enterprises were built in large numbers, so it was very common to hire people in the countryside..     I have heard my father say that there were still conditions for the country to recruit people in the countryside at that time, and it was not so tired as to go there. It mainly depends on two conditions. First, the family should have enough labor force.. If the shortage of family labor affects the work and construction of people’s communes and collectives, it is absolutely impossible. The second is to have a certain culture. If you are illiterate, I’m sorry, even if you have Li Yuanba’s strength, you can only stare at your eyes and blow your beard.. At that time, my father just met these two conditions, and in addition, my father had a character of daring to do things and entered the factory despite his parents’ dissuasion..     Later, I heard my mother-in-law say that she cried for three days for my father when he entered the factory, and all the tears ran dry, but my father-in-law was free and easy. It doesn’t matter. Go on, it’s not war, it won’t be so easy to die.. Ha ha, today’s young people must feel a little strange, isn’t it a good thing to enter the factory? How can dissuade and cry? I don’t know who is to blame. If it were in this year, it would be nothing, but the social background at that time was simply two concepts, which were not comparable to the current one.. At that time, the so-called entry into the factory was actually a coolie, digging a hole, shooting, bridging, laying a railway and so on, all of which were not life-threatening jobs. In addition to the technical level and construction conditions at that time, you think everything had to be carried by shoulder and shoulder, and people did not have enough to eat. Maybe it would really kill people…. Ha ha, you know….     In 1963, probably in October, my father went into the factory as scheduled. The first stop was Zunyi, the coal mining work. The specific address seemed to be near today’s Yaxi. After listening to what my father later said, that place, gee, was really a barren hill, where ghosts were killed and it was too remote. However, my father was still very excited and honest after his first arrival here, and he worked very hard and quickly. Before long, he was called monitor by the leaders.. At that time, the salary was very low, and there were 7. 5 yuan’s salary was also a very high treatment at that time. He did not sleep well for two days when he first received his salary, which shows the difficulties of material life at that time….. My father seemed to have worked in the coal plant for only one year, and was later called to the railway and took part in the construction of the Sichuan – Guizhou Railway,,, for about three months. My father officially joined the establishment of the China Construction Bureau and became a formal worker. His main task was to build a house by drilling holes and bridges. From then on, he went south to Guangdong in Hunan Province and north to Zhengzhou in Henan Province to travel all over Qian Shan, contributing his youth and blood to the construction of the four modernizations of the motherland…. Therefore, our generation must not forget the toil and sweat of our parents….     In 1981, my father returned to the local government from Guangdong’s China Construction Bureau. After many difficulties, he was entrusted with finding a relationship and going through the back door, and was eventually placed in Taiping Industrial and Commercial Institute, where he became an industrial and commercial cadre engaged in market management. He said he was a cadre, but he was not, according to the current saying, working for him. In fact, he was still a worker and just enjoyed the treatment of a cadre.. Although dad returned to work in a local area and became a public family envied by a famous person, the industrious gene did not disappear from him. after work, father still helped his mother in the field of shaba, what kind of corn, ploughing, threshing, etc. were also very hard.     My father often said to me that I have been away from home for many years. My family mainly depends on your mother and you. Now come back and help me do something. You should also not be lazy and do something more for the family….. Yes, my mother has been raising us at home for many years and doing farm work, but she is also very tired and hard – working.. If there are half of the military medals, then the mother’s half is heavy. There are feelings of thinking about husband, love of adopted son, hard sweat and bitterness of life……     When my father left us, my mother was still very young, about thirty-five years old. She could have remarried at that time, but she didn’t do it, not because she didn’t have the right person, but because she always had our brothers in her heart and cared about us, she knew that if she left us, we would be like rootless duckweed and drifting forever, like the lone geese in the sky and crying helplessly. That’s a sad thing…. So I am very grateful to my mother, who gave me life, gave me enterprising confidence and gave me the strength to rush out of the valley….

God, so to speak

As an atheist, it is inevitable to question the existence of God and hold several debates with theists in order to fundamentally subvert theists’ beliefs. However, when several debates are held, it will be found that the debate itself is not reasonable. Atheists cannot provide evidence of the existence of God to prove the absurdity of theists, nor can theists provide evidence of the existence of God to prove the atheists’ mistakes. As a result, the dog bites the dog’s mouth..     Can such a debate be concluded to be meaningless? Actually not. This debate at least shows that God is not a thing, not a specific thing, not a person, nor a hammer or a gun.. Atheists insist that God is not the concrete and objective existence mentioned above. This view, which should have been upheld by Christians, is now emphasized by atheists in their position of being atheists unintentionally.. This kind of situation is somewhat paradoxical, so a Christian theologian came out and said that a true atheist is a true Christian.. Most true atheists can understand what Christian theologians want to say, but most Christians don’t understand it. They can’t figure it out. What is the relationship between Christians and atheists.     We can turn to China’s cultural tradition to think about whether there is a relationship between Christians and atheists..     Generally speaking, there is no question of God in Chinese cultural tradition. This is not to say that there is no religious status in Chinese cultural tradition, no belief status, or no serious consideration of the ultimate issue. The Chinese cultural tradition is mainly composed of three Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian schools, and forms a relationship of complementary thoughts. It has really achieved that you only have me and I have you in me.. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism can all be religions, with their own objects of faith and belief systems. In their religion and belief, the Chinese ancestors, like the western ancestors, had their own thoughts on the ultimate issue, but they took a path of Chinese belief, which was different from that of the westerners..     The Chinese believe in heaven and Tao. So what is the purpose of the Chinese belief in heaven and Tao? The ancestors of the Chinese said their role was’ to transform everything, create everything, and make it popular’. Attending the regulations of ministers said: ” only the emperor god, who is willing to work with the people, if he has constancy, he will only succeed.”. Lao Tzu said, ” The way of heaven is that it still bows and turns.”? The higher the suppression, the lower the lift; Those who have the rest are damaged, and those who have the deficiency are mended.. The way of heaven is to make up for what is lost but not what is lost.. People’s way, otherwise, damage is not enough to serve the rest. And this heaven has its vivid side, that is,’ Tao is a thing, but drifted off. Drinked off Xi Huang Xi, among which there are elephants; In a daze, there are things in it. Xi Xi Ming Xi, including essence; The essence is very true, and there are letters in it. ‘ The Chinese God, Tao, Buddha and the Western God are the same and different places. In the same place, they are invisible beings, the motive force of the universe, the supreme and most precious, the creator or creator of all things in the universe, and the basis for the existence of human ethical values. The difference is that the Western God is more personified and has an independent status, thus the world becomes closed, ready-made and single – purpose. China’s heaven and Tao have no place, and are in between existence and non – existence, with endless changes.. ‘ on the contrary, the movement of the road; The weak, the use of the Tao”. The opposite of the opposite means repeated repetition. There is no ready-made person to use, no ready-made person to think about, and no ready-made person to rely on. The weakness of the weak is so weak that it can only be perceived and felt with intuition and confidence..     The old ancestors of the Chinese were born mystics. Their spiritual world was so open and free that they could not hold a conceptualized, objectified and authoritative God and a linear world planned by God.. It is for this reason that Marxism can not be produced in China, but only in the West and in a world like linearity..     However, culture should bring people closer to each other, not create opposition.     For atheists, in the face of western culture, especially the theism of Christianity and the almighty god of Christianity, we have to admit the fact that the core of western civilization is always inseparable from Christian belief, even the emergence of western humanism, Marxism and scientism.. Christianity believes in God’s wisdom, so it believes that our world is related to wisdom, planning and linearity. Therefore, human beings can prove the existence of God through understanding the world, and human beings can also actively transform and build the world and realize the idea of working with God through such actions..     What is particularly important is that Christianity has imported God as the active factor of love into Western civilization, which has enabled the entire Western civilization to have a love awareness, that is, a constant awareness of creativity and progress, when facing the world and the human being himself.. Love is giving, it is creating and renewing constantly, just like a pair of lovers who always hope to give a fresh self to each other in order to arouse more and stronger love.. We can call western civilization a civilization of love, although in fact, westerners often use duels to settle triangular relations between private individuals and wars to settle conflicts of interests between nations.. But even in a duel, or in a war, the westerners also have his incomparable magnanimity and grace..     Generally speaking, atheists don’t like only the God of religion, but they don’t dislike the God of culture, instead they feel very close and acceptable.. Some Christian theologians claim that true atheists are true Christians, and they can also understand that many atheists only exclude God from the religious sphere, but when they reach the cultural sphere, they are Christianized.. Especially when atheists ask theists to prove the existence of God, they resonate with real Christians.. Real Christians include Augustine, Martin Luther, Calvin, Wojtyla, Hans Kun and Rahsingh. They will not believe that God’s existence can be proved by human beings..     Saying that God does not exist actually means that God cannot exist as a specific thing – like a person, a hammer or a gun, but as an opportunity for me to understand the world, understand others, understand myself, and then respect the world, respect others, respect myself, and establish a good relationship with people, a symbol, sanctify life, refuse to blindly benefit from each other, and truly atheists can become true Christians..     Because of this, as an experience in life, God can be the goal that all people believe in and pursue..

Do your best

I rarely write such inspirational topics. Is my life really so unfortunate or have I added too many complaints for the sake of peace??     I have just started my job and live in complaints almost every day. It’s not good to complain about the leadership. Complain about low wages.     Why do I always try to measure everything by how much I want?     If I don’t have the heart to let myself eat a little loss? What about my boss? Is he willing to let himself suffer?     Even if the boss has many unreasonable demands, he often does wrong things. However, as his staff, should they still act according to their own principles?     As long as I do my best, I am not afraid of the boss not giving me such treatment. But what many people think is that if I do the job well, I still can’t get the treatment I deserve?     The successful person’s approach is to ignore the latter’s considerations directly. I did it first.     However, many people did not start to implement it and found an excuse for themselves to’ not work hard’.     I am one of many people.     A lot of truth, the in the mind all know, just understand and will never be the same thing.     If one day I try to do everything to the fullest.     If on that day, my boss still had many unreasonable demands and still did things that were not personal. So, I also have no complaints to complain about.     Because, I have learned the most precious thing.     The boss’s loss of me can only be his loss.     This is a realm.     Never before has there been such a strong desire to improve oneself and change oneself.     There is a small goal in my heart that first came into being.

Because of understanding, so funny

For a long time, I have been an introverted and inarticulate person.. But in recent years I have changed and become – in everyone’s words,’ more and more humorous and impressive’. It’s not an easy thing to have funny words, but I am moving from one extreme to the other. What has such magic power that it can completely change a person?   I think the magicians are two’ understand’.   I am a very simple person. Reading and working. Work and reading – this is my biggest hobby. I like to read some idle books at any time.   I am also a man of some experience. I was born 36 years ago in Huafa. It is worth telling people that I have taught books in several places. In the market town, in the valley, deep in the mountain . Ah, fortunately, I am in the town now. We are adjacent to a key middle school.   I had a long dream for a writer. My father cultivated my interest in reading. He is a primary school teacher and hopes for success. Under his strict supervision, I gradually developed the habit of reading idle books.   When I was 17 years old, I set the grand ideal of being a writer. It’s not that I’m polite to say it’s” grand”. It’s that I haven’t seen its shadow until now.. But anyway, because of habit, because of ideal, I finally read a lot of good books. Literature, history and philosophy have everything. I often have acquaintances and friends who look at my reading drive and then look at my gray hair with complex expressions and say, ” You study too hard … Ah, I didn’t become a writer, but I also ate by writing.”. A few years ago, I worked as a part-time SMS writer in a website and earned a little money. Over the years, I have been writing materials for school leaders from time to time in exchange for a lot of small drinks and care.   I’m more interesting now. I think this is the first’ know’: a lot of miscellaneous written knowledge.   This poem tells us that if we want to live well, we can’t understand as much as we can on paper.. Otherwise, there would be no famous ” talking on paper”. On the matter of humor, if only things on paper can succeed, there will be no ridiculous and despicable Kong Yiji in life.. Therefore, there must be a second ” understand” for real humor: live a real life and cry and laugh a real life..   As I said earlier, I have been to several places to attend classes and felt in heaven and hell.. Work aspect: Because of that big dream, I didn’t take less detours and less hardships. These experiences make me know more about real life and see more deeply. Shen Congwen said that one should read two books in one’s life: real books and social books. This is also the truth. The reason why Zhao Benshan became a ” sketch king” and a ” shenzhou laughing god” is that you can say it has nothing to do with his rough experiences in his early years.?! To paraphrase the old saying,’ You don’t know how to laugh without crying.”.   This is my humor tempered to remember.

Accompanying is also a kind of love

Today, I went to a parent-teacher meeting. First, I listened to a lecture. The lecture gave a good explanation on how parents educate their children in the second grade.. One of the things that makes me feel the most is the’ companionship is also a kind of love’, which is the first time I have heard such a thing, and I have never felt it before.. The speaker cited a parent who worked in a foreign country. He did not have much knowledge and it was impossible for him to instruct his children in their studies.. For a migrant worker like him, his monthly income of more than 1,000 yuan and his children’s study expenses of several thousand yuan a year are a huge expense to him, which is just a few thousand yuan for the rich is just the rain of Mao Mao.. If a child’s performance is not good enough and he is short of points in a good high school, the cost of choosing a school is tens of thousands. Such a large sum of money is astronomical for the migrant worker. He has no money but he has plenty of time, so every time a child does his homework, he sits next to his son with a newspaper.. In order to accompany his son to study, let him see that his parents care about him and that his excellent parents are willing to suffer and tire again..     For our children, it is not necessary for you to be familiar with the content of their study and to coach them, and most of our parents will not be able to coach their children’s lessons at this time. What should we do?? What we have to do is to be a person to accompany the child, urge the child to study, and let the child develop good study habits. The junior middle school stage is the most critical moment for habit and character development, and the child’s good study habits are more important than anything else.. The migrant worker gave so much, and the child was also very successful. Later, the child passed a good high school and went to a good university. Now the child has gone abroad to study abroad.. Up to now, he no longer needs parents’ hard work to earn money for him.     However, many of our parents take making money as the first important thing, which is also the idea of most of me and an indisputable fact in modern society: money is good for work, but money is hard to move without.. However, we have only one child, and to waste a child now is to waste a child’s life. It is said that he is not doing what he wants to do. As a parent, he is the best example of a child. If a child is doing his homework, and as a parent, he is watching TV freely there, he will see the child sitting there doing his homework. But do you know how efficient he will actually be?? It is likely that people are not in their hearts. Therefore, when a child is reading and doing his homework, being able to accompany the child silently as a parent will indeed have a remarkable effect.. Accompanying is also a kind of love. It is true.     Like between husband and wife, just don’t talk, can accompany together to do things so don’t feel very warm in my heart? The same is true of friends. When one day, you can feel that a friend is always with you, will you feel very warm?! This is also love. How can you say it is love when you need to be with you quietly?? In fact, only the existence of this strong love will be willing to accompany in silence, otherwise, who will be a fool? Of course, parents do not pay for their children in return. Just because my son comes back to live that night every week, as long as I am at home, I would rather not do anything to accompany my son. There is still time to accompany him now. After a few years, he will go to college. If he wants to accompany him, he won’t have a chance. Then he will come back once or twice a year and stay at home for a short time. The child is older and he has his own sky.. So while there is still a chance, it is also the responsibility of parents to accompany their children a lot.! Money can be earned later, but children can’t look back if they miss their growth.     When it comes to this, we also think of our elderly parents, who raised us when we were young, and how many people can actually accompany our parents when we are old enough to have their own family children? I wish I could go home often when I have free time. I don’t need you to do much important things for the elderly. I just need to accompany their lonely hearts and chat with them, just as I did in the regular songs..     Accompanying is also a kind of love. It really makes me feel quite deep when I hear this sentence. For the children’s future, let’s be busy again and take some time to accompany our children. For parents and elders no longer worry about us, they have time to care about the old people who accompany them at home..


Floret disposition is close to withdrawn. She doesn’t usually like to communicate with others. I like to be alone. Even when she was in the crowd, it was difficult for her to open the golden mouth. Just silently lowering her head, reading the books she likes to read, or doing what she likes to do. Sometimes, when others take the initiative to talk to her, she always likes to ignore her. The impression is that she is like an’ alien’, and it is very problematic to communicate with her.. Over time, the people around her gradually became her most familiar strangers.     On holidays, floret chose to ” house” herself at home, basically staying indoors. This weekend, Xiao Ping, Xiao Hua’s only close friend, came to her house and knocked at her closed door. Floret is still dressed in pajamas and her hair is disheveled. For a long time, she has been sitting beside the computer, immersed in the virtual world. The whole person is flagging, without the spirits that young girls should have.     Deng Xiaoping saw a friend like this, not some love dearly. As soon as she entered the room, she felt the air inside was dull and damp. She glanced around the room and saw several windows tightly closed. ‘ flower ah, why old closed the window. Open all the windows to let in fresh air. ‘ xiaoping said in a very sincere tone. Floret agreed. As a result, several windows were opened one by one. Instantly, with fresh air, it poured into the house. The wind blows on the face. The spirit of floret is one brace up.     Next, under Deng Xiaoping’s enthusiastic drive, Xiao Hua also opened a chatterbox. A pair of friends, happy. Later, Xiao Hua, driven by Deng Xiaoping, changed his former closed personality, completely integrated into the ocean of life and became one with the people around him..     Yes, opening the room window can promote the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Open the heart window, can promote the emotional communication between people. Opening windows frequently is undoubtedly a magic weapon for the health of the body and mind..