Everyone should have a prairie in his heart

[ Guide ]: Prairie is really a good place, broad, vast and peaceful. Prairie has led Xu Sanduo to an old answer and purified Maradona’s five classes. Prairie has also brought success back to itself, allowing people to re-examine him, recognize him and accept him.   My love for participating in the soldiers’ assault regulations began with my growth in that silly Xu Mumu. A silly, farcical, self-confident and ignorant three nerds with no common sense of getting along with others finally grew up to be a’ dead old one’ with tenacious consciousness.. A very handsome one’ dead old one’.   I agree with the existence of good people and the change of a person. However, if a person meets well-intentioned people everywhere, it is false. This can only be an idealistic thing. Xu Sanduo is a darling in the Republic.   Shi Jin is recognized as a kind man. As soon as he led the troops, he was drunk. As soon as he was drunk, he asked for Xu Sanduo, who was not a soldier’s material, and Xu Sanduo became a burden to him.. No matter how meaningful Xu Sanduo’s life on the grassland is, Xu Sanduo is still a glass man who drags everyone’s back in Qilian. People are disgusted, people want to kick, people want to scold, and people can’t see.. As such a loser, Shi Jin helped him, even allowing him to smash his hand with a sledgehammer to build his confidence..   561, the most despised Xu Sanduo, he hoped Xu Sanduo would disappear in Qilian. But he couldn’t help but give Xu Sanduo, a new recruit who won’t turn back, won’t kick forward, can’t stand up straight and almost leaks, a small stove.. Help that one on the chariot to get dizzy and vomit sparse inside Hua Xu Sanduo to practice abdominal girdling. Or did he ring the fuse of abstention when he was in critical condition, leaving Xu Sanduo free from encumbrance and guilt to rush to the jeep that marked the peak of infantry.   Didn’t Maradona help him? Maradona reminded Xu Sanduo that a dog should always think about the same lap as the other four dogs. Let Xu Sanduo understand the importance of clustering in collective life. The most admirable thing about Maradona is that he is not greedy for work. As soon as Maradona is greedy for work, Xu Sanduo will not be able to do anything but show it to the sheep dung egg shaped thing..   Xu Sanduo should have a good thank Yuan Lang. With Yuan Lang shooting speed and accuracy, Xu Sanduo should have smoked his ass long ago, and he could still hold Yuan Lang in a daze, dreaming. This is just Yuan Lang ( or Kang Honglei director ) ) gave him a chance to perform.   Also, there are not many comrades who help him fall in the midday sun, can they have his agility? Without the recognition of a silly soldier by the gray-haired colonel, can he walk out of the grassland? In short, it is only natural that a nerd, together with many well-intentioned people, completed a surprise attack by a silly soldier.. With this in mind, the balance of my feelings has tilted. I think the story of success is closer to reality, more human and human, and more worthy of thought. Sometimes when I look at it, I will sigh for success.   It can be said that success and Xu Sanduo’s success in Xinbinglian are a blank sheet of paper with no background or foundation. They are on the same starting line.. Just Xu Sanduo SiLiu don’t understand, silly. Success is shrewd and strong, knowing that attention is paid to human affairs accidents.   Success has an advantage over Xu Sanduo. Father is the length of a village. A country child who has not seen much of the world – success – grew up in such a family, and has been exposed to many people’s habits of waiting for things, seeing what people pass what cigarettes and what people say.. How can performance be promoted and how can there be hope. This made him a deputy in Xinbinglian. But this is also his biggest shortcoming. In order to be a sniper, he can abandon seven companies and run to three companies. In order to get into the old answer, he gave up the injured 561. In order to stay in the old answer, he did not prevent the promising 27th from taking over Yuan Lang.. He had no friendship with his comrades in arms, no love for the company, no sympathy for others, but he gave up fighting for fear in realistic exercises.. All he did was to achieve his own goals. As Yuan Lang said: No one dares to go to the battlefield with such people. Those who once liked him turned their backs. Those who value him are relatively cold – faced; When he walked out of the seven-company gate to the three-company gate, there was no comrade-in-arms except Xu Sanduo..   Success in the old A three-month training period, become the person with the least points. But success became the least popular person in old A because he gave up. Yuan Lang’s dialogue with success in the evaluation hall, I think, is a confrontation of two kinds of human nature. It not only shocked success, but also shocked many people, I think.. He is not only questioning success, but also questioning many souls in reality. Success under such questioning, ashamed to look back on their own way, many viewers also happen to be looking back at themselves. Yeah, did we care about others? Can we write down our friends who share weal and woe on the road we have travelled?Do we remember all our experiences, and can we write down the moments that touched us? Success acknowledged that he had forgotten and, in his own words, he could not remember every day. So he decided to go back to find what he had lost and find the branches and tendrils he had lost on the grassland..     Xu Sanduo’s good nature was hit, the meaning of life was questioned, and Xu Sanduo was preoccupied. Even the elders took him to the grassland where he was stationed..   The grassland that once made Xu Sanduo live a meaningful life, the grassland where the growing branches and tendrils are buried, growing up and his comrades are welcoming them in the afterglow of the sunset with a mighty military posture..   The old seven said that success changed, success changed five classes and grassland. Now Class Five has become the place where anyone wants to make a detour.   The shooting competition was going on in the night when the lights were shining. Success makes his former comrades sit up and take notice with precision and speed.. He shot the division scout camp with a bayi sniper step. Success also impressed Lao Qi with sincerity. Because he saw himself clearly and found himself with practical actions. Success” the heart is steady, the hand is steady.”. Success, ” go to his face”””’ people must get up to survive”” and convince themselves.     If I am moved by the significance of living well in Xu Sanduo, I am moved to find myself more alone in the desolate world.. Because success is far from Xu Sanduo’s luck. The leader of the class cut off a handful of grass for him. There is no old horse’s comfort; No encouragement from 561; No Yuan Lang expectations, no Gan Xiaoning, more no comrades in the class. The only person who becomes lonely is himself, only he walks blindly and alone. The front is black and bright, the road is wide and narrow, and no one has ever pointed it out to him.   And success is also one of the many in our colorful world. Walking in this world, everyone is a blind person, who is crossing the river by touching stones. So who all consciously or unconsciously is’ this one’. Didn’t we also try our best to climb the relationship? Aren’t we scared in the face of danger? Aren’t we remembering more personal gains and losses every day and gaining and losing every day?? Do we have close friends? Do we know we’ve lost it all the time? Have we ever looked for ourselves? No, no.   However, success has been achieved. Shi Jin said: ” Sometimes, I think everyone should have flowers in their hearts.”. At this time, I saw that the heart of success is full of fragrant flowers of the heart.. This flower is so bright and charming.   Prairie is really a good place, broad, vast and peaceful. Prairie has led Xu Sanduo to an old answer and purified Maradona’s five classes. Prairie has also brought success back to itself, allowing people to re-examine him, recognize him and accept him.   Everyone should have such a grassland in his heart, which is broad, beautiful and magical![ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]

During the operation

In a tug-of-war competition, I hurt my foot. According to the doctor’s request, I had only to do surgery and put steel plates on the bones, which made me go through an unforgettable operation process..     At 7 am that day, I’ got up’ to prepare for the operation.. At 7: 30, the nurses in the operating room came to pick me up, transferred me to the flat car and sent me to the operating room. When I entered the operating room gate, my family members were detained outside, with several small rooms inside, and I was pushed into one of them.. The two nurses began to prepare, took the liquid with me and waited for the anesthetist to come. I lay there quietly. I fell asleep because I got up early and didn’t sleep well at night.. In a short time, I woke up, still quietly around, with two nurses beside me without words, and the shadowless lamp overhead looking at me without a sound..     The noise of dryness began. Many people came in as if they were going into their respective operating rooms. Several more people came to my operating room, so I was transferred to the operating table again.. The anesthesiologist asked me to turn over to give an injection and inject anesthetic. As I was injured in my right leg, I had to turn right and let her have a needle in her back.     Wait for a while, the doctor came. After further preoperative preparation, I began to tie up my hands and hold my sight on a shelf.. They are on the other side. I can only feel the work they are doing. The anesthesiologist began to take anesthesia. The anesthesiologist asked me how I felt while he was giving anesthesia to me.. I answered her questions as I went to feel them, but the anesthetic always failed to see the effect. The anesthesiologist said, why can’t you be anesthetized, or else you’ll have to be anesthetized. She also discussed with the doctor that the needle was not well tied, so she turned me aside again, tied the needle again, and injected the anesthetic again.. At this moment, I don’t know whether the effect of the new injection of anesthetic or the original anesthetic played a role, and my lower body began to become numb..     I heard that I began to feel numb. The doctor began to busy and called for hemostasis. I felt that they were lifting my thigh and beating it with their hands, as if they were returning blood to my leg and tying it up with a tape.. I also felt that the doctor was using something to paddle on my lower leg, as if to determine the position of a knife.. At this point, I thought of the feeling I felt when cutting chicken legs and pig legs. I also drew a knife and took out the bones, which was also to take out the bones and repair them.. Due to the effect of anesthetic, my brain is always in a confused state. I want to sleep but seem to dare not sleep again … Ah, in a daze, only doctors and nurses talk and some instruments sound in my ears, and the feeling on my legs is basically gone.. For a moment, I felt that the doctor was beating the bone on my leg with something like a carpenter cutting wood.. I heard the doctor tell the nurse to bring two bags of bone meal, and the doctor also told me to bring an electric drill.. The sound of an electric drill sounded. I think it’s time to drill a nail in the hole, but I can’t feel whether the electric drill is drilling my leg or not because my leg is numb.. I heard the doctor call for a screw with arrowheads. After a while I heard the doctor say good, loosen the tourniquet. Then listen to the nurse counting all kinds of instruments and carrying out some post-operative affairs..     A nurse pushed a computer-like machine at the door of the operating room. The doctor went to see it for a while and then said yes. Therefore, the anesthesiologist installed an analgesic pump in my anesthetic injection to relieve my postoperative pain. After such a busy period of time, I was pushed back to the hospital at about 11 o’clock.

Different autumn

Since autumn, the weather has changed from cold to hot, rain or shine. In February and August, the street scene of disorderly dressing was staged again, and the temperature difference between the three seasons of the day made people have to consider every day: what kind of clothes to wear now is more appropriate? The longest autumn rain in September came down for two days at a time. It was rainy and wet, and the water was everywhere, causing a lot of inconvenience to passers-by who went out to handle affairs.. One morning in early October, I rode to the village to visit my mother after getting up early. When I arrived at the big downhill section of the suburb, I saw the fields on both sides foggy and white like a fairyland.. Smoke fog group frivolous at the height of 5 to 8 meters, to bleak poplar trees wrapped in a circle of soft and soothing white gauze belt. In the distance, a large area of reed forest has completely lost its graceful posture swaying from the previous green show. The reed forest is black and yellow, and the fluffy gray reed flower at the top looks old and dignified.. Yang Shulin’s green leaves changed from yellow and green to light yellow as autumn became thicker, then dark yellow … Ah, the trees are already covered with yellow leaves, and birds everywhere in the field are forbidden to sound.. The climbing tiger clump on the street wall of the small town quietly completed a magnificent big turn. The layers of dense leaves on the tree body of the climbing wall gradually change from green to red, and the colors are staggered, with crimson, pink, pink, pink, light red, light yellow and brown … ah, red with green, green with yellow … ah, the colors in the leaves are different, with different shades, complicated and colorful colors.. Some creepers have branches and leaves that are as red as fire, and look as bright as a torch, which makes people feel infuriated and scorching in their eyes.. Some colors are gorgeous and beautiful. It is surprising when autumn leaves have the splendid beauty of summer flowers.. Last night, autumn wind swept through the town, yellow leaves fell all over the street and pedestrians curled up in the middle of the road. A night of gentle breeze and drizzle continued to rain and rain in the morning, dripping with ideas and fluttering … ah, the flow of water and leaves fell, bringing waves of late autumn and clear cold. Looking back to the previous late autumn season, my father called me to help me collect chili pepper in a small rural courtyard.. The cabbage in the field is green and green, and winter storage can be harvested only when the leaves are wrapped in cold dew. We often have to work two or three days to clean up the red and blue peppers. At this time, the green loofah is not old and decays first. Pumpkin and wax gourd are full of fruit and bloated in physique.. Eggplant and cucumber are often left with a few undeveloped lonely fruits that have not yet been picked. The ground is full of clutter and crop stalks after a bumper harvest. Sometimes it’s clear and sunny, and we go to Yili River with our father for fun.. It is also a pleasure to take time to pick up some strange stones by the river, sometimes to be frightened for a moment by the grey hare jumping out of the reeds, or to find some flat round stones to float on the river surface.. Suddenly, the sun sets, mosquitoes dance among the grass, the sky is full of rosy clouds, the autumn sky is long, and the autumn scenery along the river is very quiet, boundless and lonely.. A few years ago, on an autumn day, the second brother came back from Beijing to visit relatives. His father’s old, withered and yellow face showed a long-lost smile.. On the evening of that day, unfortunately, there was a power failure in the countryside. We lit candles, fried several side dishes and tasted the Beijing Quanjude roast duck brought back by Second Brother in a special package.. Father was happy for a while and always had to drink a glass of old wine before he could enjoy himself.. Meditation on the past is like a dream in the clouds of spring flowers. Now my father has passed away for more than half a year. Yin and Yang have been separated for a long time, and the inner feelings and hidden pains are often intertwined with dreams and souls.. Before his death, East, West, North and South were busy, but he was still not sure that Sang Ma’s chance of meeting each other would be exhausted. Once he left suddenly, he was sad and his relatives died far away, and his heart was full of heartfelt words to whom he wished to speak.? The past autumn does not come back, the years are cool and ruthless, and the time is flowing and wandering. Busy often can’t remember the short and long days of the sun and the moon, and several times of sadness and joy in the dust. I also see the wind and leaves falling, the autumn rain sending cold, and the frost and morning mist circling … Ah, often remember whether it is late autumn and zero, road-side pavilion, and there are white-haired people in the countryside who hold the door and look forward to returning … Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Cook tea and listen to snow Zen life

The setting sun leans alone on the west tower, and the remote mountain faces the curtain hook. Do you think the flute player will still be sad tonight??   – phoenix tree heart rain alone in the western hills, listening to the water flow in the jade pool, laughing at right and wrong, and all grievances go with the wind.   – A wisp of clouds, smoke, jade pool, fairyland, enlightenment and meditation, Chi Pan lying on the stone horizontal pipe, fishing for peace of mind, raising a glass and inviting the moon to drink together.   – Wutong Xinyu – Ran Huiwu, life needs to blend in a bit of Zen. The Buddhist said: ” The reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things.”! It’s not so much that others annoy you, it’s more that you don’t have enough self – cultivation! ‘ Reading these Buddhist sayings, I have a lot of feelings in my heart!     The enlightenment was somewhat Zen, and the meditation was somewhat Zen. I felt a lot calmer.. In the world of thousands, all sentient beings, how noisy and somewhat multifarious, after experiencing changes in temperature and temperature, get a detachment that returns to nature and nature..     In the sound of wooden fish, I only wish to be a passer-by in the world of mortals.. Life is like a journey, the heart is a post station, time passes by, the days are plain, the past is easy to forget, the mountains depend on each other, talk with white clouds, be ordinary people in ordinary streets, and leave a indifferent heart to savor life in the bustling town..     If you open a flower in your heart, the world will be full of flowers. If your heart is broken, the world will be in a state of disrepair.. This world is actually created by our own heart, happiness and unhappiness. Let’s choose for ourselves!     Perhaps once unhappy, because want too much, because see oneself too heavy, let go of oneself, let go of everything, be happy as you please, will suddenly realize the peace of mind. At this moment, feel with your heart the joy of being with the wind, with the clouds, with the sunshine, and with the air.!

Cherish the real life

Walking in the fields after the rain, some people feel the fresh air after the rain, while others stare at the mud on the road. Looking at the mirror, what some people see is brightening up, and what others see is sadness..   Life is a stage. On this stage, everyone is a director and can direct tragicomedy. To set foot on the stage of life, we must cherish the real life. Especially young people who are hot – blooded, ” advised you not to cherish gold and ornamental designs, and urged you not to wait for the flowers to fold when they are young.”.     On the stage of life, the important task is to learn. Only by studying can one’s heart never fail, never be lonely and never regret it. Astronomical geography, human affairs and so on can all be learned. The choice of subjects, determined to persevere and persistent, will lead to great achievements. The drop of water is enough to wear the stone, and every day’s hard study, even if only reading a good book and learning a little skill, will be the foundation of success tomorrow as long as they persist.. All efforts, all bit by bit of study and hard work, the result extracted will be hit the floor, and will become the ” fruit of success” admired by all..     On the stage of life, learn to dominate yourself. To dominate oneself is not to lose your head in good times or adversity, but to rush toward the goal you have set for yourself.. One of the most important things in one’s life is to define one’s own identity and position, to know what one wants most in one’s heart, to take care of important things within one’s share, and not to waste a great deal of time and energy trying to control things that one does not have or has little to do with one’s own.. If you want to dominate yourself, you must enlarge your heart and let everything in the world. Virtual heart, love the goodness of the world; Calm down and talk about the world. Hidden heart, view the principle of the world; Set your heart and respond to changes in the world.     In this stage of life, one must be confident. To put it bluntly, don’t get stuck with yourself, and believe in yourself. Self – confidence is a good thing. Most people like to be with confident people. Self – confident leaders don’t like only Nuo Nuo’s subordinates, because such subordinates can’t provide different ideas. On the other hand, his favorite leader is a confident leader, because he doesn’t need to be fierce to maintain his authority. Self – confidence can help us live high and realize ourselves. While being confident, don’t think of yourself too wisely. ‘ wood show in windson will destroy it, and it will not be better than people’s.”. Even if a person is clever, he or she should also pay attention to controlling himself or herself, and doing things in a low-key manner is the way to ” preserve our sanity.”.     On this stage of life, do not’ regret and worry’. If you regret blindly, you will feel depressed or unhappy because of some of your words and deeds, and you will lose a lot of valuable time.. The waste of time is the greatest waste, and the intangible waste of time is the waste of life. We should learn to get rid of unhappiness, to choose everything we have, to eliminate our own diseases, to avoid inertia, and especially to get rid of the old self.. The past should be forgotten. Losing the old chains will make you better develop and make your life more realistic and rich.. Accept an imperfect self. Self – contained people can look at themselves realistically and understand and look at others correctly, so that there will be no weaknesses such as arrogance, aloofness, recklessness and rashness that lead to failure..     On the stage of life, be kind to failure. Being kind to failure is the greatest contempt for failure. From a personal point of view, failure itself is not terrible. What is terrible is that there are people who vent their dissatisfaction with failure. Failure is also a fascinating thing if the rage and abuse of these people are removed and the by-products of failure are eliminated.. If you can’t stand the blow of failure, once you fall, it will be forever failure. The glory of life lies not in eternal failure but in repeated setbacks and rises. As long as you stand up, you will have more chances of success than if you fall down.. Be sure to remember, ” suffering is the best university in life.”. It is not leisure but hard work that makes great men. Not in prosperity, but in hardship; Perhaps at any stage of life, if you want to succeed, you must first face and overcome many difficulties.     On this stage of life, ” desire” should not be excessive. Too much desire is the chain of life. What is desire? Desire is passion, passion and storm. When a person is controlled by desire, he will have sex and will do things that he can’t do at ordinary times.. And better control and control of one’s own desires will not become slaves of desire, but masters of desire.. Reality shows that many frustrations in life are due to you not getting what you want. As a matter of fact, we worked so hard to rush about and work so hard that the end result was not only the land where our bodies were buried? Aesop said well, many people want more things, but they have lost what they have now.. This is the best interpretation of the principle of ” more gain than loss”. We must give up the insatiable mentality.Because there is no absolute good or bad thing in the world, only how do you choose to face things. If you look at everything with a ” profit” mentality, sometimes the so-called good you do is also a bad thing.. Because good work cannot be demanding in return.     On the stage of life, smile and be happy. Smile is God’s patent, and smile is a profound body language. Reality tells us that in life, people who smile most are welcome everywhere they go. But why do some friends want to laugh and not laugh? This actually depends on your attitude to life. As an example, you have half a glass of water on your desk. Do you see half a glass of water or half a cup?? Also, some people rejoice in the beautiful nature, while others worry about weeds and pests. Walking in the fields after the rain, some people feel the fresh air after the rain, while others stare at the mud on the road. Looking at the mirror, what some people see is brightening up, and what others see is sadness.. After taking the former residence, people will always be happy and smile.     On the stage of life, accept new things. The stage of life is not a fixed pattern, it is the same as all things, developing and changing all the time.. Therefore, it is necessary to allow changes, actively think about new prospects and other life paths, and explore areas of work that people have not yet developed. Practice has proved that human function is fully capable of accepting new ideas and changes in the growth process, and is more mature in intelligence.     On the stage of life, we should give people’ goodwill’. Everyone hopes to succeed, realize his life value and social value, and be recognized by others and society.. This desire is a normal and beneficial desire for everyone. How to do it? All successful people are good at displaying their talents in a timely and appropriate manner. No matter on what occasion, he always makes a good impression by virtue of his professional knowledge, social knowledge and outstanding performance in speech and behavior in social contacts. Therefore, it is very necessary to publicize one’s own advantages and strengths, show one’s strength, and actively show one’s affection for others. Second, be modest. ” boast” and ” conceit” annoy people. remember that you can’t be ignorant of the fact that they are too small to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big to be too big. Again, don’t belittle yourself. Don’t always ask for forgiveness, and don’t worry about being said to be arrogant or self – abased.. Let people believe that you are capable and talented. You are firm and vigorous. In this way, others will support and love you more and praise and support you more..

Bitter mother

[ Editor’s Note ]As soon as spring begins each year, the grass in the field only needs one outcrop. If there is another drizzling rain in three to five days, the grass will rub up and grow. As a result, two or three light green wild vegetables also burst out of the mouth. First peeking at the world’s wild vegetables, it should be said to belong to the wild vegetables bitter mother son. This article expresses its gratitude to Ku Ma Zi. Because he can not only satisfy his appetite, but also has medicinal value.     As soon as spring begins each year, the grass in the field only needs a outcrop. If it rains again in three to five days, the grass will rub up and grow.. As a result, two or three light green wild vegetables also burst out of the mouth. First peeking at the world’s wild vegetables, it should be said to belong to the wild vegetables bitter mother son most. When Ku Ma Zi grew four or five leaves, they began to sell in the market. The edible wild vegetables such as Qu Cai, bitter butterfly, shepherd’s purse, dandelion and Luo Ling are still dreaming of spring under the thick quilt. Those bitter mothers who washed clean and watery held their arms in the basin.. The newly listed bitter mother bought a small bowl for one dollar, although it was expensive, but many people bought it.. According to the regulations of the Compendium of Materia Medica, Ku Ma Zi can clear away heat and fire, and has therapeutic effect on pharyngitis and intestinal diseases.. The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also said that people who smoke especially can detoxify after eating bitter mother’s son.. In addition, Ku Ma Zi also has the function of improving eyesight. I said Ku Ma Zi is a wild vegetable with small yellow flowers picked by her sister on the side of the road in the regulations of participating in the movie Ku Cai Hua.. As a result, Juanzi’s sister was crushed by the coach of Wang Jian’s family before she was picked up..     After cleaning the dug bitter mother, she squeezed a leaf, soaked a stream of white milk and chewed it in her mouth with a faint bitter taste.. When I was young, I heard adults say that bitter mothers can detoxify. However, when I was a child, I sarcastically pointed out that Ma Zi was not for detoxification, but to appease hunger.. A few years ago, I wrote a poem about the regulations of digging wild vegetables, which truly reflected the people’s hunger and suffering in that era. The poem reads as follows: ” When I entered Yuan Ye in April, I saw small green flowers blooming in the eyes people expected on the wet land.”. At the corner of fields, fields and seasons, people dig wild vegetables and turn over the fields in April, making wild vegetables lively for a season. In those days, wild vegetables replaced grain, and the thin basket of vegetables was like a large dried lotus flower that filled the fields.. The women on this slope should shout green, while the women on that slope should shout green. All they shout are baby names. In those days, all those who dug wild vegetables were mothers, and those who did not stand up straight in the fields were also mothers. All the mothers in the world took the fields as their homes, and the mothers went through the doors of the fields.. Later, many mothers became guests in the fields, and wild vegetables became our closest relatives.. Now the fields are full of stories again, and the watery wild vegetables reflect the mothers when they dig vegetables.. Now, I really want to go to the fields to get to know the wild vegetables again. I want to go to the fields to see the mothers buried in the fields. One spring, I went to the field to dig wild vegetables. I suddenly fell to my knees crying before the field. I was faced with a piece of green wild vegetables and I knocked three heads. I cried out, potherb, potherb in the afterlife, I also turned into a potherb in the afterlife, and you are my mother” in the afterlife. After the poem was written, it was published in several newspapers and magazines, wetting not only many pages but also the eyes of many people who grew up eating wild vegetables.. Many friends said the poem was good, but I didn’t think it was so good. I just wrote out my nostalgia for wild vegetables and my feelings for relatives.. Every year in the spring, as long as the wild vegetables break the ground, my feelings will burst into a mouth. So, on the weekend, I went to the suburbs to dig some wild vegetables. Go home, clean and wash it, soak it in water, grab a bowl at the time of eating, then put some of your own sour sauce, dip it in and eat it with a special flavor.. The sweet and sour taste with bitter taste is refreshing and appetizing. Drinking with it is the best side dish.     This year I started eating wild vegetables from the bottom. Some were dug by myself and some were sent by my neighbor’s aunt and uncle.. I always have potherb dipped in sauce when I eat at work at noon.. As a result, they often attract many drinkers. And a painter in my office, quan zhong, drank at least half a catty of wine every day as long as he had a bitter mother dipped in sauce.. Brother Quan Zhong is 57 years old this year and has been drinking wine for decades. He said that eating potherb dipped in sauce is the best wine.. Before he had enteritis, he ate rice and drank wine at noon and must have diarrhea in the afternoon. Since eating my sour sauce dipped in wild vegetables this year, he said his stomach is not hurting. It turns out that not only the bitter mother can detoxify the fire, but the sour sauce also helps digestion and appetizing.     When I first took the sour sauce this year, my friends and friends from the unit came with wine at noon when they saw the potherb bitter mother soaked in my basin..At noon that day, the six of us drank four bottles of sixty-two degrees of Hengshui old white work. Hengshui has a high degree of white dryness, and when the wine flows down from the throat, it seems like a small fireball is rolling down. The whole esophagus is warm. Then put a wick potherb bitter mother dipped in sour sauce and chewed it in her mouth, swallowing it like pouring a gourd ladle of cold water on the fire, and immediately the heat in her stomach was gone. While we were drinking, some people began to blow up the cow force while eating wild vegetables. Some people say, consider carefully what people have been doing all their lives, as long as there are brothers and sisters together to drink a little wine every day, it is much easier to say something happy than to make money for officials.. Some people, in order to be a small official, like a mouse, have drilled holes and racked their brains to worry about their achievements.. And those nouveau riche who are slaves to money, have some smelly money, either gambling or whoring, and scatter all those tickets stained with the stench of copper and the most wonderful part of life on dirty casinos and women who smell like foxes.. I said, how happy it is for the elder brothers to get together every day, whether they are officials or brothers, to drink a little wine. As ordinary people, it is the most satisfying pursuit of happiness to reach such a level every day.!     When drinking, people always pull the topic away. In fact, it’s no use saying anything else. Let’s talk about potherb bitter mother. I always believe what the old people say, potherb bitter mother can detoxify and destroy the fire.. Eating it can also find the essence and simplicity of human beings.[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]

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[ editor’s note ]catkin elder sister, in fact, you have never left this home in our hearts. you have to leave temporarily because of the change of work. we also know the helplessness. after all, the time and energy spent by the editorial department is not what ordinary people can imagine, especially a good editor who is so serious and responsible as you are.. This reminds me of the busy and full days and nights I spent in the online haunting of prose. I really feel a lot about it.! Catkin elder sister, remember: the door of your home is always open for you, and you are more expected to return to the’ back garden’ and continue to work with everyone to build a better home.!   I don’t know whether this is home or not, and I have been away from prose online for several years. I remember when I first established this website, I buried myself in this world every day because of my love, for three years, because some changes in work and life had to leave prose online.. But today I unknowingly walked into this home that once took most of my time and energy, and my mood was also very complicated..     I’m glad my name is still on the web page, but I forgot my password when I entered again, and applied for another one again. I entered the ancient self as a tourist, with scattered words in the space, which made me feel a little cold.. I haven’t started writing for a long time. Some friends said: Your pen should be rusted. Actually, my mind is really rusted..     Some familiar faces, more new faces, still flickered on the front page. After browsing line by line, I feel like I’ve returned to my family, but there are many members in my family, many of whom I don’t know, so I can’t help feeling a little lonely in my heart..     I think I am really attached to this place. After all, it has also given a good time and filled many gaps in my memory. It has also made me know many friends and grow up myself..     Home is a place where wounds and masks can be stripped off, a place where you can be isolated from the world, a place where you can miss no matter how long you leave, a feeling that makes it difficult for you to give up. I am in this mood, so I am back to’ home’.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

As time goes by, the memory of you is still the same as yesterday

The breeze slowly, the light autumn is cool, the bright moon is like water, and the stars and moons in the sky whisper softly. The light moonlight reflects my dusty memory. My mind is like a cool breeze, and it often falls into my heart’s throes.. Time is like an hourglass. Half of the time between the fingers turned around and went on living yesterday.. The bright moon woke up my long-stranded past. I am doomed to have an affair with loneliness. Looking at the fragmentary time, I walked slowly to September, with a cool breeze flowing through my brow in light autumn. Youth is like trees swaying in the wind, and the outline of the circle records all my tracks of growth, leaving a string of mournful memories in the long river of my memory.!     The long years, all kinds of experiences, things are hard to predict, through duckweed all the way, quietly forgotten in the depths of memory. Scenes of fleeting past events fill my troubled dreams today. The memory is still full of your figure, and the deepest part of your heart still deeply treasures you. The meeting of my life and the gaze of my life have polished the beauty of the meeting with you with the most pious and clever words.. I’ve been putting you in the softest position in my heart. Looking back on the minute and minute when you were with me, happiness still remains, and happiness still remains. You are the warmth of my life, and you are the stumbling block that I cannot leave behind in this life.!     The sky is high and the clouds are light, the autumn is high and the air is cool, the thoughts are rippling, and the feelings are lingering in the memory of the past.. In the autumn wind of September, Xiao Suo was desolate and winding with lonely steps, hurrying towards me. My waking memory lingered in the desolate hubbub of noise, sniffing gently in the fragrance of a bunch of flowers, pushing open the cold window, listening to the scars of falling leaves, dancing alone wild geese in the day and wind of game, quiet and beautiful Yamashita, with long eyes and sky, throwing in the night to see the melancholy color of the sky, listening to the sound of heartbreak, only I quietly pondered and flying these helpless thoughts.! Let these messy thoughts wander in the night sky!     In my life journey, I met many people, all of whom can make me feel happy and happy. Some people will walk side by side with me to witness the ebb and flow of the tide. Some people just get along with me for a short time. As time goes by, some people will leave me when I go to Qiu Lai in summer, some will appear in another summer, and some will accompany me for many seasons.. But what makes me feel happy most is that those who have lost their faces but have not gone away are still nourishing my roots with joy.. That’s the memory of the beautiful dots and dots you left when you met me.!     Life is like a dream, memory is like a song. In the world of thousands, the world of mortals is rolling in. Year after year of ups and downs, how many smiles, how many sorrows, many people and things have gone to the east with the flow of the river over time. However, my association with you is like a vintage bouquet that fills the heart and lungs.. Only by predestination can we meet, and only by heart can we know each other. The fate is that you and I can meet each other, get together, know each other, understand each other and approach each other in the crowd.. It can be said that it is a lucky thing that you and I can meet each other again in different life paths and in different experiences in the heart sea during the busy and separated life journey. The fate is not always there. You and I should cherish this hard-won fate.!     Today, I went through those pale flyleaf pages again and looked back. Perhaps, after the experience in the world, I realized the beauty of aftertaste.. Therefore, I have to admit that when happiness passes by, it will gradually smell sadness. Happiness is something that cannot be expected too much, just like hazy meaning, because the more happiness, the more hurt it will feel.! I like to be quiet. I don’t do anything when I’m still, just staring blankly. I don’t want to do anything when I’m stunned. It’s just a blank, empty eyes, just looking and looking! Time is flowing forward quietly, and the surging tide of emotion is crowding back. Memories lurking in the depths of the soul, accompanied by melancholy, are aroused by the wind, although the song is short and the dream is long!     Every time I look back or queue up, when the season comes round, my mood will inevitably be sad with the situation, whether it be the helplessness in real life or the sadness of feeling and moaning without illness, it is no longer the theme song of my age at this time, but I can only listen to sad music and indulge in the silence of the old time in this season, thus involuntarily feeling pain and nostalgia.! Sitting in this quiet and beautiful Yamashita, all the quicksand of memory, those lost years, took away my dust. Look closely at the clouds in the sky and let the flowing water wash down humbly. Looking back on yesterday’s past, let tears condense into worries. Can’t stand the passage of time, can’t escape the unforgettable memory, fireworks and rain lanes, whose thoughts are hurt? Who can understand my helplessness and heartbreak at this time?     Close your eyes and meditate. My thoughts bring me back to my former memory, pieces of pure green. It was in my memory, a very distant memory, a quiet, quiet, quiet distance. Without the hustle and bustle of the city in the daytime and the enchantment of the city in the evening, it is only the tranquil quietness of the peasant family.. There was once you in the silence, and the innocent children were carefree. The children played and played innocently, and laughter like a bell spread through the mountain village of Shan Ye.. In the hearts of rural children, there is no computer game that the urban children are fascinated with, and no utilitarian psychology that the urban children gradually become strong.. The only thing I can tell my mother is how fun and exciting the game of jumping rope in check is how happy I am when I am holding a rag doll made by my grandmother.!     In my memory, the old land stretches like endless mountains. Occasionally flying birds that are familiar but strange across the sky; A gust of wind blowing, rice seedlings swaying green leaves rustling, so beautiful and so clever, as if they were near at hand, but far away from me, really far away, so far that only in memory can we sort out its clue. Today, I meditate on the past, but I remember it vividly! Spiral!I have sought the true meaning of my life in such a desolate and hopeless situation.! In those helpless years, I was glad to have a versatile you to accompany me, perhaps, you, let me clear away the once somewhat desolate meaning.! Without your company, I really didn’t know how to spend the most desolate years of my life!     It was you who added colorful music to my once hopeless life, making my life memory more beautiful from now on.. You in my memory often say intimate words in my ear, so that I will be immersed in beautiful warmth from now on.. The fragrance of you in my memory is incomparable. You are the beautiful flower. How willing I am to revel in your fresh breath. The memory of you, you are the trickling brook, how willing I am to listen to your whispering. You are the bright sunshine, how willing I am to bathe in your bright warmth. Today’s beautiful memory still seeps into my heart and spleen. I will always remember you, because you have been dissolved in my life. Beautiful memories, ecstatic. I will hold you in my palm, treasure you in my heart and settle in the long river of my life!     You’re like a fork in my heart. After such a long time, incredibly still clearly retained. Once thought that those buried in the bottom of my heart will be forgotten by me forever with the passage of time, but only you can neither mention nor think about it, and there the inflated heart is full of blows and mountains everywhere.. Your reappearance today brings me to all the past that I can remember, the light existence, the light miss. Your appearance is like a sea of mountains and peaks, suddenly, I can’t restrain my recollection of the past.. But I haven’t savored the splendor you gave me yet, and you suddenly disappeared without any trace. It seems that your appearance is just an illusory mirage.!     I was once innocent, I called countless times, I searched thousands of times, I waited indefinitely, I was helpless, I was drunk night after night, I did not want to live in pain, I was unforgettable, I was divided into yin and yang in that sunset like blood, and I became a dream that can never be surmounted, and I have no hope of reliving it.. I thought I could only meet in my dream. I thought everything was going with the water. I thought you were just a painting of ink painting in my mind, enjoying it quietly and watching it from a distance, like the fantastic scenery in my dream, illusory and ethereal, but willing to revel in it.. But I didn’t want the original life to have a regression line. I thought darkness was hanging over the world in this way, only to think that a ray of morning light was passing through the horizon at this time, giving me infinite hope and expectation.! This is not the case. You broke into my peaceful life again!     Once upon a time, I let my inner loneliness meet my soul.. Like this lonely quiet, let the scattered thoughts wander freely in the ethereal coffee aroma, follow the edge of the dream, and reappear the trace of your heart in the drizzle in your own world, and you in the dream will enter my world as usual.. No more sighing, I promise to give myself the firmest persistence in my life. By writing the feelings of the moment, the diary of life clearly and profoundly records the most real you and me. Pursuing past lives’s dream, even if it hurts, it can be regretless. Once upon a time, the company will always be the most beautiful dream for you and me!     I vaguely remember the warmth that you and I used to be together, the scenery that was fixed every day outside the window, the laughter like a wind bell, and the eternal topic. And you and I went to the countryside when we competed and rode bicycles together, and gave the children laughter in class.. I am a competitive character. I have not been slowed down by the speed of your bike ride. The smiling face that everyone fixed together in the drizzle that day, I will always hide well in the drawer, occasionally reading in solitude, those sour, sweet, bitter and spicy memories and happy smiles, bit by bit, belong to the silly conventions and secrets of you and me. Memories are like stars that never count in the night, and never let me forget them with time.. When the first light of dawn shines repeatedly, I should try to learn to put aside the past. I know that one day, I will know the news about you, and I know that you and my once – brilliant innocence will eventually be far away. My heart is like a small ripple on the lake, which is my turbulent palpitation for you.!     At this time, I gently combed the messy mood and did not dare to surprise the flood of surging emotions in my heart.. Tonight, the rain patters and the night wind rattles the wind chimes at the eaves of the years.. The street lamp smiled in the drizzle, laughing at me for being so silly and laughing at me for being so stupid. And I, still stubbornly walking on the road I chose, ended up unhappy in the end. A glittering and translucent tears, delimit eyes corner, disappeared in the boundless darkness. The breeze caressed the face and the fruit was fragrant, and the heart was as strong as yesterday. The great wind and rain called for the old dream, and the light ink sent a little longing for love.. A note of plain paper engraved with the words of your broken heart. The tight frown, accompanied by tears of stars, became the deepest, most beautiful and deepest memory in my heart.!     On a mournful night, I listened to the sad music alone in a daze. Quietly watching the rain dancing outside the window is like watching a group of lonely souls do the final dance. The night rain that bewitched, those who want to hide forgotten feelings in the dust that wavered. So he wrote again and knocked on the keyboard to indulge his long-suppressed and unforgettable memory.. Tap the keyboard and write a book to record the dribs and drabs you and I used to have. When everything yesterday became a fragment of memory, those drops also turned into whispers in the wind. Heart is like a dying pupa, although it can’t give up the spring flowers, it can never break the cocoon and become a butterfly! In the years that once flooded; In an age of emptiness and impetuosity, material desires are beating the soul, advocating the trend, gloomy language and pale emotion. If the world of mortals dreams, dreams are like peach blossoms. The whole city is a beautiful picture scroll.Years have gone by without trace, how much flashiness I have lost and how much youth I have lost.!     The rain fell silent, the clouds and clouds were sparse, and the wind was blowing away from people.. In the middle of the night, the fingers drop not only in fleeting time, but also in endless melancholy.. The brush of time smears those traces that do not want to be forgotten. With you in this life, all my troubles are reflected in those fragments of memory. Just because of the heart throb, you and I will stop the autumn waters in the world of mortals. Wild night flowers, Ying Ying bead tears, dense mist dark purple stranger. The mark of missing condensed in my brow and gradually dropped on the keyboard! I will not grow old if I fall into you gently! Years are still like songs, years are always like dreams, and they are used to parking in solitude, picking up those left behind, with a little sadness and counting the past and old dreams.. Shaoshi’s youth, writing the story out of words, wandered around the bustling city, quietly waiting for the dawn!     In the deep night, fantasy and recollection alternated, interwoven on the edge of dream and reality, singing a song with a hundred turns and a thousand turns, which is my deep attachment to the past and blooms in this beautiful scenery.. Falling leaves know autumn, friendship is like wine, autumn wind rustles, fluttering dust-laden past; Fine silk rain, falling in the lonely heart. Bursts and drops, following the feelings, slid down my flowing long hair into my warm and wet memory.. There is no station in life. Passed by, passed by, experienced, will understand, feel more profound. The unforgettable dream of youth and youth, my biased personality, missed many beautiful scenery in my life. At this point, I have entered middle age and can only look and find, standing on the other side of happiness, looking at beauty and recalling the past like smoke!     Vaguely old dream, blurred past, tender heart, heart like tide, feeling like a lone boat, I will gradually sail in the sea of the world of mortals. The wind can’t blow away the pain in my memory, the pupil, which embodies my nostalgia for thousands of years. All that is remembered can only wither away in tears. The mottled memory, with the aging of time, left behind numerous sighs and lingered lightly in the bottom of my heart, unwilling to disperse.. Thunder roared, lightning was like neon, and I pieced together messy memories in the dark. Autumn winds dance, drizzle patters, a lonely heart breaks this cold autumn! Weave up the old dream that dreams around, but also can’t escape the lonely road. Missing is doomed to be stranded into a sad sea tonight. The tears in the years left so many thoughts, pushing the back of yesterday away.. The past is like a veil, gently shaking. The old dream is like a mirror, but it cannot be fulfilled. Between the floating clouds, the past has slipped. Suddenly looking back, you once remembered will still be integrated into my heart . Ah, I would like to give you this document, which I have worked with so many talents, so that I can express my heart song vividly and vividly with this sincere heart language.! Let you and I have been together for the warm years. May this beauty always leave an indelible mark in the long river of your memory and mine.! On the coming of Teacher’s Day, let the wind carry my wishes and wish you a happy Teacher’s Day.! Performance is booming! Live happily every day!

Afternoon essay

The warm winter sun shines on the lazy earth. The sun rushed through the thick glass and streamed down my windowsill, my desk. Reflected on the hanging orchid planted in the Starbucks flowerpot. It was on a friend’s table, and I loved it at a glance, so I begged for it and took care of it carefully..    Looking at the fallen leaves all over the ground. As if all hopes had fallen to the ground. Can’t bear to step down, don’t want to step down. Sometimes low walk, sometimes high spin, began to messy steps. The beauty of fallen leaves is sad and sad. But I deeply like it. This desolation and sadness gave me an aesthetic feeling. Can you do the same, never paying attention to the spring scenery in the branches, but deeply attracted by the fallen leaves on the ground.     Street full of French phoenix trees. The dress in the window attracted my attention far away. I gesticulated in my heart, very beautiful. The way it stands still, is it the way I stand on the street. Dignified. Proud. And a little defiant. Since stillness is its best state, there is no need to disturb it. At first glance, it was severely imprinted on my mind, and then my eyes were quickly moved away.. The winter phoenix tree has already lost all its leaves and leaves, leaving bare branches and branches. Mottled trunk, dry cold. With his feet, he lifted up his fallen leaves, and after numerous twists, he could no longer tell who was who. Look at the crowded streets again, people scurrying by each other, just turning leaves one by one. Stranger, it is so terrible. Cold, let the heart a little pain.     Don’t like the noisy crowd, dislike sharp decibels. Always like a person and measure your thoughts with your steps. one-step. one-step. Another step. Back and forth. Know what?? The footprints behind him are like stars all over the sky, crowded and crowded.     The distance of falling leaves, but branches to the ground. Time, just enough for you to finish smoking a cigarette. Maybe that process has been too long, but leaves always linger, don’t they!   Time has always walked gracefully and slowly through the four seasons of reincarnation. Kiss, one day, we will leave. Or at the end of the relationship, or at the end of life. But, dear, if you leave first, what should I do!     Always write sad words and listen to sad songs, as if happiness is no longer my power. However, close, this is not my intention. Perhaps, writing sad words and listening to sad songs are my own happy ways. Do you know such words, pain and happiness. And your love is the gentlest pain in my heart.     The warm winter sun shines on the lazy earth. The sun rushed through the thick glass and streamed down my windowsill, my desk.Reflected on the hanging orchid planted in the Starbucks flowerpot. It was on a friend’s table, and I loved it at a glance, so I beg for it and take care of it. Now it is more lush and green.. Soon, it will produce small white flowers. refined. refined.     The distance from the east to the west of the sky is the fixed range of the sun’s day. As always, it stubbornly makes a delicate move. It was already afternoon. The brightness of the room is fading, and this is only the beginning. Before long, darkness will cover the whole corner.     All of this, we just need to learn to get used to it, and then really get used to it. Everything is so, there is no exception. You. I. he. Even the dog.   The most beautiful season, with the last leaf withering, finished the last journey. After autumn, the fallen leaves return to their roots. And where is my root now?[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

A village of teenagers

A teenager, born here and living here, I will never forget this small village.   This small village is a small natural village called Xigou of Dongliang Brigade of Baiyinchang Township.. People in the village came from Shandong province through the journey, also known as’ pick and choose’ to escape from famine, and they were carrying children in a basket and pots and pans in a basket. I don’t know whether it was feng shui or water or soil and water, they fell to the village..     There are only a few dozen families in the village, living on the slope and in the ditch. They are scattered and small villages. My family lives in a ditch with three main rooms and three wing rooms, which are also ancestral houses.. Before liberation, grandpa also had some land, hired long-time workers and had his own muskets. Bandits have come to loot. It is said that grandpa shot off the hat of the bandit’s head, robbed a few horses and ran away, scaring the bandits from coming to visit again.. The big nose of the Soviet Union ( the Red Army of the Soviet Union ) also came to harass, just taking something and walking through the village.. When grandpa told me, he was very happy, spitting and flying about.. I said, is grandpa afraid. Grandpa said, why not be afraid. As soon as the gun rang, he squatted on the ground and waited for them to walk away before he dared to stand up. Say that finish, repeatedly beard laughed. The size and boldness of vision of the big fellow in Shandong really gave birth to some respect.     To be honest, the family is not broken in grandpa’s hands, as the villagers say. After liberation, he should be classified as a small landlord because his grandfather was popular and had not done anything heinous. He also managed long-term jobs humanely and was classified as a rich peasant because he married a daughter-in-law without public anger. At that time, grandpa also prepared several catties of cotton to tie his ass, fearing that people would spank him and carry out liquidation, but he was calm and calm.. However, our great grandfather set up a landlord, and my three former police officers were able to make people clean up a meal. They were still concerned for many years.. I often think that no matter how rich and powerful people are, as long as they build up virtue and do good deeds, the victims will be turned into ill luck, and when they meet with the camp, they will be exposed to the dark..     I was born in the winter of 1962. I was blessed when I was born. My father told me that according to the policy at that time, there would be no food for another day later, and I would have food for it.. Grandpa gave me the name ” Keep”. It means to keep this root. Grandpa dotes on me very much. I always follow anyone who invites grandpa to dinner.. In my memory, the most delicious dumpling was the chicken stuffed dumpling I ate with my grandfather at Lao Jiang’s house. It was really delicious. Now I think the corners of my mouth still salivate.. After grandpa died, he became grandma’s follower. Grandma is an old lady with small feet, worshipping Buddha, offering niches in the hut, burning incense and kowtowing every day, and knocking a bag on her forehead.. Sometimes I have a stomachache, and grandma uses sweet soil to soak water for me to drink. I don’t know whether the sweet soil works or Buddha shows his spirit, but it is good. Granny and mother are at odds. This is also the survival state of that era, isn’t it. My mother beat grandma as soon as she became ill, so grandma had to run to the big ye’s house on the beam to hide for a few days.. Want to grandma also very helpless, also very bitterness, also died soon. Imagine grandma’s little-footed old lady moving and turning. The old and hunched shadow is still in my memory.     At that time, my father was driving a carriage at the township grain depot. The carriage was the transportation tool of the year. My father was driving the carriage south and north to pull goods for the grain depot, pulling grain, rice pits and bean cakes, and seldom stayed at home.. My mother was mentally ill, some said she had tuberculosis and some said she had breast cancer. She died in the winter of 1970, when I was 8 years old, my sister was 13 years old and my sister was 3 years old. My sister could not sit still. It can be said that my childhood was not loved by my mother. I have a sister above me, and later I have a sister. Since I can remember, my mother has been mentally ill, and every day she is crazy, she never feels the warmth of a mother’s love except for beating this one and scolding that one, so far she doesn’t even remember her mother’s appearance.. After many years, I wrote many words of nostalgia for my mother, some scenes are illusory, which is also a psychological one that cannot be erased. Although I have no impression on my mother’s appearance, the blood line is tightly connected. The blood line can create miracles. My mother’s cry is still engraved in my blood..     After her mother died, her sister dropped out of school. I didn’t go to school until I was nine years old, and I’m going to go to Dongliang Village Primary School four miles away from home. Go to school from the slope, take a long road, don’t come back at noon, and bring food. At that time, the village depended on the weather for food and planted grain crops. Every day is not to bring dry food or rice balls, but not to be hungry. For so many years, I have never felt hungry in that village, but like the willow trees by the river in the village, I have pondered the leaves of spring and summer, and have really gained the inspiration of life..     Every morning, my partner and I set out, and my sister would stand by the door and beckon and shout and go home early. I’m a naughty child. She’s afraid of me getting into trouble. We crossed the village, climbed the mountain ridge and stood on the hillside, watching the wisps of smoke rising slowly like elongated shadows, filling the air over the village like fog. From time to time there was a dog barking and a donkey barking in the village.   At that time, maybe he was young and playful, although he had four or five miles of prosperity, he did not feel tired..In the spring, I went with my friends to fold a few willow branches in the willow bushes in the river bend, twist them into willow flutes, blow out a quirky tune, and then I went to school.. In summer. As he walked, he caught dragonflies, picked flowers and plants, sniffed in his nose, and according to the fresh breath, he was ecstatic.. In autumn, listening to cicadas, catching grasshoppers and rushing grasshoppers, they wandered in the mood of autumn. The winter is cold and the wind is strong, so we can’t forget to play. My little black cotton-padded jacket is not warm enough to withstand the bitter winter. I kicked the stones on the road with my friends, hit the high arc with my slingshot, and hit the bird that landed on the pole.. Also can’t forget the partners hug each other, with the slight warmth of the body, keeping out the cold for each other, the ice flowers on the head are dense, the eyebrows are silvery, and when they arrive in the classroom, the ice flowers melt on their lips, a small piece of ice is cold and warm in an instant, but the hands and feet are often frostbitten, and frostbite hurts every year, so cold and devouring all the past..   At that time, the school work was not too serious. I came back from school and put my bag home. The sunset was red and I ran into the house. Sister saw that I was covered in dust and dirt, and she took off the dirt on me. As soon as she couldn’t speak, she lifted the lid of the pot and brought out the meal. Sister’s long hair slipped silently.. I gobbled up my food, ate my meal, and trotted off to find my friends to play with.     The place with the most play is the river in front of the village. That’s also the best view of the village. The river flows out of the eyes of a spring in a ditch in the upper reaches of the river. I have been to that place before, and the water is not too much or too prosperous, but when I get to the door of my house, it becomes a small river. Even if it doesn’t roar, there is no spray, but it keeps flowing all the year round.. Every summer there are floods coming down from time to time, yellow and yellow, nasty and overflowing. Once, I took my sister and the old Xin’s girl to play in the river and was fishing under an old tree. I thought it was a pit. I almost didn’t drown the old Xin’s girl and killed her. I let the old Xin’s adult give him a good scolding. For this reason, I also broke his window paper with stones..     The river in winter is quiet, with a thick layer of ice, aquatic plants and small fish frozen inside, like specimens, glittering and translucent and transparent. The donkey dung eggs hung with frost are like chess pieces on the ice, creaking and creaking as they step on the ice, beating up homemade gyroscopes with their friends with whips, also known as’ ice’ to see who turns fast and for a long time, laughing sounds come from time to time and spread far and far..     There is a well in the village that uses windlass to carry water. Summer is better. It will be difficult in winter. The edge of the well is full of ice and slippery. People can’t stand it, and they will fall into the well if they don’t care.. There are no adults in our family, so we have to ask others to fetch water. It was a snowy day in December of that year, and because there was no water, we had to use swill hot rice. I remember it was a bean bag, sour, as sour as swill.     At that time, the village was desolate, and wolves were still haunting Shan Ye.. We have only three children in our family, so we have to find company in the evening.. The eldest brother of my uncle’s family, the eldest brother, left as a soldier, and the second sister came to work as a companion.. However, grandma’s family seldom came here, maybe it was the knot of their parents. At that time, people in the village were very poor, but from time to time some people held out their hands to help our family. Our neighbor’s former aunt made us shoes. This is a simple spread of love, this is an outpouring of true feelings in the world, this is a warm transmission, sitting in my heart for a long time..     At that time, the village head often stood at the gate of the village on the slope, giving orders with tin megaphones, pulling the days of the village into a song that became sweeter and sweeter.. I also did the village head once, when I was only a first-year student. I stood on the slope and broadcast chairman Mao’s highest instruction with that trumpet, which was chairman Mao’s ” instruction on the development of pig farming”. I read it aloud and really conveyed it. I don’t know what happened to the village after that, because I moved away from the village that winter..   Years have buried the wrinkles in the village deeply into the earth. The villagers have moved away from the ditch, or onto the beam, or from the village, carrying their fantasies far and far away.     Water – like moonlight streamed in through the window, illuminating a dream I had just created, that is, the village that has been lingering in my dream for a long time..     Tonight, the village is lonely / full of stars, the building / thoughts in the moonlight, crossing time and space / looking back at the frozen black soil of the small village and village, unsealing one by one / heart stations that have never existed in this life, are already / stormy..