In June, the morning rain fell smoke

This morning, it was clear and cool, the wind was soft, and the heart was soft.. Last night’s dream was scattered in the wind and relaxed.     Xia Feng slightly, the window branches swaying. Outside the window, it was a light blue sky. The eyes of the summer language, quietly blooming.   The fragrance of the heart has spread all the way to the deepest part of time. In a flower bloom, it narrates the ordinary days of the year..     Time is sleeping peacefully, the wind is still, the tree is silent, even unwilling cicadas are whispering quietly at the bottom of the leaves on and off.. I heard the Sanskrit singing of breathing. When I was born into the world, the little flying insect that had no intention of flying into the room.. On the window, looking at the outside world struggling, I quietly opened a crack without disturbing the time.     Rain, continuous, dust, heart. The air is fresh, like autumn in September, with some coolness, like the scroll of scripture on the desk, which makes the heart calm and cool. If you are in the house, you will never get wet clothes, have a heart and will not affect your mood.. Looking at the rain, I know that there is only one drop.     The rain, scattered and scattered, occasionally passed by the car, and then came back again.. I like clear and simple things, because I don’t want to waste my energy on meaningless things and my life becomes agile and loose.. Such as the rain, clean fall, pure singing their own songs. Pinellia ternata is young, standing in the branches of the fire, listening to the wind and whispering, the rain has come before. Polyester leaves into ink, an eaves lotus incense into the dream.     The light rain is like green washing, and the green leaves are fragrant. In the light rain, soft plants grow in silence. Walking all the way, the sound of traffic passing through the drizzle also appeared tender. The heart listens to the rain, bit by bit, when the time is light and slow, and the graceful rhyme dims the color of smoke and smoke.. The setting sun is still in the water, the dream falls on the strong pine trees in the western hills, and Lao Yan flies away with clouds, leaving only ripples in the clear shadow month.. The moon washes the red flowers, the green shoots diffuse, the fluorescent lights fall with the dream, and the night closes gently.     Early in the morning, when the rain stopped, some scenery was walking on the road, and the assembled thoughts were like mirrors. On the prajnaparamita branch, birds sang and told their own stories. I can hear, but not listen. Appreciate your own scenery, the wind with a familiar taste, like flowers, like soil, not to separate. This season, which place is not born at all, they have their samsara. Looking east, the sun is shining through a clear drop of rain in the emerald setting of lotus leaves.     Sit by the lake, hold a blue wave, a ripple hidden in a shallow smile on the lip. Time flows, the water is gentle, the noise of the years is taken away, and many vigorous actions will eventually end up in peace and quiet.. When people walk in the world, they are often caught in flashy situations. They can’t see whether it’s scenery or danger, let alone whether it’s dust or frost. If the heart rhyme can cross the boat and the figure can warm up, then the true path of life will still be clear water and green hills. With a quiet heart, I will see the most beautiful scenery in front of me..     The night is still, peace is as light as the wind, and the air is full of damp fragrance before the rain comes. Listen to heart sounds like water, like floating from the sea, low, like an endless talk. Dream, like a butterfly wing at the moment, gently perches on your heart.     At night, the rain falls behind the curtain, flowing thoughts are endless. A drop by drop in the world is like thinking about the time of life. Dripping steps into flowers, rising and dying, like flowers blooming and falling, arouses much enlightenment. Looking at the night sky, no stars, no months. In the cool wind after the rain, the fragrance of flowers is fine and lightly fills the nose. Think of your heart as quiet and gentle, sweet and fragrant with your dreams.

I really want to get drunk once

The night is already deep. I still sit quietly in front of the computer, indulging in the music melody that fills the air in my ears.. I gently shake the lonely wine cup, bottle after bottle of beer, trying to drink all the past at once, the entrance was so bitter.     Gently playing music and lightly drinking beer, a song touched my heart strings and a heartache wound around my heart. If waking up is not a pleasure, I would rather get drunk and let the past all become the past.. I look forward to dancing with the moon and stars and hand in hand with the dream.     Shake the bottle in your hand, the emotion in your heart floats in your mind, I’m a little drunk! I’m glad to be drunk, and I’m also upset that I haven’t been drunk yet.. I really want to get drunk once. I don’t know anything about it!     Only after being drunk will one release all his pretences and restore the most real self. Maybe only after I get drunk can I forget all my troubles? Maybe I can do what I want to do once after I get drunk? Maybe I can only say what I want to say once after I get drunk?     How many times can I get drunk in my life? If you get drunk, you can ease your worries and relieve your worries. If you get drunk, you can degenerate. I really want to get drunk once.! Release your mood in drunkenness, release your thoughts in dreams and forget to find yourself.     It is said that life is seldom drunk a few times, in a daze and in high spirits, the dream is so magical and wonderful, the drunk fairy is so free and unfettered, and how drunk it is to be able to be drunk and dream of death.?     I would like to be drunk for the beautiful scenery in front of me, I would like to be drunk for the melodious flute sound in my ear, I would like to be drunk for the dreamlike words in the book, I would like to be drunk for the people I love, and I would like to be intoxicated for the emotion in my heart that is hard to give up!     Cup after cup of liquid seeps into the limbs, stimulating nerve endings and finally dissipating in the whole blood. Perhaps only alcohol can ease my unhappiness and make me dream. I wanted to get drunk and dream of death once, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get drunk! My mind has always been clear and everything remains the same.     In fact, I know what I drink is not wine, but cups of sadness, heartache and bottles of memories. Perhaps I will be more sober, more appreciative and more aware of what is a big enlightenment after I get drunk.!     Not to say, the wine is not intoxicating people since drunk? Not to say, drink to eliminate sorrow is more sorrow? A kind of love, a kind of waiting. I really want to get drunk once, drunk in your gentle eyes.     I once asked a friend how long it would take to forget someone? She told me it would take a lifetime! Since I can’t forget you, I don’t want to cheat myself. I often think of you, and the pain in my heart can’t be described.     Listen to the song will also feel sad, my mind is too cluttered, my body and mind too tired, I sit in front of the computer and knock on the keyboard, knocking on the messy mood, clear-headed thinking about everything, sometimes vague, sometimes sober, sometimes hazy.     Love is not drunk, shape is not drunk, half awake and half drunk in this clear, vague and hazy state. Drink all the wine in the cup, but not all the lovesickness tears dripping in the cup, all the thousands of words in the wine. Tonight, I drink up my thoughts and drink to loneliness. I really want to get drunk once! . Ah

Hope that you are well

I like this city, I like to see the lights among the buildings, I like the lonely appearance of lonely people in the dim light of night, I like the snow on the rocks by the sea in winter, I like to think of relatives close to me, I like some things stored in my memory here, beautiful, unforgettable, sad, happy and painful.. – Wen: This is an ordinary town, without extreme prosperity, it may also have less extreme confusion..   If I want to find something from such a small town that can impress my heart instantly, I think I will be disappointed. What I want to find is just a sense of familiarity.   This kind of familiarity will bring me the comfort I need, and this search will sometimes make me feel a little disappointed, but I like this feeling and the familiar feeling everywhere..   Only after a few years, my relief, I don’t know whether I’m all right or not.   Looking for this early spring, he sang a warm smile, liberating himself from the beauty of the moment, so I expected that once I came, my melancholy was uncertain, your blushes were silent, and your youth was frantic and sober..   Close your eyes, breathe softly and meet some old songs.   I can’t say how some music can have broken illusion in my heart, and the picture in front of me is also messy and uncertain. Some expectations are more like a picture set on a wall, which makes people feel weak. Perhaps more and more I really understand that it will make people sink.. At one point, he began to forgive himself for being stubborn rather than capricious.   Today, those old voices that have been addicted to entanglement do not know whether they are safe or not..   In the night, I heard the breath of symmetry, the water in the cup was cold, and my eyebrow eye was tired. It was accompanied by the two silent Lan Enron plants. In the past two days, it opened several yellow flowers one after another, smelling the light fragrance through the curtains, and moved to the front of the computer this morning.. To relive a person’s silence again is a lost dependence.   The music gathered the last note in the middle of the night, and the pale yellow moon tilted and shadowed, so cool.   Today and tomorrow, my heart is as soft as it did not go far. I wonder if I will be all right..

Hand over your heart

[ Original Text ]Don’t let the occasional corner get lost, or bend your waist inadvertently on the way of life, or let your feelings in the emotional world sink into depression and worry because of the stumbling in your life, or the grief you feel in your emotional world, destroying your heart and torturing yourself..   At different times and different places, life is always merciless, giving’ depressed’ to everyone, and also giving’ happy’ to everyone.. In the face of’ depressed’ and’ happy’, people with thoughts and emotions always wander in two different artistic conceptions.     Being in different environments and facing different conditions, people always live in joys and sorrows, grow up in ups and downs, struggle in ups and downs, and make twists and turns on the road of joys and sorrows, thus it is difficult to avoid all the joys and sorrows of life.. At the same time, depression has become the disaster of everyone’s mood and has to be forced to bear it, to get hurt in the suffering and to bear a depressed heart and move forward with difficulty..     For these, some people are in depression, unable to extricate themselves, seem to have lost hope, everything is changing color in their eyes, in depressed mood as if the whole world has also become gloomy, losing the courage to fight and live, carrying a restless and turbulent heart, or sinking into the pain of despair, unable to cheer up and stagnating..     For human beings, depression is inherent and difficult to get rid of. It relentlessly invades youth and life. But depressed is not good, depressed hurts the liver, depressed hurts the lung, depressed is the enemy that weakens the beautiful years. Don’t we want to be young and beautiful? People’s life is short, as long as they embrace a loving and happy heart and treat the depressed heartless in life, they will not be old due to depressed mood, nor will they leave the world for a short time due to old age..     In fact, life is a song, a series of notes, playing different tones. If you can use the best mood to interpret, you can make a beautiful sound, which will go with happiness.. Otherwise, playing with depressed mood will surely become a song of sorrow and confusion. The world is happy and beautiful. Look at it in a positive and enterprising mood. There are sunshine everywhere. The scenery is beautiful in spring, summer, autumn and winter.. Release your mood, laugh at life, boldly hand over your heart, abandon your worries, laugh at the mirror when you are depressed, and return your depressed heart to the pure beauty of nature..     The alternation of day and night between the sun and the moon, the company and blink of an eye of stars, the rushing and exultation of streams, the leisurely swimming and jumping of fish, the blooming and competing of flowers, the flying and singing of birds, the verdant and delicate fragrance of all things, the high buildings and flickering of cities, the bright and clear of the countryside and the smoke from cooking fires, the holding and hugging of human beings … ah, all these affect the hope of life, full of infinite vitality and peaceful beauty and longing of the world..     Therefore, every one of us who is full of thinking should abandon depression, learn to laugh at life, refrain from emotions, have a peaceful mind, and be cool as a cloud like water.. Facing the society, facing the pressure, in life and work, the grand view of life is to live with ease. Don’t let the occasional corner get lost, or bend your waist inadvertently on the way of life, let alone sink into depression and worry because of the stumbling in your life and the feeling and sorrow in your emotional world, destroying your heart and torturing yourself..     When depressed, we might as well think of happiness. When we are happy, we must remember to forget about depression. Happiness is an additive to youth and life. Happy cells will grow, the mood will be open-minded and the appearance will be beautiful every day.. Happiness is to give yourself a good mood and also give others a good mood. Why not!     Depressed is a day, happy is also a day. It is absolutely right to give up your heart and choose happiness!

From sunny to snowy skies

It was sunny in the morning and the rain began to patter towards noon.. When the headache is no longer there, the mood is better, and the feeling of reading with clear plowing rain rises again..   The wind was very strong. The wind blew my thin umbrella upside down on the way to send Xiao Bao to play zither. I turned around and the umbrella blew up again.. Xiao Bao laughed and I laughed, too. I think of the fable I told her when she was in kindergarten about attending the North Wind and Sun Regulations..   The old man who insisted on using the pressure cooker to popcorn on the roadside in the wind is very persistent. This is a livelihood. Otherwise, who is willing to insist in such a cold wind?? I bought Xiao Bao a new one from the pot and it was warm to hold it in my hand.. When I was a child, I queued up to take my own corn to fry popcorn. Xiao Bao didn’t realize it.   I bought another pair of army green trousers in Mengxuanl. I let my heart rise like a prairie and forest.. The world is so vast and I am so small. I just want my heart to open a channel to those beautiful things that are far and quiet..   I don’t have the tenacity to grow trees on stones, but I must work tirelessly. I’m not Lin Chong who was forced to go to Liangshan. I just don’t want to give up my dream of forcing myself to leave.. Ten years, the next ten years, still work hard, only for a fuller, clearer and lighter self. I am not good enough, not open – minded, not easy enough, not sunny enough … Ah, I am preparing for the new year everywhere, and I entered 2013 year of the snake by reading, which is my habit.   I live and study in my own way, no longer dream of governing the country and leveling the world, but only let myself return to self-cultivation and harmony. I also care about the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the island dispute, Mo Yan’s fairy tale, Zhang Lili, the most beautiful female teacher, and the five teenagers who died in the trash can.. I don’t have the prose writer Zhang Zongzi’s’ one pool of thin film and falling cold flowers’.   Like a saying: when I first read philosophy, when I was soft, I read text. At dusk, snowflakes floated up, and my heart became moist and soft in the snowflakes.. At this moment when snowflakes are fluttering, it is a wonderful situation to think of Bai Juyi’s ” One Voice, All Things Away from the Heart” and ” there’s a feeling of snow in the dusk outside, what about a cup of wine inside?”.   Besides, the snow is really getting bigger and bigger, Xiao Bao dances excitedly. At this time, I really want to have a person drinking with me, not like Shen Congwen, whose name is ” Li Taibai”, ” till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, drinking into three people”, and whose name is ” according to my thinking, I can know people”..   This person who has drunk sweet wine and recorded love by participating in Xiangxi Sanskrit Regulations always touched me, and this’ countryman’ who participated in the border city regulations has a touching, quiet and unsophisticated feeling that I will never reach.. Although I also advocate’ love and poetry’, his’ love’ and’ beauty’ are flowers in the soul, an aria of fate, and a kind of enduring beauty flowing like Kawabata Yasunari.   Holding a glass of wine can also be relatively dim, just like loy holding a cigarette silently for Zhou Keqin, but I am not so lucky.   I admit that I still feel lonely, whether in the subway or in the Bund, I often feel dazed and suffocated in the surging stream of people.. In the city, it is difficult to be a country man. Few people can speak quietly in the country like Han Shaogong and Yan Lianke or Chi Li.. Only when I hold a book in the hectic and tumultuous world do I feel like a swimmer taking a deep breath on the surface of the water.   Zhang Zhaohe once commented on Shen Congwen: ” He is not a perfect person, but a rare and kind person, who is full of affection for people, love the motherland, love the people, help others, do nothing for nothing, be honest and simple, and be full of affection for all things.”. Reading such a sentence was particularly touched, and Shen Congwen’s gentle and quiet photos in his later years came to my eyes, thinking of his encounter during the Cultural Revolution. Although he completed the bill to participate in the study of ancient Chinese costumes, I still deeply regret it..   At this moment, I think of him holding a warm hand of baked sweet potatoes in the early morning of the Cultural Revolution, sitting on a stone pier outside Tiananmen Square, watching the sky and the moon waiting for dawn to open the history museum, so lonely, so cold, can literature still give him warmth?   As if the morning sun was shining to the moment of rain and snow, my heart went from light to gloom and decided to stop and go with a bowl of sweet wine..