I really want to get drunk once

The night is already deep. I still sit quietly in front of the computer, indulging in the music melody that fills the air in my ears.. I gently shake the lonely wine cup, bottle after bottle of beer, trying to drink all the past at once, the entrance was so bitter.     Gently playing music and lightly drinking beer, a song touched my heart strings and a heartache wound around my heart. If waking up is not a pleasure, I would rather get drunk and let the past all become the past.. I look forward to dancing with the moon and stars and hand in hand with the dream.     Shake the bottle in your hand, the emotion in your heart floats in your mind, I’m a little drunk! I’m glad to be drunk, and I’m also upset that I haven’t been drunk yet.. I really want to get drunk once. I don’t know anything about it!     Only after being drunk will one release all his pretences and restore the most real self. Maybe only after I get drunk can I forget all my troubles? Maybe I can do what I want to do once after I get drunk? Maybe I can only say what I want to say once after I get drunk?     How many times can I get drunk in my life? If you get drunk, you can ease your worries and relieve your worries. If you get drunk, you can degenerate. I really want to get drunk once.! Release your mood in drunkenness, release your thoughts in dreams and forget to find yourself.     It is said that life is seldom drunk a few times, in a daze and in high spirits, the dream is so magical and wonderful, the drunk fairy is so free and unfettered, and how drunk it is to be able to be drunk and dream of death.?     I would like to be drunk for the beautiful scenery in front of me, I would like to be drunk for the melodious flute sound in my ear, I would like to be drunk for the dreamlike words in the book, I would like to be drunk for the people I love, and I would like to be intoxicated for the emotion in my heart that is hard to give up!     Cup after cup of liquid seeps into the limbs, stimulating nerve endings and finally dissipating in the whole blood. Perhaps only alcohol can ease my unhappiness and make me dream. I wanted to get drunk and dream of death once, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get drunk! My mind has always been clear and everything remains the same.     In fact, I know what I drink is not wine, but cups of sadness, heartache and bottles of memories. Perhaps I will be more sober, more appreciative and more aware of what is a big enlightenment after I get drunk.!     Not to say, the wine is not intoxicating people since drunk? Not to say, drink to eliminate sorrow is more sorrow? A kind of love, a kind of waiting. I really want to get drunk once, drunk in your gentle eyes.     I once asked a friend how long it would take to forget someone? She told me it would take a lifetime! Since I can’t forget you, I don’t want to cheat myself. I often think of you, and the pain in my heart can’t be described.     Listen to the song will also feel sad, my mind is too cluttered, my body and mind too tired, I sit in front of the computer and knock on the keyboard, knocking on the messy mood, clear-headed thinking about everything, sometimes vague, sometimes sober, sometimes hazy.     Love is not drunk, shape is not drunk, half awake and half drunk in this clear, vague and hazy state. Drink all the wine in the cup, but not all the lovesickness tears dripping in the cup, all the thousands of words in the wine. Tonight, I drink up my thoughts and drink to loneliness. I really want to get drunk once! . Ah