About to buy a house, I came to this report worth ten million

You then take the initiative to have a little bit of our story a few days ago late at night, with a good friend Liu Zhuren chatting chatting Speaking of buying a house on it.I say, buy it, is to see where the flow of people and money.She said, your words to me a very professional friends say exactly the same.In addition to this text, I have a few suggestions for you.First, the user just need to, you can always buy, but to live within our means, a good choice for surrounding facilities.Because inflation is a long-term economic trend, the cash will only depreciate the value of the house is a long-term perspective.Second, do not dare to buy a house for fear of pressure, otherwise the money will be spent unconsciously.The so-called fixed assets, the advantage is to force you to keep the money into assets.Third, the house will not rise, except influx, urban economic development, with the supply of land the city also has a great relationship, and more representative of the many projects that can be developed, the natural growth rate will slow down.Less the city, demand and large, soaring high probability, such as Shenzhen.Fourth, if no money to buy a house first-tier cities, second-tier earlier to good development, but also a way.Fifth, real estate commercial facilities and property is very, very important, which is directly related to the future of house rent and selling price, of course, this disc will be opening more expensive, but do not be afraid, it will be a higher rate of return.No facilities, poor house property, rent and selling price are likely to be lower than the surrounding Area of the same two percent.Today’s message comments section, Come, come, we have to talk about their own experience to buy a house.- twelve last night, I interviewed some executives from the country’s top three real estate companies, ask about my views on yesterday’s article and answer most problems yesterday reader comments.The following is the final conclusion, let us analyze your own mind by reason, be sure to ask questions through comments questioning think of the future do not ask me such and such a place to buy a house worth, I refuse to answer this question.Cities with body mass related to GDP, so do not count but the total value of GDP per capita and GDP Source.Let’s GDP from the tertiary sector rather than purely demographic dividend eat resources, land and other relatively healthy.More exchanges with the industry, to learn to judge buy.Such as the annual turnover will come in March, which like stocks, try to buy when the volume is the most favorable.For example, for 16 years to buy a house in Shenzhen basically caught, because then prices fall.Investment real estate bargain-hunting aside, because it is a pan, probably 10 years are not copied in the end, so there is no problem moderation chase.For example, Wuhan Star City waterfront house on December 15 to sell 10 004, 16 February sold 10,006, this time to buy is not in question, and a year later it rose to 20 006.A reader asks: Wuhan now worthwhile investment?Wuhan Land rapid economic development, adequate land inventory, promoting easier to shed change, the new government team is hard work school.But Wuhan now has shrunk in volume, and the government issuing cautious.Although it is not the best of times, but still worth buying.Just need any time to buy, investment discretion.Compared to other areas, real estate investment threshold is low, but it is not a casino banks, should not be blindly optimistic!A reader asked: Is it worth buying Huizhou direction?Shenzhen is the core of the economic point of big Bay Area Guangdong, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and surrounding investment must go west, go east instead.Gambling Huizhou and Shenzhen will be the matter character did not write, just that I can not read what continent the same dream incorporated Beijing.So, it is not that worth the investment.A reader asked: Is it worth buying Chongqing?Chongqing inflow of low population quality, general services, per capita GDP is not high.The current low prices, better local residents’ per capita income of two is not a problem.So locals no shortage of rooms, you buy do not know who leased or sell it.And purchasing power is insufficient to support prices, after prices rose may soon come down, it is not recommended.A supplement: the most worthwhile investment in second-tier cities: Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin (ranking points before and after) considerations: political factors as well as large-scale events, forums for urban construction requirements.City building up a certain rise in prices, reference Shanghai World Expo.2022 Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, G20 has also been run over, so worthy of Hangzhou ranked first, of course, considering the limited mentioned yesterday over the GDP, the tertiary industry and the number of listed companies.Then the rank order of the three cities come back the same way.Last emphasize one: buy a house like stocks is risky, no one can buy the lowest point, no one can be sold for the highest point.For housing just need enough money to buy immediately.For real estate investments, to seriously consider the political and economic factors, and their own judgment to buy a selling point.House do not always Tuen, to keep rolling, is the best month to sell to buy, do not let the money idle.If you recognize the value of this dry, please put it over your partner’s parents and friends.PS: defying Featured shop more than a year, as per-second and the team are carefully chosen products to ensure genuine.To thank you for your support, this time Queen’s Day, all products have a full selection of shops minus discount (active, March 8 – March 10, the coupon will expire after the expiration of little friends do not miss Yo?) Queen Zhumenduoshou happy!Concern in columns for more product details.Scan QR code or click on the picture below to read the original text, entering the shop ▼ ** — END — “change yourself from your thumbs begin to share” of this issue: Liu Zhuren.Micro-channel public number: I am Liu Zhuren (ID: liuzhuren323).Emotional well-known bloggers, millions of women readers most trusted intimate girlfriends.Done models, reporters, obviously you can rely on face to eat, but persistent in order to make a living writing.In addition to makes you more beautiful and rich, she has no other skill up.Original title: consult several real estate experts, I came to this report worth ten million.Click to read the original text, for event information

99% of women would ignore the problem!Water and milk useless right, the whole skin care

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1 million to sell yourself, you sell it?

1 million to sell yourself, you sell it?# # I welcome the attention and top of Yang Siyuan 1 million to sell yourself, you sell it?  23 people WeChat small group of 21 people did not hesitate to reply: sell.  Two say sell, a financial company manager’s daughter, has raised tens of millions is a IT company founder.  We can not escape the seemingly tragic fact: the vast majority of people, end his life, but also able to fulfill the king’s uncle small target.  But, I guess, in addition to the above two is not bad money, friends, or total, there will be exceptions.    01 such as Randy Lee.  Without his name on Baidu Encyclopedia.  99 world.999% of people do not know him.  He is not what my friends and relatives, but occasionally on Saturday met by a small sculpture exhibition, know that there are so personal: traveled more than 120 countries, proficient in painting, photography, fashion design, wood, jade, bronze.Use art to keep the eternal love between animals.  Your training and preparation he a million say do not engage in these sculptures, I think, he quit.    Such as Wang Yu-heng.  Yes, that is the strongest in the brain that water brother.  In addition to microscopic resolution after the water (a glass of water at a glance, without the aid of any tools, found in exactly the same cup of water 500 original glass of water.Outside the strongest brain 20,150,206, searchable self-interested) super powers, he: entrance Tsinghua Design of the first school bully, proficient in pencil, ballpoint pen drawing, resin painting, calligraphy, guqin, indoor craft, biological cultivation, basketball.He becomes a tropical rain forest around the house, where all kinds of animals come and go, not only that, occasionally making a robot hands, but also his amateur pastime.  You both hands to give him a million, say do not engage in such a mess of things, I think, he quit.    Such as temperature Dike Pu teach the United States (Teach for America) founder.  Then when Princeton university, almost all the students are thinking about how to graduate to Wall Street, or how to seek a better position.  Wendy thought was, why we have the opportunity to rush shiny cattle in life, and those children in poor communities, maybe even their studies are able to fulfill, and went to fight, taking drugs?  Because education inequality.Because they do not have better teachers, better equipment.  She launched the Teach for America, called on schools to graduate students in poor communities as a teacher, so that more children can receive better education.  For a young man with no background, just graduated from the age of 21 who want to change the form of national education, most people’s reaction is: a good idea.but you?Ha ha.  Oh those who have been hit the face.  Today, Teach for America are Ivy League graduates who apply for one of the highest rates of institutions, Wendy and I was named the world’s 100 most influential people in early 2008, the US Time magazine, as well as par Putin Obama, Ma Ying-jeou, etc..  You give her a million say never mind the poor children, and I think she quit.    They do not sell, we can not discount calculated in accordance with the wage Life.  They do not sell satisfaction, is only three meters from the polar bear, for the first time on the verge of death experience, is in a free state Beijing Houhai ask Guqin performers, we are seeing more and more poor children can at the Ivy League.They do not sell, people are as individual and unique presence.    02 of this issue, another way, ask: 1 million, you are free to sell, you sell it?  The problem is only one word, the answer is the opposite.  Yes, freedom is our life that 1, no freedom, no amount of meaningless are also behind 0.  What is freedom?  Freedom is the right to choose.  The face of ABCD, you have the right to choose your favorite A or B, while others insist you superimpose?Or d of time, you have the right to say, MD, get out, it was like armor.  The reason why life is suffering, it is because we often can not make people get out so fast hardware.  Work was tortured in front of no love, but do not dare resigned; the hardship was like a caged beast the moment of marriage, but still can not divorce; tired of living conditions at the moment is extremely dissatisfied, but still, day after day.Seemingly seems to be no choice.  She quit her job, no income how do?  From the marriage, the children how to do?I can not find how to do better?  life.Does each person’s life is not all that right?Three meals a day, from nine to five.  However, it really is no choice?  Work does not like, do not change a?  Very painful marriage, a man will not do it?  Dissatisfied with life, to do their own satisfaction thing will not do it?  Did not have a choice, the election is afraid, afraid of the unknown uncertain, afraid to pay a higher price, after the action is still afraid to let yourself disappointed.  Because of fear, you give up the right to choose, the result is now seemingly safe monotony of life.  = You do not lose the right to choose freely so when someone bid 100 million to buy you, you think about it, willing to hand over their life, because it is not free in life is not what you want ah!  However, Randy Lee, Wang Yu Heng, Wendy Kopp, when faced with the same problem, they first flash out the idea is: there is no such thing now, give me a million in my life, what is the point?Satisfied with the joy of life is their chips, they have the right to say no to a million, they are free.    03 Why do they have a life of freedom, but you can not?  You do not have the talent they?  They have no ideal?  They have also been like you, an ordinary college graduates, have the same starting point.  You also once like them, thinking to do something to change the world, share the same dream.  The real distance between each other, not these, courage, insist.  Face really like working and paying job, they have the courage to choose to follow their own.  The face of suffering and frustration on the realization of the ideal path they choose to adhere to the perseverance.  They use a little bit of effort, personally created the freedom to create their own life satisfaction.  Erwin Wurm psychology master the pen of Nietzsche is free: He had no friends, no job, no fixed abode, 500 per month by the University of off-duty subsidy to meet their most basic needs, he does not need to please anyone, he used all his time doing his favorite things: Thinking and writing.  At the same time, the master of existentialism have to endure long-term migraine, several times almost painful death experience.  This independent social circulation system absolutely free, is the need to pay a heavy price, and because of this, the world will be only one Nietzsche.  I like Nietzsche’s phrase: become your existence, but on free-form, I agree with the famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto those remarks: I do not believe in freedom what lazy, I aspire to freedom is through hard work and broader life trying to achieve, as freedom is precious and valuable; I believe in the law of ten thousand hours, I never believe a dream come true inspiration and wait for success.  Make a free and disciplined people, it is bound by the determination to achieve serious alive.  This passage reveals the path to freedom.  We do not lack yearning to live in freedom, not the lack of a blueprint for ambitious goals in life, we have even mastered the way to achieve freedom, we lack only the beginning, is required at the start of action that little bit of courage.  From now on, after ten years of their own, hoping to run into this problem whenever you have regressed emboldened to say: get out!  Really, never tried for their dreams, so that life really worth.  Let us, once for all to live and.  <终结>Hu is recommended (you do not know, who share the dream will light thanks thumbs) Recommended Reading ▼ My dad does not love me  ? Stamp read the original purchase Hu Shen of children 0-3 years old Courses your appreciation of my work is fuel