A single mother of denial

This is the true story of a single mother.Stephen Wiltshire Schell is a genius idiot in Rome, Italy, 15 years old, she has a super visual memory ability of ordinary people can not match, she can remember the location of all roller coasters in the world, and crawling angle of each roller coaster and other In all cases, as long as she visited once.She caught a glimpse of it belongs to the evaluation of Stephen is the owner, and she therefore known as a living in the island of Einstein.In order to test Stephen visual memory in the end how strong day in October 2010, several medical experts in the United States National Institutes of deliberately rushed to Stephen’s home, then they hired a helicopter, Stephen will bring 100 meters in altitude, and then 45 minutes of flight over Rome in a circle, and let Stephen remember everything about Rome, she saw on the plane, letting Stephen with seven days will see their Rome drawn on a five-meter-long scroll.Soon, let the experts by surprise scene appeared, in just three days, Stephen will be a complete panorama of Rome drawn out, its amazing accuracy of a few windows on each building in town , there are a few column on the Roman Forum, the Colosseum ruins in the number of existing seats, through the city and the Tiber River where Shui few bends, turn the number of degrees, and every hill fluctuation amplitude related to the reality of almost exactly the same, which makes knowledgeable US experts can not help but exclaim, said Stephen entirely a ‘live cameras’, which is no less than the level of the late genius of Hitchcock g, Freud, and even Newton.Through further research, experts also found that Stephen really possess the qualities idiot genius to discover and remember that others can not find the details, have a super genius in terms of memory capacity, music, painting and mathematics, but in social, language, and other aspects of life, but like an idiot.In order to uncover the secrets of the internal constitution of Stephen brain, the experts met with Stephen’s mother and guardian, Ms. Tani Sha, hoping to get her permission, so that they Stephen brain scanning electronic instruments, take a look around her brain in the end is how architecture, interior parts is how connected, super visual memory to find the real reason for the ability to.However, experts were disappointed, Ta Nisha rejected.But experts and did not give up, they still bursts through phone, home, etc., trying to persuade Ta Nisha, and promised the Institute of Medicine of the brain scan equipment for Stephen specially developed, very advanced, will not she had no brain damage, and will not leave sequelae, but still was repeatedly refused Ta Nisha’s.May be in order to obtain the explosive findings of an authoritative, in order to enhance their idiot genius world leader in the field of research, the experts feel can not give up this great opportunity, finally, they decided to give a lot of money Ta Nisha attractive remuneration 200 million dollars, if that is not enough, you can also discuss together.In fact, Ta Nisha much need the money, because her presence on self-care and communication are significant obstacles when Stephen age of four, she had to quit the original work to help take care of everything Stephen, even worse that Stephen was seven years old, Ta Nisha’s husband because of drinking and driving, resulting in fatal car crash, and her daughter Stephen suddenly became widows and orphans, lost their source of income, I can only rely on government assistance, life have stretched.However, to everyone’s surprise, the Ta Nisha single mother struggling to survive chose to reject.She had this to say: In fact, I’m not worried about Stephen scan will cause injury or sequelae, she no longer is a genius, I just want her to peace ordinary people can live in their own world, idiot Ye Hao, genius worth mentioning, as long as she was happy, and not become a ‘heterogeneous’ is to study to study, this is the real reason I, as a mother’s greatest wish, I also refuse.

A silver bullion

There is a water south bay, the town there was a scholar named Lu Jiaming.He better educated, wants Beijing exam, but his father has this been reluctant.    Lu Jiaming has a habit that every morning outside a small road to the town, while walking back and forth while reading.    That day, Lu Jiaming went to that small road, he completed a trip, when holding the book back, suddenly saw a silver bullion on the middle of the road.Lu Jiaming can not help but wonder: How can throw only silver bullion in this small way?It is who lost it?    Lu Jiaming quickly shouted: Who lost money?    I cried a few times, I saw a man ran up: my money is lost!Lu Jiaming look, the man is his neighbor Shaw large, silver bullion bird immediately ends up arms.    Xiao Lu Jiaming see why a great run over, he gave the bird silver bullion it ends up arms?It turned out that Shaw large to swindling a living, Lu Jiaming well aware of the truth about him.He thought: most likely, not only silver bullion Shaw lost big, which is to impersonate the owner!No, I really want this thing to clarify.Thought of this, Lu Jiaming put silver bullion hiding.    Suddenly, Xiao Lu Jiaming the front of a large, stretched out a hand: making me throw my money back!    Lu Jiaming calmly asked: Xiao big, when you lose money?    Xiao big eyeball a turn, said: In the morning, I worked in this small way stroll round a corner at that time, I just Chuaizhuo pocket money, presumably, then, was I lost money!    Lu Jiaming thought, said: your side of the story, not be used as evidence of lost money, I have to ask whether you really came this morning this path, then you can figure out the money is not lost.Then he walked to the side of the road a family.    It households are headed by Lu old man to sell wine for a living, the past few days, because of his sore legs and feet, did not go out, stay at home and rest.At the moment, he was sitting outside the door, clean his belongings to sell rum.    Lu Lu Jiaming asked whether the old man saw Shaw morning stroll through the big Waner on that small road.Lu old man replied that, today, he got up early, and then sell the wine has been cleaned belongings at the door, did not even see the big Shaw walked that path.Shaw big words are heard, he pretended to Lu Jiaming said: At the time, I go faster, soon on that small road to go back and forth, Lu old man did not see me, not surprising!    Shaw large artificial manner, even more heart with several Lu Jiaming, in order to expose his lies, Lu Jiaming came to the street, look for the big morning from Shaw’s whereabouts.One man told Lu Jiaming selling breakfast that morning, in his early Shaw large stalls while eating fried dough sticks, and while people gossip, spent a whole morning.    Lu Jiaming nodded, thanked the man, then Stern said: Shaw large, there is now sufficient evidence that your money is not lost!Shaw had a large dingy and walked away, the crowd gathered immediately laughter together.    Looking at the big awkward back Xiao, Lu Jiaming thought: I’ve got to go back to that path, perhaps, the real owner will go there to look for silver bullion it!    Back that road, Lu Jiaming looked around from time to time, such as the owner to lead bullion.A moment later, a man from the town hurriedly came over to say Shaw large, dingy after he walked away, hurried back to the home.Shaw doing great so anxious to go home?Because he was still thinking about posing as the owner, received the Lu Jiaming picked up silver.Of course, he would not go again posing as the owner, in his mind, it has been another candidate.    Shaw great brother named Shaw II is a small fry all day, quit down to business.Shaw is a big idea: Since I did not falsely claim to Lu Jiaming picked up the money, then I try to let Xiao two to go, maybe he can receive money!    Shaw lot of their own ideas of two one said Shaw, Shaw two laughed: brother, clever enough, I’ve been to that path this morning, and there are people saw me Lu Jiaming picked up the money, it appears that non-Zange Liang must go!    It turned out this morning, Xiao two really went that path, to see people living in the area, is there something to steal what was, Lu old man still looked at him glances warily.    Xiao Xiao urged the two big hurry to pick up the money, Xiao two quickly came to the man hurriedly Lu Jiaming see that path, it is two Shaw!    Suddenly, Xiao Lu Jiaming two came to the front, hand and said: My money is lost, please return me the money!

A silent encounter, everlasting

REVIEW: The event you know what this life is born, take your hand came to understand this world for whom go back.All in all the dark clouds of melancholy sigh in your love Mouli evanescent.What life is so simple, all trekkers are waiting for you from your nestling in one place.Night, with its peaceful quietly glide; I, in my habits a little like you.Goodwill as you want gentle spring rain in March, faces and voices you want to smile as left turn rainbow at sunset temperature diffusion, like your eyes as a bright star streamer flashing outside the window and stare, like your mind as surplus covered with grass Wen Hong soft wetlands.Once the glow thoughts flashed, a wild ride that is endless, time to recover, everything is to the advantage of its dreams.Never meet already know each other, that is never close from Acacia.Unprovoked edge in case of a situation honestly opened the deep meaning of the story.Wishing before the Buddha can not remember, can not remember suffering on the athletic, do not hang around on the Sansei stone remember stare more cure my forgotten in the Qinglei Lian Lian, life Yulu a reunion, but who fear that their lives desolate gloomy?Even Bana blooming fence I, but I have been deeply deeply remember the warmth of your eyes.All the sorrow in between you and me staring cleared, all sad in your smile in my relieved.Originally, walking past life suffering only waiting for this moment with you my portrait pull.I cried and smiles, tears fly Chan; you smiling and crying, crying pleased tactful.Tears language linked condensate choke and willing heart.You always make me into a description of butterflies in the moonlight, each crystal supernatant, leaving you standing in the moonlight and I eddies lightly on your side.And I always put you in Fei Xu turned into a warm, gently Ee, little shallow, seems like a soft and miss, it seems like Sticky flick, flying with Roushan warmth, Chun Chun long for the message to.So many times he rushed flashing in mind this picture: Splendor Feng Xu.This statement from the moonlight feeling love smoked move down the soft mountain Lin drunk, hidden all the complicated world of chaos shake the Galaxy Han-day run over Jiuxiao.A spring rain a sunny south enough, beautiful enough to touch of bright red northern mountains.You and I met this spring with bright red whether the interpretation of a different kind of universe where dust?    Way back through the ages butterfly Butterfly, at the moment than how you and I Fei Xu vivid world of Splendor?    The light bathed Song Tang wind rain, Yi Mei fluttering, under lupine nylon, flowers Xiuyan, month Meridian, poetry Fu word, Tuibeihuanzhan, which control the Jinxi evening which control the fleeting PASSING.Chaomu pink clouds, night riding dew juice, Xiang Xi Xiang Xie, indulge ignorance.So you inadvertently put my magic illusion born, you met my wonderful friend with exquisite attached, for fear of a bad idea to live up to the light feeling overwhelmed by the scenery from the edge of the pull.    Usually there will be some years been longing CLS, dull emotions portray the colors have a strong.Met is right, not what is in the wrong place caught in a helpless, helpless missed is a beautiful thousand years, and we are most happy is to seize this moment and the accumulation of years of emotional thaw At this moment into bloom this moment, even if it is fleeting but also that of a thousand years go away incineration Yi Tan regret.The event you know what this life is born, take your hand came to understand this world for whom go back.All in all the dark clouds of melancholy sigh in your love Mouli evanescent.What life is so simple, all trekkers are waiting for you from your nestling in one place.You became my pen verse, the song became my love song, you became my way back under the moon in the night sky became my balderdash.This quietly case of a reunion, this situation was everlasting.The twin-wire touch heart will pour thousands knot.    Who can get out of the red charge who wetlands, soil and gentle that one had drowned little lotus Lei Yu.Fallen flowers are dipped in dye you my deepest affection.[Editor: easy to get along]

A sigh

Paintings this day, Yushan County Deputy Administrative home was killed, magistrate Liu Menglong heard the news, immediately rushed to the scene.When asked county magistrate’s wife, she cried, her husband’s death, but as a picture.Originally, county magistrate’s assistant has always loved ancient calligraphy and paintings, not long ago, he did not know where to buy a Gu calligraphy, love, excitement for several consecutive days can not sleep at night.However, just yesterday night, a masked man broke into the home, armed with a knife threatened him to hand over the photograph paintings.County Deputy Although terrified, but he sees the painting, such as calligraphy and painting life, how willing to hand over?Masked men reflected in its refusal, Bian Yu himself rummaging County Deputy of course tried to stop.Two of a struggle, and finally Deputy Administrative scream, masked men died in the sword, and succeeded in a hurry after that masked man fled.While Deputy Administrative wife witnessed it all, it has long been scared of flying three souls and seven soul into the earth, even shouting forget.Liumeng Long listening, color slightly startled, puzzled and asked: Gu authentic is the case of a rarity, value of the daughter, your husband a year salary but a few stone, how could afford to buy such an expensive thing it?Deputy Administrative wife shook her head and said: home life has always been a nice compact, I do not know where he’s come from silver.Liumeng Long thought a moment, look at the county magistrate ordered home.Finally, even within a county magistrate’s assistant in hopes of finding a pillow printed with the words Hung Kee Draft thousand taels!Everyone else is shocked, how could you have such a huge amount Deputy Administrative drafts it?At this time, Liu Menglong but to think of the issue, but high-ranking officials outside the treasurer ticket numbers Hongyou Fu Hung Kee, who is rich, business is huge.However, not long ago Hongyou Fu because of one case of trafficking in illegal salt being implicated, not only he himself was taken for questioning bureaucratic, and has since been being watched, most of the trade has been closed check.Hongyou Fu has repeatedly come Liumeng Long carrying large amount of money in private, but Liumeng Long has always been honest self-respect, not only did not receive a single cent Hongyou Fu silver, but sternly refused.Deputy Administrative now not only able to afford to buy priceless antiques and paintings, but also hiding huge drafts at home, appears to be Hongyou Fu Liu Menglong after being refused, to find on the county magistrate, county magistrate’s assistant while accepting his bribes.Unfortunately, a few days ago, I do not know why, but somehow it Hongyou Fu actually hanged himself.Now the two have switched dead, unable to ask, Liumeng Long had told runners to start from the photograph of Gu’s paintings, intensify the search for the murderer.The next day, Liu Menglong is rest, a runners rushed to his face lighted shouted: adults!Murderer caught!Liu Menglong suddenly overjoyed, hastened Shengtang ad litem.Runners told him the name of the murderer criminal record quite a lot, often rob hurt everybody’s business, but a vicious role.Let Liu Menglong surprise, without setbacks, the murderer confessed to the killing of Deputy Administrative case.It turned out that this murderer is born wealthy family, the painting was his ancestral home things, but he likes Chihepiaodu, not a few years he gave the money to spend at home cleaners, had to rely on pawn goods to survive, even to the last the photograph of his father, regarded as the life of Gu’s paintings also to secretly when the.After learning his father suddenly fell ill with anger, dying, I would like to see a baby that ancestral.But now he would not go to redeem money, even the painting has been sold at the pawn shop after the redemption period.After asking this painting was bought Yushan County Deputy Administrative, because it can not do anything, he decided the night to grab a bite!He had just grabbed the painting, did not expect to actually come up with a murder case.After listening Zhefan confession, Liumeng Long nodded, ordered his check for his mark, into the death row pending sentence.Deputy Administrative sex murder easily solved, Liu Menglong the mood was very heavy, because he never imagined that he Crown so many years, has tried to stay, but be men of the people is not the case, a small county magistrate’s assistant , even accepting huge bribes and so it is indeed chilling.With the matter as a warning, the adviser specially Liumeng Long, Ji Zhu principal officials called cop, earnestly explain over and over again, must not make things contrary to the law court.Seen people vowed, this little put some heart.The next morning, Liu Menglong still sleep among the runners was a rush to wake up: adults, big bad!Cop cop was killed!When to get to the scene to understand the truth, Liu Menglong his head and sigh: their body is not correct, getting himself into trouble.It turned out that cop handling the case, though the players, there is a preference of sex addiction, recently actually a husband and long-term out of the woman hooked up.Last night, this woman cop went home, when the two are Merry happy, I never thought that the woman’s husband suddenly came back, caught in the positive with!Women’s husband is a butcher origin, reckless grumpy, unto the rear bed, stand Martinique knife to cut.The poor cop is still the gentle, it became sleepwalk sword of the spirit!But reassuring that, although the case is sensational, but little tangled, the killers were runners under arrest, the case is also very simple, it is a murder unto.However, at the moment Liumeng Long heart is heavier than previously, some days before it was found County Deputy bribery issue, now sergeants killed because of such perishable things, as his two public door myself, so virtue is indeed detrimental official face.A few days later, Liu Menglong is the study of reading, sudden, I hear Yamen drum bursts, then the whole crown shengtang.Come on top of the lobby, look, kneeling at the Church of the fleet, it is that the killer cop killing wife.Liu Menglong could speak, the woman already Tiqi said: adults, but the impulse to kill my husband, Wan ask an adult mercy ah!And the case is a novelty factor and the daughter and the daughter of real things cop is forced to die!Compelled?Liu Menglong surprised a moment, struggling men and women of this matter, how can the compelling words?Could that be a cop he forced you?Butcher wife cried, shaking his head, she had also Liangjianvzi, make it so contrary to the Women of the matter is indeed helpless.Not long ago, she came home from the market, find the bed stood a burden, open look, turned out to be a bag full of silver bullion and a letter.She was surprised to open the letter and found the contents of the letter turned out to seduce her to the cop, and not let anyone know, if she can succeed, as well as reward money, if not agree, he called her thorn.After receiving this package of money and that Epistle, she can not sleep for days.Husband long-term home, own a single woman, if they obey not, who knows what would happen then?See also to that bag of money, very fond of him, thought-strapped days, a bite, she decided to obey the letter said.Cop was originally a womanizer, a ride that is on.Then she really has inexplicably been a bag of money, and the man again confessed in the letter, the matter must not let anyone know, failing that, they let her and so how!Liu Menglong listening shook his head, sniffed and said the sound absurd.See Liu Menglong do not believe that the woman, he took out two letters goes, and said: Here are two letters, ask an adult to look over!

A Shenzhen police “110 microblogging”

Writing, became the turning point in life Zhu Gui Cai, born in 1975 in Hunan Shuangfeng County.The end of the army in mid-1994.Mid-1998, there is a major flood of the Yangtze River basin-wide in nature, a huge disaster devouring countless homes of villagers.At this time, Zhu Gui color in with troops to train the flood line, feeling the whole process of deploying a unit commander fighting work and wrote “and teachers with the car 26 hours,” the report, published in Hubei “Shishou News “on.This manuscript is the first article was published in his life.That he did not think that article in the flood line caused a strong reaction, and therefore he has been the head of a cordial meeting.A leader says: Xiaozhu, you are likely fate of your quartermaster because this draft has changed.A manuscript in a word, Zhu Gui Choi became an important turning point in life.Writing, not casually write can get others recognized, Zhu Gui Choi knows this.Although I read many books, but he still felt the lack of adequate knowledge of literacy.He understood that in order to write good articles, study hard, work hard practicing writing, it is essential.Zhu Gui determined the color, not well-off with pay to buy a pile of yet another pile of learning materials, charging full year.Long stay at home, day and night to learn, and he would let his instructor severely worried for a while.Instructor mistakenly thought he was hiding in the autistic world, psychology out of the question.In this way, Zhu Gui Choi efforts finally paid off in 2000, he began writing after another boarded various newspapers.Because good writing, was seconded to the political groups have long admired at, here and became a Public Information Officer.Soon, Zhu Gui color from news to write on writing fiction.The change, the achievements of his magnificent turn.Zhu Gui Choi believes the soldiers are ordinary people, flesh and blood have feelings too.Love, who is also the theme of life can not be ignored.So he wrote a series of novels set Military love.Mid-early 2004, Zhu Gui Choi singled out from himself wrote more than 100 short stories in 55, the first book of life.These novels, first out when the book is released at their own expense, well written, well have to issue, otherwise it will become a pile of waste piled up in the corner of the room.A weekend, for the first time to introduce ourselves to other units, but let sentry wearing a military uniform, he ate a cold shoulder; to make out all the stops into the army, in the police Tonglian, soldiers with strangers, suspicion, indifference and looked at he came to introduce ourselves as an alien look like, so confident of his heart started drumming scared: could not find books to readers.He finally put a few books in the company, he walked away dejected.Zhu Gui color does not throw in the towel.The second time he carried the book to go, just go to the camp entrance.Sentry snapped to salute him, so he flattered.From original sentry by his comrades he saw that his book was deeply fascinated.Police then Tonglian.The soldiers put him as a VIP, pour tea, showed great enthusiasm.In this way, Zhu Gui Choi began his unique life barracks books to bookselling career.Wherever he went, he was first with two minutes to speak to the soldiers on one or two stories and then tell you, this is the story of the book.Gradually, those who gathered to book.In the barracks.Famous military writer aura so that he enjoys a high reputation.Outside the barracks, there are enthusiastic readers to gather a group of Zhu Gui color fans, but also specifically established Zhu Gui color book club.Adhere to, and then have the identity of the wonderful military writer, so off his uniform, Zhu Gui color of removal had lost little of rank.In 2007, he was professional, and work in the place, never before so much time and effort to write a.Within two or three years, he transferred here and there, for a few jobs.At this time, the problem faced by Zhu Gui color is to adapt to a new life in a new interpersonal circle, into the new environment, complete new tasks.In the beginning, Zhu Gui Police work in color, make the most mundane most common work.Every day kept busy, like a rapidly spinning top.Later, he was seconded to the Longgang District government propaganda department, where engaged in spiritual civilization construction work.Do the training, to do publicity, do all sorts of chores.No matter what, he is dedicated to do, and strive to do the best.Outside of work, Cai Zhu Gui did not forget his dream of writing.But, since this variety of little jobs ridden a few years, and thus seemed more tired.Worked for two years in Longgang District Propaganda Department, after the expiration of the secondment, he returned to the familiar police force.Such back and forth, making Zhu Gui color a bit confused, he thought, as an ordinary police force, so it is too obscure a.Indeed, he once find yourself, once germination of the idea want to quit the police force.But in the end, he persevered.Because he always wanted to, he called Zhu Gui color, first, perseverance, after you have the wonderful!Microblogging, create a different kind of life for observant Zhu Gui color living in the microblogging rage today, the times he found a live microblogging this observation, recording life, the best way to accumulate material.Zhu Gui Cai microblogging is its claim to be 110 micro-Bo, reflecting mostly 110 alarm come into contact with people and things.Police station just a small grass-roots units, but Zhu Gui Cai always updated microblogging can be seen, had been giving the impression that the police rigor, in fact, to the meticulous work of all the people made a plain report.But, this report gives a refreshing feeling, because it’s the charm of fashion, because it’s humorous, but also because it reflects the very real social life.Here a few excerpts: 2:00, destitute.Suddenly the phone rang, a man came very impatient voice: enough love the police do?Shenhui busy road so late, fights it, you can not do a tube?I said if I have so much power, then you put your home phone down or put the 110 call forwarding!Well what does that mean?Anyway, you can not sleep, think about it slowly.Manlianshixue two men, a previous and later to the police station, when met, will continue to do, to stop being snapped.I say, what you do?Sit down in terms of!Tall, I salsa tied, and his dog over bullying Shorty retorted, bah!His dog to seduce my cub, two men really shameless red in the face, but two dogs sniffing each other at the police station lobby to meet again, a man anxiously affectionate, said: ‘There are circumstances’ did not finish off the phone.We did go back and re-hear: “You dial the phone has been shut down.’Rush to recharge 20 yuan, telephone communication, happy to hear the man say:’ Now is not the case.”And so on, Serious and harmonious, true feelings.Without the slightest affectation and hide.This microblogging quickly get everyone’s recognition and praise, forwarding and commentators who followed, and soon attracted the attention of many media.These attitudes reflect the marketplace’s short text, but also makes people change the perception of the police, there are many users are in support of his micro-blog, consider these easy to understand and no lack of educational value to it, and make community relations more harmonious.Zhu Gui Cai said: I write to it as a major event to do, is think through these things so that the masses more fun to learn about the work of the police, supported by the police, the police approval, while eliminating misunderstanding.Zhu Gui color while working, also invited a team from the comics, Guangdong Province Light Industry Vocational Technical School, ready to microblogging story designed as a book entitled “110 110 micro-Bo,” the comic books, comic books in order to meet, but also asked people to shoot a film called “stolen book is not stealing,” a small movie.Design comic book, the film’s purpose is to shoot funny standing in the perspective of the police, to educate the masses of the basic qualities of urban civilization, universal access to basic laws and regulations, and ultimately interesting to return to the top of the educational theme.From the barracks to police camps, from books to woven scarf, Zhu Gui color every step, he is marching toward the dream of creating a new starting point for a different kind of human cattle!

A shallow kiss

This is the second time I saw him, just once a year on the distance, is in friend’s birthday party Xu Zetao.  But this time will definitely be different from the last time, because I saw in his eyes my own.  Li Ya, you changed a lot hey!Xu Zetao looked a long while before I say a word.  Just a little thin, but also no different ah!  Ah, or thin look better.You can now much more beautiful than before.  I certainly know my beautiful than before, now I will be able to dress up just a little better than a large number of girls go on.And I also believe that all of us here agree that the words of Xu Zetao.  Day last year, I was a fat girl, the scene of all the people I only know one big birthday Xu Zetao.  He was followed by Xu Zetao boyfriend together, and flanked by a very thin very lovely girl.He said exchanges to others is just a month’s girlfriend.  Everyone liked him that lovely girlfriend, except me.  She laughed pretty.There will be a pair of small cheeks dimple, gentle and decent manners.WWW.5aigushi.COM Originally I always thought that girls like her like this only in relation to people like.But I saw her today, she is very annoying, that she simply contrived, I certainly think that even he must really like her.  After I introduced from the outset with a nod and she has never told her anything of.Because I found my line of sight from the moment that he appeared to no longer move to somewhere else.  Yes, I told him love at first sight.Do not ask me what it feels like love at first sight in the end, only you can feel itself experienced the taste, not any adjective can be the perfect interpretation of the.  However, the opportunity that once again I could not even eyes meet with him did not.Of his girlfriend has been hanging on him, did not leave the moment.If my eyes could kill, I think she had died no less than eleven million times.  Back then I made a decision – to lose weight.I want to be thin and beautiful, I’m afraid I was too fat too difficult to read, even the chance to stand together with him are not.He is so handsome, there must be a lot of girls clamoring to go to him Minato.  In the six months after that where I have been desperate to lose weight, as is today able to stand before him in another gesture.  And I also discovered that he was a man to come today, sitting in the middle of a group of boys.And then swept away the girls over there, and those are still dealt with last year, he did not see that last year’s girlfriend.Do they broke up?I suddenly happy, and soon, it was definitely my guess.  Last month, not that good with your boyfriend back to me Well, how come today or a person?Two months ago I paid a boyfriend, then told Xu Zetao talked about last month, I came to her birthday Shihai asked thousands exhorted million asked me regarding family members to attend, however, bad weather ah!  We parted friends, I was a singles into the!  When will you take to settle down ah.He’s not fine for you Well, you certainly is what business people to put Miss temper dumped it?  This time you can be wrong.He was engaged in cheating on me with someone else caught betray oneself.  and then?So you broke up with him, did not give him a thing or two?I know who also Morrow Xu Zetao.  of course.I face in front of their class who gave him a resounding slap in the face, and quickly took a table to give him a cup of instant coffee poured down Doutou.  Haha, Li Ya, I have to say, you really handsome.And here today you’re not alone single, Liu Chen last week he broke up with girlfriend.However, on the grounds that no one knows what.Xu Zetao boyfriend Redon said, pointing to his.  What reason to it?It is the chant whim.  He came from that group of boys in.I suddenly feel the whole body is stiff up, even heart skips several were shot.He no change to last year.Still so handsome, and has added some mature charm, charm index soared several percentage points.  I heard he broke up I’m happy, I’m so happy to drink.  This time last year I was a reversal of the quiet silence, either at the table or are exceptionally active in KTV.Regardless of who is the toast I accept, a night off did not know how much to drink, but did not feel drunk, still not stop naughty.  He finally could not stand the east afraid I was drunk advised me to come over, Xu Zetao very clear understanding to stop him, let her go.So, to get the support I met old birthday is not as it had been and Wu, talk to other people around drinking and laughter.  Available to the rest of the night, I began uncomfortable.Dizzy, even the eyes are blurred.I then groped to find the corner of the box near the door to go catnap.  Do not know when asked how long, I suddenly woke up, and there was a very uncomfortable feeling, like a pair of eyes stared at me.Cheeks are burning with a surge of sight.  I do not know who is staring at me so.Not dare to open your eyes.So we had to move slowly move his neck just pretend to wake up.  I opened his eyes was scared.He was one hand supporting his head, reclining on the sofa, facing my side.Sight my eyes fell on a motionless.  I have to admit, this action he was too cool, if not his line of sight makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m afraid I can not help but kiss him tuba.Why did he leave me so close, I could actually see his eyes at a very, very small tears mole.  How to drink so much alcohol?  I never said a word to him at night, also from dared to go near him, he knew how much I drink?  You are so naughty, you want to pay attention to have difficulty!He seemed to see my confusion, added,.You can sleep for an hour, it’s early, or take a break again.  I quickly shook his head.Joke, just so scared he enjoyed quasi also fall asleep ah.  Well, do you want to go with me.He said that questions, but the tone of it is used in the imperative.Then I glanced around the box is very firm nod, basically all of them crooked fell, leaving twenty-three also drunk 7788 still Guessing Game, he seemed satisfied with my answer, Yang Kai’s face a smile.Because of this smile, and my heart skips.  We have a KTV and go to the left, to the edge of the green corridors of the Plaza.  He did not let me sit down, but directly backed me into a corner on the back against the post and then can not back up.to be frank.I do not feel afraid of the camp, even a little faint excitement.  He is firmly staring at me, I do not dare start a Ji him in the eye, and finally a bite, looked up and went up to his direct line of sight.  We also do not know to this in the eye when I told his eyelashes are clearly a number of roots.Finally, no way, I gave him a Qingtu breath.  Very strong mint taste ah!You just is not a lot to drink it?Thank goodness.He finally spoke up.  I’m drinking wine on chewing gum for a long time.  Oh.So, you are going to lure me myself long ago!I clearly capture his mouth Yang Qi hint of contempt smile.  I was really falling out of love, the past few days have been drinking, but I hate drinking alcohol mouthful of alcohol.So every time I finished the drink, at least four to five Ⅱ MG chewing gum.I was telling the truth.Although after I hit that guy, gorgeous turned away, all or pity or contempt surprised eyes are back.On the surface I’m very proud of myself, but myself only know it hurt the heart.  Although initially it was me, but this is more than two months of contacts that the boys chase, the number of pay that is definitely my.  The boy was not cheating on it, what is there for him sad?Is he jealous, because I’m sad for the other boys?  In fact, my contacts with him because of you, when I first saw him, I found his eyes very much like with you, even the location of the sinking tears mole are the same.  Did he do my handsome?He’s really narcissistic, I would like to Cuocuo his spirit.But we have to admit that can grow up to be like his handsome not many people.  Of course, did not you handsome.  He seemed really happy, because I saw his eyes all with a smile.  I saw you last time.You’ve been hiding in the side, even if very less, like a little rabbit, I’m afraid I’ll say anything to scare you.His words made me so shocked, I did not think he noticed me last year.  He saw me look silly Leng Leng seem happier.Gently lift my chin, my lips printed in a shallow kiss.

Alternative language

Alternative language is the language of life must be, is an objective expression to share their feelings with each other to communicate.Said that did want people to enrich their skills constantly have to improve to enrich learning all kinds of knowledge, knowledge too, helps to raise the amount of skills.In our daily lives, everyone to use language to express their show was done, we may come across rhetoric and taciturn, also encountered eloquent and concise.Extraordinary conversation are more particular about language skills, combined with the priorities of complexity, citing quips, a phrase, a jingle, a twisters, refined, witty, wonderful expression full of fables colors tend to win applause.In fact, real life is more arbitrary language, the language is to speak, is the sentimental parents in short, is the emotions of a character asks, every day we live in a world language composition.  In addition to language, eye contact, facial expressions, body movements are forms of expression in another language.It can be found everywhere in our lives, all the time or happen to someone else, perhaps in front of the screen when you are typing, focused look is the definition of a language.  The eyes are the windows of the soul.Use your eyes confession mood, behavior, pies, no better than the language much worse shape.Hi eyebrow when joy Xiaoyan, when the eye of anger to take fire, when the sad eyes dull, ogle love from time to time.Look, look, look, stare, look, stare, vision, it is dedicated language of the eye.Water Lingling big eyes bright eyes water, thick eyebrows and a dignified appearance, a free look erratic, meet exceptionally jealous enemies, but not impressive three days, Big World ears, senseless did not know, Laoyanhunhua fright uncertain, dispirited bleary-eyed, short-sighted Zeimeishuyan.In summary, these terms are not mutually dajie description of the eye, the tables stand alone ages, all kinds of living creatures has already depicted vivid.From human eyes reflects the variety of facial expressions, to convey the qualitative behavior of emotion, a knowing look is the result of long-running, it will not achieve the role of language.Erotic expressed by the eyes, the eyes of the beholder, coursing eyes, arrogant eyes, lost eyes, eyes far more than these, even exhaustive, eye covers almost all aspects of the language of all acts of.Language is only a foil touches on the theory of rhetoric, then the beautiful language can only be described as gold is yellow flash, but gold itself is worth much more than the actual language.  Facial expression is the language of the moment people.It also was faithfully reflect a person’s heart and realistic performance, if explained in words, they can up and down enough effort in space.Emotions and feelings of loneliness is exposed, people seem to define such a good deal, from a person’s facial expression and publicity introverted, a person’s looks, people also love at first sight with the interpretation of the Brief Encounter bizarre story, it is a fortune-teller the physiognomy as an esoteric science continues to this day.Facial expression is a comprehensive reflection of facial movement, increased expression with age, experience will have to become more abundant, are derived from the mutual understanding of the language from the original expression of laughing and crying.Benevolence small lift themselves: curl one’s lip pouting tongue-tied, laughing scoffed, his voice alarmed, feeling angry smile through tears, pretend nothing had happened, bowed face down in silence, tightlipped.Well, now facial animation on the network enough to explain the problem.These expressions are psychological reactions, modern psychology is to interpret these complex passwords.  Body language is a direct representative have emotions.Since ancient times, Stand up sit has phase of rhetoric, but also modern ladies meter course what conformist, the most basic question noted that a person’s walking posture can reflect the qualities of instinct.Happy when dancing, when angry fists, if the orchid may represent the tip of female beauty, the sturdy frame Guinness gestures can revel in the men’s rough.Body movements are reflected in the language of power, is volatile instinct, is the expansion of language foreshadowing.A gesture, a clenched fist, a kick, a bow, a gesture instinct, even if the finger clicks on the button, it has been explained to thinking.  To tired expression language of this alone is not enough.This is a normal physiological function of people who just live in the moment, there are still some people are born to live in a silent world of language.So people look combines language, facial expressions language, body language, and then formed a new language — Sign Language.In fact, these are from life, reflecting the initial communication is body language of humanity, even in modern society in a variety of languages filled the global village, body language is still the most primitive expression.This was the theme of telescopic scope is large, there may be unavoidably every move, could also be a tireless task for researchers, however, a soul and feedback on this trivial between movement and stillness, in this back to nature between.

After reading 100 classics, remember the 100 words

After reading 100 classics, remember this poem 100 words featured a selection of the recommended daily poetry, Essay!Hundreds of books under this attention if not quiet look, then try to comprehend this sentence 100 100 classics in the meaning of it!  1.If God openly Qugen people, it is difficult for anyone to deal with.( “Homer”) 2.To be or not to be, that is a question worth considering.( “Hamlet”) 3.In pursuit of good people in spite of a loss, they will eventually realize that there is a right path.( “Faust”) 4.Understanding of their ignorance of the world’s most reliable method.( “Essays”) 5.Do you think I am poor, homely no feelings do?I swear to you, if God gives me wealth and beauty, I can not let you leave me, as I can not leave you.Although God did not do, but we are still in the spirit of equality.( “Jane Eyre”) 6.Of adults are bad, God is testing them to do, you do not test, do you think children should live.( “Childhood”) 7, you no heart and liver, the more rising fast, you showed no mercy against other people, people afraid of you.Only the men and women as horses, riding in them exhausted, to stand on the left, so you can reach the peak of desire.( “High old man”) 8.I just want to prove one thing, that is, when the devil tempted me, then she told me that I have no right to go that way, because I’m only a louse, and, like all the rest.( “Crime and Punishment”) 9.You see, friend Sancho Panza, the other has more than 30 large surprising giant.( “Don Quixote”) 10.I do not want you torment greater than I have, Heathcliff.I only wish we never separation: if a word of mine distress you hereafter, think I feel the same distress underground, look at my own sake, forgive me!!( “Wuthering Heights”) 11.Happy family is the same, each have their own unhappy family is different.( “Anna Karenina”) 12.Alas, slave-like Italian, you mourn the Inner Challenge, you did not storm the helm of a boat, you are no longer a provincial housewife, but a brothel!( “Divine Comedy”) 13 will be buried too deeply emotional and sometimes a bad thing.If a woman cover up the feelings of the man he loves, and she may have lost his chance to get.( “Pride and Prejudice”) 14.The bell has rung.Soon as they heard, quiet and serene, even if that woman bride a good month, the bells are always with a taste of autumn.( “Sound and Fury”) 15, a person not born to be defeated, you can make him destroyed, but I could not beat him.( “Old Man”) 16.Of course, the line is the line, which is very good, just do Knock out of any trouble by ah.( “Trapper”) 17, bread!bread!We want bread!( “Bud”) 18.I never loved this world, which has me too.( “Byron Selected Poems”) 19.Love should give a sense of freedom, rather than a sense of captivity.( “Sons and Lovers”) 20.The storm will be in that day, and even some oak trees blown down, some of the church tower to collapse, some of the palace will be shaken!( “Heine Poems”) 21.He ridiculed his actions attracted the most people, but it is always the first to say bad things about others.( “Hypocrites”) 22.Then a spiritual feeling wells up, I think that life is weeping, sobbing and smiles, while sobbing accounted for the vast majority.( “O. Henry short stories”) 23.I love history and heroic deeds, but also condemned the consequences caused by such deeds.24 the entire lower half ( “Mysterious Island”), people have to think let suet balls.But she had been calling for his wife, now simply called her as a young lady, who do not quite know what it is, as if she climbed past a certain position in the evaluation of them, now, people want from her kind of like a down position, so that she understood his position is still knocking copy?( “Maupassant Short Stories”) 25 If winter comes, can spring be far behind.?( “Shelley Selected Poems”) 26.I understand, I have found the existence of the answer, answer me sick, answer my whole life.In fact, everything that I understand things can be attributed to this fundamental absurdity.( “Disgusting”) 27, there are so few happy people in the world, they put their pain turned into happiness of others, they bury their cries earthly hope, it becomes a seed, grow flowers and incense cream, for the comedown lonely healing.( “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”) 28.When Gregory · Sa Musha awoke from restless dreams, he found that he turned into a giant flea in bed.( “Metamorphosis”) 29, when folded over the seamless reality affixed on our long-cherished dream, which covers the dream, and it is mixing, as the two together into one same pattern overlap.( “Remembrance of Things Past”) 30.Between people, the most painful thing in the world where you think deserves goodwill and friendship, but suffered annoyance and damage.( “Giant”) 31.Now I say that you should pay special attention to listen to: the presence in the hearts of others who is this man’s soul.This is your own, is your consciousness depend breathing, nutrition and even revel in their lifetime thing, which is your soul, your immortality and there is someone else in your life.( “Doctor”) 32.Virtue is like incense, burning or squeezing through its Hong pang, cover lucky most revealing evil German and doom most revealing virtues.( “Francis Bacon Collection”) 33.Dear Aini Si, I go abroad, to love you, I stay in a foreign country, to love you, I return home, but also to love you!( “David Copperfield”) 34.Forced more often to people who love the core, but they can never be called a change of heart.( “Intrigue and Love”) 35.In a variety of things in common sense, love can not change or stop, because in nature, love will burn itself out, any trick to make it difficult to reverse.( “The Decameron”) 36.If you are a swan egg, is born in the chicken farm has nothing to do.( “Hans Christian Andersen”) 37 on the speculative market skills, the sophistication of unparalleled value will always be.( “Dead Souls”) 38.No one could mistake child, the more you pondering on one thing much more prone to error.( “Haobingshuaike Adventures”) 39.We have experienced everything in life suddenly upon the unsuspecting, like actors enter walkthrough.If life first rehearsal is life itself, what is the value of life and that it?( “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”) 40.He discovered a great law of human action, he did not know – that is, in order to make an adult or a child wanted to do a kind of extreme things, just trying to make things easy to put that hand on the line.( “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”) 41 There is a legend saying that a bird, it sings only once a lifetime, that song is more beautiful than all singing all the creatures of the world’s sounds.( “The Thorn Birds”) 42 pairs man of faith, death is the door to eternal life.( “Paradise Lost”) 43 After leaving a lifetime, he returned to the land of his birth on.From small to large, he has been a place of witness.( “Ulysses”) 44 is one thing to keep in touch with God, they are in favor of this, but let God 24 hours a day stayed around is another matter.( “Catch”) 45.In sweet dreams, everyone is equal, but when the sun rises, the struggle for survival resumed when, and how inequality between people is.( “Mr. President”) 46.Development of mineral resources of human intelligence is ultimately up to the trouble to bring about the.( “Count of Monte”) 47 from the place you closer, the farther the road; simple tone, require the most difficult exercises.( “Tagore Poems”) 48.Sad people especially sensitive.( “John Christopher” 49.Evil attack the integrity of the soul, has never been so high-profile, it is always to find ways to attack, always wearing a mask of some sort of sophistry, but also often dressed in a cloak of morality.( “Confessions”) 50.Her eyes opened wide one pair of despair, watching her lonely life.She was like a sinking ship sailors in the hazy horizon, distant look for traces of white sail.( “Bovary”) 51.I hear America singing, I hear different carols.( “Leaves of Grass”) 52.If you can make your heart always praise the marvelous everyday life, your pain will not reduce the marvelous joy to you, you have to bear your heart day of the season, as you often bear spent four seasons from the field.( “The Prophet”) 53.Now I live in Villa Borghese, can not find here a little dust, did not put a thing was not the place, except for us, no other people here, we die.( “Tropic of Cancer”) 54.The sun is rising, dew on the fields soon without a trace.Genji pain Life is a dream, like the morning dew in general, even more despair.( “Tale of Genji”) 55.Those crimes ordinary and nondescript really confusing, like a – a homely most difficult for people to identify – like.( “Sherlock Holmes”) 56 Do not spit into a well, maybe you will drink the well water.( “Quiet Flows the Don”) 57.Do you have a house built in a small pond inside it?In the small pond, you can always observe every piece of the creatures that live in the water.( “Insect”) 58.I saw various nations hostile to each other and silently, ignorance, foolish, willing, the innocent kill each other..I saw the world’s most intelligent minds invention also write articles and weapons, so that all these hostile and killing more subtle, more durable.( “Western Front”) 59.Like this morning with snow face reflected in the mirror of that face, flushed.In Shimamura view, this is a different color ranging between fantasy with reality.( “Snow Country”) 60.As long as a person has willpower, you can transcend his environment.( “Martin Eden”) 61.Standing outside persuade those who suffer pain, it is a very easy thing to do.( “Prometheus”) 62.There are emotional reasons simply can not understand the reason.( “The Moon and Sixpence”) 63.All the world’s a good thing for us, in addition to use them, but there is no other benefits.( “Crusoe”) 64.Whenever the sun goes down, I sat on the old river pier, overlooking New Jersey over the vast sky, I felt as if some uncultivated land, all the way, all the people are incredibly headed west coast.Now I know, in Iowa, the boys always kept noisy commotion, because the land is so that they can not be so calm.( “On the Road”) 65.Prior to the law, in line with the natural forces only lion, or need when hungry animal, more simply expressed in a word, is to be.( “Red”) 66.God let us accustomed to all kinds of things, it is to use it instead of happiness.( “Evgeny Onegin”) 67.He said he has been studying my soul and found emptiness which nothing.He said that I actually have no soul, without the slightest humanity, no one any account a sacred status of moral principles in the human soul, all of which are out of tune with me.( “Outsider”) 68.Climb it, and more of it to make money, into the upper classes of society, where everything ready.( “An American Tragedy”) 69.Bliss a very bitter bustle, Sheng Xihua feast final finish.Sorrows and joys do offer all kinds of absurd Same Cloud, past a dream.Man Yan tea cry marks weight, more infatuated gnawing regret a long.Every word seems all the blood, ten years hard unusual.( “Dream of Red Mansions”) 70.Whether I live or I die, I have been a gadfly, happy flying.( “The Gadfly”) 71.The history of the family is unable to stop a cycle of the machine, is a turning wheel, gear only, either shaft will gradually wear inevitably, it will go on forever rotation.( “Hundred Years of Solitude”) 72.A man his whole life are betting that women love gambling on top of a card, that card loses, he will be as frustrated and confused what they can do nothing, this man is not a man, but the male is a biological.( “Father and son”) 73.Now I just believe, first of all I am a man, just like you a – at least I want to learn to be a man.( “A Doll’s House”) and 74 genius apart we are only one step.Contemporaries who often do not understand that this step is thousands of miles, thousands of miles posterity blindly believe this is a step.For this purpose to kill talented contemporaries, posterity for this purpose incense in front of genius.( “Dwarf the words”) 75.People suffering when subjected to pain and not know the intensity level, but rather stretches after torture can make the most piercing.( “The Scarlet Letter”) 76.The most precious is life, life belongs to only one person.Human life should be spent this way: When he looked back, will not remorse for wasted years, not because of the shame.In this way, dying before he can proudly say: I have put his whole life and all efforts are dedicated to the world’s most magnificent career – the struggle for human liberation.( “How the Steel Was Tempered”) 77.Where there are birds singing sweet place, also have called snakes hissing.( “Tess”) 78.Those who want to reach the right path according to this deep secret realm of the people should be an early age, it attracted yearning beauty of body.( “Art Dialogue”) 79.Friendship is everything.Friendship is more important than talent, more important than the government, and it is home almost equated.Do not forget this.({Godfather “) 80.We have lived for 72 years old, still like yesterday’s thing: residential tree-lined road in Xieshang time, white residential area, the street full of open road the wind flower, Tian no pedestrians.( “Material life”) 81 To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.( “Gone with the Wind”) 82.Blind can increase your courage, because you can not see the danger.( “Gulliver’s Travels”) 83.I am of the convalescent and nursing homes occupants.I care watching me, he is almost all the time watching me: because there is a peephole on the door, I care is the kind of brown eyes, it can not see through my blue eyes.( “The Tin Drum”) 84.Whenever I traced my own youth, those days are like a blizzard of white snowflakes morning, winds were blowing away from me.( “Lolita”) 85.Magnanimity, is the only light to illuminate the great soul.( “Notre Dame de Paris”) 86.Many years ago, when my wallet deflated deflated, the land seems nothing good mix, simply it into the sea, to occupy the area where the sea is absolutely in our world stroll!( “White whale”) 87.I have always pursued are: within the range of human flesh and fantasy allowed for maximum sincerity and trust, and for as long as possible to ensure that everything.( “Slightly mirror”) 88.There is nowhere to complaints of one kind of crime.There is a sad symbol of the tears is not enough.There is a vast failure, enough to make all our success would collapse.( “The Grapes of Wrath”) 89.Up, hungry slaves!Up around the world who suffer!( “Internationale”) 90.I mean, the kids are running and do not know where to run in, I had to come out from somewhere and catch them.I have all day to do such a thing.I just want to be the catcher in the Rye.I know it’s a bit whimsical, but I really like to do is this.( “The Catcher in the Rye”) 91 is not offensive to gain experience of a person’s heart, not just to win a guarded city, like.( “La Traviata”) 92.He did not know that dream has been lost behind him, lost in the midst of the city over there I do not know what expanse of chaotic place, swarthy field where the United States is stretched forward in the darkness.( “The Great Gatsby”) 93.In April the most cruel, out of the dead land to breed cloves, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull rain root.( “Waste Land”) 94.All hypocrisy of the world, just as superficial, and only the truth is according Receiving Life.The hypocrisy of the dark, will be for the splendor of truth destroyed by.( “Arabian Nights”) 95.The following tricks to play it?( “A Clockwork Orange”) 96.Last night, I dreamed I was back Mandolin Li Manor.( “Rebecca”) 97.I can not imagine such a person, he believes that when the first open chess cursory rather than pawns for him to be heroic feat, which account for a seat on the position of the poor reputation it means immortality in a corner chess guide, I I can not imagine that a wise man could in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years into again and again to put all of his thinking are dedicated to one kind of absurd things – leave no stone unturned to Wang arrived at the corner of the wood pieces of wood in the board, while they do not become mad madman.( “Story of Chess”) 98.Wherefore, in order to pass the time, he just lip drum roll of the tongue, those laughs are not funny, happy things that are not Coke, in addition they Yiwusuozhang.(Natsume “I Am a Cat”) 99.Straighten heroic chest forward!Look, countless flags danced me who turn to the right in there?left!left!left!( “Poems Mayakovsky”) 100.The water is his face lights up, his heart reflects his own man.( “Old Testament”) [Copyright] Photo from Chinese Characters Dictation Competition.  95.6% of users after reading this article, also looked at the following number wonderful public poetry featured daily selection of poetry, Essay!Concerned with studying sleep with you every day reading together.Home calligraphy calligraphy lovers concerned about the number of.Watch Sinology number of traditional culture, Chinese classics.Watch Buddha’s words every day a good day repair, purify body and mind.Read abstracts night to listen to concerns, more and more happiness!Meet together to enhance their focus on reading, reading together.attention