A smile, it is not true affection

REVIEW sipped you beautiful and sensual character, its own kind of appreciation and praise fell on my heart, so I moved.It was a gold bead-like text, or beautiful timeless, beautiful or clever, or graceful emotion, you use your focus, the interpretation of flying soul, chant with simple and rich life.  I sat quietly in the night, cut a ray of moonlight, for you to sing songs of blessing.I imagine when you hear this song, your lips, covered with a certain smile.So, we are in the deepest in the Red, put this friendship continues, and written the most beautiful scenery, meet only smile, everything is not true.  - Fei Ye wrote to friends through season after season, accompanied by an instant after year.Way to go in the winter, the evening breeze, that one gently floated Fei Ye, fell on my palm, I fumble with the text together on the road, with peers.Those bit by bit, those warm, those Geping true, and the passage of light and shadow overlap, full finger out fragrance.  Remember that this time last year, I was in Songshan Lake winter night, you beat a string of blessings.We meet in the deepest Red, although never met, but accompanied all the way to open the door, without that understanding beyond words, that silent encouragement and support, has long turned into a touch of light blue, Qinru between you my heart.  Time is always kept transfer, and this to be pure and true friendship and love, never at any time from the date of the passage of time and slowed.I know that this friendship through time and space, already bearing fruit among you my heart.They begin, is warm.Think, is rich.  This winter, very very cold, facing your direction, if your sky has to float a swirl of snow?It’s bright and clean snow, I may have to reach the most sincere wishes for your side?Your own good old days, I have been firmly keep in mind, do not look at the calendar, but never forgotten.Miss mind slowly blooming, such as winter warm sun, and the light projected sparse season, warm, little by little spread.    Sitting in the cold winter, leisurely listening to the melodious tunes through shallow eyes, deeply worried, I quietly relive this period mellow friendship.  Friends such as wine Cantabile, along the way, traces of deep and shallow, but clear and pure.Us across thousands of miles, met in the lofty mortal world, it has always been a rare Romance.Then knowing each other Xiangxi, dependent Xiangxie, all of which touched all arrived in the text.  We are all very loving character of the people, have a soft spot for text.That his writings pouring of emotion is our intention to outline the mood of the picture, maybe not beautiful, perhaps still young, but those light ink, writing journey is our deepest heaviest sum, let us Xijinqianhua the heart into the purest state, then, listen to the portrait from life whisper whisper.  Because fate, we all stop and stay in other words, the savor.Since then, text, drawing us with good faith for the memo, with care for the ink, writing a tie wind and rain counterparts.Since then, the faint behind the text, you have my attention Mouguang.Since then, life becomes heavy in our emotional telling the.    Along the way, we can not see each other’s eyes, but it can not get that feeling deep down traces of care.Recall met so far, no trace from a dream, to spend the full moon, but also hundreds of days and nights, and we are like strangers for years, very understanding.  You always sweet to call me “sister”, that of a “sister,” Oh, they are very warm and natural, and is interpreted to be deeply moved by your.I like that you trust!Forget, you did not hesitate to put your login name and password to tell me, let me refer you space on your graphic.When I read, I ask you to change your password, but you said without hesitation: “Do not change, you are my sister, do not believe you, I can know who to believe?”Forget, whenever you encounter things bother is the first time to talk to me.What not to do, you as long as I give you an encouraging look, hold your hand, so you have the courage to move on.Forget, when met choice forward and back, you always firmly follow me, you always say: “Just because you are my sister!”Looking back to when the road, become attached to this day, always gives me a lot of a lot of moving and warm.Even some scraps of small fragments, but also in mind the depths of the sea rippling circle around flashing light, which we Delicate pale blue treasured in the memories.    We are always their favorite literary circles hang around, you by my side, give me the silent attention and support.Monthly theme text, whether planned or write REVIEW, you hesitate to embrace the body.I never asked you the reason, but I know that just because I’m your sister, you will use snatch half a day’s time, the biggest help to me, give me support.  Your attention everywhere, whenever I completed the text, you always savor, never ignored, and recommend it to your friends.Whenever I see you with a short review period, in place to write my thoughts, I thought I saw a shallow flowers, stand in the crossing of the Red, as I exudes a touch of fresh fragrance.  At that moment, I know, our souls, there is already a lot of resonance.Thus, a pleasure and joy, slowly rising from the heart.It is you and your friends have the encouragement and appreciation, I was more motivated happy work in the garden of literature, I can with a very calm and quiet heart, sit in the Red, quiet and calm reading, writing.    Into your text rivers and lakes, such as tea-like fragrance there breath linger.You come from the south, is not it, south of the elegant and refined, elegant lingering, you become poetic influence, Wenrun Jun show of scholarly wit?  Countless your Smart pen, outline how many pieces southern United States painting?Countless you with elegant lingering strokes, over the interpretation of how many segments of eternal farewell Hongxiutianxiang?Countless you with enough emotional tone, depicting how many back to the mother’s kindly face?Countless, how many days when you flip the years with light ink, with a stretch of gentle, happy dream infatuation watch?Countless your delicate fingers, knock out how many touching aria?  Regardless of how many secular cloud of dust do not brush your mind, there is always a bright ray of warm breeze and Brightness.You stand eyebrow end years of listening Xiaofeng moon willow shore, only lightly sum, he gave the hometown of bridges, apricot Amidst the lingering linger completed, delicate euphemism picture.The product, as a dip in the pool of petals, always exudes a faint fragrance.  No matter how time goes by, you always forget, home and family love.South, that ink-like memory, time was attached to you and make you thousands of lines of ink.Regardless of how long wandering, old house in the morning, still your memory, the reality warmest taste.Mother, kind eyes, and that the taste of happiness floating dumplings, cakes and nine winter solstice dumplings, is that you miss the most in this life.So, hold gentle warm love, those earthly troubles, it was, fine, clear.  You picked easily is the verdant greenery of inspiration, a text, a picture, a piece of music, you are the subject of writing.You say, your mind will always smelled wisteria swing; you say, into the Tang, Tang watching the moon; you say, words are never betray you, accompanied by the soul of the Pure Land; you say, expand the old text, in the pan yellow wire-bound volumes on flying soul, let fall asleep to paradise.You sipped beautiful and sensual character, its own kind of appreciation and praise fell on my heart, so I moved.It was a gold bead-like text, or beautiful timeless, beautiful or clever, or graceful emotion, you use your focus, the interpretation of flying soul, chant with simple and rich life.  This season, Jun aware, a blessing for whom sing?This passage of knowing each other, along the way streamer broken shadow, often they begin, is deeply moist and sweet.  Have had a dispute, they have had little friction, but those small episode, but you my friendship intact.True friendship stand the test of time, will not disappear because of misunderstanding.And we, because of a rare intersection of this, become more open-minded.After a little wind and rain, our hearts closer, we go more calmly.  Tonight, a clarity of mind bathed in moonlight.Looking back, those who have the fragments, wet my thoughts.I dim the window, through a ray of pure, you strung, crystal clear wishes.You can see it?A warm heart for you, scooped you best wishes.I sat quietly in the night, cut a ray of moonlight, for you to sing songs of blessing.  I imagine when you hear this song, your lips, covered with a certain smile.So, we are in the deepest in the Red, put this friendship continues, and written the most beautiful scenery, and a laugh.At the moment, no words Oh, nothing at all.  I know, you know.Counterparts have you, this process has no regrets.[Editor: If rain]

A small patch of woods

Recent cell-law where to demolition, her mother has to find a good residence, this weekend will move the.Son heard the news, under the shocked, worried and asked me: “That’s my sister and how do trees?Is not it to be cut down?”I put my hand to catch his son’s shoulder and told him:” Do not worry, those trees should be transplanted to good people go around the small park.We go back to the future, we can go to the park to find trees.”My son nodded pleased. Always I thought that his son is not much interest to those trees, but never expect him to be so concerned about.Those trees, is a small woods on her mother downstairs space, is thirteen years ago jointly bought by elderly people and community of neighbors planted seedlings.I remember when first married, her mother downstairs patch of open space is completely empty, there is only a small flower bed in the corner near the edge of the floor, inside dished planted with flowers, only in the springtime prosperous breeze, and then it become increasingly lonely, until the winter of sticks and dry leaves, looking chilling.It said the cell was originally a family area of the factory, and later factories go bankrupt, residential property company handed over to the community, so they have no one got the idea to take care of this flower beds, flower beds and let the weeds, it touches become Wildcats a good place to play slapstick wild dogs.Often we see the dog’s tail rolled up, and the dog’s tail grass rocking back and forth together, but also through between the blades of grass, to see the kittens sharp eyes, light and shadow beating.After work the next school in the afternoon, this piece of open space will be bustling.Kids just throw the bag in the floor angle, then starting a play slapstick, leaving the area to be boiling up.People coming and going off duty, Lin Zhaobao have walked through, there are children smiling and looking at the line, have stopped to wait and see, have seen their children are still crying, slapstick and rebuked the air drift through fragrant smell of dinner, people think this little open space, full of the flavor of life, the reality, blending their music. One day, people talking together, I heard that the developers want to impose patch of open space, the construction of a building.Everyone is very happy, because this piece of open space is located between the various buildings, now tales of a building, floor space is very small, and that everyone’s lighting is bound to be affected.So they unanimously opposed.But the developers seem to ignore public opinion, or sent people over measurement, mapping.The result is very unpleasant and residents dispute, then also drove away residents.I remember that a few days, the father is very busy, he and the neighbors gather together every day to discuss the deal with the developers of the program, and soon, a television reporter to newspaper reporters came, everyone has to find a brush, paint and bought ink, first the outer edge of the whitewashed ceiling, and then use ink to write on their request, determined to protect open space, firmly rejected the developer illegally built, that huge black and white, looks shocking.Such work together to push back the developer ultimately, that piece of open space to be preserved. Father and all the neighbors are very happy.It coincided with the spring planting season, father and Huoer buy seedlings come back together, grow together in person to the open space.At that time, my son just left shortly after to his father and interest to baby grandson planted a tree, a tree carved son’s name and date of planting, the father said he hoped future grandchildren to know a small patch of woods story, we know that in order to protect their living environment efforts, and can grow together and grove.Later, her daughter was born, the father has to buy new seedlings back to granddaughter planted a memorial tree.Father, who lives on the sixth floor, they often hold grandchildren, standing at the window, watching a small patch of woods, with a grandson in woods inside game, led the children to their trees watering, weeding.So, kids especially like this grove.In the summer, several neighbors build a cement pier of the table and stool, he sat patch of woods to chat, play cards, watch the kids play and enjoy the comfort that close to nature, and grandchildren around the knee platonic music, even if the hard lives, but we enjoy themselves. Fast forward ten years go by, those who were under the trees in the neighborhood of their father and intensive care, are tall and straight into the sky, flourish, staggered forward, like a green?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / sanwenzhuanti / 2009/0607/1180.HTML “target = ‘_ blank’> Mother Sakura  steal Suwa silk light on the whole satisfied the play Jian ù horse deceive Ao mound  Kabuki bed bad lucky break latent cracking cup Qi playing  Ping stumble Fei iron pot rank ィ  coated tip Yue Ju rate demon Department downtown σ alone basis: ⒆ with loopholes and Bo ご playing  steep eight  Zhen Gou В Zengjiaojuhun house ィ  shoulder?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword =% CD% FC% “target = ‘_ blank’> forget to look at their trees, arguing who’s better in the long tree.In a deep affection also Nenban. Micro letter this morning to talk with her mother, her mother said they have started packing up belongings.The father went downstairs early in the morning, said he wanted to go to watering trees.She said, the days are dark paint, go out of the window, can not see the father figure, you can hear the footsteps of father busy Soso, only hear the sound of rushing water in the water.They said they lived in this area for over 20 years, and now the neighbors because of the demolition and went their separate ways, no one will take into account more than the fate of this piece of the grove.Father and my heart there is a lot of sadness, more Parting, fear can only appeal to these young trees listening.My heart can not help but also some bitterness.So I do not worry about asking: “You have moved out, how to do that tree?”Said her mother, father they have been looking through the Forestry television, and soon, these trees come transplant forestry staff, will not let them ruin.After listening, very pleased. Life often have never expected changes, whether it is a tragedy, and there is always something we can not go with full read like the.For example, this grove.I think, father, mother, and me and the kids, we will not forget the small patch of trees, those trees, father and grandson personally planted a memorial tree, not to forget his father and the neighbors, that kind of love for life, love of nature, will not forget their enthusiasm, sincerity and kindness!

A small light spot

REVIEW: life, you know or not to know, Amoy steam to pull your clothes, you just dial you mess tidied hair, but this is what matters?Today, you still crying over spilled milk yesterday to do?You also spend a little bit today with yesterday’s glories do?  I’d like a little light, give yourself, but also to those who have been wrapped in real life, and bow, discouraging people to open up another world.    Life, you know or do not know something, Amoy steam to pull your clothes, you just dial you mess tidied hair, but this is what matters?Today, you still crying over spilled milk yesterday to do?You also spend a little bit today with yesterday’s glories do?    Life is a welcome change and a known or unknown, every change for better or worse, grab him, not him around you, chew him, he swallowed without you.    The face of these changes in the world, there are at least two aspects that we need to sharpen, one mind, when you step into the realm of flowers, there is a state of mind, make you calm, tranquility, and will not allow you to be choking pollen; when you fall into the abyss, there is a state of mind, pulling your line of sight across gullies, frozen in the moment of contact with the sea and sky – find the beginning horizon.In addition, when have their own direction, regardless of right and wrong, no one can really tell you know is right or wrong, only you can find the answer, then you need to have enough power to enrich themselves, and you will find enough power, you hold it, and struggling to escape from wrong, and to avoid the undercurrent beast attacks, he landed in the grass you expect to find your own answers.[Editor: men tree]

A small hole drilled miracle – a $ 1.0 million hole

Mode is an opportunity to break the 40 years of the 20th Century, with a box of sugar with a moisture-proof paper packaging.  However, no matter how thick paper seal, no matter how many layers, long after some time, due to the box of sugar will be attacked by air and gradually become damp, or even yellow.  Various sugar companies mobilized many experts, spent a lot of money, we could not find an effective method of moisture.  He is the general staff of a sugar company, because sugar are in contact with every day, the performance of the other sugar is very familiar, and often damp wet distress as sugar.  Outside of work, he was wondering how we can find an effective method of proof, he tried many methods to no avail.  That day, he wanted to whimsically, anti thinking can try it?  So he opened on the wrapper of a small hole sugar, sugar damp air convection phenomenon makes it solved, solve a lot of headache experts.  This is called Ke Lusuo who will own the invention patent sold to the sugar company, received $ 1 million in return.  A small hole 1 million US dollars, a lot of people millionaires after just due to a small hole, have become distraught after learning the Ke Lusuo by one of ordinary workers, and even some people find it unfair.  The wisdom of this world has never been the expert and the poor, masters and the people of the points, dare to dream it is essential to the success of a feather.

A slice of Royal Lake

?A slice Royal Lake After that, I just care to the ripples cleared the lake, waterfowl hidden in the lotus, crowing that, after the wind hidden in the past, this life, so think about it between me and you, so go on, we even forgot how to walk back.    ?A slice of the Royal Lake Royal Lake, I do not count the city of floors, neon signs, advertising cards, zebra crossing at traffic lights, I count only white acacia flowers, bees, waterfowl and low-flying egret, if old, we can go, they helped each other, if you still hear clearly, I will breakdown some of you my chores past, for example, you asked the nameless flowers, grass, after that, I fell in love with botany, and music is not he.    ?A slice Lake Royal Lake waterfowl cruising is quiet, shimmering behind them, in the evening twilight, golden plating on the paint.My eyes and thus far, this moment, vision and near objects with each other conversion, we are close enough to hear each other breathing, over time, some trace of things, reminding us of scenes a piece of paper, when I describe, to leave marks.    ?A slice of the Royal Lake in the secluded trail, I saw the poplar, clover, Lake swaying lotus, playful waterfowl, cattle egrets back, are my favorites.I, and you walk in here to wash the dust of mind, your body exudes atmosphere, is the Royal Lake of plants and trees to breath issued.These natural generation and blanking, enlightened and the pain is not say a word.

A slender dream, Juan Juan dust heart

Each person has a love, or deep or shallow; everyone has a dream, or a fantasy or real.  Pick up a ray of bright, collection sadness; bring a touch of shallow, light put fleeting.  Listening years, regardless of wind and frost, and keep a smile; silently forward, regardless of rain and snow, Hear the Wind Sing.  Only for the heart, that touch of Enron quiet place.    The slightest read to bloom into lush appearance; the piles of memory, folded into a yellowed paper, green lamp lights, the scent of ink, in the staring who who are affectionate?Who’s Who in light fingertip away desolation?  A slender dream, Juan Juan dust heart, corner, love is unless; waving, a distant stranger.    If not, please smile; if love, please cherish.  A melodious, untold Red tempting; a tie from the War, endless pain broken enterohepatic.  Perhaps this world, otherwise there will be no end of time, the so-called end of time, but, the idea of a stick of incense.    A song, you promise to never listened, however, overheard, or will burst into tears; a person, you promise never to forget, however, when Yelan, or will think deeply.  Finally understand, love and not love, nothing to do with the outcome, a kind of emotion, gazing with everlasting.  Red Years, faint taste, quietly collection, gently turn around, quietly strong.    Time is fleeting broken in one place, there are a lot of people, and slowly fell apart; there are a lot of things, it gradually faded.  Sometimes, just a pull back, look back, got to go drive is sad, is not taking the missing drive.  Some of the road, a man destined to go quietly; some heartbreak, a person can only reluctantly taste.  Gently waved, silently blessing, lightly forgotten.    Once, I took your shadow, into the window, freeze-frame the landscape; once I put fleeting, cut time, pay homage to youth.  Looking back through, when all the waiting, all in Dimei smile in fine, clear, PASSING Shaohua, original, all who are, just once..    Some of the stories have always belong, always some thoughts with the wind.  A lot of people, a lot of things, gone, gone, let it become a landscape.  In checkered background in life, painting a sum comprehend, book a sum of treasure, or quiet, or indifferent.  Learn shallow lines, learn to re-release.Heart, experienced, will be strong; life, to put too, will be heavy.

A sleep sixteen pole

King Sized gather a group of Wenzhou bear the salt off, hell and high water, walking for three days and three nights in the road, hungry and tired, exhausted.Seeing Buddha sun goes down, the birds to the forest, they saw the lights.The lights, the cabin has a.Cabin has whine of a woman breast-feeding.Whining sound of footsteps in the clutter off, the lights also went out.  Mountains, dense forests air-cooled.Salt off their squatting under the eaves overnight, boil less than half an hour, and went to knock on the door: “Some people do?Open the door and let us freeze to death friends!”” I’m not a man at home!”” Cousins, we are worried salt, old passenger.”” My family is not the inn!”” We slept wood warehouse!”” Chai Chai warehouse full!”” Just sit stool wood warehouse!”” Chai warehouse stool is broken!”” Squatting squatting firewood warehouse ditch!”” Too small ditch positions Cai!””we.I beg you friends, cousins!”” Do not wake me son.not open!”Rattle his teeth cold salt passengers who had to be a pole placed across the door first, a group of men jammed:” sleeping inside a little past!”” You sleep outside some nail pole touch dead!”” Jisi me!”” Sixteen people sleep a pole, of course, squeeze it!” ‘Just squeeze a little.’That’s the house of the woman, were fights sleep, listen to their quiet sleep, quietly opened the door to see one to understand: how a pole’ll sleep under sixteen men!  Just sounding the latch, the door was pushed open./% 3318x.COM>

A slave usury rebirth

2008 Lunar twenty-eight, the silver-green Wubao County, Shaanxi Yellow River Bridge, traffic has been not a lot, there was a 30-year-old young man, standing woodenly Qiaolan side, blankly looking at the far direction wubu.He is contemplating here plunges the end of his life.If he had to jump off, there would be no such evaluation of any straight level created two of the miracle of China.First, he changed the Chinese five thousand years handed down the sentence Qianzhaihuanqian, perfectly justified.Second, due to the large number of entrepreneurs usury funds strand breaks, eventually took flight, suicide, jail time of three ways, he should be able to save people help themselves.Any straight home lending expansion level, because the Luliang Mountains from north to south running through named.In this Long had lived, he fought 11 years old revolutionary base areas, but now blooming all over the mountain called usury poppy.Either straight Ping said: In our city a 70%?80% of companies have borrowed usury, usury fled because entrepreneurs have hundreds of people.Mid-1996, a chance to make any direct business level within two weeks to earn 3,000 yuan, which ignited his desire to make money.Initially he chose motorcycles and floor tiles business fiasco.After the rally, either straight flat screened dozens of projects, decided to take advantage of local rich mineral deposit of refractory materials, to start a company in Yang Shun Fat Refractories.10,000 yuan given good equipment difference failed to come up, by the level of any of his first straight pen usury, monthly interest rate of 5.Wang Jinrong high school classmates from his wife’s real estate license to steal the safe out, for he made a mortgage.Direct bet on any flat.Only three and a half, he took the plant from the initial 100 million, the development of the fixed assets of 40 million yuan manufacturers.In business just to mature, Refractories market weakness, either straight flat decided to invest 20 million yuan to build a new factory engaged in technological transformation, to move to high-tech.When people tend to blossom again, we will have to forget all the frustration and more blind confidence which is either straight flat subsequent pain Wu.It is seemingly risk-free expansion, let him dazed and ignorant, from the actual loan difficult, drawn into the whirlpool of usury.At that time, either straight flat business has many honors come one after another.Provincial Federation of Industry and Culture building demonstration units, Luliang City, the Glorious Cause advanced group, in support of public welfare advanced individual county.He has invested 400,000 yuan to Hao Jialing village repair through four sand road, it has invested 200,000 yuan to build an asphalt Ningxiang towns and villages in Luliang is well-known entrepreneurs love.But such an entrepreneur, still can not get a penny loans from local banks.In order to put into operation in a timely manner, any straight flat Lipaizhongyi loan shark.Bow is no turning back, we knew that he owed 18 million yuan, involving 16 households lending, monthly interest rate of more than 60 million, and on a monthly basis in advance buckle knot.After a year of technological expansion, Shun Fat Company reached an fixed assets of 70 million yuan, becoming the first of Luliang refractories.The market is expected to improve in 2008, refractory products in short supply.Price turned over several times.However, the production can not keep up the huge profits of usury interest.And any straight flat and energetically invested immature people work, it became overwhelming the last straw.Luliang way of usury and interest rates are terrible, if borrowed 10 million yuan, monthly interest rate of 4 points, almost all of the entrepreneurs that pay annual interest of 3 was 14.4 million yuan, a total of 24.4 million yuan of principal and interest, in fact, the last pay interest It is 55.4 million yuan.The middle of this 41 million yuan, compound interest is to be eaten.Either straight flat has worked in banking, finance know, but he was careless.Not to mention the many local entrepreneurs, had never graduated from junior high school.Compound interest formula, to go to high school sophomore to be learned.Was eating usury collapse in 2008, the financial crisis hit.The den usury, this plundered, then let Luliang paid a heavy price for the second financial crisis.It’s like a typhoon, and they all collapsed head-on.Luliang large and small, ran a few hundred people, many wealthy glory had evaporated overnight figures, only around the Spring Festival in Zhongyang County, dozens of people have fled.They fled before are very honest, not even a little sign.These loans give my people began to live in fear.I think, at a fleeing you will not be either straight flat?One or two million interest on deferred three or four days they will come to chase, not only curses, threats and even adding.To account in the middle of the night the phone rang often, to pick up the phone, you will find the same person 16 missed calls.Lying in bed, surrounded by all around seventy-eight to be posted.2008 New Year’s Eve, celebrating lighted.Any flat home straight dark, messy house full, without any sign of the holidays.He and two children sitting quietly watching his wife cry in front of the window, when you can reflect on reflection, toss a half-day toss out what results?You count the years to the others how much money, more than 4,000 yuan of interest to other people, there are so many big New Year’s dun, and no money left even a doctor, how to live the future has always been busy, any flat hot-headed straight for the first time feel back cold shudder.Your brother, sister, wife, and they in your difficult times, do not understand the dangers of usury, try a way to borrow money to help you, but it finally caught up to these loved ones are.You kill a person is not terrible, fear is your closest people blame you, your heart is very sad.Why entrepreneurs suicide?Not because of how terrible usurer, but they feel sorry for their loved ones and those true friend.Twenty-eight, standing on the Yellow River, either straight flat shouted bitterly: What am I doing wrong?How to the point where I live?what should I do?

A slap in the face of love

That year, I was admitted to the county high school to the county’s first results, boil the small village home.Opening day, Jin Shunshu put three firecrackers hanging, while the father is like the emperor as to send me to the school.Before long, the first time I come home from the county, not Dao Cunkou, Davis will meet with him, said these days he has been waiting for me in the village, said excitedly took my shoulder bag, and I go to the village together.Just Dao Cunkou father suddenly stopped in front of the roadside trees.The tree has posted a new yellow paper, on top of crooked written a few lines: Emperor Huang, the insignificant, and I have a family night crying Lang, crossing the gentleman read three times, sleep until daylight.The original poem is the first gentleman.In fact, the gentleman is not a poem poems, but a custom popular in rural areas, people have sick children often write a few words on paper, attached to trees, pedestrians read, want their children as soon as possible worries and difficulties.We seem to have become accustomed to this way, especially generations ago, will hit the earnest study on three times, if not read it owed a favor folks like.Dad did not see, did not know what a tree is posted, then looked back at me: baby, that’s what?I said: Gentlemen poetry.That was read!As usual, the father went over, stood squarely in front gentleman poetry, grumbling read it three times, and then read that, I see absolutely still, not robust, baby, Why do not you read the poem gentleman?poetry?I blanket a grin, said, father, in fact, this is the jingle children.Father frowned slightly: Do not worry about what is, read it fast!I argued: father, sick children should go to the hospital, if obsessed disease can be good, but also that hospitals do it?I think this is your father Gao Mixin busy interrupted me: You give me buckle hats!I put the neck stem, he said loudly: I did not buckle hats, and even high school students understand about this truth.Father also raised his voice roared: I go to school for you, literate, do not let you install uncle taught back in town, and this poem so few words, read three times will be a burden to you?I did not think father because of a poem and I get angry gentleman, for a time at a loss.At this time, many people in the village were roar father shouted out, Jin Shunshu came first: ye?Father said angrily: This puppy child reluctant to read poetry gentleman!Jin Shunshu does not seem to believe: Oh, no child literate, able to do so unreasoning?Before the crowd and looked at Jin Shunshu puzzled expression, I bite the bullet and went to the tree, reluctantly read to.Literate children to read, is a good.Everyone said, have turned to go home.Can still enraged father, ton of bricks: Do not you think the city to read the big book, this village will not fit you, your father and mother began and the folks Najia Zi?I tell you, people in the village who do not curry favor with you, you take this chamber to take notes of the face, less than the worthless piece of yellow paper!Father saw endless, with me also came up: line of the line, which break jingle bigger than my face, I’m worth more than that it is poetry, good poetry, God poems, hymns, okay!I said, angrily pounding that Zhang Junzi poem, hand who knows the slightest exertion, that paper actually broken.you!Father of a wave, a slap in the face pumping in my face, a home to me rewrite, paste up!Under tight father, I rewrote a gentleman poem posted on a tree.May also father refused to give up, I went to expel the gentleman wrote poems that family, when people face an apology.I grew more and more Wohuo excuse to apologize, quietly slipped out of the village, on the road to tell an acquaintance care home soon as they ran back to school night.Back to School I was sick, when I was lying in bed in pain when Jin Shunshu come.He is a child to the county work, on the way to see me.See I was sick, he was surprised, hastily bought me some medicine, then rushed back to the countryside to the father messenger.At dawn, sweaty father he knocked on the bedroom door: baby, ye sick?Talking and came out his hand and touched my head.I do not turn over the body, back to father.Baby, father almost pleading tone with that because father beat you?Father was uneducated, do not tell, like father!Go, go see a doctor father brought you!father!At this point, I can not help it, tears like a broken pearl down on him.Went to the hospital, the doctor said no disease, mainly psychological problems, gave me medicine.I looked at the father and whispered: father, nothing big thing, do not buy medicine, let’s go back.Baby, Nobody is allowed to think, father any money coming!Father removed from said arms a bulging cloth, slowly opened, which is a bundle of banknotes: a hair, wool two, fifty cents, one, two, five, ten largest denomination only.Dad, what are you save much time of my nose acid.This is not to save the father, last night father know you’re sick, you can hand the money.Folks know, went to our family, and the money is take care of everybody!I was stunned, stare at those bits and pieces of small notes, my mind went blank, just listen to Dad said: baby, there is someone in the village thing, children young and old man are the same as their own side are going to help , never drawing what returns.That gentleman poetry, in fact, everybody knows it can not afford what role can the tradition of thousands of years, posted out, and everybody an idea, I felt myself standing behind the whole village, the bottom of my heart Yeah.That’s not what superstition, it obsessed, at least to help people kick the bulging!You literate, moving his tongue will be able to do something for children young and old man child, you can not do anything, you still do gentleman?I am ashamed: Dad, you do not say to me, I know that was wrong.Know enough, then good rest and recuperation, such as good health, a back road to the villagers Xie.Father’s face a hint of a smile.My illness get better soon, just a weekend, and I was walking home with father.When we saw much of the village, it is already a candlelight.Suddenly, the father pulled me, pointing to the village.I saw before the big tree, gathered a lot of people, a gentleman came the voice reading the poem.Whose child is not sick?Go, go obsessed.See all the people dispersed before the finish, I was the first to come to the tree.Do not read!Jin Shunshu suddenly appeared behind us.Kim Sun, Why do not let the baby to read?Is not, Jin Shunshu watching father shook his head, Brother, in fact, this gentleman baby poem is posted for everyone.I was shocked: Give me?Jin Shunshu nodded and said: Yes, your father went to the county after night, and everybody said that while you went to high school, can folks heart, you were a child.Everybody can not all go to you, so give your poem posted a gentleman.Reading this poem, we see you as their own, to help you cure a disease, like!These days your father did not come back, and talk a little anxious, and decided to come back at night to read it three times, I hope you good early child.I choked and said: Jin Shunshu, my baby, father looked at me, did not see?Poetry is a gentleman patients hope everybody a good idea, is everybody’s mind.I suddenly realized: Jin Shunshu, my father was right, I’m really not a gentleman, white really read my book.No, baby, or more to study better, and more will be able to have a greater ability to study, can do more good for more people, that is the real gentleman!I believe my baby will be a true gentleman!Dad looked at me, eyes filled with hope and trust.Yes, certainly the!Jin Shunshu also kept nodding.I firmly nodded, eyes a picture that has emerged out of simple faces, as if they heard the sound of Lang Lang: Emperor Huang, the insignificant, and I have a family night crying Lang

A slap hit Egypt

He was born in a poor family, ranks twelfth in 18 brothers and sisters.From the age of 8, he was a successful writer Lizhiyaodang.On one occasion, his father asked him: Twelve, what to do when you grow up?He replied: I grew up to be a writer, write articles for others to read.The father asked: What writer would be doing it?He said: the writer is to sit down and write some words send out, then waiting for someone to send money over.    After listening to his father very angry, slap him on the spot training and preparation, he said: Silly boy, this world can there be such a good thing?Even if there is, it will not turn you!    In fact, the angry father is justified, because the place they live hundreds of years and never had anything Writer.Fortunately, his mother knew him, support him.He also believes that, as long as their own efforts, will grow up to become a writer.    Gets older, he had another dream.That was the day the winter, he won the first test, the teacher awarded to him a map of the world.On this day, just his turn to his family burn hot bath.He squatted in front of a large boiler, heat water while watching the map.He was the first to open in Egypt map, presented above on the Nile, Aswan Dam, the pyramids, the Sphinx so that he fascinated.    He was intoxicated when his father emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel.what are you doing?Father angrily asked.I look at the map of Egypt.He answered.This time, his father unceremoniously dumped him a slap in the face, said: the fire went out, but also to see what the map!He then he kicked his son kicked the fire: Continue to fire!    Father went to the bathroom door, he turns around surprised to find he was sifting through the map, so fiercely to him: our family now even money to buy a ticket to the next village not, I assure you my life you absolutely can not go this life so far away!He listened, while light a fire, while wronged tears.He silently said to myself: My life can not be guaranteed, even my father does not work.Grow up, I must go to Egypt!    Twenties, he left home to go out battles.He killed a pig in a slaughterhouse, did porters at the pier, put off stall, pushed through the dining car restaurant also washed dishes.In order to feed themselves, feed themselves and dream of traveling and writing, he has gone to do, what to eat bitter.    Through years of struggle, he was in before the age of 30 while achieving a two childhood dream became a writer, but also the journey to Egypt.He traveled more than three months full time in Egypt.When the pyramid came, he went to pick up a pen to write a letter to his father: Dear Daddy, you remember as a child I had played a slap in the face, kicked my foot, but also to ensure that I absolutely can not go in this life like an Egyptian so far away.Now, I was sitting under pyramids in Egypt to write to you, watching the sunset, as well as in front of a sunset camel.    Later, he went home to my mother’s father, described the situation when he got that letter while watching shook unsteadily to say: This is what the slap, I actually was a slap hit to Egypt?    He is Taiwanese writer Lin Ching.Lin Ching had said this to say: circumstances of your life does not determine your future, your life experiences can not decide your future, only you can decide your inner longing future.When to go to Egypt and writer, is the heart of childhood longing Lin Ching.At first, he is put aside his father’s guarantee, to choose their own to ensure their own, only to realize two dreams in the shortest possible time.