Autumn ripples

I opened Autumn ripples ripples interpretation of the word, the eye: Logo water wave.Poetry Wei Feng Cutting Sandal: “Dry River Sill cutting Tan Xi Xi, home of the river clear and ripples.”Anthology Jin left Taichong (thinking) Wudu Fu:” section in the back deep giant clam, wash ripples in the moon.”1, autumn wind blowing the water ripples.River Qingjulianyi.- “Poetry Wei Feng Cutting Sandal” 2, on the calm surface of the water, the breeze blowing small waves stirred up.Often used to describe the subtle psychological activities…For example, aroused a little thing hearts of ripples.. The sky was clear, the temperature suitable for autumn slowly, relaxed ripples, this is the year in which people most acceptable physical organs caring season, but also the spirit of the people of the world can best be met harvest season.    According to the first interpretation ripples can be considered: the water clear, soft autumn wind in the calm surface of the river to draw gentle ripples, sparkling, blue water ripples, fluorescent shining, pleasant scenery, is a good self-cultivation men of letters place; according to the second interpretation ripples can be considered: author can also be used to describe the occurrence of subtle psychological activities, it seems like a breeze blowing, Dangqi small ripple on the calm waters of the heart caused by the ripples stirred up something.    Today I saw a dirty scenery, hearts could not help but give birth to a black ripples.    Today I returned from Shanghai, Zhejiang.Although past pollution of river water, but sometimes it can dramatics happy smile, will not the same as sewer water unsightly, smelly water such as Bang unpleasant smell of smoke.But today the scene is really very shake their heads, a little annoyed.River water changed the usual sickly body, toward the end of the extreme deterioration in the direction of death refuses to look back.Secheng black water, smell the stench was.With such serious water pollution occurred in a residential area, people desperate, outrageous.Although people do not eat the river, but it is also sometimes used as a wash of water.Although people no longer drink water, but there are a considerable number of people is inextricably linked with the water of this river of life was well water, well water use.Those working in the field of migrant workers, in order to save a few coins as water rates, are continuing to wash with well water; even if they boil stomach pain, do not have well water, smell the noxious odor of smelly water creek that day, I see the body must It is detrimental.    This serious water pollution problems in those great men seem a trifle, is dead, a few people is innocuous, irrelevant things; the people who will be here not a small problem, which is related to people’s health, life safety the big thing.    The next day the city to a few of the EPA people, carrying the bottle, drank a few bottles of dark stinking sewer water back to the city to go to the examination or cross.They also will not necessarily cause any attention, just to make a few formalism and going through the motions, the car finally came, and inspected the.As to whether there are negative factors or effects on the health and safety of the people there is no sound and below the.Such dark color, odor unpleasant odor, killing I do not believe there is no impact on the population’s health.Even if the test results came out, for the public health impact of iron nails, they will be dumb, to deceive, to nothing.For life and death and so they forget the people, IQ is equal to the degree of first grade.To tell the truth, they are for show, and just as long as they pocket the money chink, rich flow of black oil, which control the people you live with death.    Autumn Autumn ripples, calm waters from the lack of black small ripple, emitting bursts of sewer smell rancid unpleasant.Environmental pollution have replaced the harmonious atmosphere of the original ecological environment of nature was originally good, but live in the moment, Autumn black ripples, to make people scared.

Autumn reverie

Hands never put pen to paper for a long time, although it certainly complicated things lock body as a kind of blame the world in general inert.Ever since he felt at this time put pen to paper seems to have only one feeling that memories.Yes ah less time in the lofty aspiration now seems to have become a thing of the past, but that alone left in the sunset gradually lengthened shadow.Empty horizon Nama against the darkening clouds, watching the sunset faint indifferent environment caused.Memories, perhaps remembering the share of moving, but also not forget the share of cold, and arrogant alone.Memories, perhaps think of the kind of spring-clear feelings, we certainly can not forget that there is a hard to forget the pain.In fact, in life when emotions, they should think of their own sky at once too general as tears rain, maybe that is your care, your knot.A regret or resentment that you can not use language to define the.When you use a pen or mouse brewing a similar text.Generally speaking will be reminiscent of “turns warm again, most difficult to rate” of the day, experience the “Pear Spray of Spring rain, especially a pity not to mention I see him,” the lines through the ages, perhaps it is “one hundred one thousand ten thousand “Resentment cloves.All in all, are forever in memory.Only this time it will open a page yellowed pages of the Philippines, to interpret it away soon indeed very far past.That is, you yellowed youth.Is late autumn, in time like water disappearing among the general day inadvertently, his life seems to have become scared of the cover, the youth has gradually been forgotten years, the opportunity seems to have met only lost in the wilderness of the soul like cold from time to time released into the atmosphere of late autumn morning mist, this fourth decade in pursuit of the TV drama already profligate youth.Career, family, seems to have been away from their responsibility at this time, went to the edge of the universe, and none of their fundamental.Just excessive indulgence, so tired from the dead body boiling soul.At this point you might think that this is a life of great pathos.However, in reality this is just a different understanding as ethically general.This is because you are running in the road of life, seen heard one kind of silence after the experience of thought.After all this time that no longer can every day rallying cry long live the passion of youth years, but a deep thinking after boiling.Late autumn weather, quench as romance-like mood, skies and cold rain like the coincidence of his own erratic life.At this point you’re not lonely autumn autumn in the memories of his youth, until the time when?Do not say this is a decadent, it is only a depth of thinking.Because the only way to make flying remembered that he had had a dream, who had dominated his life.I remember a year ago, to persuade the world of style once wrote “Flying Bird Soul”, trying to read and think in Taichetaiwu get a fresh and lively, but after more than three hundred days of this past, complicated mess did not release, Nan Yi impetuous, but I do not know what to find a.In a loss once again adjust their own impetuous heart knot.That said, sometimes really got to find a quiet space for their own imagination.In the calm to go with this extraordinary feel for 365 days.Thus we deeply appreciate a faint light melancholy autumn October sigh.I opened the window, the cold wind cold, careless indeed will encounter in a sentimental story, perhaps affecting the entire long life is.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) friends do not know when suddenly know the reasons for the recent poor state of mind, and very seriously asked: “Brother, why do we have to be grown up,” maybe this is not just growing awakening of consciousness.Shocked, chewing the life course of growth of a sense of the vicissitudes of life and wells up again, however, the fact that the term growth gave us unlimited emotion.In any case, for a person, a person’s growth is always the most basic bottom line behavior, when all the material, spiritual, moral rules of the game may hurt personal growth, fate, Heaven, cause and effect, good fortune will return to growing up in re-examine.Like this autumn in general, it is bound to go through the spring, we will naturally go to the beginning of another.In fact, to realize it as long as you get out from this either passion or vicissitudes and pathos, this autumn will become calm and tenderness, elegant and quiet.Also we will strive with diligence and careful care of life, written with his own morality and responsibility, with a strong and rich life, wisdom, and love to decorate with a candid world.This is life!People who are open late autumn in their respective trace of depiction, are the harvest each own a hope.And because of the fact that people yearn for harvest in late autumn like the abstract, these can be interpreted as a rich harvest in late autumn, yellow leaves will be like a surging passion of the dancers in the autumn autumn.Breeze blowing, a leaf will exhibit a life of its own footprint at each care, so that a trace of cold, a touch of pathos, one yellow, one of the fog will also alive, like a woman gave birth to life, like spring it multiply it, my heart sad Yifu away.This October is also harvested each with a smile, even more brilliant, more colorful and therefore the Four Seasons.

Autumn reed

REVIEW: only patch of shore in colorful summer not look like reeds still Tingtingyuli, Qinggemanwu melody in the autumn, the fluttering triumphantly, rustling Sasa to the east of the Sea of Yellow Autumn dancing, singing see off.Weekdays veiled safflower pine reeds, broken only in the autumn song of the season, began silently to the world showing off her style philosopher Taizhiruoyu.  Hot summer season has not completely receded from people’s emotions, the autumn chill is like God in the hands of an invisible whip, began waving its mighty power, the booming high-spirited green leaves yellow leaves haggard.Summer visitors flies the Yellow River, the scene westerly depression leaves, Autumn Gu Hong desolate scene, people’s minds breed a kind of inexplicable, indescribable sadness.    I stood in the howling autumn wind, lean on a railing staring surging Yellow River Autumn, autumn is dyed dark red waves, along this same age waterways, full steam ahead, blew.Only patch of shore in colorful summer not look like reeds still Tingtingyuli, Qinggemanwu melody in the autumn, the fluttering triumphantly, rustling Sasa to the east of the Sea of Yellow Autumn dancing, singing off.Weekdays veiled safflower pine reeds, broken only in the autumn song of the season, began silently to the world showing off her style philosopher Taizhiruoyu.    I appreciate reed, reed appreciate that exclusive lonely, lonely embrace noble integrity.    Whenever the spring season, rich peony always gain an advantage, as the visitors lost no time in showing her elegant.Willow shore with the tide always Herd, fear forgotten “willow spring thousands of articles,” the prime brand.Even the lack of bony born ivy, also “was actually natural selection, proper survival,” the influence of the wind attached learn in the Panlong, with a wall of magnificent walls, himself dressed as a landscape style of the Yellow Line.The reed has long been the seeds of his life quietly spread in people who stop at the riverbank little marsh, pine flower blooming in spit Fang days, reed quietly absorb the nourishing earth, so that their fragile the body can still proudly stand on the earth in the days of wind snow and rain.    I praise reed, reed praise that day really romantic, elegant demeanor highbrow.    In the golden sweltering summer, the Yellow River waterfront overnight dyed reeds and green leafy paradise on earth.Reed plant is full of spirituality, you will always stand in front of reeds came to realize that a sight to behold highbrow.I like the dog day sun in the sky at noon, a man sitting in the reeds, ears flowing melody of the Yellow River rushing, chewing fresh, aromatic reed reed.Blowing a burst of power and prestige, you will feel like a reed swaying lotus posture Qing Yun, make you great joy.I like reeds in the evening which, on the loess plateau overlooking the most beautiful time, I saw under the sun like a reed wearing colorful glow of Feitian, the kind of naive and romantic, the kind of natural beauty, the kind of refined elegance kind towards all the charm, people like entering the realm of Zhuang butterfly.    I adore reed, reed worship that knowing too much, the noble spirit of the mountain stream.    Autumn wind blowing, when depression is not thought of shape.Although the autumn foliage dry reeds, but the ripening of thinking reed.You see, reed-like branches that flame burning ears, is her year to explore the spiritual world to think rich fruits.You see, the idea of fire reeds in Autumn billowing over the fallen flowers of the Yellow River, the Yellow River is rooted in the fertile soil of this generation reed has completed the mission in their lives.Autumn deeper and deeper, the autumn wind power is also growing, reed autumn will be ruthlessly broken body, the foresight of those who like a philosopher, with his life flame, lit up the skies of human civilization.    Autumn in the reeds, still singing world of great beauty, still magnificent dance of life, still hold high the torch of faith![Editor: Yuet Wah]

Autumn reed bloom

Autumn, cicadas residues whine.Here is Weicong, long ago, full of pet birds singing, animal play, I do not know surnamed plants and flowers, very casually see the seam growth, there are naughty geese swim in the emotion-laden playing greed.Reeds under the moonlight is poetry in the world, the more I like imperceptibly.    For a long time I wanted to sing the song of the reeds, the faithful sing love songs.However, the chic did not find a high-profile, do not want to engage in an orgy of things, often kill chaos keyboard, has been stranded.    Overnight, the north wind anger, her falling, and suddenly, do not suddenly.She’s dead, is really bolt from the blue ah, not for the fly floating wind and rain, nor the land barren, it is inevitable in a ruthless season build-up of stray bullets.Her head held high, spread endless white.Full bloom of her desperation, I Qingsi.I have been praying do not, do not, but she still aloe snow, open, open ah.Nightlife Network may have died there enough praise memories.Mizusawa in the country, the reed will bring you a lot of imagination, so if you enter a fantasy world.Take a dip in this world full bloom aloe, activates thinking, beyond the dreams of youth burning, pure of heart.I seem to be the wind, the wind of freedom, plus state of the world to bring the alcohol to remain human, often channeling inserted in the reeds during which vast, with added benefit.Most know the depth of reeds, but can not measure her height.Trance dream, she was really a bit like Lin, or Qingzhao, weak figure curl in the wind and smooth.Broken heart for the lost petals in the hands of nature, up sinks worry worry, silently care.Gomi emotional reed has been bubbling flow like water at her feet, like the wind rippling in her head.She was too tired, psychosomatic gambled, and had entered the disabled autumn, the sun, in vain heroic dead.Good breeze ah, obviously she killed the sun, wrapped in golden.    Reed friends to see it!Reed most hidden things, if you removed the secular habits, paranoid prejudices, can magnanimous heart, breath meditation gas to a fresh heart to understand, observe.That child will pass through large tracts thoughts when she said goodbye to white flying aloe, passing cold water Guyan Danyun long days, wells up with a poetic ear to, people indifferent to the depravity exhibition throat loudly Elegy.Suddenly you will find there are endless sacrifice of charm, all languages are pale, golden military uniform, that crashed into the sacred atmosphere, will kiss your forehead, let your heart throbbing, let’s carcass less turbid , thoughts will be purified, heart comfort to serene, peaceful, quiet.Aftertaste makes us a better understanding of self, a better understanding of this complex Souls things converging world.Increase more and more spiritual, do not be fooled, Health and distractions, not recklessly, benevolent seven lover Italy, Barilla generosity of life.    Hurricane winds, most of life is sad countless nameless normalized silence.Reed man floating in the air wildly away, but I like the endless melancholy daughter.Virtual network, not the swell of my affair, my sadness, I cried, I indeed feel the presence of Autumn.I prayed silently, in the most contradictory of days, probably this season will soon be over, spring will come XiYu, I want to bathe forever engrossed in a pair of bold expanse of reeds.

Autumn recollections

Part one: Thanks for the Memories on autumn autumn, some people think that is melancholy, some people believe is a mature, I think, it is because different people to see King’s mood will feel it’s different!People in seasonal changes in mood and pace with the change of seasons okay?Looking gangbusters bleak, falling one after another sharp eyes, ears whine Qiuchan, I always have too many sadness and emotion, however, go the most urgent, always the most beautiful scenery; the deepest pain always vicissitudes of the heart.I do not like tearful smile, but a smile can always make up some sun bathed the heart of it!Let your heart a little child slight consolation in the lonely days, the years of circulation, time flies, is wandering footsteps, is a mature mind, every pain, are maturing process.  Since ancient times, passionate empty hate to stay, knowing that is a hopeless hope, but stubbornly stood his dream, looking like the feeling of love at the touch of pain, to listen to the call at the light dance Seduction soul, Tree of Life the wait has been lingering infatuation shade.We are looking forward to the warmth of blooming flowers.  Missing is the soul poison, always quietly climbed the Aria arched brows soul, those people and things in the past, always will be reproduced in memory inadvertently pick up light years, picking up fragments of the season, Heart, with love, soul to adhesions, who hit section of rhyme and dance, the songs breathe and come, those feelings muddle, there are lingering idea, we are once again revived my desire, resurrection my dream.However, the vicissitudes of life, there are always people and things you want to become a memory of the past, the past of the landscape, even if you then give up and keep trying, after all, can not stay, can not be retrieved!  Passage of time, time flies, look back at, still infatuation, still thankful, once the pain has both are happy, are happy!Looking ahead, the scenery is still unlimited, still bustling eyes, heart experienced, learned to be strong, to bear life too, to understand the heavy.Every experience, every laughter, every heartache, all maturing process, there is a saying “not high-aspiring, no blog vain Long live” Hopefully, my youthful atmosphere make the world more of a glory, my years of life can be a bit rich, we do not live in vain, vain time, life Cantabile, panacea!  The spring has gone will come, the flowers will bloom flowers, reincarnation is the law of the season, who can not hold the pace of the season, who can not be masters of our destiny, but at least I can get my youthful forever, that old face, the youth is not old, it should be a touch of autumn, shallow blue, mature fragrant autumn of my life, it should be colorful, it should be colorful, memories of the past, sweet and sour taste, outlook future beckons in the good old days, Fruitful, my future is not a dream, my future is hope, longing, happiness!    Part II: autumn recollections even whistles have issued a mature tone, later, that noisy summer showers.  This season, people always ambivalent.The wilderness that vigorous and seductive yellow, green and white, with a picture of arrogant display of becoming increasingly mature and seduction beautiful picture, at the same time, there are some people, always avoid those sad poetry, always drinking the beer was pretending pride injury.Nightlife net early in the morning, the distant sky like a woman’s face, fine, lonely, desolate, little rain, the rhythm, the way torrential away, no ingredients uneasy, not that piece of yellow leaves will yellow, slippery in cold air , the elegant, neat, harmonious display of the power of life, then whisk in the fall Autumn Autumn Wink, a half-spin vortex, churning pool of a beautiful life.In this beautiful and strength, I read regret and sigh, this sudden tragedy hit my chest pain.Tears fell on the palm and landed on the air, broken in the dust wanton.  A long street, fashion salon, florist warm, romantic French cafe, keep walking, passing, away, moist air in ambiguous kiss and hug gradually thin, like love, after all no match for the power of time.Pour the mind of the city, that is not clear sticky.  ”Despair -” a drop of rain falls in the heart, panic looked up, and saw the red color of the street covered with trees, it hinted at what point it to me.Sunrise month shift, experience the passion and impulse, Yuxi wind, precipitation crystallization feelings, the tree still bright red, naturally revealing the potential meaning of life, oh, this was originally a harvest season and meditation, I How can it be that so stubborn fondle Yan.  People are the most intelligent spirit, is the most stupid animal.Only after a bitter struggle with the lingering melancholy to see their unprovoked and unnecessary hypocritical.  Beside a renovated near some poor little restaurant, like a child’s crayon drawing, bold lines and irregular color.When approached, it was a cheerful and lively atmosphere drowned, make you happy, but through it.Enthusiastic cheers, rhythmic applause, and rotating dance.This is a small town Qingfeng party.Yes, here, you can boldly go to laugh, to dance, to sing, you do not care whether you look elegant enough, charming enough if.Yes, this season, was originally bright colors, why not in the way of your hard work, stop breathing, through the perspective of the journey and looking forward to the other side in front of a full calm and mature life of it.  Such overwhelming happiness will make people forget the time hasty death.Out of the restaurant, it is already in the afternoon.Sky magical sunny, tranquil, lofty, like the trace of a pool of youthful, extremely revealing deep blue, extra wide field of vision far, pleasant airflow through fermentation, causing transparent wine, intoxicating scent in the air to every corner of the fall deeply dyed through, the sun seems restless, scanning the harvest in large areas of the head of information.  Such good weather, how can I give up the opportunity of baptism.Thus, we teardown time, in time to open their inside layers of stacked clever and arrogance missed, a weak back, calm, calm yourself.  Yes, this season, was originally a taste of happiness.

Autumn rain

Part One: autumn long, heart accommodating, sitting alone in the window, along with the slightest rain outside the window, quiet mind mixed with some humid.The book tells of the black ink at the moment is not the truth, but cover any thoughts, falling into the eye, get rid of, do not go into, melancholy?  Rain outside the window, bursts, on and off, does not seem to mind the children, accidentally went to the window, the sun over the hearts of wet soil and growing strong, so long silence of the heart becomes difficult to calm at this time.Finally cynical, the hearts of wet, sprinkling the earth, overwhelming, like surging waves broke through the gate, and then all was quiet a furious.Without the obstruction of anger, nor invincible proud, but rather as the slightest rain, into the serene earth.  Sometimes think, people of non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect no thread.Why does the performance is so cold as snow, such as Cangshan Aoxue, such as turquoise or cypresses, like the time a complete, physically and mentally really like a Noh?Throughout the year, the metabolic turnover, emotions, your heart becomes, what is often not a healthy!  Smart is a fickle, is seeking a dull constant, because the water flow without rot, without cardiac passionate shortage.  Growing heart, courage needed rain or shine, Feisa sweat of pride, but also need to faint harbor, pregnant with a heart-breaking release.We are not dead wood in the desert, with a timeless attitude to the interpretation of heroic, sad the United States, it is too early.We need to remain a fragile heart to be touched, can not let the so-called strong engulfed conscience and compassion should not be allowed to cast a weary numbness.As a symbol of happiness and good “Yue Yue” outside in the car’s tires brittle when broken moan, we can no longer be any “strong” eyes indifferent, cold-blooded person can not be any law Happy!  We can not be burdened with the ups and downs, was unfortunately killed benevolence; ice thousands of miles out Xiangmei, long hidden desert oasis, let our hearts grow Nama pure goodness it see the light!  When you’re tired, you may wish to find a quiet place, a period of exclusive nature of dance music to bring you worry: although the gorgeous flowers, but thriving, although the humble grass, but embracing into groups; a flower is blossoming jump mountains, grass is a diffuse clusters of mountains; flowers swaying in beauty, grass show is attitude; flowers in the grass football around grass will spend holding in the chest.At the moment, who ultimately who is a grass plain gorgeous backdrop of flowers, grass or flowers Wei described the petite according to people?  Looking at Dandelion wind and dance, watching the green leaves accommodates both morning dew.Dangjin hearts of dust, wash his face cold.God gave us a beautiful, let’s go pass, from the silent world of love into the world, so warm as sunlight scattered to the corners of the lonely.Let the fragrance of flowers floating into the ward, so lively birds lead the children to fly, so pure and innocent in place to warm instead of cold!To each other isolated human islets strung silent harmonious continent, despite the sea breeze vitality, it can shake the slightest.  Slowly autumn, long way; long life, slowly cooked.Autumn had at branches still around, why not discouraged showing off, until spring when the knock on the door, squid wall chatter, laughing blushing flower!    Part II: autumn Xiaoxiao think long solitary Township, night after night listening to the annoying splash window as autumn “snapping” to beat the window lattice, I can not sleep, could not help thinking, tearful, his thoughts flew long years.  The autumn rain season in 30 years ago, a plump, short and tall boy carrying several kilograms of rice, a bottle of pickles, with a huge hat teetering on winding country roads.Despite wearing hats, but the enemy could not raging storm, he soaked to the skin, covered with mud on his pants.Because of the distance, sparsely populated, thanks to walk away when his mother personally gave him dry food, the relentless rain with plastic wrapping several layers of dry food soaked wet.Hey, hateful horrible weather.Looking at the vast road before rain and fog, he did not sigh, no fear, no hesitation, even though right into every mountain, torrent surging, his teeth struggled forward, forward.The boy is who I am today.At that time, local conditions in order to better point to study, read more books for us to support the family penniless, I hope burdened with heavy parents, embarked on a local district to sixty miles away the secondary school.Nightlife net because the big raining non-stop for river stone jump squats all lost in the flood, we had to stay in a town at acquaintances from school as well as 30 miles of.Thanks to the house that night offered us a cup of hot tea, a hot meal and a warm bed.Down across the river the next day, still the waves rolling in, in order not to delay the study, in order not who stern and unsmiling head teacher of too much blame, we are almost ventured cautiously Maozhao Yao hit by floods from the a large rock jump to another large stone was frightened to cross the river.Since the autumn without interruption, above the stone has long moss, little did I almost fell several meters deep and solid footing torrent go, has wanted to come, I have a lingering fear.Although the passage of time, I never forgot those temper, thrilling and moving the rainy season that drizzly autumn.  Memory can not get out on that sad autumn rainy season 23 years ago.After successive days of autumn, the weather is fine, I leave home from high school.Far away to see the home of a deserted wilderness, the original tall lush Tung naked, stretched out like a skinny old man dusk feeble fingers trembled in the wind; dark secluded valleys I heard no birds, only the gurgling water long walk through the valley.Exposure to this environment, my heart inexplicably sad together.Just sit down in the main room, the father looked solemn tone low and asked me recently what the dream did not, I did not understand its meaning, said: dream home before the old house floor in front of a tall straight pines went down.My father said to me: dream pine fallen, suggesting the death of loved ones.Your grandfather passed away a few days ago.A result of autumn rain, hell and high water, road inconvenience, and second, because it might affect your studies, did not inform you and your cousin.I hear like a clap of thunder sunny day, his head crashing sound, could not help the tears flowing as autumn-like.While his father advised me not sad, she said to me: “Let’s go take a look at your grandfather’s grave, right, front left, he said he hoped the moment is still the chance to read out to you.”Grief stood grave of his grandfather, saw studded with dozens of huge colorful wreath on the graves of the tall new puzzle, a black wreath in the middle of the official script striking body ‘sorrow’ ‘Mourning’ ‘Dien “word, one by one eye, think about their future with great expectations of the heart of their loved ones so quickly and I yin and yang apart, never finds it difficult to meet, could not help but bitter tears rolled down Susu.While I was reverently bowed to his grandfather, while silently to his grandfather said: I’m sorry, grandfather, grandson has not wait until you do something filial hurry to leave, my heart is extremely ashamed, filial sons and now your only hope in heaven rest in peace.  Tears disturbing is that autumn rain in September 11 years ago, I love my pain always worried about my grandmother hurriedly completed her joy accompany life.My mother say, in the summer before my grandmother died, are happily spend in our house, he told me to live frugally desperately to repay expressed great relief, after all, I was a not forget our roots, every inch of the parents themselves to the mountains baby.I can not open itself because the family could not go home to visit her, I thought her body better, wait until the right time to look at her old too late, I did not realize that summer has just passed her sudden death.After a few days of heavy rain just pouring buckets down as death, relatives unanimously decided not to inform my work in the field.Since that time inaccessible, difficult to walk slippery, heavy rain shuttle was closed, several hundred miles is not walking home.After a phone call from her sister from Florida, I learned that my grandmother had died.Because detestable heavy rain, having missed the last one grandmother, grandmother did not send the final leg, my grandson as a heavy regret, grief.Now think of it, I feel heart pain pain inexplicable tears as autumn surge in heart.  Those rainy autumn rain, ah, took me how many moved, how many hardships, but also took me sad how many, how many regrets.

Autumn poetry

Part one: poetry Kuangsi autumn breezes endlessly flaunt it more than boundless wings, mercilessly fan take more than warm summer, even though Castle faint, various unknown vegetation still proudly looks calm, may fall in the end is really come.Overwhelming coolness, like everywhere in the invasion of my thin body, not when it touches sensitive nerves Dauth.  Rustling rain, layers of Qing Han, carrying thick autumn rain All of a sudden the whole evening or surrounded by, among raging madness suddenly altered the color of the garden, dancing in the air slightly more dusky brown sycamore leaves no escape have been arranged into rows, tumbling, sometimes tapping the asphalt, the sheet is pushed into the remote.Under dark skies like an expert in what move heaven and earth to cast the spell, the pedestrians have nowhere to hide toss.On the wall next to the avenue, emaciated woman hid lover’s embrace, warm arms to comfort her fall, seems to be just a foil in a crazy moment of time, Strider who hurried by, no one had to enjoy it with them peer landscape: I do not know as hypocritical and pretend deserting performances, or understand much inner despair performance was deserting weakness?In this Qifenglengyu evening, my thoughts as Nong dense rain, all wrapped in layers of cold through the heart.The Long landscape, in which corner who Qiannian for me, pray?Cloud cover on children, and how many who carries a heavy pinned but not distribute Acacia?Wrapped in clothes pick up step, the old aged regret yesterday’s meet, instantly put his thoughts mingled too numerous disorders, shaking the silent autumn Indus shabby dress, distant faint light on the early, lopsided, can not help but shiver, and the rush to get the crowd flow reverberates in the long road, alone taste the taste of autumn melancholy evil pedestrian, do not know is that this experience wind and rain and makeup stained somewhat desolate garden of taste have become more bleak, or autumn Walker, It argued that the melancholy feeling sentimental this season?A burst of heroic desolate sound lock na snapped came, I think I was really longing for a place, still autumn, faint lights dancing shadows, unconsciously looked up hope, approaching apartment, bright windows, clearly feeling the salty mouth of.  Bleak autumn this is, for the world.”It is also makes it easier to remember the season.The same autumn wind blows, yellow leaves tumble, but no longer the last place of their own last year, recalled the day last year at this time, a smile quietly at the mouth raised, a chance encounter between a loss flawless, and dreams Meet the halls of the moment, so a restless soul with peace in numerous busy in a persistent divide and exciting hope.So quietly in pursuit of utilitarian, secular undercurrent in the intrigues planted the seeds of perseverance and courage, how many lonely late at night when less sleep, busy busy stealing much of the holiday, there is the examination of the way the snow gets tough, every step are careful and solid, almost all of the youthful dreams and longing for a happy dream home package together to send a hall called the culture of.Perhaps all this is when I am surrounded by the world, with a little forced to survive with difficult and helpless, perhaps destined to go hand in hand in life can not escape the persistent desire, with no shirking the spirit of burden.Life of passion and reason to look forward to as I undefeated rough seas surging feelings, so even if the landscape is heavy, my lofty carry dust outside of a thousand miles, tirelessly hurried, put my obsession with young dream at this time open the real picture here!Joy and fresh stimulus as climbing the hill when the pace early, vigorous and full of intensity, although no happy boys and girls like light, can also seem all of a sudden I kind of decadent dip from lack of lazy world, to suddenly leap away from this earthly the hustle and bustle of the seaside ivory tower of enlightened calm.It has gone through this world like thousands of downtown, Rain or shine.  Night light hanging, the window overlooking the sky after the storm beneath pure and clear, light blue touch hanging from the end of heaven, carrying a sheet of clouds, glowing dimly lit light, it seems that even Xia Yu also love this is the beauty of the mountains Sau.Stork and his party flew lightly, bare ridges still clearly visible in the mist, not far from the low potential zone inlaid with large and small pearl-like Ha Yu King House, close to the horizon of the ray of light as it clearly beckons sea bright, half surrounded by its mountains as a long ribbon, gently maintain on a totally elegant beauty.Good evening mountain air, expect poet “spring blossoms,” the exuberant feeling much better than it?Suddenly realize that only so-called Muyu valiant autumn moment of stubborn arrogance, really passed away like a gust of wind, presumably at this time that very few wide world outside the Castle must be sunset sky, I wanted to run to the end of the road listen to the gentle waves murmur is not in the privacy of song.Life story should note Cantabile’s low walls, and as I travel that the singer alone solitary dance single whisper in search of life’s wisdom.Clean up the old dream, the throw to throw, sew the seam.Needless to say 天凉好个秋, thousands of customs mind of its own, and the youthful bloom throbbing with joy, passion surging go tomorrow textured landscape!Lift look far for a month child lightly, I do not know when to meet again old friends, listening to the rustling bamboo, if this were clear but Joseph shiny Autumn language Qingsi?    Part II: emotion of autumn unknowingly went to the October drizzle floating out the window, I put myself at the desk, looking at the calendar a long line waiting for the completion of the work, the heart can not help but waves of upset a time even do nothing, only lazy turn our gaze to the window, watching the drizzle, I guess preserved everywhere wild chrysanthemum bloom look, not help but feel the itch.But then laziness, work is done, or do not know what tomorrow things piled up together.So had his head buried deep on the desk, put a clean sheet of white paper into ink-stained smear.Unconsciously is noon, under the rain outside the window stop touching it.Pushed in front of a bunch of manual labor, hastily ate lunch, went straight back mountain.No umbrella, no companions around, just one person to the slopes, lightly dust blame in the slightest drizzle shake off the busy.Nightlife net Golden Chrysanthemum perianth rain was less angry, prettily, standing in wet grass, the miserable appearance, a few clusters of asters simply head to the lateral side, let the raindrops beat, but do not make a noise, not far from several strains of mulberry trees twilight yellow, lonely roadside stand, and weeds around the cage with a layer of mist, then drifted far is misty, only slightly Dai color looming in the fog.  Around quietly, only I stepped on the wet grass “brush” sound.Listening to their footsteps, watching the scenery blurred, my heart can not help but were more tense, and finally in the corner of the mountain where stopped, a little stop, the whole is still around a misty, tensions heart, then fold turned promoter, heels, always a step way to go.  The tension has been a stalemate, until rushed back to school, only one breath.But the mind has been swirling with Chrysanthemum Manshan and put Hongsha sumac, the slightest rain quietly covered with green and yellow grass, stroking mountain scene stone paths.  Hill could not help but stand back and looked at the window, the mountains rising water vapor, dispersed in dark green pine forest, mist form, slowly swam to the peak, and gradually faded Siyu, which continue wandering mist rising in peak shrouded swing.You could not help but do not want to wind away.  Standing at the window, endless reveries between autumn Hearty mountain shuttle, come to realize, the whole world is nothing in the misty mist.Face of this scene, what it can muster heart of burnout?  A long long time, depending on your breath back, see the table that a lot of work, a faint smile, turned around his desk, that seems to have ink stains Zhan Yan smile.

Autumn of articles on

Part One: Whenever chrysanthemum Autumn flowers, incense that is non-Yan, floating flowers, subtle fragrance was very hot, floral, flower Mei, Jiao flowers, shadows, literati painters borrow a pen, each said Chiaki, each coated with charm.Even smell Juzhan, is pleased to go.  Entering the park, slowly leaves, far and near daisy like deportment thousands of women, faint light spilled light incense, waving in the breeze, like Shizumori the years go by, diarrhea as smooth as silk strands of bright, or will be concentrated or light or dark or light color on the coated engraved elongated leaves, graceful slowly go hand in hand with the rounded, floating faint fragrance rustling in the autumn, which involve burden that the dendrite, a leisurely poured alongside the dramatic narcissistic branches, any dip weathered tough, persistent erosion pain bloom, and this alone, that soul Passions proud to live up to the Zenren?And then the sympathy and affection to their charm and elegance embedded in the eye of love poetry, the tenderness of wandering around in the text, and from the warmth of this season’s passing.I, too, will receive a tacky, after its vicissitudes still charming smile collect flying thoughts, the desire to become a rippling dreams.  Shangju that way, chrysanthemum, alias known as yellow, intricate, more than chaos.They are thin and long, hanging to the sides, covered patches of emerald green leaves.They discovered that the phrase “thinner than yellow” is how extreme and subtle summarize, look Huang Ju petals, always clear thin, such as lines, like silk, who spread out the core, will be different from the tender filaments the colors come out for drinks, flowers silent, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, at coloring of harmony and rivers, like telling faint florid, flowing deeply, like, with no more rosy haze, so Qingzhao also thin and yellow his lone together, more plaintive.  Ju known as “expensive energy sexually explicit, vulgar al fresco wild” character, this will Juzhan living in purdah famous in the hills and blossoming Chrysanthemum all moved to the garden, a rich visual visitors, who meet Shangju curious, those or elegant or vulgar, large or small daisy artistically crafted combination of careful person, a different shape stands, Li Ju, tower chrysanthemum, column chrysanthemum, tree daisy, cliff chrysanthemum, potted chrysanthemum, hanging chrysanthemum and other nines, with a chrysanthemum shape of various different art forms become the theme of this Juzhan.Hydrangeas like “Hydrangea Ju” expensive “Dali Chrysanthemum” pattern chic “gold chrysanthemum”, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum green.That piece upside down like petals of spring water flows down hill, bright, elegant.Especially prominent is a mosaic veil, color blend Su Jian, full of poetry, song Fu questions above, where a wall carving of the “Students” whole chapter, there are many popular Famous Quotes, also moved flower fences, from strokes and both are content to feast of art.Hot color a wildly growing, highlighting a “take Ju Dong,” the leisurely beauty.Some turbulent “Monkey King”, a lingering Fei sorrowful “butterfly appointment” .Different story, different color, to reproduce the important plot classics, will also Juzhan into a more cultural elements.Surprisingly the designer of originality, and the organic fused to marvel art, the present unaffiliated flower pot, different forms and shapes, in the hands of craftsmen, depicted as brush, brush deemed disease book, the bundles of intricate beautiful daisy becomes more beautiful!Aiju, because of its bright color, pure knot sincerity; Mu Ju, because of their shapes, beautiful; Jing Ju, because of its character and elegant, not expensive kitsch, so enjoying, enjoying, heart, eye, filled with awe, skim ray of chrysanthemum tea, tasteless own abundance of life!    Part II: Autumn, Yi Xi cold floor, the first frost, white crescent, the night withered anxiety, forcing Huang.  - Inscription held hostage by a cool autumn wind, taking advantage of the night falls lean months, blowing Xie Flowers, clouds dissipated.I leaned in touch in autumn, autumn scene put aside screens, static look Yunjuanyunshu, flowers bloom Xie.  Qu secluded trails, Indus Yela sound, chant one piece woven into autumn, phonology through the sparse branches, shallow singing fleeting dark change, non-personnel yesterday.Juyi Peng streamer, look silently slipped from his fingers, although enchant the abundant spring grass, Xiahe Biqing, Dongmei fragrance, but desolate faces and voices of autumn leaves.  The night Central, alone on the cold floor, whispering hear the nightingale.Road, Canqiang, old courtyard, to add a touch of bleak autumn.The old downtown, voice boiling downtown marketplace, things can stop the change, and as the flowers, there are high-mad spring bloom, but also the inability of the fall decline.Looking at a desolate autumn, can not help trembling, she shook off a lonely place.Mottled corner, off the crimson paint, messy brick in the moon’s shadow in inches, glowing little Silverlit.The rub it into a pool of melancholy in a pile of bricks, and the Qiulu moisture, sleeping together.Ten yard, Barry desolate, Trinidad silence, Miles leaves floating.Only a corner of the courtyard Huai sweet-scented osmanthus trees in the dense night, exudes bursts of fragrance, and the ray of autumn, refreshing.Gentle sweet-scented osmanthus, a full face of make vicissitudes, will be witnessed the ebb and flow of thousands of years, years of reincarnation, personnel changes, the change of dynasties, will be in an indifferent attitude among the Red Jingchu, otherworldly realm in addition to the Red, will Rain or shine, in accordance with its rhythm, scattered incense Red.Cut some cinnamon, light up the palm to Mouguang be crushed into powder, through the warm wind, warm corner of silence.Stroll in a burst of fragrance in any wanton thoughts scurrying, wine Lin Feng, lying stargazing rain and chant and chant, and song and dance, and pour and discretion, and intoxicated and drunk.  Hanging cloud of cinnamon, scattered into rain, weaving Yilianyoumeng.  Yangtze length, width sky, water attached to a small boat.Taotao love tenderness.Standing bow shallow sing poetry, gazing at the River partly flour.Boat Sailing in the crisp sound of rain, slender fingers, strumming lute, drunk dyed Autumn.Curl of smoke, thin as onion skin, and as the river, the river re-lock.Qing twist touch of clouds, windows and doors opened to the south, hope that da da hoofs broken Anny, who entered the lute song, Iraqis regain their heart.  Melaleuca drop of water, break Yilianyoumeng, ripples from near to far, followed by waves off.He thirds soul linger mirror, seven soul through the wind SONG Yu Tang, back now.Burning a cigarette, looking at the picture on the wall, Mouguang moment is frozen in this moment, familiar picture, a different view, a different mood.Vaguely audible Pipa Sheng Qing Yun still lingering ear, vaguely visible River Wu Peng boat sway the rain, but not just half of a person’s original.Meijiao slide down a drop of liquid crystal, and with a touch of shallow thinking, burial bonus.The Yilianyoumeng about tempting Cheng pulls into poetry, engraved picturesque.Day and night pillow to sleep, hoping one day in the streets of this life, and you met up, a light read, “Oh, you are here.”.  Rolling green hills at night, such as Dai, crescent pond in the wind shaking, a touch thin shadow wet curtain full of thoughts.Tonight, around a touch of cinnamon, I went into a dream.Part Three: Autumn rain and fog is thick, bathing the mountains, fresh Paradise, early autumn rain, washed hill covered with tired soul, and cleaned up the secular stained Magnificence.Amidst the sounds of autumn, like ink Dan, endless small Xing An Lingqiu of Kiyomi, countless small town Autumn Li Ying.  A person walking alone in the autumn, feeling the charm of autumn, enjoying the autumn rain; feeling the feelings Autumn, enjoying the warm autumn.This is the place God preference for living creatures, which is the gift of Montagnards Xiaoxing’anling emotions.At this point of my heart, such as autumn, the purification of the soul, in the rain sublimation.  Autumn has been fleeing into the arms of Xiaoxing’anling, sunny autumn, autumn virtuous, fruitful autumn, fresh autumn, all set off autumn, autumn, autumn leaves, Autumn picture.I like autumn, autumn rain like this not only because of the reason.Autumn, the sun is shining; moon in the sky, Haw Insects; wind blew fallen into the array, and full autumn, fruit fragrance.In my heart, not only with the fall of the eye to appreciate, but also to hard to listen, to understand, to understand the heart of Autumn Melody.  In my mind, at the moment raindrops, actually evolved into a mood, a different kind of love, is beautiful strange.She waves a kind of reverie, she set off a kind of beauty.Yan cry cicadas, soybean rattles; maple pine Tsui, Trinidad Tao Heung.Autumn with a kind of spiritual, into the mountains Xiaoxing’anling, all grace.Autumn with a mature charm, straight to my heart, that warm, hot, fresh feeling I will melt between heaven and earth.Sauna net the autumn, my soul has two things I forgot, forgotten at this time of the season, forget where you are at this time, in this OBE traveled, poetic dream, the situation in picturesque Cantabile.This autumn’s feelings, this autumn melody, contains endless mood, let me revel.  Autumn breeze, grown up my feelings; warm autumn, soak my love.Limp walk a few fallen leaves in the rain, Qinggemanwu drifting into my palm, flipped in the hands of leafless, beautiful patterns veins, beating a kind of innocent beauty embedded in my eyes.This is the most beautiful I have ever seen leaves, delicate lines that are like a way of thinking, extend in the wind, ups and downs in the rain.Staring at this beautiful leaves, feeling the true meaning of life, and feeling emotional entanglement, and feeling worried about memory and feeling better life.  In my eyes, the cycle of seasons, autumn is the most flavor.Great atmosphere, giving unlimited reverie, unlimited inspiration.Autumn, autumn, autumn leaves, Autumn, with modesty, with a shy, approached the side sections.Each autumn, I have matured and harvest storage, dying thoughts and hope.So a note of Autumn, store thoughts, just want to keep a trace of beautiful memories.  The autumn, feeling the rain means, listen to the wind, listening to the rain, listening to Xinyu.Wind Center Lake Waterfront microwave, lingering rain fleeting love, love hearts sentiment remains.I, like the rain no longer a simple beauty of autumn, a phantom mature, deep in the distance affects my soul.At the moment of you, and as I so whether Chizui?Silent in the rain, despite numerous raindrops fall, I think, when you drunk, too drunk I.Although years away, but my feelings still, still care, you still beautiful mind.  Autumn autumn, inadvertently, I was harvested pure emotion, there is a taste of Taichetaiwu.Staring autumn, autumn sentiment, I will be this fall, all the memories of the story remake, will collect all the experience, finishing a perfect picture, the space on my memory, the seasonal cycle of idle years, go read of thin.  I was thinking, perception Autumn rain, not a good feeling.Lingering autumn brought back memories of the years of style remake, remind me of the episode.Autumn tenderness, overflowing I long for the pace, the rain charm, has a bath mature Raider, that was my dream ploughshare, the emotional heart, to sow the seeds of love, Autumn rain intentions of writing scores.    Part Four: Autumn?Autumn walk Dongming Yellow, white West sunset, death and the passing of Sichuan, do not treat uncertain.A year before the project gone gone, go back, rain has been invaded bad new moss green urn, Wang Lin into the autumn the number of YE.  Took to the streets waving the cold of autumn, on the familiar stone benches and kiosks, we have unwittingly fall on a few slices of rosy maple leaf.Cold autumn rain, known to have been generously autumn!  Autumn, this very sad unlimited term, through the years, rain silent, so parting sorrow echoed in the memory.Every thought of autumn, bleak and always think of leaving this world when the leaves of the branches knew them, and then turned to leave helpless.Slanting rain, swirling leaves and colored walking hurriedly, with a look slightly tight pedestrian with the fall of the tone, the campus of pine trees, quiet and serene, like a crane color blue hair old man to death in the rain aftertaste of wasted years.Autumn is a sort of colorful silk yarn, rain is one of the brush, Li Bai’s poem: “rain mirror folder, double bridge down rainbow.Densely cold tangelo, Autumn old Indus. “.Although not seen the rainbow landed, poetic Ju Han Yan, but absolutely not the slightest drizzle fluttering among the already red maple leaves, old banana, still makes us fascinated, concentration, attention.  Everyone Autumn explain things, like not completely known poet.Autumn is like a delicate feminine princess, carries unlimited beautiful emotions.Liu Changqing in the “Ying Han Tan White Moon, the autumn moss” revealed the pursuits, then enjoy in Du Mu “Mountain Line” in “parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February,” the beauty of Autumn.Autumn own beauty “Candle Autumn cold painted screen, light Luo fan flutter fireflies,” the poet and clear Resentment “autumn overcast lingers cream fly late, stay withered lotus Machines sound” faint grief, more after Li Tang the main jade baluster “lonely Indus Shen Yuan lock Kiyoaki.Cut, and chaotic, is sadness, “the home country hate hatred and Qingzhao ‘Indus even take rain, dusk, bit by bit’ sad touching.”Cross as many different angles, near and far different level,” to see how the autumn, or happy or sad, Joy and sorrow, perhaps nothing, just much ado about nothing.  Autumn breeze, Yuemingxingxi, Looking back at the years to stay in mind, as it cleared the curl of smoke drifting in front of the candlestick, illusory and fleeting.University life is like a good US-engraved roll, one frame at a wonderful show.One year spent similar, each year is different.People grow up, experience life in the future will become our sail sails, once the red boy, the old man will become a beard and hair, traveled alone.  When the first time became gradually blurred, I heard a whistle and a person is not commensurate with the suitcase later became slowly recollection of those days can chew, first came to the university is running out of memory.And all settled, only to suddenly find that the original Lethal bridge floating yellow ginkgo Zhiyuan road and into a piece of maple that is unique to the autumn landscape, although there is no “Lotus dew drop, sparse willow month,” the Seiitsu can and the “far shore of white sand autumn, according to red Hill late,” the thousands of deportment, but the breeze blowing through the branches, the leaves all over the floor golden beauty, is not it will be deeply moved, in our hearts He provoked a ripple?  Sometimes inadvertently think of those have her by his side at night, sometimes innocently walked all the way from empty playground eleven teach again folded, quietly without words, we hand in hand, with cold nights pondering Maple drunk, Gambhir shine firefly return feeling of childhood.Late fall scenery, people will always evoke deep sadness, tree Autumn Sound, Mountain cold color.No one would deliberately pursue sad and lonely, sad and lonely but we will find, whether you succeed or fail, we will always fall we give yourself under, among subconscious sadness and loneliness, to appreciate life the most honest intention.And that perhaps is the most worth pondering autumn leaves us thinking chapter five: Autumn wind blew up a dream, autumn leaves tumble.With a trace of “cut constantly tangled” thoughts and deep love, I crossed the threshold of the changing seasons.Yes ah, come fall, it will come a gold leaf over the floor of a long forest trails, so they went into a mildly keyed, intriguing Psalms.  Autumn Poem.It was made Road, Poets in the beauty of autumn.Autumn is the harvest season, it is poetic inspiration in the growing season.Autumn breeze, the autumn sun shines, forest colorful leaves, the branches swaying clear rhyme poetry.Earth as writing paper, come autumn lyrics, everywhere that Akiba is a sentimental lyric poem.Yin was “Pik days, yellow leaves”, “curl Come autumn, Dongting Wave Leaves Come,” tan “autumn air of geese fall away, sparse tree cicadas Towers cold.”.Autumn, the sky clear and clean, was clear day, overlooking the storied dye, Dan Ruxia close up, outside of which, into the autumn, at heart will naturally flow from the deep rhyme Ode to Autumn.I do not know Ouyang Xiu in the “Poem of Autumn Sound” in the fall of why so demeaning, in their eyes, it seems that the fall only “its color bleak, smoke Fei rain convergence”, “its meaning depression, loneliness mountains and rivers,” the bleak picture, there is the Song lyrics master Liu Yong, even based on a “sentimental farewell injuries since ancient times, more nakan cold clear autumn festival” for the fall labeled sad, lonely label.I thought, still in Jun Qing “Autumn Fu” was to restore the true colors of autumn, his statement said: “Autumn, thriving scene richer than the spring; autumn, brilliant brilliant colors richer than the spring.”.People praise worth mentioning autumn, fall derogatory worth mentioning, Harry Chang and Autumn people at this time are nothing but a manifestation of mind and that time, no real relationship with the autumn.Qi Buwen “heart built environment” is made chai!Good mood, beauty and picturesque view of autumn, the whole “falling clouds and lonely duck flying, relaxed and a total length of sky color,” what is called too.Autumn poem, like moonlight poured in water is generally above the earth, so that people read out moving in this season, read the beautiful, heavy read out.Looked up, “the cloud skies Yihe row, they lead poetry to the Bi Xiao” really “天凉好个秋” ah!  Autumn Cantabile.Like a rich, high-pitched song echoed in between heaven and earth, from late summer sang the beginning of winter.”All things are contented contemplation, when seasons Jiaxing and people.”.Han Yu said: “In the autumn of insects” Pastoral Symphony is not Qiuchong “patent” What?Field, next to the path, Qiuchong the first to play the song from the charming autumn.In the grass, in the corner of the room, hidden in crickets, Guo Guoer Biezulejin children tweet, fluctuated, suddenly long suddenly short.Then, in the autumn sound of insects are elongated, autumn was extraordinarily quiet, also revealing a bit of mystery.Wind suddenly began as many Autumn.Autumn also add to the fun, golden, glowing red leaves dancing in the branches, rustling, but also played the autumn, “Autumn Leaves Solo”.Soon, frost drunk stained maple season, autumn leaves spin from the ground, singing carols muffled strains of late autumn.  Autumn dream.Repeated tours enchanted autumn, fall asleep to rhyme thick gold leaf.Autumn is the season of a dream-like, seems like a drunk, “strayed into the depths of the lotus,” the poetess, I have the venue and the forest, riding Autumn Leaves seeking, pleasure tours autumn, enchanted at not think of returning home.Mortal, actually some hazy eyes, like King non-King, dream not a dream, ambiguous, two things I forgot up.Autumn, this is a rich tone, gorgeous scene of the season, if that is a delightful landscape painting, as if it is a flowing Autumn altar Chen old pit, from which, “if drink strong wine, feel self drunk”.Drunk in the heart, dream Ying autumn.Between trance, unknowingly walked into a golden world, the whole plant can be proud to put fragrant flowers, Dan fire, colorful leaves.If they had integrated into the vast expanse of the Autumn.There is a poem: the north wind blowing over the floor yellow, goldenrod Aoshuang spit fragrant, scenic tour people a little drunk, good poetry chapter dipped Autumn.  Indeed, Autumn poetic, Cantabile, a dream.

Autumn moonlight is to sustain life

Autumn moonlight is to sustain life.The leaves from green to yellow day by day, day by day mature seed.Golden leaves turn into next year’s nutrition, ripe seeds bred out of years of life.    While the wind came clear, beam-beam shone moon burnished the desk, as if a transparent letterhead, laid on the front.Open the windows, cool autumn approaching, irritability and psychological discomfort during the day, the moment will vanish, warm and cozy feeling leisurely floated into the atrium.    Soft flowing veil of clouds like the moon, the stars dotted the sky sparse, buildings, trees, mountains are shrouded moonlight.From the balcony watching the moon, although some cold, but people feel comfortable.Without the hustle and bustle of the day, the moon slowly rising, her gentle and kind sprinkling all of Earth, to get people to think rationally.    As a child, my mother used to say Chang-e is the Queen Mother ladies around, because they do not keep the Women was banished to the moon, jealously guarding its loneliness; ancient books says Chang-e Hou Yi’s wife is due to eating the Queen Mother gave Hou Yi elixir, and body light like feather flying on the moon; Wu Gang was demoted because of good sex, still tirelessly throughout the year to cut down the sweet-scented osmanthus tree.Therefore, we are always concentrating on one night at the moon in a daze, look out when the moon Chang E, take a look at when Wu Gang osmanthus tree cut down.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) autumn moon is Valentine’s veil.Crescent moon hanging in the trees, willow mind further than reluctant.Moonlight is a lover of the yurt, a moon cover, will become gluey.First love always use the moon as a cover, men are more strong, rugged, women are more gentle enough.So, to say, the moon is a woman of fig leaf, a man of stimulants.Always joking taking advantage of moonlight, the mysterious red silk thrown the world, the achievements of a pair of good marriage.    Autumn moon is bright farmhouse throat clearing throat stimulants.The moon rises in the east, moonlight village.”Hot Tofu, San son.”Small business operators sounds more melodious, free and easy, echoed in the open countryside.Moon on the door of the stone farmhouse dish, put a pot of tea, a box of cigarettes, enjoy Tianlun said, the family gossip, chickens have bird flu, swine get fifth disease, exercise the South China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands dispute was underway.Autumn moonlight have the joy of harvest.Busy people a year, the harvest, the harvest is busy during the day, the moon rises, taking advantage of the moonlight stripping corn, sweet potatoes dry air, picking peanuts, talking harvest, pulled build a house, get married daughter, son get married.Unrestrained, brighter future.Looking at the small courtyard filled with crops, a trace of joy poured my heart.    Autumn moonlight is to sustain life.The leaves from green to yellow day by day, day by day mature seed.Golden leaves turn into next year’s nutrition, ripe seeds bred out of years of life.Gentle moonlight lit the desires of life, ages continued to play the same program, a new life is nurtured, incense burning constantly, slowly produce new hope.    Autumn Moon sustenance Acacia lead.Mother worried about children thousands of miles away, Siv, like his wife, miss generated here, “Nung, moon and new moon,” bright moonlight created a number of Acacia dream.Moonlight, home of the brightest.Whether you anywhere in the world, whether it is official, business or study, most can not forget is always the hometown of the moon, the hometown of the moon.The moon like mother’s coat wrapped dajin you, make you feel warm and safe; moonlight like a lover’s kiss, make you feel warm, forever nostalgia.    I stood quietly depths of the night, a night temperatures dip heart slowly.Like water beneath pure moon child gradually cool in the autumn barren years, when I reached Juyi Peng moonlight, the endless fresh from the back of the hand palm Qinru issued one feel in the air.

Autumn miss

Part one: I miss the autumn in a new cottage village primary school district to teach for five years, that place in my mind left a memorable impression, and most memorable, is my former colleague Hu teacher.  Hu medium build, like the captive plate-inch head, thin face of a bid stands a huge, very compelling, he said in his blessing on the nose, two thick lips and big nose that complement each other, a slightly yellow eyes, simplicity mixed with a bit sly.Although nearly fifty people, and the very spirit all day long, three-step across the basketball court often makes young basket catch.  Mid-autumn 1995, I was transferred from the school district cottage Horse Gap School District, transferred to a new village primary school headmaster.Hu teacher’s home in the new village, with a river school, about five or six meters away across the.When I went to the new village primary school, when Hu teacher has a private teacher for 21 years, when the monthly salary is 175 yuan, though, he did hard at work, in addition to the main subject of two part-time classes, but also responsible for the school the general affairs work, school some temporary work and ultimately he.Every time I looked at him to counseling to students daily instruction, and my heart took a heartfelt tribute, coupled with his long I was nine, to his mind the more respected, as much as possible in life to give him some modest help.  The school building was devastated, coupled with drought located in the floodplain, surrounded by neighbors no longer, giving a feeling of loneliness.A total of seven school teachers, in addition to over three village, the remaining three teachers are neighboring villages, under normal circumstances do not live on campus, the school is often one person households.  A man living in the empty campus, my heart really a little tears, two nights, almost did not sleep a wholeness.Hu listen to me a situation, to live to the school to keep me company, and is accompanied by a five-year!Sometimes doing farm work back late in the afternoon, that would Zaichi, he went back to school to live a long period of time, he has not come to the front door, I could hear his footsteps.Every night to the school, Hu will go to my room to drink two or three cups of water, he likes to drink hot water, while Xiliu Xiliu to drink water, while narrative farm work he has done in the afternoon, although look tired, but do not hide after the completion of the joy of live farm work.  We are talking about the most is his positive problem, because it is his hope, his main concern is the problem.I encouraged him to insist, insisted that victory, he was very confident, together with his wife, son, daughter supported him, he said, must be positive when coming to.  The new village is located in the forest edge areas, sparsely populated, honest.The fall of each year, is our happiest moment.There is a school nearby and some have called young farmers, like hunting and marksmanship good, to harvest the corn, buckwheat frame sickle of time, but also rabbits, pheasants snatch crazy day.This time, there would have to show their talents, there are at least two harvest a hare or pheasant per day.There have harvested prey to the school to find, some bargaining, he put the game to sell to us, a hare seventy-eight dollars, ten dollars a pheasant, the reason he does not eat himself, and so is anxious money, his addiction great, and the daughter love shopping channel, which requires money, and he came to rely on money opportunities that shotgun, because then the public security department of forestry and hunting is not very strict control.  Every buy pheasant or hare, it is busy packing Hu teacher.Over time, he even trained to have a good hand skills, the hare upside down in a tree, San Liangxia skinned, a pheasant, less than half an hour to pack light meat net gross.Hu is a pity that it is not the teacher’s cooking skills, he packed up, it was my turn to battle, and other colleagues along the way only.The game or braised or fried or stir-fried, are fragrance overflowing campus every corner.After the bone Crisp rotten meat, with a large pot filled up, we became believers gluttonous, on Mimi’s belly bite a game, on the titanium two liquor drink, that great so far have made me intoxicated.After eat a few tons of game, Hu teacher embarrassed, whispered to buy back, I coddled, say you are not a freeloader ah, every time you are involved, you say after a positive, can we please go back ah!He Han Han smile, his touch the pivotal: “This man embarrassed!”In late 1998, Ms. Hu Zhongyu Ao out of the head, into the public teachers.The weather was very cold, rain sandwiched snow, he and I gave him to the township Board of Education to run a positive formalities.Way back to school, teacher Hu cheeks flushed with excitement, a little pair of bright yellow eyes Jingjing, I shouted loudly singing, sharing his joy – twenty-four years ah, sad tough twenty four years, finally became memories of yesterday!  Back to school is already evening, Hu teacher cried drink a few glasses, several colleagues happily yelling to celebrate.Hu went out for a while, even carrying a Diaozi pork back, that he killed the village pig meat to the people.That multiple Diaozi seven pounds of pork and fried vermicelli with a pot full of a large room full of Yixiang, the food was hearty, drink a lot of wine, probably seven or eight people drank four bottles of liquor.Hu particularly happy that night, drink the most, the first drunk people lying on the table to get up, his mouth still heard even heard saying “happy, happy.”In the autumn of 2000, I was transferred back to the horse Gap School District, teachers and colleagues Hu’s five-year relationship ended, but our friendship is still strong.I have just come back soon, Hu had made a special trip to see me twice, once I bought two rabbits to me, saying that I owe much of rabbit meat; second is to me with a bottle of wine , said to be the son of the Chinese New Year to buy him, not willing to drink, I was dedicated to keep.I also went to see him twice, by their family grand courtesy.  In mid-summer of 2006 continuing education courses, I met Hu, found that his color is not good, and asked where he was not uncomfortable, advised him to the county hospital to check.He said that the stomach is not comfortable, it does not matter.I had wanted to invite him to my house to talk, because the training time constraints, coupled with his back to busy to do farm work, just wish it had plenty!Then listen to well-known colleagues, Hu teacher salaries are basically spent on the construction of the family, first never ending renovated, built up the wall, then gave his son to buy a car.He had just turned positive, wages are not high, these costs have spent almost his entire salary.Nightlife in mid-2006 net late autumn day, I was organizing student recess activities, cottage colleague suddenly received a phone call that Ms. Hu died.I suddenly did not react, he said it three times in a row, I be heard clearly, the heart suddenly pulling very painful.I borrowed a motorcycle, drove to the new village, and my heart very much hope this is not true.  When I walked into the familiar courtyard, it has a paper streamers fluttering sound of funeral music, smiling to greet me in the former colleagues, now lying in grass covered no longer ignore earthly things.I devout to Hu teacher incinerated many paper money, his salary is almost entirely used at home, point of paper money to send him, do not let him in another world no longer be strapped up.Last toast to my good colleague, big brother a glass of wine, and he is willing to misery no longer destined in heaven!  The last to know Hu teacher suffering from angina pectoris, sick more than two years, has been the hardest hit, until severe pain, only to the county hospital, that is to hurry to Xi’an surgery.Just go to Xi’an surgery the day before dawn, he took a lot of regret Farewell to the world.  Hu teachers into public teachers only only eight years time, almost no truly enjoyed their day, they hurried away, Only in this way, I will have him in mind, can not forget.  Finish this essay, I suddenly remembered today (September tenth day) happens to be the birthday of Hu teacher, alive, he was 57 years old, may have been dead for four years, students really have to rush, passed away in a hurry ah!    Part II: Autumn Miss Autumn – this is always a poetic season.  I had Yin Liu Yuxi “since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, my word autumn wins spring.The skies Yihe row cloud, cheap poetry to the Bi Xiao.”Wang Bo also been described by the” Autumn sky color were long, falling clouds and lonely duck flying.”Poet of autumn have different characteristics, a former anti-Autumn as the ancients: the latter combining static and dynamic, to develop their full title Sunset Hill, are thousands of miles autumn.  Autumn fall in love, or her classic taste.  Xijing autumn is not Tao Yuanming ‘mountain air good day, Asuka phase and also “indifferent quiet, no” cenglinjinran of “open-minded, but also filled with poetry.  Did not notice, this autumn naughty child when it has ran into the Xijing, walked into you and me.  Autumn leaves everywhere, yellow scoop fly; ten ginkgo, cinnamon August.This is the Xijing autumn.  Pick a yellow leaves, Yin Li Yu’s first few Autumn make, not a good feeling.  Autumn taste: astringent, but to pass up.  Lush woods, autumn has also been wiped out.Everything is so empty, makes life seem to feel something is missing, feel lonely.  The child gives the most classic autumn or autumn ah.  Vacantly vast, but also Xiaoxiao sough.  The cool but not cold autumn rain a little, if you stand in the autumn, that autumn Sniff, sniff that autumn, autumn lick it, then you will make consumer worries.  And as a blending autumn is definitely a pleasant thing.Stood in the rain, autumn wind blow, you will truly understand the autumn, this season read, read your life.Since autumn can give you really think.  I walked slowly, opened a blossoming spray.Again a group of birds, foraging in that, I gently walked past, but it scared them, I…  Is a autumn is the season.  I do not know his hometown of autumn will not be so blue, do not know the day will not be home this high.  I’m not in love with this season, but I’m in love with you season; I’m not in love with this autumn, but she gave me miss the taste, reminds me of you from afar, the father and mother think of home.  Do not want, do not cry, the wind came, my scattered thoughts.    Part III: miss summer autumn trees had time to cool to a verdant back, Hsiao Sa autumn will be brutally blew its branches, Durian.He threw landed on this road.  I quietly walk this autumn leaves covered with cement on the road, beside a silent father.Carrying a heavy burden, I will bid farewell to the south of father.  A leaf gently hit me in the face, but my heart ripples.  Ten years ago, this road is a dirt road at the foot of; ten years ago, at the foot of the road for the first time south engraved with his father’s footsteps; a decade ago that autumn morning, the father left me a whole life do not forget to figure.That morning, the father carrying a simple luggage — Sheng-meter pocket, go on this road, the mother followed close behind him, then followed close behind my mother, clutched her hand.On the way, his father suddenly turned around: “Go home, children should go to school!”He then walked straight Tizhuohangli.My mother and I stood there, motionless, no one has experienced such a scene.A gust of wind blowing, roadside trees shed filled the air of autumn leaves.Father turned around, waved at us, motioned us to go back, turned the moment, he put his hand on his eyes, and what seemed to wipe.Mother suddenly pull me up, we turned to the direction of home, but also the mother’s hands, but his eyes never left.Since then, my sister and I no longer owe the fees they owe, dragged and dragged, family life seems a lot better than before: not a leak of heavy rains, thatched cottage, is no longer going to collapse.Dilapidated old earth walls can no longer.Father is no longer the original Father: straight into a stooped, white-haired black hair into a.Autumn is always sad, bleak all pleasure.Like yesterday, the mother reluctantly bid farewell to the south of his father, broke down in tears after the home; just like today, I have to be strong in elderly father to send the train south, I can not help pains..Another burst of bleak autumn wind is blowing, countless yellowing autumn leaves danced in the air.In my eyes, this dance more with a frustration and dismay.Which is not the original leaf verdant his life, but rather see it wandering life?  ”Father, take care!”I tried waved to him, and my heart meditation.Gezhaochechuang glass, dad smiled at me and waved play hungry.  On the way back, I let Akiba hit me in the face, despite the wanton cross-flow Xinyu.