Autumn is getting stronger

Part a: autumn is getting stronger, the drunk dim “Pik days, yellow leaves, Autumn with wave, wave Han Yancui.Shan Ying sun days then water, grass relentless, outside the sun more.Dark rural soul, chasing brigade think, every night except, dreams keep people sleep.Moon-story Hugh Du Yi, wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia.- Fan Chung-yen, “Su Muzhe” Fan Zhongyan a deep sense of nostalgia poem, let us know Autumn is the season of people see the King thought.When sky and white clouds, yellow leaves everywhere, he sadly sentimental soul Township, chasing lived in different places of melancholy, came over.Perhaps in communications and transportation convenient now, we do not have so much nostalgia, but entrenched in the depths of our hearts, share the emotional world of thought and thought, how can the solution, why do v.?Thinking memorable, tears upon her cheeks, and ultimately experience of life, can not there except for Wushan.This is a kind of sadness?In this picturesque late autumn, you can only take tipsy make everything sound.  - Inscription in the “early autumn feel older, cool breeze blowing Meng Haoran heavy desolate.Zhai Jing Mao scorching summer retreat, the next step Cong Lufthansa has exposed light.”” Early autumn “This poem, brought us into the light autumn breeze breezy.Let us feel the peace of mind of the poet, but also let us feel the infinite charm of shallow autumn.  Some people say that Autumn is a season of good people quiet, there are too many peace.Some people say that Autumn is a good season of love, has a lot of poetic.Some people say that Autumn is the season of people missing in all unaware, the landscape will make people in this situation and will tipsy-hearted.When the autumn wind blows, with a fresh, light with a sound drunk in the autumn, the leaves despite Dance Pina, eyes closed, quietly listening to the voices from the fall, and hard to understand all the trivial and the beautiful autumn-related.  Autumn is a pleasure to bring people, is a hope, but also a deep sadness from the heart.When autumn leaf dance when, how much glare also could not hide a heart Lost.Light has been asked in a low voice the earth: “Why not let such a beautiful view and a long stay in the world love it?Why not let this drunk in thousands of back and crooning it?”Earth softly replied:” If you do not convert four seasons how can so many joys and sorrows of this world, how can so many gifted talented woman to write a chapter about autumn?It has such a soulful weariness hearted?Since ancient times, not so much lovesick men and women, how can this dreary world of aesthetic?”After listening to the earth A light, I suddenly understood between all things there is always a reincarnation.If autumn has been a beautiful blooming attitude in our lives, how can so many colorful jump in our lives?How can there be so much sentimental nostalgia in the autumn in order to send it and Acacia?  Song Dynasty poet Fan Zhongyan “Su Muzhe” moment in the ears reciting: the “Pik days, yellow leaves, the autumn even wave, wave Han Yancui.Shan Ying sun days then water, grass relentless, outside the sun more.Dark rural soul, chasing brigade think, every night except, dreams keep people sleep.Moon-story Hugh Du Yi, wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia.When “Perhaps, Zhongyan wrote poetry eternal farewell song, he just nostalgia caught by one foot, let him awake at night night.He may know how many men and women are infatuated see the ray of Acacia sides locked hands and feet in this autumn, but unable to struggle, can only be “wine into the feeling of sadness, tears turned into Acacia”, plus the worry worry it?  Some people say that a love one hurt.When some love-depth bone marrow, when not happily end up rewarding experience, and will certainly hurt the heart and soul full of holes.In this season, in addition to sometimes silly thoughts and chase flavor than once, only a cloud Sake unhappy solution.Perhaps the wine mellow make all the memories lightly, then fly beyond all earthly.  Then, tightly close my eyes, all the Cheng pulls past stranded thousands of miles away.To miss your heart tightly hoop, not to any point of a gap can drill Acacia, Acacia are all locked in a box called the forgotten, and then throw away, let it float in a bottle drifting take it townships.The memories and the thoughts are excluded from thousands of miles, forever and ever forget.  Of all the thoughts, the sadness in all, the autumn but gradually more and more concentrated, eyes, nose full of the taste of the world are full of autumn.The heart of that locking knot, the knot is more wind, has come to pull clear and chaotic.  Whenever looking at the deep sense of autumn, there will be low and asked: “Who is the mountain of red maple stained your face?Garden of branches who bent your waist?The nose is full of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance Who told you so?Who told you eyeful daisies bloom so?Who told you the sky geese south into team?Who told you eyeful clear autumn for a new look?Eyeful of you who let me upset?Who is full of thoughts tears filling her eyes overflow?Who is it full vessel sake spatial days?.There is no answer, just give me a silence, let me go looking for that answer.I wantonly run in the blue sky, white clouds asked why the?In the vast blue sky, I saw the winds blow from autumn, autumn leaves dancing all, then let them dancing roots.I finally understand that all this is reincarnation, everything has a process, life is not too much why, when the only intention to appreciation experienced, miss, do not hard to recall.  Then, stretch all furrowed brow, smiling lightly in fine, clear autumn in.Years stepping on the beat, walking tipsy at that sometime in the autumn, threw a Fan Chung-yen, “Su Muzhe” Meng Haoran picked up the “early autumn”, with a smile points, with one point peace, laughing spring and replace.Occasionally, when then picked up a glass of sake, is no longer Choujie worth, but were more calm and quiet.In such a beautiful autumn, the a cappella joys and sorrows of life, take life’s Errant Love.  Late at night, looking out the window, watching the moon breeze accompanied the years of quiet good feeling.This autumn, the United States is very quiet, this night autumn tour of the heart is also very clean.  A trace of wind blowing, I feel the autumn gradually thick, wipe it strong seared in my life, I do not have to push open.In such concentrated in Italy, so I have a drunk lightly Hearty.    Part II: autumn is getting stronger in the evening time to go out for a walk, can not help but feel a hint of coolness, the wind came no romantic passion, and a few leaves from a fragrant pile tumbling down the tree, hand picked, still red-orange leaves adhesion sweltering summer, but fall so thanks to the widespread, I even had a chance to wipe the body sweat, too late summer tanned face painted with the colors of harvest —–.  Sunset stranded in the sky for a long time, as if it can not bear to watch the beauty of small gurgling river flowing every second of time, the river willow elegant with watery tenderness, ginkgo roadside maintained a youthful smile, park brisk walking people filled with autumn look.The distant rice fields mature now, the harvest will fall heavy dyed a golden yellow.  Here is the center of Huzhou plain of the Yangtze River Delta corner, facing the lions Sima Takahashi, it has stationed thousands of years in the autumn; side streets saturated with stories of quartzite, has listened to many centuries in the autumn in.Night rose faster remover of it, is waiting for the dream of fragrance, in order to bloom in the coming year message.Yell interrupted my thoughts, turned out to be lamb wrapped in crisp pace, this capacity from the local sheep farmers hurried lake came from the summer, becoming the ordinary people of the dishes to be the best autumn and winter tonic.  The distance came the faint sound of music, is Clayderman piano “Autumn Whispers”, lofty sky, bright and clean lake, cool breezes, romantic evening.Follow the footsteps of the music, you can insert the red maple leaf of a season, a look can be a full season, so come, that I fall and accidentally bumped, my heart was actually kind of serene and satisfied.Light breeze nightlife net Buddha, brought the flavor of sweet-scented osmanthus, this plant associated with the moon, is spread by the hands of Wu Gang, down from a high altitude, gradually surrounded the whole town.Tasting in the moonlight with the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus tastes, I always feel happy minor, constantly spread from the heart: I see myself crying in a fall morning a few decades ago, many years ago saw the love in the autumn of red fruit hanging on the tree, see figure gleaming daughter in the autumn —-.A cool breeze hit, I quickly turned and headed toward home.    Part Three: Xu autumn, when the autumn is getting stronger that send cold night, on clear, cricket Ming.More or less brings a hint of coolness for the autumn.Bustling city during the day, at night it becomes a quiet, calm and comfortable.Starry sky, looking at the quiet sky, sometimes think of ancient human life is what kind of state, or comfortable, or hard-working.Like the night because it was not noisy during the day, there is no hypocrisy among people, as long as you like, on this night belongs to you alone.Dog barking in the distance, suddenly broke the quiet night.Soon intermittent few times, so submerged in darkness inside.I suddenly realized that night with the infinite power, able to devour everything.And their hearts so calm down, to think about some of the more sensible thing.Sometimes a lot of things that did not need to quarrel, there is no need for this.You know people will understand you, friend of a look, a smile, is enough to heal the hearts of grievances.In to desire.Great people of the world, we do not know.I just want to leave it a place of my own, undisturbed, I think it is up to defend the kingdom, either to tell you what, I will not open the gates of.  On the keyboard, crackling sound.Host family.It seems to want to tell the unhappy heart.But it is his right little things in life, put down, put down, in fact, no big deal.Smile, this day passed…Be good!It has been like sitting in the bus, and from the city center.Morning, warm sunshine through the glass, direct into the right atrium, abnormal warm.Passengers up and down, all in a hurry in this way and from.It is to enjoy himself, as if he is an outsider.Watching it all, listening to the music coming from the ear, calm.Station, get off, looking forward to the next journey.Neon lights, moonlight is getting stronger, cool slightly closer, with a tired body pedestrians walked in the same direction, it is home, sweet home.Go, that’s all this is over.  Departure, parting, reunion, meet, miss, twinkling of an eye, that passed away, I.We have too many mistakes, we all like to disguise themselves up!  Said Autumn, Unspoken.This night but did not sleep.    Part Four: curtain westerly, autumn is getting stronger mist thick clouds all day and never worry, Rui brain consumer banking beast.Double Ninth Festival, jade pillow Shachu, beginning at midnight cool thoroughly.  Tori wine evening, the subtle fragrance surplus sleeve.Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly, thinner than yellow.  - · Zuihua Yin Qing Ci thin beauty autumn wind blows, the curtain westerly.”Shufeng sudden rain last night, concentrated wine residues sleep Needless.Test questionnaire curtain people, but still Begonia Road.Know about this?Know about this?It should be Lvfeihongshou.”Autumn autumn night, as if the words rhyme blowing Qingwan of the Southern Song Dynasty poetess Li Qingzhao.”Chang Kee Creek Pavilion sunset, indulge and never return.Xing Jin back to the late boat strayed into the depths of Ouhua.Fight crossing, crossing dispute, startled a pool of Oulu.”Life would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon!Autumn always reminiscent of songs from the people, leaves every now and then Sixu always accompanied by views of autumn.”Leaves drifted away, is the pursuit of the wind, or not to retain the tree?”Fengzaiqishi leaves left the trees, patch of leaves, it so leisurely inundated soft, floating, floating.With elegance and mature trees, we should offer the direction of the wind, floating floating ah.In the embrace of the wind, the leaves, such as fly-like, scene this season with this beautiful tree the most painful fly.Spring green branches no trouble, no sing of summer insects and frogs, only to wandering as a destination, it is the rhyme autumn, winter love.  Leaves, patch of leaves, beautiful red and yellow leaves in the fall of that girl, a collection of golden earth to witness and share the joy of harvest, so, wind, smug people toward the winter snows to the golden Autumn, dotted with glistening snow, even though falling, is caught in white, no regrets.  ”Wind live dust fragrant done, the evening tired hair.Changed everything off, the first tears flow like language.Wen said the Sungai spring is still good, even to the Pan boat.Lest Sungai Ze Meng Zhou, Zaibu Dong, many worry.”Road to make a poem poetess Qing Ji mood, ah, how can so many of melancholy in their hearts?Way back when, EMC and husband Zhao Mingcheng fall in love, tempting world of nice, all envy.Alas, human beauty is short, flowers last forever, people have joys and sorrows, month also wanes.Poet Li Qing Zhao since husband died, that wretched state of mind in the song “Sheng Sheng Man” in grief swallow: “searching, desolate, desolately sad.Turns warm again, most difficult to rate.Three cups of light wine, how the enemy he late to winds?Yan had also, is sad, but it is old acquaintance.Montreal yellow accumulation.Haggard loss, now worthy pick who?Watching the child window, alone Zensheng black?Indus even take rain, dusk, bit by bit.The first, how one Sorrow!”Across the Water, sprinkle Seiki month.There was a beautiful woman, by the water door.The venue and the promenade, on transit see month.May Ying Ying water, rippling Italian hearts.Where words Acacia?Silent not language.In this pool pond, clear drove flowers, Red also in mind, such as lotus petals children in the pool dipped in autumn, autumn-off, cool and dry the mind of this millennium.But there is a feeling, this terraced rice paddies in the mortal world, the wind SONG Yu Tang, the graceful and tempting romantic became millennium.”Red lotus incense jade bamboo mat residual autumn.Light solution Luo Sang, alone on the Lanzhou.Cloud who sent the book to Kam?When Yan Zi back Yuemanxilou.Huazipiaoling artesian water.Kind of Acacia, Xianchou.This situation no account can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts.”Murdoch away from the situation being bitter, people Yiyi, month quietly, this situation most difficult to rate.May all sadness, have gone along with this autumn.A land of golden autumn leaves falling there, there are wheat fields of the Golden Harvest.Leaves red flowers in February, we see not only the melancholy of autumn, should the perception autumn harvest, autumn carol.Autumn of life, in poetess Li Qingzhao that has been covered with sadness, to which we are not too sentimental, right, Qingchou faint hint of complaint, like her talent, more like autumn mood, because it is the life of the Four Seasons the most full season.  Rather critical cold, wind and rain tight Acacia.A poem to fragrant, graceful and elegant words in.In this curtain westerly autumn, the ear again sounded the song “Green Leaf affection of the root”: “Do not ask me where to go, my heart according to you, do not ask me where to go, my love holding you, I am your green leaf, my roots in your land.Goodbye to you in the spring, here today, there tomorrow.”Write a love song leaves, autumn mood is also not a good feeling in their hearts the.  Leaves floated off, pursuit of the wind?Or tree does not retain?  Drifted away, for the leaves, just another destination of life, is the call of the season, is the desire for wind.  Green leafy affection for root.  Who says Akiba ruthless?  To leave, but toward the long-standing favorite winter, in the kingdom of snow and ice, the ice is rolling mud, snow for skirts, the dancers do a winter, such as flying snow Brisk.  Then, the embodiment of the coming year, spring messenger, presented a different kind of pursuit of the realm.  Leaves, beautiful leaves, although the centrifugal body is still dependent, however, leaves not a heartless thing, into Chunni more tree care.  Yuemanxilou at the End of the World Road Chang Wang beauty.  Bishu west wind tone, see Kam book cloud delivery.  More listen Indus rain, the sound of worry away from the situation slowly v..  Murdoch is suffering from the situation, Lang Lang moonlight sprinkled Qinghui.  When the curtain westerly, autumn is getting stronger autumn praise.    Part Five: autumn is getting stronger, not spend Xie I do not know since when they fall in love with, love to see red maple leaves Manwu in the air, had visions of herself in a whole slice of maple leaves in the forest, with the Maple Leaf, let the heart sing.Today, the autumn is getting stronger, like a flower patch of lush maple leaves open positive, my dream would be like this, like Maple Leaf.  In my heart, always felt, fall like a kid growing up, not impatient when young, some just quietly watching the indifferent world.Do not exaggerate, quiet and beautiful!  We like one thing, Bing does not always need some reason.Perhaps, because looked at, I love life.  I like this decidedly insistence, love will never become a.  Sometimes always feel very busy noisy world, to escape, like Maple Leaf brave from the mother tree, eager red world and the world she does not feel the same enthusiasm.  Those falling dead spirits, eager to fly with the wind, eager to free.The world is full of a lot of desire, it is the constant pursuit of material things, forget the moment our spiritual food is about to dry up.As everyone knows, when the world bloom again, leaving only dust.We walk in this world, in fact, no need to hurry, hurry they can not enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, even if we finally arrived at the thought of the distance, the eyes of the rest of the night only the vicissitudes of life, and that even then we are in beautiful scenery those terrible winter just withered branches, dying in the wind.  Hopefully, there is a seat shelter the world to our initial dream of those beautiful in this cross-flow of desire.  We all want to reach the distant, where our dream, so we do not have thought of giving up along the way.But I believe that we slow down the pace, happier every day, to see things a little light, firm eyes one o’clock, there are always things we’d like to stay, waiting for us.  Like those leaves filled the air, from those first green buds and gradually become red, only those who know best the best transformation can feel, finally obtained freedom and cheers only become valuable!  As long as has always insisted, no not the distance, as long as we have not given up the distance, the dream will not stop waiting.  We look forward to every year from winter to summer, just to enjoy this romantic fall, enjoy watching those unknown leaves fluttering in the wind, showing their dance to the world.Whenever this time, I will look forward to next fall’s coming.  Today, autumn is strong, never dream flower wither, waiting for your visit.