Autumn moonlight is to sustain life

Autumn moonlight is to sustain life.The leaves from green to yellow day by day, day by day mature seed.Golden leaves turn into next year’s nutrition, ripe seeds bred out of years of life.    While the wind came clear, beam-beam shone moon burnished the desk, as if a transparent letterhead, laid on the front.Open the windows, cool autumn approaching, irritability and psychological discomfort during the day, the moment will vanish, warm and cozy feeling leisurely floated into the atrium.    Soft flowing veil of clouds like the moon, the stars dotted the sky sparse, buildings, trees, mountains are shrouded moonlight.From the balcony watching the moon, although some cold, but people feel comfortable.Without the hustle and bustle of the day, the moon slowly rising, her gentle and kind sprinkling all of Earth, to get people to think rationally.    As a child, my mother used to say Chang-e is the Queen Mother ladies around, because they do not keep the Women was banished to the moon, jealously guarding its loneliness; ancient books says Chang-e Hou Yi’s wife is due to eating the Queen Mother gave Hou Yi elixir, and body light like feather flying on the moon; Wu Gang was demoted because of good sex, still tirelessly throughout the year to cut down the sweet-scented osmanthus tree.Therefore, we are always concentrating on one night at the moon in a daze, look out when the moon Chang E, take a look at when Wu Gang osmanthus tree cut down.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) autumn moon is Valentine’s veil.Crescent moon hanging in the trees, willow mind further than reluctant.Moonlight is a lover of the yurt, a moon cover, will become gluey.First love always use the moon as a cover, men are more strong, rugged, women are more gentle enough.So, to say, the moon is a woman of fig leaf, a man of stimulants.Always joking taking advantage of moonlight, the mysterious red silk thrown the world, the achievements of a pair of good marriage.    Autumn moon is bright farmhouse throat clearing throat stimulants.The moon rises in the east, moonlight village.”Hot Tofu, San son.”Small business operators sounds more melodious, free and easy, echoed in the open countryside.Moon on the door of the stone farmhouse dish, put a pot of tea, a box of cigarettes, enjoy Tianlun said, the family gossip, chickens have bird flu, swine get fifth disease, exercise the South China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands dispute was underway.Autumn moonlight have the joy of harvest.Busy people a year, the harvest, the harvest is busy during the day, the moon rises, taking advantage of the moonlight stripping corn, sweet potatoes dry air, picking peanuts, talking harvest, pulled build a house, get married daughter, son get married.Unrestrained, brighter future.Looking at the small courtyard filled with crops, a trace of joy poured my heart.    Autumn moonlight is to sustain life.The leaves from green to yellow day by day, day by day mature seed.Golden leaves turn into next year’s nutrition, ripe seeds bred out of years of life.Gentle moonlight lit the desires of life, ages continued to play the same program, a new life is nurtured, incense burning constantly, slowly produce new hope.    Autumn Moon sustenance Acacia lead.Mother worried about children thousands of miles away, Siv, like his wife, miss generated here, “Nung, moon and new moon,” bright moonlight created a number of Acacia dream.Moonlight, home of the brightest.Whether you anywhere in the world, whether it is official, business or study, most can not forget is always the hometown of the moon, the hometown of the moon.The moon like mother’s coat wrapped dajin you, make you feel warm and safe; moonlight like a lover’s kiss, make you feel warm, forever nostalgia.    I stood quietly depths of the night, a night temperatures dip heart slowly.Like water beneath pure moon child gradually cool in the autumn barren years, when I reached Juyi Peng moonlight, the endless fresh from the back of the hand palm Qinru issued one feel in the air.