Autumn poetry

Part one: poetry Kuangsi autumn breezes endlessly flaunt it more than boundless wings, mercilessly fan take more than warm summer, even though Castle faint, various unknown vegetation still proudly looks calm, may fall in the end is really come.Overwhelming coolness, like everywhere in the invasion of my thin body, not when it touches sensitive nerves Dauth.  Rustling rain, layers of Qing Han, carrying thick autumn rain All of a sudden the whole evening or surrounded by, among raging madness suddenly altered the color of the garden, dancing in the air slightly more dusky brown sycamore leaves no escape have been arranged into rows, tumbling, sometimes tapping the asphalt, the sheet is pushed into the remote.Under dark skies like an expert in what move heaven and earth to cast the spell, the pedestrians have nowhere to hide toss.On the wall next to the avenue, emaciated woman hid lover’s embrace, warm arms to comfort her fall, seems to be just a foil in a crazy moment of time, Strider who hurried by, no one had to enjoy it with them peer landscape: I do not know as hypocritical and pretend deserting performances, or understand much inner despair performance was deserting weakness?In this Qifenglengyu evening, my thoughts as Nong dense rain, all wrapped in layers of cold through the heart.The Long landscape, in which corner who Qiannian for me, pray?Cloud cover on children, and how many who carries a heavy pinned but not distribute Acacia?Wrapped in clothes pick up step, the old aged regret yesterday’s meet, instantly put his thoughts mingled too numerous disorders, shaking the silent autumn Indus shabby dress, distant faint light on the early, lopsided, can not help but shiver, and the rush to get the crowd flow reverberates in the long road, alone taste the taste of autumn melancholy evil pedestrian, do not know is that this experience wind and rain and makeup stained somewhat desolate garden of taste have become more bleak, or autumn Walker, It argued that the melancholy feeling sentimental this season?A burst of heroic desolate sound lock na snapped came, I think I was really longing for a place, still autumn, faint lights dancing shadows, unconsciously looked up hope, approaching apartment, bright windows, clearly feeling the salty mouth of.  Bleak autumn this is, for the world.”It is also makes it easier to remember the season.The same autumn wind blows, yellow leaves tumble, but no longer the last place of their own last year, recalled the day last year at this time, a smile quietly at the mouth raised, a chance encounter between a loss flawless, and dreams Meet the halls of the moment, so a restless soul with peace in numerous busy in a persistent divide and exciting hope.So quietly in pursuit of utilitarian, secular undercurrent in the intrigues planted the seeds of perseverance and courage, how many lonely late at night when less sleep, busy busy stealing much of the holiday, there is the examination of the way the snow gets tough, every step are careful and solid, almost all of the youthful dreams and longing for a happy dream home package together to send a hall called the culture of.Perhaps all this is when I am surrounded by the world, with a little forced to survive with difficult and helpless, perhaps destined to go hand in hand in life can not escape the persistent desire, with no shirking the spirit of burden.Life of passion and reason to look forward to as I undefeated rough seas surging feelings, so even if the landscape is heavy, my lofty carry dust outside of a thousand miles, tirelessly hurried, put my obsession with young dream at this time open the real picture here!Joy and fresh stimulus as climbing the hill when the pace early, vigorous and full of intensity, although no happy boys and girls like light, can also seem all of a sudden I kind of decadent dip from lack of lazy world, to suddenly leap away from this earthly the hustle and bustle of the seaside ivory tower of enlightened calm.It has gone through this world like thousands of downtown, Rain or shine.  Night light hanging, the window overlooking the sky after the storm beneath pure and clear, light blue touch hanging from the end of heaven, carrying a sheet of clouds, glowing dimly lit light, it seems that even Xia Yu also love this is the beauty of the mountains Sau.Stork and his party flew lightly, bare ridges still clearly visible in the mist, not far from the low potential zone inlaid with large and small pearl-like Ha Yu King House, close to the horizon of the ray of light as it clearly beckons sea bright, half surrounded by its mountains as a long ribbon, gently maintain on a totally elegant beauty.Good evening mountain air, expect poet “spring blossoms,” the exuberant feeling much better than it?Suddenly realize that only so-called Muyu valiant autumn moment of stubborn arrogance, really passed away like a gust of wind, presumably at this time that very few wide world outside the Castle must be sunset sky, I wanted to run to the end of the road listen to the gentle waves murmur is not in the privacy of song.Life story should note Cantabile’s low walls, and as I travel that the singer alone solitary dance single whisper in search of life’s wisdom.Clean up the old dream, the throw to throw, sew the seam.Needless to say 天凉好个秋, thousands of customs mind of its own, and the youthful bloom throbbing with joy, passion surging go tomorrow textured landscape!Lift look far for a month child lightly, I do not know when to meet again old friends, listening to the rustling bamboo, if this were clear but Joseph shiny Autumn language Qingsi?    Part II: emotion of autumn unknowingly went to the October drizzle floating out the window, I put myself at the desk, looking at the calendar a long line waiting for the completion of the work, the heart can not help but waves of upset a time even do nothing, only lazy turn our gaze to the window, watching the drizzle, I guess preserved everywhere wild chrysanthemum bloom look, not help but feel the itch.But then laziness, work is done, or do not know what tomorrow things piled up together.So had his head buried deep on the desk, put a clean sheet of white paper into ink-stained smear.Unconsciously is noon, under the rain outside the window stop touching it.Pushed in front of a bunch of manual labor, hastily ate lunch, went straight back mountain.No umbrella, no companions around, just one person to the slopes, lightly dust blame in the slightest drizzle shake off the busy.Nightlife net Golden Chrysanthemum perianth rain was less angry, prettily, standing in wet grass, the miserable appearance, a few clusters of asters simply head to the lateral side, let the raindrops beat, but do not make a noise, not far from several strains of mulberry trees twilight yellow, lonely roadside stand, and weeds around the cage with a layer of mist, then drifted far is misty, only slightly Dai color looming in the fog.  Around quietly, only I stepped on the wet grass “brush” sound.Listening to their footsteps, watching the scenery blurred, my heart can not help but were more tense, and finally in the corner of the mountain where stopped, a little stop, the whole is still around a misty, tensions heart, then fold turned promoter, heels, always a step way to go.  The tension has been a stalemate, until rushed back to school, only one breath.But the mind has been swirling with Chrysanthemum Manshan and put Hongsha sumac, the slightest rain quietly covered with green and yellow grass, stroking mountain scene stone paths.  Hill could not help but stand back and looked at the window, the mountains rising water vapor, dispersed in dark green pine forest, mist form, slowly swam to the peak, and gradually faded Siyu, which continue wandering mist rising in peak shrouded swing.You could not help but do not want to wind away.  Standing at the window, endless reveries between autumn Hearty mountain shuttle, come to realize, the whole world is nothing in the misty mist.Face of this scene, what it can muster heart of burnout?  A long long time, depending on your breath back, see the table that a lot of work, a faint smile, turned around his desk, that seems to have ink stains Zhan Yan smile.