Autumn sleepless

Part one: Autumn sleepless tonight doomed no sleep, all the memories fall instantly from the fingertips to the heart, and they knew autumn to injury, like having no trace, and this is the fall of the night’s deepest loneliness of it, autumn leaves flutter from tree last fall, the tree with the interpretation of the love of the most beautiful dance, I see you on the outside of the Red, with a faint smile, a touch of sadness, either of these Gongchoujiaocuo, joy of spring downtown, also could not conceal his lonely your eyes, and meet, Jing Ru winter chrysanthemums, stagger the most amazing season, miss, but it is an open and not yet on the books, every word is sadness Sylvia.  do you know?Every time I hear this song willingly, I will be inundated Cheng pulls back, magnet-like sound, chaos a pool of still water, cut candle west window, his hands clasped together, silently promise once promised, and I have not turned away from you in the past.  The original is a fate not escape fate, the lights dim, I look back I’m your homeland.    Part II: Mid-autumn autumn long sleepless night thoughts, sleepless.Bed faint moonlight, the son of a dream laughter, his wife is also in full swing.In addition to the window neon shining stars, all will be quiet Enron.  A man in a daze, his thoughts a person dancing.Moonlight, no troubles tranquil night, who like me daydream: a cup of weak tea, Ju a handful of moonlight, the scent of ink stick for some, a fleeting classic product.Who at this time to unload the hands are heavy, he turned the Red long, open party paradise, vintage wine collection period.If awake, also a dream.And rest in that year-end party fun: or laugh, laugh is also true; or cry, cry also unnecessary.  Also known that customs cock sing, let him in the River Island, I question someone’s My Fair Lady, crossing painted on the boat belonged Ge.Also sought to bring, brush, graffiti share of good, but also fear that transparent humble pen awakened dreams.Nightlife network will also ask which side the Yellow River water from the sky, bypassing the front of someone, rushing to embrace a piece of the sea.He wanted to call the flow of some slow, and I made a floating raft Zhao, but also fear of not swim and big waves of the Yellow River.And intends to drink a jar of spirits of wine, and hate that little streaky horse, daughter Jo.  Look a sight-known cage oblique months, after the world pay their last respects million names, for fear that someone is streaming song for months.Think that mid-courtyard, rabbit refreshing sleep, given than this earth also quiet.Waxing moon, everything is life, that is ancient difficult wholly, also provoked this difficult desire, I do not know who told the wine into the feeling of sadness, who else is in the heart of tears Useful War.Dan Yiqu “Thinking of You”, also sad!Also sad!It also pays the Moon sleepless!  Night, quiet so well; month, citing people thoughts span.Child was removed, called to my dreams back to the house – simple, familiar, warm Rao is one of the paintings.And I still sleep.  I opened the window, a trace of shallow cold.Looking far away, the sound of thin Dragons ear, just that melodious flute midnight.At that moment, the heart loses control, but also involves a long period of water, mountains.  Also if the dream, if awake.Both longing, not far from the road.  Autumn thin, hang Linshao month, listen to siren long, it seems to tell the mountains lonely.Hut own sweep breeze, Huang loud passage to stand in front of.If the stream with soft curved, tempting Whose mood Lian Lian; fluttering under the shadow of the moon wild sieve, whose preparations to establish a warm heart; Gao birds vacated, waking dream thrush, more Dangqi Whose heart wave accommodating.  Willow catch the wind, smell; get on Heart Lake, the clear light.Who in poetry reciting month, who soaked the clothes in any stream.Who stroked the strings, Dan Yiqu mountain stream diarrhea fleeting.  That’s who smile, came up to me, still dream, too real.Part Three: autumn sleepless, a wisp of melancholy parting around the heart autumn, cool earth, was awakened by a nightmare, no sleep, the night of the stars of the most charming, crescent sun, Orion staged the most beautiful legend.Autumn has really come, wrapped in leaves in the wind circling around me, dancing sad parting!The harvest season, I gain a ray of scars and a string of parting!  Away train, carrying all my nostalgia, memories of wandering has yellowed, not look back, parting the platform, my heart is surprisingly calm!I did not dare look back, afraid to look at you, I’m afraid not control their emotions!Every year at this season I will be watched away heart, and today, the same fall, have someone watching me go!  Beautiful piece of land, the habitat of all I ever.There are too many good memories dream, the picture is still a little repetitive staged.Freeze three feet of the podium in my life!This is a traveler wandering in a foreign land, just stay too long!Parting sentiment is replaced by numbness!I know, let me give up most of those still pure innocence!There is one of you, God determined that we get together and parting!  Last year at this season, your heart out in the rain crying, behind that I was struggling wandering difficult to accept, you fight the fate of the final outcome you are still in place, our fate in brief parting in Beauty is every you have a day!All the good memories will always be left, this time happened to you last year, the story has me repeat once!Yesterday that the phone has changed our ending, you trembling voice at the other end of the phone crying, “Why are you taking the people”, a word touched my heart the most sensitive and delicate, is ah, why me?I keep coming to the soul confusion!  No sleep last night, I know that you also deplored the parting!You are my most beautiful love, a brief conversation, I left a free and easy and calm you!No feast of the feast, I know that we have together that day!When a helpless heart is still crying in the rain, I look forward to see you, I can still give up free and easy to face your eyes!  A “train away” sing broken my parting melancholy, yes ah, the train is about to start carrying my leave, tomorrow I no longer belong once!In a strange place, repeating that they have become a foregone conclusion!I wish I could gracefully waving to you, I know you will remain in place more sad!Road traveled together to measure the distance we have in hand counterparts!Now I have away from you, I never dared to look back, afraid to think in the same sinking melancholy parting in heart!  In this autumn a lonely night dancing the most beautiful parting fortune!Starry sky, the stars no sleep, they suddenly have a spiritual, could not bear to sleep, but the night sky accompanied by an equally sleepless heart!I accept all outcomes, accept all variables!Numb too much puzzled and confused, what happened in the Internet and in reality staged again, this world is ridiculous!”Why are my people go” all the pay in exchange for parting, this is fate!  Do not want to ask why, life on the road there are a lot of things happen there is no reason we can not get to the bottom!Calm in the face, around the corner, might vista!My future is in the distance, the way everyone always has few uneven, and I are in the corner, when thorns all over, I believe went over in front of all Huaxiangniaoyu!Failing comfortable with, will make your life more meaningful!  Farewell, my dear children, I did not expect you free to use mobile phones to take pictures in the self-study courses became final silhouette!I promised to accompany you until you leave alma mater, I promise to accompany you to continue to write our fate, I’m sorry, boys, that you are familiar with the podium tomorrow there will be no me.  Farewell, my best friend, my colleagues, we will not be together for a walk after lunch chat, a familiar piece of road there will not be a small figure of the landscape of our Dramas!Farewell, my school work life for a decade, still had the mind to reproduce scenes.Farewell, my most familiar piece of land, the train has started.Farewell, our wind and rain and common friends, not sad, do not cry, waved smartly, if destined, we will meet.Part Four: Autumn sleepless deep autumn chill was very hot, his thoughts drifting over the body, whisk Yang boundless.Perishable independence of the stars, like being in the dark soul of prayer.A lamp lit.A door open heart.  No word over the screen, so many “blank”, but I do not know for whom?  Autumn night, I dream or wake up?  This seems to melt in the autumn, and as if traveling in this autumn night, I do not know whether anyone can imagine at this moment I?  A solitary, a book that is all I have.  I seem to suppress something, I do not know, no need to make it clear that fortunately many things of this world, are not clear, but also Needless to say clearly.  I was solitary moon.Long it shining on me, a few pages of books and arbitrary, the ability to turn a few pages of books and arbitrary, depends on interest, depends on consonance, do not read as rice grain, do not read to fame.  Solitary is my partner.It accompanied me a few fingers Qiaoxia bare the soul of the text, not standardized, illogical, thanks to induction, thanks to the pouring.  It might be a life of suffering, but suffering is an experience and seek.In this experience and seek, you can filter a lot, wake up to reality a lot and a lot of precipitation, too noisy during the day, we are in hurried, which reflect the zero point of the night, you can carefully digest the day has gone, whether it is acid, sweet, bitter, spicy.Moreover, also the perception of Japan to confront from the window of the Morning Star.Only this time, we can loose, loose limbs, body relaxed, more relaxed own thoughts, their own debugging strings and gently rub it rub it, strum the miyasho horn emblem.But then he folded himself Needless Wei Shi himself, then he need not tied suppressed their own, when the heart is beating naturally, when the truth is dripping tears.  At this time, quietly listening, then, can quietly combed.  Those day inaudible too light and thin sound, disarray that day too messy too complex thoughts, really we need to go on this autumn night listening to comb.  In this autumn, the dough came the voice of the heart: Menger, how many days you see text?Oh yes.I do not know why I always have several days in a year can not face.The heart is always trouble trouble, disorderly, no clue.Each to this time, still smiling but their hearts are heavy.Hurried walk, act Huang Huang, the fear of a leisure think of themselves – and then do everything possible to put heart filled to the brim, pat search of letters, phone dialing friends and family, I do not want to say and say painted on paper.Do not look back and never think twice, just to prove that I exist I have.  Each to this time, but still entertaining the heart empty, busy insecure, want to retain the years just hold time for all sorts of love but no longer belongs to my day – so would like frozen in time, like the eternal moment, even to the end of life lest a minute slip from the hands of the endless.  Each to this time, always inexplicable irritability uncertain confused, uncharacteristically sat at the table repeatedly look at ourselves, for fear of losing too much experience I can not find the previous – so great grief and grief Dawu about it, just to still go tomorrow his life boundless road.  Each to this time, always wanted to sing drunk want to break free want to travel, and I want to cry want quiet solitude lonely want – so when Delicate thin clouds late at night, always alone in contemplation of life is to think long and bitter years.  To not have what results.I want to know the passage of time, time to change, to the continuation of life, the sun and moon to heave.I need not unfounded cocoon, do not be afraid of old age and death.I want to do is let yourself feel the presence of the unforgettable years of life to give me what I am rich all my.  I just want for the years carved a trace.I just want to let the years beyond life eternal.  Heavy night as a deep river, flowing slowly and persistently, people can not be aware of its dangers, there is no loss of time to realize that, so indulge themselves, despite revealing that from ajar the door to light dream worried about, where the unsuspecting serene, missed a real life and details.  In fact, not a relentless years, but our own.There are too many tedious life too noisy vulgar boring, so we breed a lot of laziness or procrastination, it is eroding our lives.Years of whip us, let us pain and clear: Since alive, they should be properly alive, living out values, to live out the true nature.”Mo lightly white boy head, empty sadness”.  The night is quieter deeper thicker, can not sleep in this autumn searching, it would also add to the charm of a way of life.