Autumn thoughts

Part One: Red autumn thoughts want this life, as if autumn rain, always a cool autumn, dusty memories that smile full of expectation, hope by wind blowing dust floating hearts, Review, is already one hundred thousand turn back, has dropped out of flowers fall, fall into the corner of the dust, only scratches the floor of the leak clues spread.Rain has far Qieqie autumn, autumn rain can?Su made pieces, embedded between the horizon, with sorrow and hate feelings wander, are varied and can hardly cause a vertical.I stood in the sinking of the Millennium camphor tree to see if it is a longitudinal aging also proud of the growth and decline of trees with branches stakes pillar, which has been gnawing away, like the bark of the trunk support, but let grow full of green embellishment it belongs to the sky, I think this millennium witness camphor should I BES reincarnation, always ask, what my past life I was, whether born of cowardice and sentimental now.I hope my next life can witness the growth up to you, such as primary school, the school under the bark you, through your side always afraid of you, afraid of your own ghost legends.Believe me, the next life I will not cowardly, no longer timid, I will climb the outer space bar you here branches, picking green leaves, I am happy to witness your growth also witnessed vigorous life.  A drop of water, cold my hand, I do not know the prime words become in the embrace of the cloud of raindrops, still wrapped in the words of raindrops belong camphor back, walk back to my mind.Drop, two drops, many, many, which is part of the taste of autumn rain, which is part of my thoughts of autumn.A hint of coolness, cold raindrops heart, give vent to fall a touch of melancholy.A few drops of autumn rain a few passionate ah, Jisi autumn misery.    Part II: late autumn thoughts always wanted to write a log, hesitated for a long time only to find that intangible clue, I do not know what to write, do not know where to write from.I always expect to write a poem of the same article, write whenever they found the pen of watery plain text.Once it seems to work in some boring boring social mood will dilute the hearts of all poetic, full of mind is how to better adapt to society, good life, whenever say society is very real, life is very cruel when my heart can not help shocked, as if awakened from a dream it, we frowned, but can not stop the pace of progress.  Four months time is always walking hurriedly, went through many things, whether it is work, love or life, words become more and more like an aunt hesitant, I sometimes can not help but to talk, because I’m afraid of a joke, do not care how others look at me, because this is me, a real me, no need to put on a mask, his tightly wrapped, others have the right to judge me, but do not affect how do I do it.I do not like to argue with others, unless it is a matter of principle, otherwise there is no meaning to the debate to debate, seemingly prevailed person is not necessarily right, I used to listen to, learn to respect other people’s point of view.Work found that many people are working hard, we can not help but compare, the comparison to compare, find yourself more than the kind of lower than they are, sometimes they suddenly find that we are often envious of others or by others envious, in fact, only serious experience before know, every job has others do not see the side, only the parties can experience the bitterness of Kula, none of the work is tailored to their own, instead of complaining, it is better put into action, allow yourself to become mature enough to have the ability to face life’s challenges.Sauna social network is a great network, this network consists of complex human relations, in life there are a lot of places we can not match, in addition to our helpless sigh few times powerless, sometimes when you put life filled with pride in time, life is always open to us a joke, which makes you exhausted, but you have no reason to give up, because this is our way of life, we have no choice.When we were “tortured” black and blue, they might not be far away from our mature, we will one day look back as deep and shallow footprints behind gratified.Perhaps this is life, this consists of a stage, each going through a phase, we will have more or less of the harvest, then hit a knot slowly, slowly accumulating, slowly mature.  There will always be asked about the emotional state, which is the most embarrassing moment, I do not know how to answer.Do not need to know the feelings of “house”, “car” point of view when it began to catch on, in this environment some of our views will seem insignificant, it would most likely be mocked.I think the feelings of sincere and tolerance is the most important thing, we will see other people envy a good family, a life we form a circle has always obvious, those born wealthy knowing students often spoiled, that character seems out of tune with the general family of origin, they always have the same circle of people, I’m not jealous, but because of the kind of people dislike good family self-righteous, in fact, those who do not what the wealthy parents neither.Small when we are not naive, comparisons might even be thinking, why he could not born in such a family, delicious good to wear, not so hard.Big and we have to understand that we have no right to complain, the parents worked hard for twenty years we have been too much for us to do, the rest is that we should take up the responsibility, we may look a little humble in the eyes of others but we will always be the backbone of the skull and high and firm.I remember I once told a friend said so: I just came out of a small ravine poor boy, now can not afford a house can not afford a car, but my future will be the ability, now that there is nothing more than a car and house by the parents, I wanted to get it all on my own future, even though they do not mention such a request, I will do my best to meet her, but not to find a “house” and “car” as a prerequisite for the establishment of emotions man, this is my principle, the principle will not change even if the single life.  A man returned home from work when the day is the most relaxed, like this, sitting on the bed, listening to old songs, pounding the keyboard, complicated thoughts slowly into one word, to make a life for me small sum, can be considered a part of my way slowly growing.I know he is still very immature, and interaction with others is still very immature, but I was not very worried, because we are still young, not to mention such a process everyone goes through a process of gradually become mature, after all, and I not a person in combat, there are a few close friends I contented life of the road is also not alone.The days ahead will encounter all sorts of people, I will try to give my heart, mature but do not want to lose good faith, regardless of the outcome, I believe there will always be a good return.