Now asleep, Miss Su went back to his own room, Miss Su to take care of Gary, but not too close to any move, whether it is to wash feet, or Gary pajamas, all of us do the work and when pajamas, Miss Su avoid arousing suspicion away.”

  ”Yes, I brought the basin with Ada out and saw Gary took the hand of Miss Su, has been calling her name.”
  Fu raw cold fingers tapping the desktop meal, shimmering eye color, what “Gu Jiuan have said?”
  ”We only came out when he heard the name Gary calling Miss Su, did not say what should be.”
  Fu is poor and slowly: “I know.”
  Hang up the phone, Fu gently rubbed raw cold lips, hanging eyelids covered the pupil of the eye bottomless glow, after all, still do not trust him, people pick up the phone back tomorrow given a city ticket.
  After booked tickets, he gently closed his eyes, a sigh from Chunpan overflow, silently and remembered the name of Su Yuan, then self-deprecating smile.
  He took great pains Su Yuan will remain at his side, even if it has been Su Yuan’s body, after all, his heart still some uneasy, afraid when Gujiu An Su Yuan to understand like, and then with her confession, then Su Yuan he will not leave

I never said I was good, but why you mistook my goodness bullied, to mess with my head, everything today, are not you deserve it!”

Bowen was staring fiercely Chunxiao, he screamed: “I’m beyond redemption?!You think just found a new man to spoil my body, I will be able to utter it?You think I discipline these days in the House of painstaking efforts are in vain do?I just find the old lady cried a cry, the old people must take pity on me, I would absolutely do not marry this and other menial beast!And you, you Chunxiao, is really beyond redemption!”
Then, he laughed: “You think you can pull me die with you?You alone, but also with?!You were sold to a brothel who suffered from bullying, people trampled!This is your destiny, and I, still in Ji Jiawei from wind hehe!”
Spring Min Zhaochun no longer speak.
Bowen thought that she was afraid, the more crazy laughing up: “Originally, if you really believe me, I climbed today is the uncle of the bed, then perhaps I can see on your poor with you a pull to be this great opportunity you

Suspended at this time I never gave any image, and quickly undressed bare back, lying directly on the podium.

  Even at this time so that he even leaves white pants off, he estimated that he would not have the slightest hesitation.
  White leaves out several cupping buckle hanging back in Song.
  Plug in to a few needles, leaves a white two-finger move, those needles as if life in general, like to hear the command, one cheerful beat up.
  Royal needle with gas!
  This is to say before hanging Song Yu gas needle bar!
  A few needles, a few pots, hanging Song will feel warmth in the lower abdomen flowing.
  Even Song hanging a lot of money, even if his fame and fortune, but this congenital disease left him not destined to be married and have children, the pain is not ordinary people can understand.
  It is also because of this, so the song was hanging so greedy for their own comfort emptiness of heart.
  Let’s warm belly as if he enjoyed general, until the leaves have white needle removed, before he could react.
  This condition is clearly not in public trial, but the kind of unprecedented, never experienced before sensation, but it is clearly able to feel the suspension Song.
  In full view, get dressed, standing in front of white leaves,

Like a hot flame burning in hell, “Why did you not let my wife!”

An Wei Zhen Wu secret to listening, a bit indifferent caress chin, she saw two brothers Wu and Wu Tao now you die I die situation, do not bother tube in the cold watching Zhou Zhou, Shen heels walked around the North Star.

Wu this time there is no effort to see Wei Zhen security, he now has to listen to them, and Wu Tao today he can not be placed in a non-death, but for Wu Tao said, he was dazed, “What wife?When you married?”

“Oh, you forgot?”Wu Tao Lengheng a cry,” that day four years ago, I took my fiancee came back, I just let her sit in the living room downstairs, I’ll call my mother, the results of Wu, like you ruthless man, you have no reason to live in this world?!”

Wu also like to think of it this time what, four years ago, he really seems to have seen a woman, it was a very beautiful woman.

Text Chapter 247 infant spirit

Vague memory, Wu still remember the man with bright red lips and white skin, slim waist long leg curl.That he seems to be just over eighteen years of age rite, so drink a little worse

Stared stood gentle sky gold dust in his eyes and fall back on her face.

  She was carrying his hands, proudly watching him, waiting on things like awards.
  Yu Ze unable to speak, an indescribable touched blocked his throat.
  He stood still, unconsciously clenched fists, trying an unprecedented and mind, there is no reason to speak of moral impulse to confrontation.
  And she is no the police, still looking at him naively.
  ”What do you want?”She asked..
  Yu Ze Adam’s apple moved his unconscious.
  Do not look at him.
  Do not speak to him.
  Do not come back deeply moved by his crumbling sanity.
  She saw he did not answer, asked again: “What do you want?”
  ”I think.”He swallowed the last of the true reason wanted to say, hoarse voice said:” I want to hug you.”
  She laughed, brilliant smile if profound meaning.
  Blond girl sweater pulled up behind him to wear a hat on his head, when he was just rising puzzled, her hands grabbed the edge of the large hood, his head got me down.
  He subconsciously looked down, the next second, a soft lip because of an error on the estimated hit on his lower jaw, she suddenly eat pain, throat

School, even if it is slowly walked over, in fact, far from it when walking exercise.

  But XIA away from classes this semester arrangements are more awkward time.In addition to the eight o’clock in the morning the first lesson, there is a final one night, half past eight pm on the school.
  She is currently teaching the history of European civilization is a public elective course, belong to various colleges can choose various professional large general education classes, most students are placed in the first three years of university public elective credits take full election this door people are also many lessons are arranged in a multi-seating capacity amphitheater in.
  Students, large classrooms, a volley of more than a row of tall amphitheater, XIA away when the school, they did not notice each student, unless the movement is particularly large or is sitting in the first few rows.
  After all, not a professional small lesson, but XIA away it very interesting, and after class is also still a lot of interest to students and ask her point question, or want to copy courseware like.
  But this evening after class, XIA away standing edge of the platform to ask questions of a student Lianhan her several times, Lin, as if she did not like to hear, did not answer.
  Indeed, she did not expect, it was sitting in the last row by

You can cry splinters.”

Mu spent to help him get paper towels to clean the painted haggard look, let him full of apples muscle and good color has come out: “You ah.Really.”

“I cried a little hungry.”The more Buyiburao also later said:” go back and get snacks.”

“Ok.”Flower Mu thought:” I first eat or eat?”

Vietnam also froze a moment later, unpromising and blushed.

“Piece to eat!”

Chapter 91

The next morning to seven or mainstream media also made a pass is issued, the joint police these kidnappings exposure out, not only is the size of the forums and social networking sites all by storm, caused a stir abroad –

Police handling this case has experience, but also put a little bit of material released.

First things first disclosure of the Crown Prince has been successfully rescued after being kidnapped, have better direct people to the temple to burn incense and pray for the Royal.

Then, along with the media and they have asked the more astounding aniseed!

When police arrived, the criminals are preparing for the Prince capital punishment, torture and even on some black soiled with blood, apparently not the first time to do such evil things.

Various coding or non-coding pictures then began a wave of

Column misfortune, had been clutching the man’s arm, hit the pressure off the back skin burning pain.

  Corridor lights, then snapped open.
  Xin long micro raising his hand over his eyes, his eyes overflow physiological eyes water, and then heard a dull pleasant male voice said: “Do not worry, all right.”

Chapter 115
  She wiped her face, looked up.
  In front of people wearing the cap down, back to the light face somewhat vague, tall slender physique moved, she came toward.
  Oct-long micro reflex back, spine hit the door, no retreat.
  Although he saved her, but she is still a little nervous, saw him coming, subconsciously I wanted to run away.
  Sip a sip of his lips, he stopped and looked at her silence.
  ”.Thank you, “she pinched handle heart, eyes on the man lost consciousness behind him, biting her lower lip, whispered,” I did not carry a cell phone, can you help me do the police?”
  ”I do not have a phone.”His voice was faint.
  This micro-Xin long to see him again, some incredible, “There is no cell phone?”
  His hook the hook lip shallow, beautiful pretty thin red lips,

He’s dangerous, Chinese fire brigade brother is very professional, speed and mobility are the best.

  Chen then diving and Chakun quickly evacuated, and seriously injured Gokseong also been sent to the hospital.
  Chen originally wanted to ask Gokseong diving out of his mouth what kind of person he wants to do life, the result is now less than the asking.
  Leaving Chen diving worried that the police will be involved in the investigation, if Gokseong blamed, said he was wounded Chakun burglary, the police will inevitably be wanted Chakun.
  By the time Chakun this identity in the face of the police is absolutely no point advantage.
  As a result, Chakun will certainly be in trouble.
  And Chen diving to Chakun stay to help him, his side there is a upright Su Ching, Ching Su Chen how could permit diving secretly harboring a wanted man it.
  So anyway, Chen diving must find a way to change that.
  He quickly contacted all day mirage hospital emergency room, the judge was sent to the hospital Gokseong.
  When Chen diving and Chakun go to the hospital, the police who had surrounded the emergency room to the.
  Chen diving really have no idea there any way to change the status quo, we can only find a way out Chakun first day mirage.
  But when Chen made this decision diving, emergency room doctors came out, on-site police announced a message.

Eyes light up, stand up and quickly occupied the top position dual process, squint and smile: “I am interesting.”

Chapter 111
  Toss finished on the carpet it is already very late.
  They head next to head, lying silent for a moment on the carpet.Instant, Mu child star to take rub rub her head: “bath it?”
  Cheng also recall that double side off the field hilarious lingering, slow response to some.
  Hand injury reason, lingering in her looks bloated, double drive not satisfied.
  In the past, led by the star is not without sex, but she always multiply fed back, after all, on this physical thing, or she prevailed.
  May be a right hand injury, she is completely trampled upon state.
  After the stars set off a burst of wild waves, she naturally wanted to hug and kiss her, even further, who knows not the action, it was smart to escape the stars.
  Her voice sounded playful, angry and funny: “I do not bully injured.”
  Cheng double tentatively approaches her several times, she does not escape again and said that the final has been eating dry wipe once.
  Kept saying do not bully injured, but give her a strong mental and physical double whammy, double drive slow for a long time have been lying up.
  Mu child star does not see double drive squeak