Rotary over his eyes red wool cap, hat is Huangcui Wen personally give her woven, neck scarves with the same color hat, large scarf over her little of his face, revealing only a pair of nice black and white eye.

  Fang Komidori never seen a star in real life, of course, I am excited, but as a color control, when they hear passers-quarter boast beautiful Anya, pour some disagree.
  Su Yuan Fang Komidori twitched the sleeves, a small channel: “She did not you beautiful.”
  Su Yuan squeezed her face, “You do not praise me, I will be proud of.”
  With what a feeling like, is giving fans the original signature of the season Anya suddenly raised his head, eyes looking around the circle at the periphery of the crowd, finally standing face to face with the Su Yuan did not come and look back, but heavily armed Su Yuan, also do not worry about the season Anya recognize her.
  Sure enough, in the eyes of Anya quarter Su Yuan who stayed less than half a second, then she smiled and beckoned with the fans, escorted by bodyguards to bend into the nanny, nanny with the car pulled out of the crowd had dispersed.
  After Su Yuan know, “tracers” official micro officials have declared the female lead played by Anya quarter, while the car towards the end of the nanny’s exactly what the film crew base.
  Network drama broadcast time yet to be determined, Su Yuan