Well brother need raised!”

  ”Ok!”Zhongchu Hong feel that their ears itch, the body could not help struggling a few times.
  ”You go back and you take my father to discuss the matter, as long as the money on the line, also need at least one hundred thousand capital, other things I will let my brother will seal the deal, it is estimated half a year will be able to return to this.Here you have two sisters, a brother, you are my father and mother a heavy burden, is it prepared to squeeze a lifetime lived in a small house?”
  Li Xuan spoke, he gently biting Zhong Chuhong the delicate earlobe, slowly snout that white collarbone, then down the smooth neck all the way up to kiss, and finally covered with red lips that tempting.

Chapter 022 roommates and circles

  As the Reds fans, we live in mid-1979 is undoubtedly the most happy times, four Triple Crown this year, the new season has just begun to show very strong.In this era of no Owen does not Gerrard, Anfield there forever king Kenny Dalglish.Tonight’s red double this battle, he was a goal an assist, already half beaten Manchester United Mandizhaoya.
  Unfortunately, my previous life Li Xuan big fans of Real Madrid, Real Madrid Galactico he really swept the four-time when watching the beginning of the year, then went to the United States later this soccer desert gradually fell in love with another sport American football.
  Hong Kong League now only broadcast every weekend night dorm-loving group of boys play, will gather in the drawing room on the ground floor, put beer and snacks, watch together.Li Xuan had gradually faded football passion again revived, not the days of Real Madrid, he has switched to Red Army Liverpool