Fufu total of three pairs, this pair is the first marriage for many years the circle of stars Fufu model, the two played a lot of family life drama, is ignorant teacher to teacher and Pengchen Yu.”

  Lin-sheng heard, eyes that see, two seniors thirties, the contact acting career early, regarded as a field of well-known TV series old drama of bone, which he always liked the older Fufu, whether in business or marriage life, all he wanted to learn the object.
  In this regard, it is looking forward to his heart.
  ”There you rest” program held for several quarters, not just a program for same-sex marriage.In order to meet the needs of all audiences, it is heterosexual and homosexual quarterly alternately come.
  Wheat continued: “Each pair of guests, the program is targeted groups analyzed, try to differentiate, and I want to take this to discuss the concept of marriage of different ages Fufu.The second pair is your discipline and always, and this third pair, speaking, forest health and that of your guests know or do not know if you have heard them say in advance ”
  Forest Health: “ah?”
  Wheat: “Zhou Yi Bai Lan and Wan Ho.”
  Lin-sheng startled the next, then put his hand down cake fork.
  Wheat a little surprised, “and you look at micro-Bo said Zhou Yi Lan good relationship, that you know in advance, it seems Lan Zhou Yi Ting and comply with the agreed program group, no