Beware of seven misunderstandings about eye care_1

Beware of seven myths about eye care

1. Use eye care products after the age of 25.

  Generally, the skin starts to decline after the age of 25. This is a natural decline, but maintenance before the age of 25 can prevent problems before they occur and make the skin condition much reduced.

Eye cream is necessary for most people. It is not easy to judge whether to use eye care products based on age, but to determine whether to use and use the above eye care products based on skin quality, climate, and environment.
  2. Face cream can represent eye cream.

  It is absolutely impossible to replace eye cream with universal nutrition cream!

Some people think that eye cream and face cream are the same thing.

The big eye cream is more delicate, more advanced, and expensive.

They believe that a reliable quality cream can completely replace the eye cream, so they often treat the nutritional cream as an eye cream and apply it around the eyes.

In fact, this is very unscientific!

  3, the more the amount of eye care products, the better the effect.

  The eye skin is extremely thin. If you use too much, it will not only absorb it, but will also become a burden on the eye skin. It will accelerate the aging of the eye skin. 4 Only use eye care products before going to bed at night.

  The use of eye care products is the same as that of facial care products. It should be used sooner or later, instead of using it when you think of it.

  5. Eye care products can cure crow’s feet.

  In the field of medical aesthetics, the treatment of acne, dark spots and wrinkles is called the three major problems.

For eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles, the use of eye care products is actually equivalent to “repairing the dead sheep”, but it can prevent the accelerated aging of the eyes.

Therefore, smart women should take precautions before using eye cream when there are no wrinkles.

  6, eye care products only eye cream.

  With the refinement and specialization of cosmetics, today’s eye care products are diverse and diverse.

It is also designed for different eye problems, different ages and personal circumstances, and other cosmetics are as abundant.

Therefore, you should buy according to your eye problems and seasonal environment.

  7, eye cream is only used at the end of the eye.

  The first wrinkles on the face are crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, so some people often use eye cream to massage the wrinkles perpendicular to the corners of the eyes.

This is certainly true, but the area where the skin tone initially relaxes is not the corner of the eye, not the eye, and the upper eyelid.

So dark circles and bags under the eyes appear first, and then sagging skin.

The aging in this area is not as conspicuous as crow’s feet, but it is more fragile. It will suddenly appear a very conspicuous aging appearance due to small accumulations, and it must be prevented from fading.

  Master the right eye care method 1, deep cleansing.

If you often apply makeup, be sure to use eye make-up remover to remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara. Do not let the pigments of cosmetics penetrate into the skin of the eyes, which can easily stimulate the skin of the eyes, so dailyMust be cleaned.

  2. Gently massage.

  Step 1: Put the middle finger and ring finger gently on the upper eyelid, gently slide from the tip of the nose to the temple, rub the temple, and do it a total of three times.

  Step 2: Repeat the above steps, and then pull twice, then change the middle finger and ring finger to the lower eyelid, repeat the action, and do it a total of two times.

  Step 3: Use eye cream, point around the eyes, repeat all the steps, and do it three times with clogging.