[Encyclopedia of Soil Lost Slag Cakes]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of Soil Lost Slag Cakes]_How to do_How to do

The soiled scum-baking cake is a traditional snack that dates back to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods.

In the past, the slag cake was still a tribute to the King Chu by the leaders of various tribes of the Tujia family at that time. Only the emperor ministers could do it, and ordinary people could not eat it.

Nowadays, the dregs cakes have become an indispensable specialty on the Tujia people’s table.

However, the reason why the soiled scumbread is so attractive is because of its strong flavor, but why is the soiled scumbread so delicious?

Let’s understand it together.

Scent tips: Flour: Tujia sesame cake uses “medium-gluten flour”, because the flour is too strong, and the looseness is not strong.

Some scones are hardened; low-gluten flour is not easy to shape.

He noodles: “Old noodles” are used as primers, and the temperature and water temperature determine the fermentation time; usually a bag of noodles and the dough will take an hour and a half to ferment.

Filling: This is the most important connection.

A large pot of meat filling placed on the chopping board is actually made by mixing and chopping pork from different parts, and it also adds special spices of “Tujia”.

This Tujia-style meat filling will emit a strong aroma when roasted at high temperature.

Method: Old noodle making: 5kg warm water at 40 ℃, new flour 7.

5kg, sweet baking powder 35g, yeast powder 30g.

After mixing the flour and seasoning with warm water, leave it for 5 hours to become the old noodles.

Production of flour balls: 1.

The ratio: water, old noodles, and new flour is 5: 1: 8 (normal weather).


Making points: first add water or warm water, then add the old noodles, and finally add new flour.

If the noodles are dry when mixed, add warm water (put a little bit), just mix a few more times; if the noodles feel sour, put a little warm water, and then 20g sweet baking powderAdd powder water and add until the noodles are not sour.

Note: ① The longer the fermentation time of the old noodles, the less the amount should be; ② Do not mix the noodles with hot water with a temperature exceeding 40 ° C; ③ When using the noodle machine and noodles, you should put water first and then add flour, and put as much water as possibleAdd flour. Don’t add water because the flour is too much. ④ Mix the good noodles for 30 minutes to make a cake.

Production of meat fillings: ① the ratio of lean meat is 5: 2; ② cut into small pieces and place them in a meat grinder to make meat fillings; ③ add seasonings and mix well with water, and then mix with the meat.

Generally, about 4 kg of water can be added to 25 kg of meat. Add less at first, add water that looks too thick, and add water to make the cake faster, saving meat.

Making of cakes: ① first mix red oil and salad oil with mashed bean paste, and apply a little oil on the hands before making the cake.

② Take out about 175g of dough to make a concave shape, add 10?
After 15g of meat, hold the meat like a bun, put it into a round bag, put it on the table in turn and press it flatly around it, try to make the meat inside evenly distributed in the cake.

The pressed cake looks round and evenly flat.

③ Take another 15?
Spread 20g of meat filling on the surface, while brushing a layer of red oil on top, remove some green onions and sesame seeds.

This completes the cake to be baked.

Cake baking: Put the finished cake on a stainless steel tray, first coat a layer of oil on the tray, put 6 cakes on one tray, put it in the oven, and set the oven temperature to about 300 ℃;Oven, lower furnace to 300 ℃?
320 ℃, the furnace is adjusted to 280 ℃?
Bake at 300 ° C for about 4 minutes.

Scholars just have to pull it out and look at it often, to grasp the situation, it is enough to bake until the surface is a little yellow.

If you see bubbles in the cake, break it.