[How much breakfast is appropriate]_Breakfast_Attentions

[How much breakfast is appropriate]_Breakfast_Attentions

For normal people, they need three meals a day, because three meals a day is the best way to maintain one’s body.

It is particularly important at breakfast, but some people overlap the essence of breakfast because it is too late.

In fact, when eating breakfast, you must not only fill your belly, but also pay attention to the nutritional balance of the breakfast, and how much is appropriate when eating breakfast?

1. After washing, first drink a large glass of water, brush your teeth, and pour a glass of warm water, first with a small mouthful of water to moisten the mouth, and then slowly swallow, the amount of each control is about 200 ml.

Water slowly enters the renal tract, which can fully wake up the internal organs of the body and eliminate the drowsiness in the morning. At the same time, it can supplement the water lost during sleep, reduce blood concentration, and promote peristalsis and defecation.

2. It is best to control the speed of breakfast for a quarter of a day, about 400 to 500 calories. You can choose porridge, buns, steamed buns, oats, whole wheat bread and other staple foods. Choose milk, soy milk or yogurt as appropriate.Supplement protein.

3. Don’t be afraid to eat too much breakfast. If you’re afraid of getting fat, you should weigh your breakfast every day.

Because, after breakfast, we will have a day of work, and the transitions replaced by breakfast will be exhausted.

Or specifically, how much is appropriate, the Chinese Nutrition Association recommends that the breakfast energy replacement for adults is about 700 calories.

But each person’s situation is different, and everyone can adjust it according to their own situation.

4, the best time to eat breakfast In order to save time, many people bought breakfast to eat at the company.

During the time you wake up and eat breakfast, your stomach suffers from a shortened drought.

Chronic chronicity can cause excessive gastric acid secretion and affect gastrointestinal health.

It is recommended to eat breakfast half an hour after getting up.

It’s about 6:30?

5. For breakfast, we recommend skimmed milk, a piece of whole wheat bread, a small bowl of nuts and eight treasures, a bowl of apples, a green onion cake, a boiled egg, a millet porridge, a flaxseed powder, a roasted sweet potato, a cold bean, a pistachio, and a wild broccoli bread+ Multigrain porridge + Walnuts + Almond + Pineapple + Boiled eggs + Water chestnut broccoli