Hengda life-saving goal was by the door line unsolved?This ball into the right | Fig.

  Cerezo Osaka 0-0 away draw, this is clearly not the desired result Hengda。 End of game, Hengda also have the opportunity through free kick, but the ball by the opponent goalkeeper in the goal line, although Hengda players have objections to this ball, but the referee still did not the ball into the sentence, the two sides eventually ended 0-0。 [] [] [] Opener at home just a draw against Buriram United, this war Hengda expedition to Japan, naturally want to win a victory。
Unfortunately, the whole game down, although the chance a lot, but eventually missed the break。 Match the first 80 minutes, Hengda get the opportunity to locate the ball, Kim Young-Gwon free kick went straight out of the away goal, but the goalkeeper has the ball at the goal line by。 For the ball, Hengda some players believe that the ball has crossed the goal line, it should be counted, but the referee did not adopt the views Hengda players that the ball did not completely cross the goal line。
  CCTV explanation when it comes to explain the game: "This ball is not completely at least look into, but the goalkeeper has been a part of the door, really hard to judge because there is no bottom line of the referee, did not seem to see with the naked eye into。
"(New style)。

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