Eat more foods rich in vitamin a rough skin these improvements

Foods rich in vitamin A which?In the winter become very rough, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin A that you know what foods you?Following small series to tell you a vitamin-rich foods。 A food rich in vitamin carrot] [carrot carotene can be converted in the body into vitamin A, can be converted as long as the action of oxidase, and we have this in human liver oxidase。 Carrots are rich in vitamins, lubrication, the role of strong skin, which can by a slight but sustained sweating, stimulates the skin's metabolism, promote blood circulation, making the skin smooth and delicate, ruddy complexion, very suitable for dry, rough skin by eating with improve skin texture。 Even more unusual is that the carrot on the skin of the eye also have a good moisture targeted help, therefore, also the carrot patients out great food panda eyes。 Classic How to eat: carrot juice, carrot juice can retain the maximum extent possible the original nutritional content of carrots, but also more easily absorbed by the body, play the best skin care cosmetic effect carrots, especially in the morning fasting drink the best results。 [] Corn is famous foods, rich in carotene, which is relatively high yellow corn content。 Foods rich in vitamin A carotenoids absorbed by the body can be converted into, the study proved that a vitamin has anti-aging effects, can nourish the skin, so the skin regains favor, against skin aging caused by dry skin problems。 Classic How to eat: corn juice Generally speaking, relatively difficult to digest corn, and corn juice can avoid this shortcoming, easy to digest and tastes sweet and refreshing, but also retains the original and authentic corn nutrition, better able to corn play the role of anti-aging, beauty is very popular with women welcome。

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