Consumer Finance 315: Credit card insurance problem most new finds trouble | dispute

   ★ Today is World Consumer Rights Day, the financial sector has always been a high incidence areas of dispute, which this year has exposed the problem, what changes?  From a white paper issued by the Pudong New District Court may find clues。 Yesterday, Pudong New Area People's Court published a white paper on the situation in 2017 to accept cases of financial disputes combing display cases financial consumer disputes last year hit a record high, which, credit cards, financial loans such cases account for more than 90%。
  Pudong New Area People's Court wealth of financial experience in the field of cases, the courts under the jurisdiction of courts, including the court。
Lujiazui financial institutions gathering area, Lujiazui court hearing has become a focus of financial institutions in the case。
Pudong New Area People's Court civil trial court's sixth, also known as financial divisions for the handling of banking, insurance, securities, bills, credit cards and other financial and commercial cases and foreign financial and commercial cases。
  1 credit card disputes topped the "White Paper on trial protecting the interests of consumers of financial year 2017," according to the Pudong New Area People's Court: 1 in 2017 cases of financial consumer disputes the court received a total of 32605, 32435 concluded, debt collection cases and number average closed the highest calendar year。   2, 2017 accepted Internet financial cases rose by 32%。   3, see the types of cases, the largest number of credit card disputes, accounting%; followed by the number of disputes finance loans, as%。
  Shown in Figure 4, the court issued the "Ten typical cases in 2017 to protect the financial interests of consumers", there are four cases of insurance disputes; 2 from a debit card, credit card disputes; three other cases involving securities were subscribed financial loan contract, loan fraud crime。   2 Insurance typical case up to the "2017 Top Ten typical cases of financial consumer rights protection", only four of which the insurance case。   Case of insurance disputes, were involved in "that 'network carpool' insurance" and "insured event recognized the authenticity of the Burden of Proof," "obligations to truthfully inform the insured and the insurer's obligation to carefully verify the identification" and "Internet sales of insurance the policyholder identified "problem。
  Has been criticized insurance companies' claims is difficult, "the emergence of new cases。 "Network carpool" become more frequent, but if unfortunately an accident, although the owners to buy auto insurance, the insurance company may be exclusions。 Because the general auto insurance policies purchased by individuals, using nature as set forth in the "non-business personal", where the basic terms of business risk category for "family car motor vehicle insurance auto insurance clause", and "Network carpool" with the nature of the operation, due to changes vehicle use, claims can not be obtained。
  In addition, in the case of the Internet as consumers buy insurance, more and more businesses in order to facilitate the display, the consumers' Duty to Inform "simplistic expression, or the insurance policy does not fold even in conspicuous places, but also for behind the dispute foreshadowed。
  Stories bank card disputes, were involved in "security issuer's obligations identified" and "cardholders pay off credit card debt Bank shall promptly restore their credit record."。   The financial loan disputes, mainly related to consumer credit and vehicle loans。
  Typical cases show that consumers must first improve safety awareness in order to guard against all kinds of "pit", for financial institutions, financial products in the sales process, should strictly follow the proper rules, so that full implementation of the risk warning, explanation, etc. legal obligation, or easily recognized as a financial consumer's right to know against。   3 Bank Securities Insurance Services What changes?  As the financial industry self-regulatory organizations, industry associations, Securities Association of China and the China Insurance Association have borrowed 315 public education。   First, the banking sector increased from counter trading outlets into the community China Banking Association today released the "2017 Annual Report of China Banking Services"。
  "Report" shows that in mid-2017, to enhance the quality of banking services, promote the transformation of China's banking sector to accelerate the intelligent various channels, reducing the threshold of financial services, enhance customer interaction experience, multi-level financial service system are maturing。
2017 banking financial institutions from the cabinet deal reached billion transactions, an increase of%; from the cabinet transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%; the industry average rate of business from the cabinet%。
  "Report" shows that as of the end of 2017, total number of nationwide banking financial institutions outlets reached 10000, in which more than 800 new business outlets, the transformation of years outlets million units communities outlets 7890, small and micro outlets 2550。
Layout of the building self-service banking thousand, an increase over 7300 over the previous year; self-service equipment laying million units, including innovative self-service devices million units; self-service equipment of transactions amounted billion transactions totaling one trillion yuan trade。
  Internet banking, mobile banking rapid growth, function optimization。 "Report" shows that online banking transactions throughout the year amounted billion transactions, an increase of%; transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%。
  Second, the Securities Industry Association, "IMPACT" Li Gui site Securities Association of China yesterday issued an illegal securities companies, securities investment consulting firm list, expand the "fake"。   "Illegal counterfeit securities companies, securities investment consulting companies and other institutions blacklist (2018, No. 1)" shows that in many cases, counterfeit securities companies and securities business department of the company Web site, and, looks similar to other companies, "Li Gui" pulling out exposed the light; the name "Ningbo private daily limit death squads," "daily limit death squads" and other sites for the illegal sites。
  Urged consumers to raise awareness of the risks, the China Insurance Association released "2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management", covering public catastrophe insurance, credit insurance, the insurance policy of rural housing, poverty alleviation insurance, liability insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, ill health and other insurance, individual cases payment amount from one hundred million yuan to several hundred dollars。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative Risk Management Case (property insurance): "" tornado disaster of a large power company claims case; a seismic exploration business overseas project credit insurance cases; Inner Mongolia, a major crop loss claims arid case; a deepwater drilling platform product quality defects accident claims case; Qiyang County, "" floods of rural housing insurance claims case; an Alcoa flood disasters cases; some strong winds capsized cargo ship sank accident claims cases; import relief PX carrier ship collision claims case; a power overseas construction projects UHV cables damaged case ";" Liaocheng serious traffic accident insurance claims case。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management (life insurance): the insurance industry to actively respond to "" Jiuzhaigou earthquake disaster cases; the insurance industry to respond quickly, "" Jing Kun high-speed major traffic accident cases; government-enterprise collaboration on "Poverty Alleviation Paul "One-stop direct billing claims case; livelihood security, Jiading District, Shanghai elderly accidental death claims case; explore 'new model of public safety +', the national sanitation workers care for large-scale public action the insurance case; heart-warming accident ruthless Insurance, life insurance over a hundred million cases of high claims; Fengcheng 181 high-voltage tower construction workers accident claims fall tower case; stone plant employees actively critical illness claims cases; Insurance + technology to complete the re-disease patient speed claims cases; it encountered overseas aid staff accident insurance claims quickly cross-border cases。

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